tagLesbian SexThe Taming of the Domme

The Taming of the Domme


(c) Ally Literally 2011

The protagonists in this story are Krystina who is very much into subservience, Tina who has made Krystina her pet and Lana who dommes Krystina at every opportunity. Lana in turn is a sub to someone else. I mention this here because that person's name appears in passing in the conversation, but has no other relevance to this story.

Tina and Krystina were talking one day, and Krystina happened to mention that she had told Lana about Tina and her different ways of dominating, eschewing the use of paraphernalia and "obey me now or else" type of commands, preferring instead to simply express a wish or a desire for the sub to do something.

Lana did not believe a true domme could behave like that, cast aspersions on Tina's motives and abilities, and challenged Krystina that she would have Tina at her feet in no time, begging for crumbs from Lana's table.

This conversation took place at Krystina's apartment, where Lana dropped in while Krystina and Tina were chatting online. A relevant point to bear in mind is that while Lana and Krystina have a real relationship, all Tina's connections are online only.

This conversation really happened. Names have been changed etc. etc.


Tina: I am back

Krystina: Welcome back

Krystina: I told Lana I am talking to you

Krystina: She says hi

Tina: Hi Lana

Tina: Nice to finally meet you

Tina: How are you?

Krystina: Ok here, I am going to let her type

Tina: Ok

Lana: hello Tina

Lana: Nice to meet you too

Lana: Krystina told me so much about you

Tina: How come you typed my name with a capital T?

Lana: Isn't that a way you start a sentence?

Tina: Lol yes, but you said "hello Tina"

Tina: So it wasn't at the beginning of a sentence

Tina: That tells me a little about you

Lana: Ok ....Hello Tina

Lana: What does that mean?

Tina: We'll get to that in a bit. you been looking after my Krystina nicely?

Lana: Oh yes very nicely

Lana: She met my Mistress Ann

Tina: Good, she is my pet, and I like people being nice to her

Tina: Are you an actress Lana?

Lana: Your pet?

Lana: I don't think so she is mine

Tina: Are you going to tell me if you are an actress, Lana?

Lana: An actress, no I am not. Why?

Tina: I think you are. or you act very convincingly in front of Krystina

Lana: And what does that mean?

Lana: Krystina loves me and does as I tell her

Tina: You pretend to be a domme with Krystina, but your heart is not in it

Tina: You only do it because you think she likes it

Lana: Yes I am!

Tina: Already in talking this little with you, you gave me enough clues to reach that conclusion

Lana: What? How?

Tina: Wow, righteous indignation, another clue

Lana: I just met you

Tina: How do you dominate her?

Tina: You make her do things, by telling her, forcing her

Tina: A true domme doesn't do it like that

Tina: That's just an act

Lana: No no its not

Tina: You don't know how to be a domme, so you do it the way you've seen it in porn films or read in books

Lana: Tina that's not the case

Tina: Methinks the lady doth protest too much

Lana: What?

Tina: You forced her to grow her hair

Tina: She rebelled and shaved it off

Lana: I don't umm protest to you what

Tina: You forced her again

Lana: She loves it

Lana: She loves the attention

Tina: Then why did she rebel?

Tina: I'll tell you why

Tina: She told me she was growing her hair, and I just hinted that I did not like it. I did not tell her to shave, but a true domme indicates

Tina: That's why she shaved it, for me

Lana: Omg!

Tina: If I simply indicate to her again, I bet you anything you like she will jump into the bathroom and shave it all off again, right now

Tina: No force, no compulsion, just a hint of what would please me.

Tina: Ask her

Lana: No don't please

Tina: So, the domme is begging a stranger?

Lana: No I am not well idk

Tina: Ohhh, Krystina, Lana needs a hug

Lana: You're making me confused

Tina: I am doing nothing except talking with you

Tina: Is Krystina there? Can she see this?

Lana: She is here and no she can't

Tina: Let her see, or at least tell her I said "Lana needs a hug". That's all, don't say any more, see if she hugs you

Lana: Alright

Lana: Yes she did

Tina: Any force required? was there any command in my voice? or just a hint?

