tagBDSMThe Ten Day Treat Ch. 04

The Ten Day Treat Ch. 04


(I would like to dedicate this chapter to LL, for her constructive comments, Thank you.)

Over the next ten minutes I got a first hand look at why Cassie runs such a big and successful company, it seems everybody is afraid of her and the only way they can stop being afraid of her was to do exactly as she wanted.

She had already roused one of her legal team from his office and demanded he made sure he contacted the hospital board and demanded the best treatment possible, she personally would vouch for any expenses at the hospital, two helicopters where then assigned to her, one she sent here while the other was to be a medical unit and sent directly to the lake to back up the ambulance when it arrived. Whoever was on the other end of the phone must have said something about the cost.

Cassie nearly climbed the ceiling, such was her anger down the phone at the man at the other end, she gave him her company name and the man she had put in charge from her legal department. I rushed out of my office and called Beth and gave her a quick run down on what was going on, her knees buckled and she fell to the floor with the shock. I didn't have the time to pull her up so sat with her while I placed another call to Paula.

It took an age for the phone to pick up, I hurt so badly talking to her, I wanted so much to hold both of them in my arms and tell them they would both be ok, a difficult thing to do when your two hundred miles away. I told her to just hold on to Mary, keep talking to her, I had already called the emergency services and they will get there very soon. It hurt to hear Paula cry but I had to keep her talking and in turn keep her talking to Mary.

By the time all three of us had reached the hospital Mary had already been admitted, we found Paula in the waiting room, to say she was a wreck would have been an understatement, she see us come through the door and leaped at me, hugging my neck and crying.

"Do you believe me when I tell you everything is going to be alright?" I asked.

Paula nodded her head and continued to cry on my shoulder, I sat her down and nodded at Cassie, she disappeared out the door Beth in hot pursuit. I didn't need to tell Cassie what to do; she was already a woman on a mission. I sat with Paula and just held her; it was almost half an hour before she had the strength to say.

"You've been watching over both of us all along haven't you?"

"You don't think I could let you two out of my sight for to long before you end up getting yourselves into trouble do you." I answered.

She couldn't help herself, Paula laughed it wasn't much of a laugh but it was a start. We were then interrupted when Cassie came back in with a doctor in tow. He gave us the guarded version of what they had done so far and basically told us to go home, there wasn't anything anyone could do until all the test where in.

I thanked the doctor, Beth stepped forward with a set of keys, she had hired a car and had booked all four of us into a hotel. Paula refused to move, she wanted to stay at the hospital she desperately wanted to see Mary; I looked at Cassie.

She looked at her watch and said, "fifteen minutes."

I asked the doctor if he would allow her to see Mary for a few minutes, he looked at Cassie who gave him a very charming smile and winked at him, he shrugged his shoulders and said to Paula that she was to follow him, they disappeared into a room five doors down. I looked at Cassie and she left, Beth stayed with me and a few minutes later we collected Paula.

As we walked out one door Cassie and Mary's husband were walking in through the other. Paula looked at Cassie and then at me, a question formed on her lips, I shook my head and she said nothing. At the hotel Beth had put Paula and me in one room and Cassie and herself in the other, then went out to sort some clothes and toiletries such was our rush to get here we only had the clothes on our backs.

Paula sat down and said, "What just happened?"

"As far as Mary's husband is concerned she was doing an interior design job for Cassie when she passed out," I said.

Paula looked long and hard at me, somehow I knew the next question that was coming so I made myself comfortable, I knew I didn't have to answer anything Paula asked, but in her fragile state it seemed best to let her know something.

"I want to know about Calder's field?"

I shook my head, "no you don't but I will tell you this, when we again bring up that subject there will be two other people in the room, both with a vested interest in that subject and then you will learn all you need to know and a lot more."

I think she realized there was going to be no further discussion on the subject so left it alone. I sat on the couch and waited, watching Paula pace the room. After a time she curled up beside me, I put my arm around her and we sat in silence. Beth came back and let herself in, I wanted to send Paula off with Beth but she would not move from my side, so we all sat and waited.

