tagRomanceThe Teacher & Me Ch. 02

The Teacher & Me Ch. 02

byScarlett Marsden©

It began when I pulled out the lost school uniform I had bought home when Jude and I moved in, after I finished high school. No, before I finished school, but once I’d moved out (boarding school). The pleated skirt, the polo shirt, the knee high stockings.

“You know, I have to admit,” Jude said as I suddenly found him standing close behind me. “There is a terrible attraction to you in that uniform.” I turned and pressed the polo up against me.

“Attractive eh?” I asked, tilting an eyebrow, feeling the familiar tingling of seducing him begin to itch at the back of my head.

“Terrible,” he whispered before taking me into an intense kiss. He tugged at the shirt and dumped it on the floor. “Though I don’t need you wearing that to want you.”

I let my head fall back as his tongue made a cold trail against my neck. “You want me eh?” I played and I felt him chuckle.

“You are such a porn bunny,” he said as he suckled just beneath my ear.

“Oh I know but isn’t it worth it?” And he went to tug my shirt and throw it to the floor but I stopped him. He raised his head, an eyebrow raised, his eyes confused behind the reflection of his glasses. I lifted my hand up through his hair and bought him down for a hot, heavy kiss, searching out his tongue with mine. My breath began to quicken, I rose to my tiptoes, his hands came up and tightened on my arse. His thick cock pressed hard against the front of my pussy, against my jeans, and I pulled my lips away from his. They tingled, I bit my bottom lip with half a sly smile and began to unzip and unbutton his pants.

“Your turn,” I whispered and in one quick movement had turned him around and sat him down on the bed, his long, hard cock sitting at attention out the top of his jocks. I revealed it completely, and his balls covered in its rough hair and sunk to my knees. Just his face made my pussy tingle. His eyes began to widen and his lips fell dry, the air leaving his lungs. My fingers trailed lightly at the head of his swollen penis, pink and ready to rock. He propped himself up on his elbows for the show, his Adams apple jumping from his nervous swallowing.

I leant in, smelling the muskiness of his hot skin. My tongue reached out and connected with the base of his penis, slowly making a long trail of saliva to the tip, then circling the top and going back down. Jude shuddered, his eyes half closing in a dream and to bring him back out I opened up my mouth and wrapped it around the head of his cock. He gasped and came back to reality, reaching out with his hand to half stop me, half urge me on. My eyes flickered to his and stared steadily as I slowly, seductively let his stiff cock sink deeper into my warm, moist mouth. My tongue pushed against his hot skin, against the veins and the flesh and his complete hardness. His mouth pushed further open, the air thin in his throat as he tried to concentrate.

Coming back up I sucked, as if wanting to take all of him in me, and he let out a long groan, his head rolling back, his hand tangling within my hair. Hovering at the top I tracked my tongue in spirals until taking him in my mouth again, as deep as I could, and sucked harder. My tongue was a hot, quick snake, flickering and darting within the warmth and moist of my mouth. As I ducked down and pulled back up, and ducked down again his hand gripped my head, keeping me in a steady rhythm. The moment his hips moved toward me I moaned, my pussy getting damper, getting turned on knowing he was turned on. My moaning, the vibrations, sent an electric shock through him and I could taste some pre-come dribble down the hot sides of him, and out along the edges of my mouth. My breathing was quick as he lifted his hips higher to fuck my mouth deeper.

His cock was hard, and while I sucked harder, and pushed deeper, and licked longer, I closed my eyes and imagined him pushing the head of it into me, and then taking all of me with the entire thickness and the hard. My pussy clenching around it, accepting it wholly, feeling each in he pushed in. My pussy began contracting but I had to keep my concentration so I opened my eyes again and moaned again when he thrust up off the bed, his penis almost hitting the back of my mouth.

“Ohhhh… Ange!” He cried out as more vibrations ripped through him, and his penis was ready to explode in me. More than ready. He let his semen fill up my mouth, hot and musky, and on my last dip down I sucked it all up, and licked it all and swallowed it. He was trembling, his head tilted back, stomach heaving up and down as if he’d run a marathon. He pulled his head back up and looked at me in astonishment, wondering if that just happened.