Lana: Just a hint

Lana: Look let me tell you something I am a strong 6ft tall woman that works out

Tina: So, brute force. that is what you use to pretend to Krystina you are strong

Lana: No

Lana: No not at all

Lana: I don't know what I do I just do it

Tina: A true domme never uses force

Tina: You use it to disguise the fact that you are not a domme, but have to pretend for Krystina

Lana: No Tina no

Tina: Lana, if I asked you, would you kiss me and hug me? without crushing me?

Lana: Umm I guess

Lana: Idk

Lana: Yes I suppose

Tina: I would appreciate a kiss and a hug from you

Lana: If you're serious I will

Tina: I am serious, I never joke about kissing pretty girls

Lana: Wraps my muscular arms around you kisses you with passion

Tina: Mmm, not bad

Tina: Lana, may I kiss you?

Lana: Yes, please

Tina: Reaching out for your hands, taking them in mine

Tina: Gently pulling you into my arms

Tina: Putting your arms around my back

Tina: Holding your face in both hands, cupping your cheeks

Tina: Looking deep in to your eyes as I approach you slooowly

Tina: Caressing your cheeks with my thumb

Tina: Getting closer to your lips

Lana: Yes

Tina: Feeling your warm breath mingling with mine

Tina: Breathing your scent

Lana: Yes I feel

Tina: A warm womanly earthy smell

Lana: Yes yes

Tina: Looking deep into your eyes

Tina: My tongue snakes out

Tina: Draws the outline of your lips

Lana: Oh Tina

Tina: I feel your breath getting warmer,

Tina: Panting a little

Tina: I feel you take a deep breath to try to control yourself

Lana: Breathing faster

Tina: I come closer to your lips

Tina: Take your bottom lip in mine

Tina: Suck it gently as my tongue caresses the inside of your bottom lip

Tina: Lick your lips for me, wet them

Lana: Oh Tina yes

Tina: I want to taste your warm liquid

Lana: Yes

Lana: I am soo wet

Tina: And slowly, releasing your lip, I let my lips meet yours

Lana: Yes Tina

Tina: Gently pursing against each other

Tina: I feel you wanting to press your lips into mine, hard

Lana: Yes I do yes

Tina: I push them back with my tongue

Tina: And lick the inside of your cheeks

Tina: The roof of your mouth

Tina: Circling my tongue in your mouth

Lana: Ohh God

Tina: Our lips glued together

Tina: You try to suck my tongue

Lana: Yes

Tina: My tongue battles with yours

Tina: Dodging yours

Tina: I pull my tongue back into my mouth

Lana: Oh Tinaaaaa

Tina: Yours follows

Lana: Please

Tina: And I suck it gently

Tina: Licking the underside of your tongue

Tina: Until finally, you pull away with a deep deep breath

Tina: That is how a domme kisses her sub

Lana: Omg Tina yes

Tina: Are you wet?

Lana: Soaked

Tina: Ask Krystina from me to check if you are really soaked

Lana: Yes

Tina: If you are, I would like her to take your juices and feed them to you

Lana: Yes she is feeling ooo

Lana: My hair is soaked

Lana: Ohhh

Tina: Tell me when she is feeding you

Tina: Please lick it all off, make it clean

Lana: Yes

Tina: Would you like me to make you cum?

Lana: Sucking her fingers

Tina: Like your taste?

Lana: Yes

Tina: Ask Krystina. I would like her to reveal your breasts, and anoint the nipples with your juices

Tina: Tell me what she is doing as she does it

Lana: Yes Tina

Tina: Remember I am not commanding either of you

Tina: You can walk away any time you like

Lana: Yes baby

Tina: Do you want to walk away Lana?

Lana: No

Tina: I don't think you were paying attention, but you were too far gone so I'll forgive you

Lana: Ooo Krystina Tinaaa ohh

Tina: Lol still not paying attention

Tina: What is she doing?

Lana: She is on my nipples my bikini top is off

Tina: It would really please me to see you suck your pussy juice off your nipples

Lana: Yes baby

Lana: Licking my nipple

Tina: Is it stiff? Achingly stiff?