Cassie phoned a couple of times to keep us updated and between us we worked out a plan. Within the hour Cassie came back and all four of us chatted for awhile and had room service bring us something to eat, there seemed little point in leaving the room, not for the hope of hearing any news we knew Cassie had taken care of that already, she had a pipeline into the nurses desk, she would know within minutes when Mary woke, it was more because none of us were feeling in the mood to see anybody.

Late evening brought us news, we rushed to the hospital Paula and Cassie went in to see Mary, she had regained consciousness, her husband was out of the loop up to this moment until both girls got to see Mary to smooth the way for her with an alibi. With all that now done we left to return to our rooms, both the girls kissed Paula and me goodnight and we settled into our room.

It was Paula who spoke first, I figured she had something to say so I left her to think about it, it was the stares I was getting that was beginning to annoy me, but finally she plucked up the courage to say what was on her mind.

"I need to know something,"

I sat back on the couch and she sat next to me.

"Are you going to give us back our collars now?"

I looked hard at Paula; I suppose I knew this issue was going to come so I figured it was only fair to explain things to her a little clearer.

"With you not a problem, Mary has to earn hers."

There was a tension in her face, as though somewhere deep inside her she already knew her own answer; it was just a case of getting it out.

"Would you let me take her place, Mary is in no condition to earn her collar back, I want to be the one that hands it to her, and I think it will help her recover quicker if you let me earn it back for both of us."

"Do you truly understand what you're saying?"

I felt a sense of pride in her at that moment, I believed she knew I wanted to take it out on Mary and with Paula now putting herself in her place, she would receive the punishment I wanted to inflict on Mary. Paula nodded; I held her head in my hands then kissed her forehead. Her body eased into me, an unspoken agreement had now been reached, in a way I felt sorry for Paula, but I also knew that bond of theirs couldn't be broken by me or whatever I chose to do to either of them and that genuinely pleased me.

We finally went to bed, we hugged and kissed before I put the light out. She moved in close to me and whispered in my ear.

"Please take me, it's been so long."

At first I was gentle with her, kissing her whole body she would moan and writhe around the bed, then taking her clit into my mouth and making her come so hard that I had to hold her down by forcing her pubic bone back onto the bed. But it wasn't enough for Paula, she had three gears she loved being taken gently, then when she was wet enough she wanted to be taken harder eventually when that had satisfied her she wanted me to take her as hard as I could. I normally kept those treats for the fun rooms, tonight I had to make an exception, and Paula was in need.

With Paula still desperately sucking air back into her lungs, I straddled her legs, grabbed her hair and lifted her top half off the bed and pushed my penis into her mouth, she grabbed my ass and forced herself deeper onto me, at first she gagged then we settled into a rhythm saliva dripped onto her chin then to her lap as I fucked her mouth. She was good and I knew I was close to coming, so I withdrew from her mouth, she gasped in air as I withdrew and I heard a deep throated groan of frustration come from her.

There was no point in being gentle with her anymore, we had both passed that point now, to us this was sex on an animal level, I wanted it and I intended to prize it from her no matter how much she would freely give it I wanted more, every single ounce of her being was mine to take and as her master I would take it. I got off her body turning her over onto all fours as I did so, and then reaching over for my belt, Paula see the belt and her body stiffened.

I smiled, my penis felt as hard as steel at her submissiveness now, I pulled her hands around her back and pushed her head into the pillow, her body slackened when she realized what use I had intended for my belt. Tying her hands with it I entered her hard from behind, one arm holding her waist while I rubbed her clit with my other hand. There were so many sensations coursing though her body now.

As one climax subsided I would force her to have another, I wasn't content with that and forced her to have another, my penis and hands had her body on fire, her head to one side desperately sucking oxygen into her body only to have to expel it when her own orgasm took it from her. Her mind must have been screaming for peace now as it finally shut down and she passed out; I withdrew from her untied her and gently lowered her exhausted body onto the bed.

