The Talent Scout Ch. 02


He froze when he saw the tattoo, one with which he was intimately familiar. He had designed it one summer, when his best friend next door had told him what had happened to her in college. She had asked him to go to a tattoo parlor with her, to hold her hand during the process.

She had an idea of what she wanted, but none of the stock designs the tattoo artist had seemed right. Disappointed, they had gone to a near-by café and, over coffee, she related her experience. She wanted something which symbolized her successfully rising above the assault and overcoming its effects.

Taking a napkin from the dispenser on the table, Charlie had quickly sketched what looked like a cross between a phoenix and Venus Rising from the Sea. They went back to the tattoo parlor and discussed it with the artist. When asked about the coloring, Charlie suggested a modified spectrum, a base of blue and green, with flames ranging from violet thru red and orange, all topped with a golden glow. The artist agreed and told Jodi to get ready.

She took Charlie's hand and led him back to the work area. She took off her blouse and bra, then sat down, holding Charlie's hand. When she saw him trying not to look at her, she smiled and said, "It's okay, Chuck; I don't mind if you look at my boobs. There's not much to look at."

"Maybe not," he answered, "but what there is, is beautiful." She had blushed, and was about to answer when the tattoo artist came into the booth.

Because of the size and complexity of the design, and the use of so many colors, it was suggested that the tattoo be done in three stages, with a couple of days between stages. After the first stage was done, Jodi agreed, although she was impatient to have it finished. Charlie wasn't able to go with her for the second stage, but managed to get time off for the third and final stage.

When the artist, a woman, heard the story behind the tattoo, she reduced her price by twenty-five percent and tore up the templates she had used. "That kind of badge, it needs to be unique," she had said.

"Omigod!" Charlie said, half under his breath. "Jodi? Jodi, is that you? O, shit!" Without asking his companions, he began to unfasten the restraints he could reach. When they were loose, he unsnapped the ball gag and loosened the leather hood. "Untie her," he ordered the other two, who were frozen in position by his actions. Without thinking, they complied and released their victim.

"Jodi? Jodi Spearman? Are you okay? Did we hurt you?" he asked, pulling her into a protective hug on his lap.

Jodi recognized his voice immediately. "Chuck, Chuck Morgan? Is that you? Omigod, it is!" She threw her arms around his neck and buried her face in his shoulder. "Thank you. I'm okay," she said, pulling herself together, "other than being totally pissed off at Mikki." She looked around for her (so-called) friend. "What the fuck is this all about, Mikki? What in hell is going on? You lured me up here with some cock and bull story about filming us in a threesome, then I get royally gang banged. What..."

Mikki's face darkened. "You slept with Robert behind my back!" she interrupted, the hostility plain to hear.

"I what? I've never! You're my friend. I wouldn't do that, even if I had wanted sex with a man." Jodi's face portrayed her confusion perfectly.

Mikki saw the confusion and began to doubt her friend's guilt. "Then how did your earring get in my bed?" she challenged, still unsure.

"My earring?" Jodi thought a minute. "The ones you gave me, like yours?" Mikki nodded. "A month or so ago, just before you went out of town, and Bob's trip to the Mid-East, I was over for dinner, remember?" Mikki nodded slowly, thinking.

"I had to make a phone call, and took out the earring to use the phone. I must have forgotten to put it back in. I missed it the next day and called your house. You were out, and Bob said he'd look for it and leave it where you'd be sure to find it. Your bed, huh? Probably not the best place, but you did find it," she said with a small giggle.

"Not me, the maid," Mikki replied with a smile. "I'm sorry, Jodi. I should have known better, but he's been kind of distant lately. I understand job pressures and all that, but..." she shrugged.

"That's okay, Mikki," Jodi replied. "I found an old friend, and had sex better than I ever dreamed of. You guys really know how to turn a woman on," she said, smiling at the trio. She turned to Charlie. "I heard about Annie. I'm sorry. How are the kids taking it?"

"They're okay; they're staying with her parents until school..."

"Uhh, folks," interrupted Smitty, "I hate to interrupt the reunion, but Rico's on overtime pay this afternoon, and we are supposed to be making a movie," he said, looking at Mikki.

"Jodi, are you still willing? I know I don't have the right to ask you, but we could do the movie you agreed to..." the Latina asked her friend.

"No mask, and both men?"

"Smitty? Can that be done, without showing her face until the end?"

