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The Tattoo


"Chinngg-Chinnngg", came the sound of the bell as Pam walked through the door. Her eyes went instantly to the tattoo samples on the wall of the shop. Pam hadn't even noticed the store before, mostly because it still had the name of the hardware store that had closed six years ago over the top of the building. Jane, a friend from the tennis club had told Pam about the good deal she had got on the teddy-bear tattoo on her breast. She was in awe of the tattoos detail as she and Jane showered at the club.

"Be with you in a minute," a young female voice said from behind a curtain in the back room, which startled Pam.

"Alright," replied Pam.

It was her husband that gave her the idea to get the tattoo. He had been out of town on business with his boss when they decided to go to a strip club. Most dancers have tattoos these days, it was where the stripper had the tattoo on her body that intrigued first her husband, then Pam herself as when her husband told her about the trip to the bar.

She smiled at the thought of her husband, Tom. Some women would be offended that their husbands were going to see exotic dancers. Not Pam. Tom always showed how much he loved her, in and out of the bedroom. They had a healthy sex life but still did some experimenting in the 21 years they had been married. They both laughed when they tried S/M games, but some light bondage with toy handcuffs did add to the thrill of making love to her husband. They had gone to some swingers parties and were very turned on to watch each other dance and later screw with other couples.

Pam was gazing at the flowered tattoos on the wall. She stopped in front of this tattoo of a rose. Yes, that was the one she wanted. As if on cue came two young women from behind the curtain. One stopped behind the cash register and said to the other "We should be able to finish it at the next sitting. Keep applying that sav to it. You don't want an infection on your tit, trust me."

The other girl smiled, riffled though her purse, pulled out some money and handed it to the girl behind the cash register and said, "Thanks Lea. I'll see you next week," and walked out the door.

Lea walked over to the oversized mop sink and washed her hands. As she grabbed a towel she looked at Pam and asked, "May I help you?"

Pam turned her attention to the young tattoo artist. She was very pretty, Pam thought. Lea looked in her early twenties, 5'7, at most 115 pounds and a B or C cup. Her long blond hair was pulled back into a ponytail, and if the weren't for her lip ring, Lea's deep blue eyes would dominate her face.

"Yes," Pam said, "I would like to get this rose tattooed on me."

Lea stepped around the counter, tossing the paper towel in the trash and joined Pam where she was standing.

"Nice choice," said Lea. "Where do you want it? Your back? Your breast?..."

Pam hesitated and replied "well...I want it right about here" and pointed below her waistline.

Blushing a little, Pam continued "Where I WOULD have pubic hair if I didn't shave."

Lea grimiest . "I have to warn you that might sting a little. The area above your..umm..clitorious, can be very tender, as you may know."

"Yes I know," said Pam, blushing a little more now, "but you can do it, right?"

"Yea, I can do it. It will take a few hours, but I think I can do it in one sitting" said Lea looking at the clock. "Do you have anywhere else you need to be?"

"No. My husband doesn't get home until tomorrow. I would like to surprise him with this," smiled Pam.

Lea nodded and pulled out a consent form. "Please fill this out. The tattoo will cost $350.00. Since this is your first time here I will need that money in advance. No checks please."

Pam filled out the paperwork, paid the young woman and then followed Lea into the back room where she was handed a bathrobe and told her to change into it. Pam stepped out of her jeans and panties, then folded them and set them on the table and slid the robe on. Lea had left the room but came back a minute later with a razor, shaving cream and a bowl of water.

"I already shaved today," said Pam.

"I really need to shave you. I can't have ANY hair or stubble in the area I'm working. Please hop up in the chair," Exclaimed the artist.

Pam did as she was told and sat in the reclining chair. Lea moved Pam's legs apart. This reminded Pam of the stirrups that were used to give birth to her two daughters. Pam felt a wisp of cool air run across her pussy as Lea undid the robe and have it fall to both sides of the table. This brought a tingle to Pam's mid section and a slight smile to her face.

Lea took a wash cloth out of the bowl and squeezed the excess water out of it and applied the cloth to Pam's pubic area. She gasped as warm water replaced the cool breeze Pam had felt making the tingle she felt even more apparent.