The smell of sex was all pervasive now, a few minutes later I heard the door click open, and Cassie stood in the doorway in a baggy t-shirt and judging by the light behind her, nothing else.

"We could hear you both next door, I even had to call down to the desk to apologies for the noise I've arranged for a big tip for the downstairs staff later, are you both finished now?"

It was then she sees my still solid erection, she giggled and said, "Perhaps not."

Cassie closed the door and walked over taking her t-shirt off on the way. "On the floor my master and I will help you with that."

I slid off the bed and laid on the floor Cassie straddled me and without any preamble sat down on my erection, she was so wet I just slid straight in, I didn't need to wonder if Beth and her had done more than listen when they overheard Paula screaming out her orgasm. Cassie knew all the right places to touch and it didn't take her long to bring me to my own orgasm she then got off, sucked me dry and walked out of the room, to Cassie her job was done. I wasn't fooled though, the way she walked out of the room I think she planned on sharing with Beth as well.

My first thought was to shower, but then decided to slide back onto the bed and I held onto Paula's sweat soaked body for awhile. My mind filled with the possibilities of what lay ahead, from what little the doctor did say and what Cassie had managed to glean from the nurses, we knew she wasn't going to die, I allowed myself to smile in the darkness of the room, would she dare die without my permission?

The morning brought us all a fresh burst of activity I shared a shower with Paula, something I missed doing with all my girls and decided to make sure I did it more often, then sent all the girls back to the cabin to make sure the place was locked up properly and to bring the cars back to the hotel. I ventured into the hospital to see our friendly doctor, he told me Mary was awake and since her husband was at the hotel and wouldn't be in for another hour I could see her.

Her eyes lit up when I walked through the door and her heart monitor picked up the pace, I threatened to leave if she didn't calm down, it took a moment but her monitor slowed down to a more normal pace so I walked over to her and kissed her forehead.

"That's a down payment; if you behave then I will kiss you properly when I leave."

Her voice was a little croaky, "I'm sorry I hurt you, please forgive me."

"You are the bane of my life and the total enjoyment of it as well. Are you going to listen to what I'm going to tell you to do now?"

Mary nodded her head, she was too frightened to say yes for fear of letting me know she feared the worst, there was no worst for Mary, I smiled and I think she realized that all was not going to be bad, or not totally bad.

So I went on to tell her that as far as I was concerned I didn't give her my permission to die, she smiled and with that she was more as ease, I could hear her heart monitor in the background and to a point was using it to find out how far I dare go in our conversation. What I didn't want was to make her tired or over anxious, so gently I outlined what I wanted from her.

She was in tears when I had finished, but she reluctantly agreed; I then gave her my number and made her repeat it over and over again until she had now memorized it. This put her more at ease, I got up off the chair and moved to her bed, she read what was coming and a sadness took her from me for a moment, I kissed her gently on the lips, she kissed me back and I listened as her heart monitor started to rise again.

It was time for me to leave, Mary had my number now and she agreed to what I had now asked of her. There was little point in staying any longer now, so with one more kiss I raised myself from the bed gently wiping her tears away I left. I hurt as I walked down that corridor, I had the answers to so many questions, just as Mary had as well, and we both had to take stock now. I had ordered her to convalesce, take a cruise or a holiday, if her husband couldn't go with her which given the love the man had for her I doubted greatly, then I would send one of the girls with her.

She also knew I was not going to allow her to see Paula again until she was better, it was one of the hardest orders I had given any of my girls and I hated myself for it, but I had to provide her with a challenge to get better and seeing her sister again would channel her energy into doing just that. I waited in the room for the girls to return. Then I sat them down and told them what was going to happen next, Paula was furious and it took Beth to take her into the other room away from me.


Beth had pulled me off the seat and into one of the side rooms, I had a dark mood on me now, it wasn't fare that Josh would refuse to let me see Mary.

"Take it easy my sister, Josh always has a reason for what he does, did you stop to think that if you had kept your mouth shut and waited ten seconds he would of told you why he didn't want you to see Mary."

I shook my head; Beth came over and gave me a hug.

