tagBDSMThe Ten Day Treat Ch. 03

The Ten Day Treat Ch. 03


(This is the final part to this story, thanks again to my cousin who started all this and of course thank you for your patience on this marathon read.)


We sat in silence for a while it was Paula who spoke first, "Josh help me to understand what happened to Mary."

"I'm no medical type; all I can do is tell you what I feel, what I know and what I suspect."

Paula made herself comfortable so I began to explain. I started with her; I believed that some of it started with them both meeting on the cruise. Paula has been a slave for seven years now; I explained that Mary had been with me from the very beginning, ten years ago. Paula couldn't believe it when she realized that Mary was the first, I nodded my head I was fairly sure she didn't know it but yes she was the first. There is one stabilizing factor missing in Mary's life a sister, Paula smiled.

I looked hard at her, "who do you go to when you have such a big secret that you know you can't tell anyone, but you know you can tell the little secrets so you can relieve the pressure on holding onto that one big secret?"

She blushed it was known but never talked about between us, we both knew because she had phoned me and admitted that in a drunken moment she had told her own sister what her tattoo meant, Mary doesn't have that luxury she has two older brothers and parents that are regular church goers. So for ten years it has been her own secret, even though she knows she can call me and talk to me whenever she wishes, it's not the same as sister to sister talks, that pressure valve simply isn't there for her.

Can you imagine what a weight that is to bare for a woman like Mary, ten years worth of secret that she carries with her, she sleeps with a husband that she can never tell that she loves him dearly but not with her heart or soul and so you came along and the added bonus, you both have the same secret. You both bond not just bond on a personal level but more, almost sisters plus. There is ten years worth of pent up secrets in her that just rushed out of her and she simply cannot cope with it all at once.

Paula listened as I talked, her eyes were red, and she was close to tears. She had never realized how lucky she was, her pressure valve had always been her little sister, they loved each other very deeply and had never fought over anything they had shared make up, clothes and secrets. Josh was the one secret she could never share with anyone but the fact she had someone to confide in made life more manageable for her.

"What do you want me to do?"

I thought for a moment then chose my words carefully, "before you watched the video, tell me what you thought of Mary?"

"Even in the short time we have known each other I feel I love her, she is another sister to me, it's also like I know what she is about to say just before she says it, or even thinks it and this sister I get to fuck."

I couldn't help myself; I smiled at her comment and said. "Then you have a big job in the coming days, you need to love her when she needs you to, hug her when you feel she needs it, be her friend when she wants to talk about anything. But above all remember that the person you watched do those things on that screen isn't the Mary we both know, you've got to forgive her."

Paula nodded then I told her I had a job for her, I was going to get Mary, she was to go into my room and I would bring Mary to her, chances are all she will want to do is sleep, that's fine we had some time yet before I could finalize the arrangements for the road trip, if she needs more, then Paula was to remember what we had just talked about.

She nodded and practically run up the stairs and disappeared into my room, I walked up to the girls room and looked in, Mary was still asleep on the bed as gently as I could I lifted her off the bed and into my room, Paula pulled the cover back and I laid her down, she covered her and we both smiled, I waved and Paula waved back.


I had just covered Mary made sure she was comfortable and waved at Josh before he closed the door when I felt Mary stir I moved close to her and kissed her forehead.

I had understood what Josh had said, there are a few women in my life that she would truly call great friends and indeed had shared many secrets with them, but it's the knowledge that you had grown up with your sister and shared life's growing pains that makes the sharing of your deepest and most intimate secrets with your sister a real pressure valve, my thoughts were interrupted when Mary said.

"Josh hates me doesn't he?"

I held her close to me, my warmth mingling with hers, "no he doesn't I promise you and anyway little sister, your with me now and I'm looking out for you."

Her body seemed to stiffen slightly then ease into me, I thought I heard her say something but no matter how hard I tried I just couldn't catch it, soon after I heard her breathing change and she slept, the sounds of her breathing soon sent me to sleep.