"You okay?" asked Lea.

"Yes. I was just remembering the last time my husband shaved me. I mean, he did a good job but I still was nervous having someone else down there with a razor."

Lea smiled and said "Well you can relax. I have one of these remember".

Both women giggled at that as Lea applied the shaving cream. She took her time with nice, gentle strokes. She looked up at her client and saw that Pam had her eyes half closed and seemed to be enjoying the shave.

"So how long has your husband been out of town?" asked Lea.

"Since Monday," came a sleepy reply from Pam. "I can't wait to see him."

"You must get lonely. Is he gone often?"

"About once a month he goes out of town. And yes I do get lonely. It isn't too bad until I get to Thursday. Playing tennis is no substitute for a man."

Lea noticed a tiny patch of hair almost touching the hood of Pam's clit. She dampened the area with the cloth and very gently applied the razor to the patch of blond hairs. Pam's ass lifted a little at the touch. Lea was now convince her client wasn't just enjoying the shave, she was very much turned on by it. She then took the cloth one more time and rinsed Pam's pubic area. Thou she tried to suppress it, Pam did let out a tiny moan.

The sounds and actions her client were making were starting to ware on Lea. She had broken up with her boyfriend almost three weeks ago. Since then, she dived into her work, expanding her hours to 7pm, sometimes 8pm. It did pay off. Yes, she was still sexually frustrated, but she did have rent for her dumpy shop two weeks early, and might even tackle the outstanding balance on her the electric bill. Lea became aware that she herself was shifting on her stool more and more. Somewhere along the way, she had become horny herself. She looked over Pam's body. She was very fit for someone in her early forties. Pam was about 5'9 and 130 ponds with brown shoulder length hair and brown bedroom eyes. There was a hint of a stretch mark, but you could tell that Pam worked hard to get rid of it. Lea thought she could only hope to be that pretty when she gets that age.

"Bath room break before we really get started. You're going to be in that position for a while. I'll try to give you a couple breaks during the session but I don't want you to move around to much unless you have to."

Pam nodded and took Lea's outstretched hand to help her up. As Pam came out of the chair, her eyes met with Lea's.

"Thanks," Pam said breaking the moment and walking over to the ladies room.

Lea took the time to walk to the front of the store, lock the door and flip the sign to "closed". It was only 5:30pm but knew that this customer's work would take up the rest of the evening and didn't want to be disturbed. She was told herself that anyway.

Lea came back into the back just as her client was coming out of the ladies room. She quickly went to the bathroom herself, and then rejoined Pam near the table.

"Can I get you something to drink before we get started? I have Ice tea, water, soda and I even have some wine if you would like. It's against the rules but you already signed the waiver while you were sober, and I closed the shop up for the night, so if you don't tell, I won't."

Pam smiled, "Some wine would be nice."

Two minutes later Lea was back with a glass of wine for her client and an ice tea for herself.

Pam sat back, loosened the robe again and got back into the same position she was in before the break. Lea adjusted Pam's legs a little, then pulled out the picture of the rose Pam had picked out. Then pulled out marker and drew it to fit perfectly in Pam's pubic area, with a tiny stub of the stem almost touching Pam's hood. Pam was very relaxed, almost dozing when she heard Lea say, "Okay, it's ready. What do you think?"

Pam looked at an overhead mirror and grinned, "I love it."

Loading ink cartage into her gun Lea said "Just relax Pam. Try not to move unless I tell you to," and smiled back at her client.

Pam nodded.

For the next hour Lea did her needle work over what she had drew before almost to perfection. The pain Pam felt did cause her eyes to tear up but she started to get used to it. Lea was good about sensing when her client needed a mini break and would stop for 30 seconds to a minute every once in a while, then restart exactly where she left off.

As the needle started working on the stem of the rose, either the gun itself or Lea's hand would be pressed on Pam's clit. The vibration hitting where her husband normally licked when they made love almost made her forget about the pain. Her low moans of pleasure were being masked by the sound of the needle, but Lea was not being fooled. Pam was wet. Very wet. Pam's sent was filling the room.

As much as she tried to fight it, Pam had an orgasm building. Lea moved her hand just slightly and that when Pam let go. A low but louder moan escape Pam, giving away any pretense that she hadn't just came.

