tagBDSMThe Teacher Ch. 02

The Teacher Ch. 02


Stepping from the shower the next morning I took particular care in dressing. A short skirt fit snuggly around my tiny ass and ample hips. It was short enough to reveal shapely thighs. I would wear no stockings today and pumps, a sleeveless white cotton top that showed my nipples through the soft material and no bra. My tits were firm and large and I knew that the view would be appreciated. Digging in my dresser drawer I slipped two small items in my bag, fastening it I headed out for my second day at school.

Walking into the classroom today I immediately noticed that David had obeyed well and had dressed as I had commanded. Todd on the other hand, was not. Somehow I knew that He would test my abilities to control him all the way. I also knew however that I would prevail in the end. He would not be able to resist my charms. I chuckled at the thought.

After taking roll call I wondered among the students as I spoke, handing out the itinerary of what was going to be going on each day in class. What I expected and what I would not tolerate. I heard groans from some of the students but for the most part I believe I made my intentions clear. As I passed Todd I leaned low, knowing my ripe tits fell forward giving Him a nice view. Whispering in His ear, " You have not been a very good boy, I am going to have to punish you, you understand" Todd stiffened but still held on to the fact He didn’t have to obey me. He laughed and I smiled, looking directly into His eyes. Slowly I rose and moved away, the look in his eyes bordering on confusion.

I made sure as I leaned over to David that Todd could clearly see everything I did. My tits, once more falling downward as I bent over, I shifted every so slightly so the swell of one rubbed against David’s shoulder. I dropped the paper I was handing to David into his lap and as I reached down to retrieve it I let one hand slide between David’s crotch to tease His cock. I laughed low in his ear as I felt his already hard meat. "You, David, have been a very good boy, I will reward you today" I heard Him take in a deep breath. Squeezing his cock a bit tighter then letting go I rose and moved away.

As I sat at noon hour in the shade of the giant live oak tree that surrounded the campus, I jotted down notes. Things I wanted to do for my boys and thinks I wanted them to do for me. I looked forward to the end of the day. I would keep both boys in class and give each what they deserved.

Finally the bell rang. It could not be a moment to soon. I had tormented both Todd and David all day and I could feel a thick heat in my crotch that I knew would only be soothed by the boys.

As the students filed out I called out to David and Todd, " I would like you both to stay after with me.” After the students had filed out of the classroom I said, “David, please lock the door an return to me" David nodded and moved quickly to obey. He was such a good boy and I could almost feel him eating out of my hand already. I looked at Todd. He on the other hand would not be so easily trained, and that would be even more fun. I grinned at the thought.

I knew we would not be bothered and I ordered David to remove His shorts and kneel at my feet. He paused, unsure but the look in my eyes quickly told him that I meant business and began to remove his shorts. He was well built and I caught my breath as His hard cock was exposed. It was not long perhaps seven inches but it was very nice and very thick I drooled and wanted nothing more than to reach out and stroke it, slap it a bit and watch his face. I think He would like it. As he obeyed me I crouched low. My thighs opening wide, revealing that I wore nothing beneath the skirt. David moaned. Could he already smell how hot bitch I was? I laughed.

“You will address me as Mistress, David when we are alone like this.” I smiled sweetly. “Understand? David nodded and I watched His cock shoot straight up and bob as it pulsed to life, twitching with each rapid beat of his heart.

I rose and looked up at Todd. My heels clicked on the tiles as I approached. My fingers were unfastening my blouse. I had on no bra, of course, so my tits were exposed to Him by the time I was in front of Him. Cupping each ripe melon I gazed coldly into his eyes. My slim fingers plucked at rose hued nipples as I leaned forward slowly. Todd laughed but I could sense his unease as he shifted in his chair.

My voice now a sultry tone, "would you like to touch these boy?"

Todd nodded, and I smiled, leaning in closer, tugging at the pert buds of my nipples.

"Yes baby I know you would"

Just as I felt his motion to bring his hand upward I withdrew and slapped Him hard across the face. "When I am done with you, Todd, you will beg to touch these tits, and you will beg to feed from my cunt."

Todd laughed again and shook his head, "Keep dreaming bitch" I kept a smile on my face as leaned into him again. "You will sweet boy, obey me or... " I paused a moment, " give up Daddy's money, be poor and work the rest of your life. Todd hissed at me, “Bitch.” I threw back my head and laughed.

Sliding my desk chair to the front of the classroom I motioned for Todd to occupy it. He did but reluctantly, I halted him before he sat and commanded that he removes his pants, and shorts and shirt. He was to be naked. I walked to David and patted his head as one would do a favorite puppy. I crooned, “Such a good boy.”

I moved in front of him and then slid my skirt upwards, slowly. I watched his eyes carefully, they never wavered and he licked his lips as my sweet cunt was exposed. "You want that baby? How badly?” I hissed, “Tell me bitch boy, how badly?"