“Good… was it?” I asked. He flipped his, now limp, penis back into his pants and came forward without warning, thrusting his tongue into my mouth for a long, passionate, deep kiss. He pushed me back onto the carpet of the bedroom, removed my jeans and pants as quickly as he’d pushed me back, and let his tongue trail down the centre of my wet, aching pussy lips. He didn’t part them, but teased and prodded and sucked the sides. It was my turn to try and catch my breath. My palms tried to grasp something on the floor, but unable to find something I arched my back instead, trying to put pressure somewhere. Jude pushed the upper part of my thighs further apart, the lips of my cunt parting, leaving me wide open. I looked down, his eyes half lidded, a dazy, dreamy look on his face with a small smile. He positioned himself on his stomach, legs up behind him, and let his tongue push against the inflamed clit that had been craving and screaming for his attention since the first time I’d sunk his cock into my mouth.

His tongue, cold but firm against my wet flesh, pushed up past the clit and then back down again, all the way to the bottom of my pussy. My thighs, my hands, and the centre of my cunt twitched. I could feel the juices trickle down between my arse cheeks and he licked it all up, finally wrapping his lips gently around my clit. I cried out, I couldn’t hear my voice I was getting so high and turned on.

His tongue rolled it round, played with it a little, driving me to a frenzy until I started fucking his mouth, urging him on for more. I felt his fingers search around until they pushed their way in, two fingers, and I squirmed as his fingers slowly fucked me to my climax, and his tongue lay no rest on pushing me further and further into a dark oblivion. The carpet became prickly, his tongue was relentless, his fingers pushing against the spasms that clenched my cunt tighter and made it wetter.

Suddenly my clit was cold and the electric sensations ceased as he looked up at me, his lips wet and smiling.

“Wanna have a multiple orgasm?”

I rolled my eyes, rolled my head and laughed. “You couldn’t.” The challenge got him going and he was back on my clit, sucking and licking harder. He inserted another finger, way deep until he was down to his bottom knuckle, and fucked me harder and faster. My hips rose each time, welcoming him and pushing him in as far as he could go. I reached down and held his head, grinding my cunt into his face and fingers until I felt the orgasm climbing all over me.

“Ahh…” I moaned. “Ohh… ohhhh God yes…” I couldn’t stop myself from moaning. I felt the tight convulsions seize through me and every muscle in my body tightened. My cum came all over his fingers, and onto his chin, but I could still feel his fingers working quickly inside me. I was coming down fast, and he pulled out his fingers for a moment as the twitches along the length of my drenched pussy slowed down. Abruptly he was back into me again and his mouth clamped tightly to my clit. It hurt, first, because it felt like my clit was tired, but the feelings quickly spread to another growing orgasm and before I knew it, with the pressure his fingers were applying and the quick nips of his tongue against me another wave of spasms overcame me and I let out a whimper, a sob, from the depths of my throat.

But he didn’t stop. He pulled out his saturated fingers and plunged his tongue into the depths of me. His fucking with his tongue into my warm depths had caused another orgasm, like he said, not even before the last one had finished. I felt the world fall from beneath me as his thick tongue kept pumping and pumping until he saw how far gone I was and he ceased.

Slowly the world returned, and I stopped sobbing and crying out and moaning and he came to lie on top of me. He was hard again, hard and throbbing, and slowly sliding the head of his thick penis through the wetness of my hot, clenching cunt and deep inside me. He thrust into me harder and deeper, pushing against the carpet, raising my legs around his hips. His fingers dug into my hair as he plunged me into another long and lustful kiss. The roughness of his pubic hairs scrapped against my thighs, his balls slapping hard into the bottom of my pussy as he pushed me further.

“You’re so…” he gasped. “You’re so wet. Hot and wet. Oh God, Ange, I’m going to…” I knew it; with each thrust my hips rose to meet his my body and pussy tighten around him. The feel of his cock moving in and out of me and pushing something inside drove me to the very edges of sanity and back again. The sounds of my slippery wetness squelching against him impelled me higher. And higher. Until he disappeared above me and there was nothing left but the perfect of his pulsating and thriving cock inside me. I screamed. I shook and bucked as he plunged and came inside me. Our mix of cum and sweat dribbled down the centre of my ass.

“Told you I’d do it,” he smiled.

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