"You still game, Charlie?"

"You really expect me to turn down the chance to screw two of the hottest women in D.C.?"

To the laughter of the two women, and with a smile, Smitty answered, "No, but I had to ask. Ladies, can I assume you are both still agreeable?"

They both nodded, smiling at each other. Jodi's hand dropped into Charlie's lap, between them. "Mmmm," she hummed.

While Smitty was busy giving Rico his instructions on how to film Jodi to hide her identity, Mikki joined Jodi and Charlie, giving Jodi a hug and kiss. Her free hand joined Jodi's, stroking Charlie. Breaking the kiss, she pushed Charlie to lie back on the bed, where she and Jodi began to pay some oral attention to his very erect staff.

When he saw what was happening, Smitty grinned and gave Rico the go-ahead to start filming again. He then crawled up on the bed and positioned himself behind Mikki and began to fuck her. Her groan as he entered her caused Jodi to look up from Charlie's cock to see what was going on.

She pushed Mikki's head down on Charlie, presented her own cunt to him and laid herself down so she could suck on the Latina's tits. Mikki moaned in approval.

It was all Mikki could do to get Charlie's thick piece of man meat into her mouth, let alone down her throat, but the pounding Smitty was giving her pussy drove her head forward a fraction of an inch each time he pushed into her. This facilitated her deep throating the Special Services agent, the first time any woman outside the porn industry had accomplished that feat.

Feeling his cock slide down her throat triggered Charlie's climax, sending his cum straight into her stomach. Mikki backed off enough to catch the remaining spasms in her mouth. Without pulling off Smitty, she pulled Jodi into position and shared her trophy, snoballing the creamy liquid back and forth between them.

Seeing what they were doing triggered Smitty's coming. The blast of hot liquid against her vagina walls did it for Mikki. The two of them collapsed in a heap on the bed, shaking and quivering like some strange beast in the midst of a seizure. Jodi moved on the bed and began to lick her friends pussy around the prick embedded in her.

Charlie had never really gone flaccid. He took advantage of Jodi's distraction to mount her. Her memory of their last coupling had Jodi flowing like a faucet when she felt him at her introitus. She pushed her hips back into him, taking his whole member at a single stroke. Their mutual groan brought a laugh from the other couple.

"Charlie, before you stretch that nice pussy out so it's useless to us lesser folk, why don't we switch so we get you on camera fucking Mikki to climax. Then we can get some footage of the women together and call it a day as far as filming is concerned.

"After we get cleaned up, I can show you all last week's tape while we have dinner. Are you spending the night, Charlie?"

Charlie shook his head, pulling out of Jodi. "Sorry, I have an eight o'clock in the AM, a meeting I put off to do this. I can't miss it."

"We can have you out of here by six-thirty..." Smitty pointed out, withdrawing from Mikki.

"Still wouldn't work. There's some prep I have to do. Wish I could, though. Hate to leave you alone with two beautiful women like this," the agent said, with a grin, positioning himself behind Mikki. Smitty returned the grin and gently entered Jodi.

Mikki was more than a bit anxious. Charlie wasn't the longest cock she had encountered, although that had been an oral experience, but he was certainly the thickest. Last week, she had wondered about Smitty fitting in her pussy. Next to Charlie, he now appeared normal sized.

She felt Charlie slide his monster up and down her slit, lubing the tip. He placed the tip at her opening and gave it a small nudge, as if testing her readiness. She pushed back, stretching her quim to cover most of his cock-face. Another nudge from Charlie and she began to feel twinges of painful pleasure, or pleasurable pain, as his entire glans made it into her sheath.

Biting her lower lip, she pushed back again, and felt her lips close on his shaft. With a small grunt, Charlie pushed his hips forward, pulling hers back at the same time. With a gasp of surprise, she realized the entire monster was buried balls deep in her. When she felt him start to pull back, she reached back to grab his hip, saying, "Wait, just...wait, please."

Charlie stopped, and sat back on his heels, pulling Mikki with him, to sit on his lap. His hands moved up from her hips to cradle her boobs, lightly massaging her nipples. She leaned back into him, turning her face toward him. She reached up behind her and pulled his face to hers for a kiss.

Meanwhile, Smitty and Jodi had hooked up. They were lying across the bottom of the king-size bed, in the missionary position, connected by a double lip-lock. Smitty was pumping into her in a slow, leisurely fashion, while their tongues slowly played together in Jodi's mouth.