I woke with a start, Mary was gone I jumped out of bed and rushed for the door, even closed I could hear voices, when I opened it the sounds of raised voices could be heard, leaning over the banister I listened then dashed down the stairs, Mary were shouting. As I stood in the doorway to Josh's office Mary was leaning on Josh's desk shouting at him tears freely flowing down her face, he was sat behind his desk just watching her.

"I'm not going, you're sending me away, and you're not going to let me come back just like you did to Beth."

My heart felt for her, I closed in behind her and held her so tight, Mary turned and held me sobbing, I guided her to the couch and we sat, Josh had not moved. A look of great sadness on his face as though he was torn about what to do and the decisions that he had to make.

He got up and moved to the edge of his desk looked at Mary and said, "What's the cardinal rule when someone passes out?"

Instantly she said, "You stop."

She sounded pleased with herself that she had got the answer right. Josh then leaned over to a remote and pressed play, this time the sound was turned up. I couldn't take my eyes off the screen as Mary completely dominated Beth, well passed the point of her passing out, by now Mary's head was slowly turning to the sounds emanating from the screen, her face twisted in horror as she watched herself take Beth's straps off and turn her over so she could assault an unconscious Beth's ass.

Thankfully Josh stopped the video soon after, even so I believed the damage was now done, Mary couldn't believe what she was seeing. He then knelt down next to both of us but his eyes never moved away from Mary's.

"Since you answered that question so well let me ask you another one, what happens to the person that doesn't stop?"

Her voice was so quiet now, that far away look had returned to her eyes. "There punished."

I sat holding her hands as a very strange conversation started between them; I felt I was just along for the ride.

"So you believe you must be punished?"

She simply nodded her head.

"How about I send you to your room and make you clean it, is that punishment enough for you?"

This time she shook her head.

"How about I send you to your room without any supper?"

Again she shook her head. I thought Josh was going to say something else.

But Mary beat him to it, "Calder's field."

Josh stopped in his tracks, at first he was puzzled then a look of understanding came to him, as he sat back on his desk he said "leave me alone, both of you."

Mary saw her opportunity and left, I was totally confused. Josh looked at me, "please leave."

I got up and left, Mary was now half way up the stairs. I caught up with her she had a look of smugness on her face, as though Josh had hurt her, so she had hurt him back. We both sat on Josh's bed, I had tried to engage her in conversation, I desperately wanted to know what she had meant about Calder's field but she just sat there, that far away look in her eyes.

After some time Josh called us both down, he stood at the bottom of the stairs waiting when both of us lowered our heads, for a second he said nothing, then with a finality in his voice, he told us to get dressed, take our collars off and leave, instantly Mary and I looked at each other, genuine fear in both our faces, by now Josh had turned and had walked back to his office.

Neither one of us knew what to do we just stood on the last step of Josh's house. I was still an outsider to the knowledge of what Calder's field was but I did believe Mary had underestimated what Josh would do in retaliation, her whole body shook. She was very afraid now, I started to hear a noise then a smell and it took me a moment to realize what it was, I was watching Mary pee herself.

We had no choice, we both obeyed Josh and left. Mary and I kept in touch on a daily basis, we both tried to call Josh many times and talk to him but to no avail. Our number for him was now not in use, My husband was glad to see me back early although he never asked why, Richard was a darling that way but Josh was right, I also loved Richard dearly but Josh had my heart and soul. I suppose deep down I also understood, to punish Mary I had to be punished as well, we are sisters after all.

With the spring came more news, Mary had gone to Josh's to plead with him, he no longer lived there, I went to see her and we spent a weekend together, I tried again to find out what Calder's field meant, she just cried and said nothing. With the summer now here I was getting busier, my new client Lucy Evans was a society girl now set to marry Tony Mitchell jnr son of the biggest lawyer in the city. One of those two hundred at the wedding and four hundred at the reception, the word frantic was made for me that day.