"Just calm down and listen to him that's all I'm asking, remember were all with you here."

Beth then did something that brought a tear to my eye and in the same instant warmed my heart; she held my head in her hands and kissed my forehead like Josh sometimes does.

Then said, "Remember when one of our sisters hurts, we all hurt."

I nodded and followed her back into the room.


"Well that went well, you know there are times I wish I had stuck with one slave" I said.

Cassie giggled, "we know that couldn't happen my love, I cant keep up with your insomnia, even with Beth by my side your to much for both of us, the six you have is better for you, plus of course we have to sort out Lucy yet."

"Yes I have yet to get used to seven, at least for awhile anyway."

I looked at Cassie and we both smiled, we had our own bond as twins always seem to have, I sat next to her and kissed her head, she snuggled into me for a moment of comfort that we allow ourselves for moments like these, after a while both girls returned, Beth sat next to Paula holding her hand.

"There are two ways that we can do this, I can ask you, or I can order you. Either way all contact with Mary stops for now until she is well enough to return to us."

Paula was hurt and wanted to say something, Beth was squeezing her hand so tightly. I knelt down next to both of them looked her straight in the eyes and said, "I'm not a monster, she has my number and I will keep in touch with her and in turn will let you know how things are. You're the reason she is going to get better."

I went on to explain to all three girls what Mary and I had talked about, Paula was relieved when I explained that she was the light at the end of a dark tunnel for Mary, in order to see her again she must get better, I had made arrangements to have Mary's car taken back home, Paula was to return home as well, Cassie Beth and I were going to finish up here and head back to the house, I also made Paula repeat my number over and over until she herself had memorized it.

Back home Cassie set about checking out the hospital and talking to our friendly doctor, her diagnosis was in and she had blood poisoning, which led to what looked like a heart attack. He told her that she would make a full recovery and with a short holiday would be back to full health very soon; Cassie thanked him and was just about to put the phone down when there was a look of shock on her face; she thanked him again and put the phone down.

"Paula is at the hospital."

I grabbed the phone and dialed her number, Cassie cancelled the call and said, "Please Josh, take a step back for a minute."

"A step back, she has disobeyed me for the first and last time."

I pulled her hand away from the phone and dialed Paula's number again, after a long time ringing she answered with a "hello?"

"Paula have you got home safely?"

There was a pause on the line, she had realized it was a loaded question, her mind must have been doing summersaults right about now, grudgingly I had to give her some credit when she said, "I disobeyed you Josh I'm sorry, I'm at the hospital with Mary."

"Put Mary on,"

There was a pause on the line and eventually Paula said, "Josh please listen for a moment."

That was the day I have marked down in my diary as the day I totally lost it, in my life I had lost it four times, this day now marked the fifth, even poor Beth and my darling Cassie run out of the office as I lifted my chair and swung it at the wall, it hit with a resounding crash that sent a painting and flower vase into so many bits I was picking up the damage for days afterwards.

Yes a memorable day indeed, so many things happened that day. A shift in the axis of the earth would have been easier to take than the destruction that I did to my office, by now I had also yanked the phone out of the wall and that followed the chair now a broken mess on the floor. There is a great deal to be said for never hitting your slaves, that afternoon I would have gladly strangled both of them, it was my own fault of course.

I knew Paula had a stubborn streak in her; I seem to remember calling it a charming trait in her. What a fool I was, she had chosen to defy me and in turn could have put us all at risk, I walked out of my office and down to the basement, the girls knew to keep out of my way and I beat the daylights out of the punch bag, I could hear a phone ringing in the house.

"Turn that fucking noise off, it's only going to be that lying bitch on the phone and I'm just not in the mood for her at the moment."

The bag got an extra twenty minutes after that, the noise stopped as well. I left the basement sweating and moody and proud of it, both the girls where in the kitchen, I pocked my head around the door and told them that it would be a good idea if they both went home for the foreseeable future. They looked at each other not sure what to do, so I helped them alittle, by saying that they were not to worry I had no plans to move anywhere, so could they please leave me in peace for awhile.

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