David stammered as I tangled my fingers in his hair. Pulling his head closer to my cleanly shaven cunt, " Please Mistress please allow me to lick you" David was shy but before I was done with him he would beg like a slut to even come near me. Suddenly I I twisted my fingers tighter in his hair and shoved his face into my cunt. Oh yes. I could feel His hot breath panting rapidly over my lips. His tongue clumsily lapped over the sweet juicy slit of my pussy. Shoving my cunt tighter against his face I moaned and tossed my head back, looking over at Todd. "That’s it bitch boy. Lick mamma's pussy good." Panting I began to grind more as his tongue found my deep hole and plunged into it, the sweet boy’s tongue beginning to fuck in and out. I allowed it. "Oh baby yes, lick my clit. Suck it. Yes that is it!" I felt my body shudder and I pissed sweet cum into his mouth and all over his boyish face. Grinding my wet pussy against his face smearing the juices all over. My legs trembled but I composed myself. I bent down and let my lips bruise his. I tasted my cunt and it was good. "Good boy David, I am proud of You"

David was pumping his meaty cock and I allowed Him to do it since he had pleased me so well. "When you are ready to cum bitch boy, you must tell me, I have a surprise for you" I moved over to Todd, His cock was longer maybe eight inches but not as thick as David but still well endowed. It was hard and that made me smile. I would use his lust to make Him succumb to me and yield fully.

“Did you like that slut boy? Did you like seeing David feed from Teach’s sweet pussy?” Todd shook his head and I could see His struggle. I moved to stand in front of him and he dipped his head. I stopped him with another slap along his cheek. "Oh no slut boy, you didn’t please me like David did." His tongue slid back into his mouth. I parted my thighs and then keeping my eyes locked on his, He tried to look down and follow my hand but I lifted his chin, "Do not look away slut.”

I pushed two fingers deep into my oiled cunt and let the come soak them. I was so hot. It turned me on to use these boys as my toys. Pulling my fingers from my cunt I continued to hold Todd’s gaze and began to smear my pussy juice all over his face. It left a glistening trail. Todd was humiliated, his face blushing profusely. I smiled. Behind me I now heard David moan and then call out to me.

"Mistress, please, I’m… it… going to explode.”

My tone was harsh. ”No!! Bitch boy come here. I moved from in front of Todd and positioned David in my place. I knelt low and let my fingers cup and tease over his hairy balls and commanded him to stroke. Todd was shifting.

No! No fucking way bitch, get Him away from me.” I ignored him and I continued to stroke David’s balls, feeling them tighten. My freehand went to Todd’s crotch. My fingers like vices dug into the meaty tender flesh of His balls and He cried out. I knew it hurt, I was gentle but my point was made. "Shut up slut boy. Watch David"

David was pumping His cock into his hand faster and faster. He spit to make it wetter and the head of his thick dick was covered in precum. I tugged at his balls David cried out and then shuddered. He stiffened and I watched as a large load of cum spurted onto Todd’s naked chest and thighs. A few droplets spattered over my hand. I cooed to David, "Yes baby bitch, drown him with your come for me, show him how good it feels to obey and be rewarded." David cried out and then shuddered once more. His cock, now limp, twitched. My hand went from his balls to knead his quivering ass "Kneel David, rest baby, good boy.” I stroked his hair.

Looking to Todd His cock was rock hard, almost painfully hard. I loosened my grasp on his balls and lightly touched his meat. He moaned. I lifted my hand to smear David’s come over the palm then wrapped it around Todd’s slimmer cock and strokes slowly. Todd moaned as I teased him so close to the edge then stopped. Pushing my own finger in my cunt I slid it to David’s lips and let Him nurse. Todd writhed in agony. Leaning to him." You will not cum slut boy until I allow it. I will know if you do and if you do not obey you will be poor, left to fuck dirty sluts who will fill you with disease." I began to turn away and slide my skirt down, I swung back around." I presume you will be dressed properly tomorrow slut?” Todd moaned. He was in pain I knew, but I was certain he would come to class tomorrow as commanded.

As I gathered my school stuff David and Todd dressed. Todd was angry and I knew I would have to monitor him closely. David on the other hand was like a puppy in love. He walked to me and knelt. "Mistress, can I please you again tomorrow?” I smiled and looked down at him. I patted his head. “Well see bitch, well see. Now run along. I’ll see you tomorrow.

I watched Todd as He mumbled something close to "You’ll pay for this cunt" as he slammed out of the classroom. I smiled and straightened up, pleased with the day’s events and looking forward to tomorrow. Damn I should of had one of them play in my sweet tight cunt before I let them go. I sat my ass atop the desk and lifted my legs. I let my knees fall wide. Sliding my finger downward I began to stroke my clit then plunge one, then two fingers inside. My hips lifting up and down as I fucked my nasty cunt. Feeling my muscles tighten I yielded to the sweet sensations and spewed my sweet come all over my hand and the desk. After catching my breath I decided to leave my cum on the desk and headed home for a nice glass of wine and a hot bath.

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