It was in the middle of the reception when the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end, I heard a voice I knew, it took me a moment to find the voice and there she was, Cassie. She was in the middle of it all kissing the bride and dragging a husband along trying to keep up with her, I had only seen her once without her mask when she took Beth back home, there was little light in the room then but I was so sure.

She would know where Josh was, I had to talk to her but getting near her was almost impossible, then I had an idea, I grabbed a napkin and drew a picture of our mask on it with the words 'lawn ten minutes' gave it to a waiter pointed to Cassie and he was now two hundred the richer for it. Telling my assistant to cover for me I dashed outside and waited.

"So lovely to see you again and at my god-daughters wedding imagine that, but please believe me when I tell you he won't see you."

I was outsmarted Cassie had come up behind me, I turned and we kissed a look of genuine pleasure to see me in her eyes, "please Cassie you have to tell me where he is."

"No I don't sweet child and you ask too much of me,"

There was so much I needed to know and wanted to ask, but this wasn't the time or place to do that I had to get her away from here so I could talk to her in private rather than in riddles, Cassie sensed what I was going to ask, I think she truly understood that I had to talk to her.

She clasped my hand and said, "Room 210 tomorrow at three and don't be late."

We kissed a cheek each and I dashed off, as soon as I was out of sight I called Mary, "I may have a lead, trust me little sister I have to see someone tomorrow at three so keep your fingers crossed,"

She screamed with joy down the phone and wanted to know all the details, I couldn't tell her anything, if she found out I had talked to Cassie she would have driven all night to be here demanding, pleading to know where Josh was, I couldn't do that to Cassie at her god-daughters wedding, not even for my little sister.


I knew what I had to do the moment I had sent both the girls out of the room it just tore into my heart that I had to do it. I knew the road trip was a better way to help Mary, but she was entrenched now, whatever I tried to do she would always bring Calder's field into any conversation. The fact she had dared to use it this once meant she had nothing to fear from me in using it.

The conversation with Cassie was full of mixed blessing, she had got Beth back home safely and Cassie had quizzed her on what happened, thankfully Beth remembered very little about it. Then I had to tell the girls to leave. I left minutes after they had, came back once to pack away all the equipment and the workshop and handed the keys to the realtors. I never went back all the furniture was put into storage, the house was sold three weeks later, and I went for a holiday Cassie had offered to fly Beth or one of the other girls to me if I needed company.

Once I mentioned the word hiking, a cold fear rushed down her back, all those bugs and night dwellers are simply not found in five star hotels. So she left me in peace, I did fall off the map for a few months but that was a contract I had decided to take up, anything to keep my mind occupied. Now the spring was here I started looking for another place, there is only so much time you can spend living out of a suitcase and hotels.

It took some time but I eventually found the ideal place and I suppose normal service had been resumed. Well almost, both Mary and Paula had now left a hole in my life and with the return of Beth to the family things were still out of sync. My darling Cassie told me after one of our more brutal sessions, not to take it out on the rest of the girls, I hugged her and promised not to, both of us were very gentle that afternoon and she came so very hard.


I was very prompt and knocked on her door at the very moment the clock chimed; Cassie opened it and giggled, "Isn't it great to have clocks all over the place,"

I smiled a clear reference to Josh's house, we both sat and made small talk, but we knew we were just hedging around the real subject, so I just jumped in.

"Cassie what's Calder's field?"

She didn't even hesitate in picking her cup off the coffee table, I suspected she didn't know either, she just shrugged her shoulders. I tried something else I asked her how long she thought Josh was going to punish us, she reminded me that he punished Beth for nearly seven years. I confessed that Mary told me both she and Josh still visited Beth in those seven years, Cassie glared at me, it's the first time I had seen her angry.

"Don't assume you know everything, what happened to Beth and I and the punishment that Josh had dealt both of us was harsh enough for both of us to just be able to bare,"

I apologized; Cassie looked at her watch I knew my time with her was swiftly running out, I tried one more time.