Lana: Yes baby

Tina: You may pinch them if you like, or you may request Krystina to pinch them for you

Lana: Ohh yes thank you

Tina: Which?

Tina: Yourself, or Krystina?

Lana: Krystina

Tina: How did you request her?

Lana: She is pinching both

Tina: Tell me your words you used?

Lana: Please pinch my nipples Krystina please

Tina: Now, while she is doing that, may I have your attention which appears to have been lost somewhere?

Lana: Yes Tina

Tina: What did I say just after our kiss ended? My kiss to you, not yours to me

Tina: Don't scroll up to look, try to remember

Lana: Umm make me cum?

Tina: Lol no

Tina: I said

Tina: "That is how a domme kisses her sub"

Lana: Yes it is

Tina: Have you ever kissed Krystina like that?

Lana: Kind of

Lana: How did you do this to me

Tina: Kind of? has Krystina ever been on the verge of cumming just from your kiss?

Lana: No I guess not

Tina: You were nearly cumming from my kiss five minutes after we met

Lana: Yes you're right

Tina: If I had told you then to get on the floor and kiss my feet, you would have?

Lana: Yes

Tina: I could have wriggled my big toe in your pussy and you would have spread yourself wide, held your pussy open for me

Lana: Yes

Lana: Thank you

Tina: Only when you get in the mind of your sub can you really domme her

Tina: Would you listen to a suggestion from me?

Lana: Yes of course

Tina: Tonight, you are already feeling sub to me, aren't you?

Lana: Yes

Tina: And this is not your wet pussy talking, is it?

Lana: No it isn't

Tina: You feel this in your heart, your mind?

Lana: Yes I do

Tina: May I suggest you let your newfound subordination take wings tonight

Tina: And let Krystina practice her fledgling domination

Lana: Yes

Tina: Together, both of you can experiment

Lana: Yes

Tina: And if she goes wrong, you have your domme experience to guide her

Tina: And if you go wrong, she will guide you

Tina: This way, both of you learn something new, and will be closer to each other

Lana: Yes thank you

Tina: Do you have your own id?

Lana: No I don't

Lana: I never did this I did facebook

Tina: If you feel like getting one, and joining my group of girls, you may add me. Krystina will show you how if you request her (nicely, remember you're sub today and any other time you want)

Tina: One last thing?

Tina: Well two actually

Lana: Ok

Tina: I never use pain to dominate. I use it in games, but never as a threat, "do this my way or I will punish you." That is not a true domme

Tina: If you don't like your ass whipped and I whip it, that's brute force

Lana: Yes Tina

Tina: If you don't like your ass fucked and I fuck it, that's rape

Lana: Yes

Tina: I only use pain in games, to a limit.

Lana: Ok

Tina: I hope you have understood what I am trying to say

Lana: Yes I do

Lana: You're amazing

Tina: The other thing. ask Krystina to come and read this bit, it's for both of you

Lana: Yes Tina

Tina: Is she there, can she see?

Lana: Yes

Tina: Tonight, Krystina, Lana wants to try to be the sub, and you to be the dom. Remember how you tried to domme me before? Please be just as gentle, show Lana how I do things. and if she goes wrong in the way she responds, correct her.

Tina: And same for you Lana, if Krystina goes wrong in how to domme, correct her.

Tina: Finally, before I leave you to a good day together,

Lana: Thank you baby

Tina: Today, you are breaking old bonds and establishing new ones. Don't drift back to your old ways. from now on, please ask each other what the mood is. If one wants to sub and the other wants to domme, fine.

Lana: Ok Tina thank you

Tina: If both want to sub or domme, lol, neither happens, and you can be equals in bed and out

Tina: Are my little girls happy?

Lana: Yes very

Tina: Aroused?

Lana: Yes

Lana: Soaked

Lana: Dripping

Tina: Good

Tina: Very good. Remember, a domme cannot be a domme unless the sub allows her to dominate. The subbie has the power to decide if she will let the domme take charge. When you are subbing, keep in mind that it is you that is in charge, and can walk away anytime, and when you are domming, you should get down on your knees at least once a day and kiss your subbie's ass for giving you the power to domme her.

Have a good time, you two. Bye


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