After several minutes, and about the same time, Mikki signaled she was ready for Charlie to begin fucking her, and Jodi began to push her hips back at Smitty, telling him she wanted it faster, harder and deeper.

Charlie pushed Mikki down on the bed and pulled a pillow to push under her belly and hips, then began the ancient reciprocating movement familiar to all. Smitty pulled Jodi's legs up so her knees were over his shoulder, getting him far enough into her that he hit the back wall of her sheath, and started to fuck her faster and harder.

Mikki was soon on her way to orgasm, mumbling and grunting as she attempted to urge Charlie on. Soon Jodi was also lost in pleasure. She lay there, under Smitty, capable only of saying, "Oh, shit, fuck, damn, fuck, damn, shit, unh, unh..." and so on, with the interval between words getting shorter and shorter, as she got closer and closer to coming.

Charlie came first. Mikki's cunt was tight enough to insure good contact, but loose enough to give him good freedom of movement. Couple that with the nearly taboo nature of what he was doing, and who he was doing it to, and it all combined to give him his most intense climax of the afternoon.

Feeling her lover's climax, and the associated splash of cum against her cervix triggered Mikki's orgasm. Her vagina was stretched pretty close to its limit, increasing her sensitivity, and the intensity of her climax, eliciting a low guttural scream.

Jodi was right at the point of coming, and when Mikki screamed, it pushed her over the peak, bringing out another scream from her as her cunt muscles clamped down on Smitty's cock, stopping his motion. As she recovered, she realized Smitty had not come yet.

She slid her legs down, off his shoulders, to his hips, and began to move hers while encouraging him, "C'mon, baby, come for momma. Do it, come in me; fuck me good and fill me with your juice; spray it all over my inside. C'mon, baby; do it; come for Jodi, give me your cum. Please, honey, daddy, give it to me," all the time flexing her kegel muscles to massage his prick as he continued to fuck her.

Slowly, but surely, she began to feel the beginnings of another climax. "Oh god, Smitty! What are you doing to me? Oh, shit! I'm gonna come again; unh uh uh damn... you... it was...s... sup...posed be ....for you... oh shit... faster... god... dam... it! Harder you sonuvabitch! I... I... I'mmmmmmmmmm gonnnnnnnna...." She felt Smitty's cum splash against her cervix, and screamed, proclaiming her third orgasm that afternoon.

The two couples lay on the bed, recovering from their mutual orgasms. After a few moments, Smitty lifted his head and asked, "Charlie, are you able to swing Mikki around here without pulling out? I'd like to get a shot of your cum spilling out right after you withdraw."

"Sure, shouldn't be a problem. You up to doing some crawling, Mikki?" he asked his partner, leaning down to kiss the back of her neck.

"Mmhmm; just move with me, and keep tight to me."

"Okay! Rico, get behind us, and in position so you can get both of us pulling out at the same time, and both rivers of cum."

"Not with the hand held, boss; maybe with one of the robots. No! Wait!Okay! I got it. When you guys pull out, turn so you face each other; ladies, keep your legs open," the cameraman ordered.

It became the iconic pussy shot-- two bright pink, just fucked, pussies, side by side, one in doggie position; the other, missionary; cum running out of both; one, dusky brunette, the other, blonde and fair.

At Smitty's suggestion, Mikki moved sideways, so she was over Jodi, her legs between the blonde's. Without being told, Jodi moved her legs so her knees were over Mikki's shoulders, creating another classic shot for the film.

When Smitty told them to get into the 69 position, Mikki spun around and pulled Jodi so they were lying along the length of the bed, Jodi's face hidden by Mikki's thighs .After a few minutes, Mikki fell to her side as the two women cleaned each other's cunts of the cum the men had left in them.

Although neither of them were experts at carpet munching, both knew what they liked, and were able to get that message through to the other one. It wasn't long before they each felt the beginning of an orgasm. Perversely, both backed off slightly, prolonging the build up in their partner.

Twice that happened to both of them, The third time Mikki started to pull away, Jodi placed her foot behind Mikki's head and pulled her back into the pussy she was servicing while Jodi began to nibble and tongue lash the clit which had found its way into her mouth.

In short order, Mikki had rolled Jodi onto her back and mounted her, pushing her brunette quim into the tall blonde's face as Mikki attacked her clit, until it looked like both the women were experiencing seizures, muffled screams attempting to escape around the punanni's holding them in.