The already horny Lea kept working the stem outline, but found her self almost standing on her stole trying to fight the itch between her own legs.

Finally the pattern was inked. Lea took some ointment off the shelf and applied it to the Pam's pubic area. Being a little more daring now, she worked the ointment around Pam's clit. When she was done, she put her face close to Pam's pussy and blew softly. Pam arched her back with the cool sensation.

Suddenly Pam's cell phone went off.

Pam looked at the caller ID and then the clock on the wall. It was 7:45pm

"SHHH," said Pam, "It's my husband."

Lea turned the music down as Pam clicked the call button.

Pam spoke with her husband and gave him a "hello...I'm shopping...I love/miss you and good bye," type call.

Pam clicked the off button and said, "Whew...I'm not used to being sneaky with him. I hope he didn't sense anything."

"Naw. I was convinced," said the grinning Lea, "do you need to stretch?"

"Yes, and a trip to the bathroom. Wow, has it gotten hot in here."

Lea again helped Pam up and said, 'Yes it has. I am starting to sweat. Be careful you are going to very sensitive there when you wipe"

"Don't I know it" giggled Pam.

As Pam left the room, Lea slid out of her jeans to get into a pair of shorts she had in a drawer. Her own panties were drenched. She took them off as well.

As she was pulling up her shorts, a voice came from behind her, "I like your tattoo," said Pam, "the butterfly looks almost life like."

Lea froze with her shorts not to her knees yet. Pam walked over to the artist, letting the robe fall open, and traced her finger over the tattoo on Lea's ass.

"Thank you," was all Lea could say quietly, then turned to face Pam. For a moment they stood there. Then Lea leaned in and kissed Pam, who returned the kiss greedily pulling Lea tight against her.

They kissed for 5 minutes before Pam walked them back to the artists chair and sat Lea down. She let the robe fall to the ground and helped Lea off with her shirt then started to kiss her again. She kissed her way off Lea's lips and onto her neck, taking time to nibble behind the girl's ear. Pam could feel the goose bumps on Lea's arms as she worked her way down Lea's breast and sucked them. Lea ran her fingers though Pam's hair then stopped for a moment and pulled Pam's shirt off and unclipped her bra. Then Pam went back to sucking on Lea's tits. Pam bit softly on the nipples causing the artist to moan loudly.

"Fuuuuccckk yeeeess," was all Lea could say.

Pam started to work her way down. There was pain in her pubic area but she was not going to let that stop her from pleasing this girl the way she had been pleased by Lea earlier. Lea did not have a shaved pussy, as Pam had suspected, but what one of her daughters called "a landing strip" with a thin line of pubic hair surrounded with a little stubble.

Pam worked her lips around Lea's clit and nibbled. Pam had never been with a woman before, but the moans coming from Lea told her that she was doing it right. As the older woman licked and sucked on the younger ones clit, Pam inserted a finger into Lea's tight little pussy and worked it in and out. Lea started bucking her hips and running her short nails on Pam's back as the moans became loader.

"Oh...yesss..don't stop, Please gawd, don't stop...fuuucckkk"

The young woman shrieked as she came on Pam's finger. Pam pulled her finger out and dabbed her tongue into the little pussy, tasting her as she came again. And again.

Breathless and feeling like her own crotch was on fire, Pam stood up and stretched her arms out. Lea sat up as well and kissed Pam again.

They took a little break. Then Pam climbed back into the chair, where Lea finished the coloring of the tattoo, both women completely naked the rest of the sitting. Pam came about 3 more times during the coloring and one more time as the young artist nibbled on her clit and fingered her. When the coloring was done and they were both spent, it was 2:30 in the morning. Having missed the last bus, Pam drove Lea home. When they got to Lea's apartment, the young girl leaned over and kissed Pam one more time and said with a wink "we can work on you tits the next time your husband goes out of town."

Pam's husband was very surprised and turned on by the tattoo. "Oh Baby, that's got to hurt. When do you think I can touch you there again?"

"In a couple days. I'll blow you till then."

"That doesn't do much for you," said Tom.

Smiling, Pam replies "That's ok; I was touched enough down there for a while."

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