tagLesbian SexThe Teacher Ch. 04

The Teacher Ch. 04


Author's Note:

Hey guys... Sorry it took so long for me to post up chapter 4, but there were a lot of things going on, so I never had the chance to write. Thank you all for being supportive of this story, and I hope that this chapter was worth the wait for you. Since it took me soooo long to post up chapter 4, I decided to write and post Chapter 5 too. Please do not copy without my permission and enjoy.




I came back inside through the garage after moving my car and locked the door. I was overly excited about this weekend, and I couldn't wait to see what Maria had planned for me. As I passed a hallway mirror, I looked at my reflection.

I looked like a girl in love. Then it hit me! I was in love with Maria. I couldn't believe it, and I didn't how she was going to react if she found out. I hoped she felt the same for me as I did for her. My heart rate was increasing like I had run for miles and I could barely breathe. I quickly ran my fingers through my long black hair and fixed the smudges of makeup under my eyes.

I slowly unbuttoned my white blouse and left it on, showing my bra and my toned body under the shirt. I walked in to the master bedroom and my jaw dropped. Maria was lying on top of the bed, legs spread wide. She wore red garters with 5 inch high heels and no panties or bra. She looked so hot, I just wanted to lie on top of her and grind my pussy into hers until we both came.

She lifted her arm and beckoned for me to go over with her index finger. As if under her spell, my hands slid my clothes off my body while my legs carried me over to the bed where I climbed on and crawled predatorily over to her.

But before I could climb on top of her, she swiftly moved off the bed and applied pressure to my back so that I would lay down face first on her bed. Before I could protest, she pressed her lips to my ear and whispered, "This is my surprise for you, so lay still."

I stopped restraining, feeling my face blush. Then I felt her hands massaging my back, and moving lower. However, just before she got to my ass, she moved back up, making me moan in frustration. My pussy was getting wet and she was touching all the right places.

"Ohhh god Maria. That feels soooo amazing."

Her hands softly kneaded my body and I could feel my pussy pulsing. Just as I was about to relax, she moved her hands over my ass cheeks, making me moan more. The pressure she was applying to my ass was allowing my pussy lips to grind onto her bedspread, turning me on even more. Just as I was about to reach an orgasm, she stopped and got up telling me to turn over.

Wanting to turn her on, I flipped over, and then asked her, "Do you want to know a fantasy of mine? Aside from fucking you?"

Maria's breath hitched and she swallowed before asking, "What?"

I grin at her like a Cheshire cat and answer, "I've always... ALWAYS wanted to get fucked by a woman who is a masseuse. Luckily I get two instead of one today and I won't ever have to worry about that fantasy anymore since you fulfilled it."

Maria smiled shyly and then moved over to me, giving me a kiss. As she bent over me, I slid my hands over her pussy lips before slipping them into her hole. She moaned against my lips, as she gyrated against my hand, trying to move them in her faster and faster. But before she could have an orgasm, I pulled my hand back, making her groan in frustration.

"Got you back for teasing me," I answered as I licked her juices slowly off my fingers, watching her eyes follow my every move. She smiled instead and continued massaging my body, beginning with my breasts and moving down my body. She moved straight over my pussy, and down my legs.

Finally, after letting me pant for five minutes without touching my pussy lips, she kissed her way up my shins, then to my thighs and to the section above my cunt. My legs spread and I waited for her to lick and suck my clit into her mouth. She continued kissing above my pussy and then I heard her say, "Beg for it. Beg me to eat your pussy slut. Beg me."

At this point she had driven me toward madness. I couldn't take it anymore so I surrendered. "Eat my pussy please Maria. Eat it. Suck my clit into your mouth and lick my juices please."

Finally Maria rammed her tongue inside my pussy and started licking, making me cry out, "Oooohhh, oh fuck yes. Fuck yes. Lick my pussy you fucken slut. Ahhh!!! That feels soooo good... You are such a good pussy licker... Ah fuck!!!"

"Mmmmm-hmmmm... you taste so good. Who's my slut, huh? Who's my pussy loving' slut?"

When I didn't answer, she brought her hand to my pussy and slapped my clit with it. I cried out in pleasure and answered, "I'm your slut Maria. I'm your pussy loving' slut."

She continued to lick my pussy and then she put two fingers in me, making me cry out, "Ohhh god... Ohhh god... Yes, yes... You're gonna make me cum you bitch!!!"

"That's it, cum for me. Cum for me you pussy suckin' whore."

I cried out as my orgasm ripped through my body and I felt ecstasy course through my body. I slowed my breathing down and looked over at Maria, the love of my life. I ran my hands over her luscious body and down to her pussy. I could feel her breathing quicken as I ran my fingers over her pussy lips. Then without warning, I rubbed two fingers over her clit and used my other hand to slip three fingers into her already moist cunt. I finger fucked her hard and fast, making her moan and groan.

"Oh god Maela, don't stop. Your fingers feel sooo good in my pussy. Oh fuck!! Oh fuck!!" She humped my fingers fast and hard, while I played with her clit.

"Oh fuck. Oh fuck, I'm such a fucken slut. God I fucken love it when you use your fingers to fuck my slutty pussy. Fuck."

"Yes, yes... You know you're my fucken slut. You're my slut, just like I'm your slut. You know you fucken love me playing with your pussy, you pussy sucking whore."

"Yes, I'm your whore. Fuck my pussy faster. Fuck it faster."

I sped up my fingers and before I knew it, I heard Maria cry out, "Ohhhhh fuck I'm cuuummmiiinnnggg."

I felt her juices run over my hands. I leaned forward and began to lick her slit, trying to catch all the juices from her dripping pussy. I licked around her clit, and her pussy, wanting to make her cum again, but knowing that we needed to rest our bodies from our afternoon fuckfest. I cleaned my fingers as she draped herself over my body. I pulled a blanket over us and we rested for awhile, knowing that our weekend was just beginning.

...To Be Continued...

Hope you guys enjoyed the latest installment of this series. Please leave feedback and comments for me if you can.

XOXO, Maela

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