"Does he even know were alive,"

"Oh my child of course he does, the fact is you bonded with Mary, live with it. In my opinion you were the best thing that happened to her, none of this would be happening if you had both gone on the road trip but somehow Mary forced the issue, Josh is after all our master yes even mine. He had to punish Mary and as you may have noticed, his not one for putting you up against a wall and slapping you around abit is he."

Cassie got up off the couch, I knew I was running out of time now, I felt I understood Josh more now but it still left me out of favor, I held no bitterness towards Mary, she is after all my sister and I will always love and stick with her through thick and thin. I suppose it was also why Josh asked me my opinion of Mary, I think in the back of his mind he may have known this may happen and didn't want Mary out in the cold on her own.

We stood by the door, I looked at Cassie, "and will we ever see each other again?" I asked

We hugged and she said, "Nothing is impossible,"

"Are you going to tell Josh we talked?"

There was a pained expression on her face; I knew the answer even before she said it, "yes."

When I got back to the car there was six missed calls all from Mary, she was so desperate for news, but I simply had nothing I could tell her, she openly cried when I told her I had talked to Cassie, but she had refused to tell me where Josh was or anything about him, she asked to see me, I knew why.

We had found a place almost halfway between us, a cabin overlooking a lake, initially the owner of the cabins that surrounded the lake refused to rent, surprisingly a couple of weeks later he phoned me said he had a change of heart and agreed some very good terms, both of us chipped in with the rent so we could use it whenever we wanted to. Deep down I think we understood we could be in for the long haul although neither of us wanted to say it out loud.

I arrived first and aired the place, Mary arrived an hour later, no sooner had she walked through the door than she was naked, I supposed we wanted to stay as close to Josh's wishes as we could. The cabin was a clothes free zone for us and we had to force ourselves to put on bikinis to go to the lake, we sat together and I explained word for word what I said to Cassie.

Mary flinched when I told her I ask about Calder's field but said nothing, she wanted to go and talk to Cassie; I had to calm her down and eventually told her she was no longer at the hotel.

"Do you think it gets any easier Paula?"

I shrugged my shoulders, and then reminded her that Beth was out of favor for nearly seven years. But the issue here is getting her better; Mary tried to shrug off her feelings, but I was having none of it and we continued to talk.

We both now knew the reason for the panic attack, Josh was right; I had tipped the balance in Mary's mind. It's ok to know that there are six women that share the same man, but to find one and to get on with her so well that they bonded like a sister that was truly heart warming for Mary.

Then came Cassie and then Beth and within days of each other, all the women had the same love for the same man her mind simply could not cope with that knowledge. The first time they talked about Mary wanting to pee on Beth, she cried she simply could not believe that she had come so close to doing it as well and to this day could not even remember the act. In fact I was almost sure that if she had not seen the video of it she would never have believed me, the whole thing was so unlike her.

Both of us were hungry so turned the talk into a make something to eat and talk session, when the topic got too deep or heavy one or the other would slap our own ass. This to had become our release valve, in fact in the short time that I had talked to Josh on this subject I was amazed at just how close he had been in his suspicions.

I had also wondered when the best time would be to broach another subject; I had seen a program as I had sat with Richard, he was doing the man thing and had control of the remote, as he paused on a nature program an animal had peed on another to show the dominance in the pack, it was the actions of the alpha female. My mind did a flip, Mary did know, but she had to get her to admit she knew.

"I want to ask you something." I said

Mary's interest clicked in straight away, I had never said I wanted to ask anything, I had always just gone ahead and asked whatever I felt like asking. This time I watched Mary very closely.

"When did you realize you were the first?"

There she saw it, I see it in her eyes, and Mary did know she was the first; she could try to lie but I now knew the truth all this now fits together. She did have her doubts that Mary would ever believe her if she tried to explain it to her though.

She knew she could not lie to Paula so went on to explain how with the unwitting aid of Beth she had discovered she was the first and that she still believed that Josh thought he had managed to keep it a secret.

Mary frowned and said, "Why do you think he would want to keep something like that a secret?"

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