When the orgasmic tremors had quieted, Smitty and Charlie pulled the women around, exposing their now clean beavers to the camera. Rico took his time getting his closing shot for the episode from several angles.

Rico had finished his shooting and taken his hand held camera to the computer room to sync it with the robot cameras which had recorded the activities from several angles. Smitty and the others had grabbed their clothes and some robes and retired to his apartment on the third floor.

He and Mikki were busy in the kitchen, preparing a cacciatore casserole, made with pulled chicken, peppers, celery, garlic, baby carrots, mushrooms, and tomatoes, topped with a combination of mozzarella and Parmesan cheeses, to be served with angel hair pasta, and fresh bread. Jodi and Charlie were in the living room, catching up while he got dressed.

"You really have to go?" Jodi asked.

"Yeah." he replied in a dejected tone. "I have a meeting with my boss which I put off until the morning so I could do this. I have to explain why I'm asking for an agent to be transferred to a lower grade posting without lowering his pay grade. It's mostly a pro forma thing. I don't expect any problems."

He looked up from tying his shoe. "Can I call you?" he asked.

"You better! When was the last time we talked to each other? Too long ago, whenever it was." She smiled a sad smile.

"You free for dinner Saturday?" he asked.

"Not anymore. I'll cook. Can you stay for breakfast?" she asked, a shy, happy smile starting in her eyes.

"Are you sure? On my side, it's a no-brainer, but you implied..."

"I know. You were the last guy to see my tits until today. I've been afraid to even try. That afternoon, I felt nothing, not even anger when they were raping me. And when it was over, my anger wasn't at the guys who did it, but at the son of a bitch who set me up. Since then, it's been like I was dead inside.

"Until today. You, Smitty and Mikki woke something in me. It was almost like you two guys erased that afternoon from my body's memory. And when I found it was you, it just got a whole lot better. I didn't realize how much I missed my friend, Chuck. I don't want to lose him again," she said, softly, a catch plain in her voice, a needy expression in her eyes.

"You won't," he answered, walking to her. He took her in his arms and bent down to kiss her.

Just then, Mikki called from the kitchen, announcing dinner.

Smitty was dishing up the dinner when Jodi and Charlie got to the kitchen. Charlie glanced at the TV playing in the corner near the table. He recognized Mikki, talking to Smitty. "Is that the tape from last week, the one with the agents?" he asked, sitting down at the table.

"Yes," answered Mikki, passing him a glass of wine; "Is that a problem?"

"It's probably something I shouldn't see; at least, not for a while, until we get Agent Dick's transfer worked out. Speaking of agents, where are yours?"

"You'll have to ask Smitty. He arranged for some distraction for this afternoon and evening, and some recovery activities tomorrow. If they are anything like he arranged last week, they'll need the recovery time."

"Don't stop now, Mikki," broke in Jodi. "What'd they do? You've got me all agog," she went on with a smile as she took a sip of the Chianti wine Smitty had poured.

"Well, Kyle, Agent Michaels, was late his first morning, understandably, and I didn't have anything scheduled, so I asked Agent Pieters, Harry, what they had done while waiting for me. He actually blushed and tried to avoid answering, but I pressed him until he told me.

"He said the first day, after the girls fixed them breakfast and they had checked in on me, the girls had taken them to a strip club down near the waterfront. After watching a couple of the girls perform on stage, he and Joe were taken back to one of the private rooms.

"Before they knew what was happening, they were blindfolded and stripped, then tied to chairs. At least he was. Joe never told him what had happened to him. Then, he said, he was treated to a series of nude lap dances, and whenever he got hard, he got screwed.

"He didn't know if it was one girl six times or six girls once each, but he said he came at least that many times, and was shooting powder, as he put it, by then." She paused to take a sip of wine. "The next day, he told me, they just lazed around the motel relaxing and screwing until it was time to pick me up."

"And today, Smitty?" asked Charlie, his voice tight with tension.

Smitty recognized the tension in his friend's voice. "Take it easy, Charlie. I'm on Mikki's safe house list. Her agents are less than ten minutes away, even in rush hour traffic.

"Some friends, Iris Corwin and Kay Wittman, own a mail order lingerie business, 'Ris-Ka Lingerie. Once or twice a year they come to town to put on some demonstrations. A few of their better customers are asked to host a party for up to twenty customers, plus two or three men.

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