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The Term Paper


I realize that I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed. I don't have any delusions about my station as a student. But I know what makes me happy and I have a plan. A grand plan and even though everyone I've ever met says that things don't always happen the way you plan them I still believe I need a blue print of sorts. I know things will happen that could disrupt the finality and honestly sometimes that's ok, but I need to stick to something, a rough guideline if you will. With all that said the one thing I never expected out of a psychology class was a sexual behavior essay. Not just an essay though, oh noooo that would be to easy. No, I also had to conduct an interview of someone close to me and include the findings about any sexual hang-ups or fetishes they might have, and how they affect them and their lives. There was one major hurdle though. Everyone that I could do an interview with was already conducting one or the subject of others.

I had no one due to a sick day that I missed when the assignment was handed out. Of course, that would be the day that everyone would have picked and made plans for the interviews. I wasn't sure what I was going to do but I knew that I couldn't afford a low grade on this or a late assignment. So one way or another I had to think of something and fast. I sat in the normal looking student dusk. Flicking my pen rapidly against my books and chewing the inside of my cheek in psych class, listening to how important this assignment was going to be and how no one could afford a sub-par paper whatever the fuck that means. It wasn't hard to tell that my stress level was at the bright red melt down level on the gauge.

The bell sounded dismissing class and it couldn't have come soon enough. I slipped my books off the desk top and scooted my slightly to big gut out of the sardine can of a seat racing for the exit and out into the madness that is the institute for higher education, Weaving and dodging my way through the halls and out to the hot as hell ninety eight degree weather. I guess I wouldn't be so bummed but of course my car is equipped with vinyl seats and an out of order until god knows when air-conditioner. What can I say it's been one of those weeks? More like one of those years, I tossed my books in the passenger side seat slamming the driver's door. As I dug into my pocket for my car keys I reflected like I always did when I was having one of my meltdowns." It could always be worse; you could hafta hold a job to." My father's voice taunted in the back of my head, reminding me as it so often does. "Could be better to, you could still be here instead of with some whore, ass hole." I angrily complained to the pile of books in the otherwise empty car. My father a true prick basically told my mother that he was leaving to run the globe for his work and his slutty ass secretary. I hope her pussy was worth a fortune cause that's how much mom got from the divorce. It didn't matter though mom hasn't been right since. She must have turned inside out or something because she hasn't even come out of her room since, unless she absolutely had to.

What really ticks me though is that I hafta except his rules if I want him to pay for school and honestly I can't complain, I mean as long as I go and get my credits he'll pay for whatever. Being a hotshot architect that travels the globe must make it easy to afford such things. I guess that's why he left, he wanted more than average. And if my mother was anything, she was average in everything but appearance. She lived in an average and quaint little three-bedroom two-story home with a picket fence and blue shudders. She's a blue jeans and t-shirt kind of girl nothing like the shoe crazy fashionistas that's popular among women with money. I doubt mom even knows what a fashionista is. She lives in an average small town that she and dad grew up in and I don't think she ever even considered leaving. I'm lucky in the fact that I grew up in Lebanon IL, Siu's right here. It's a college town; it gets wild here sometimes but not too much. I think mom thought that to when she decided to stay. So when I say my mother's average, I mean average.

Of course, most people find themselves too captivated by her huge, bouncing tits to notice just how plain she really is. I mean to say that I got a hot mom, and yes, I called her hot. It's a little fact that I've had to face after all these years of watching everyone from teachers to friends to their dads and the list goes on- drooling over her. Soo yea, hot mom, big time hot. Honestly, I can't think why pops could ever have left her but what's even worse is she doesn't realize just how attractive she is. She complains about being fat all the time and she's not, a little thick I agree but hey honestly that's what every red blooded American male and female for that matter that I've ever met says is so hot about her. She has curves for days in all the places it counts and a sexy as hell round ass. The only person I've ever met that would say she was fat of course was my ass hole of a father. But then again I think he was just scared she would realize how big of a douche he was and go get with some one that would see her for the gorgeous woman that she was.

I yanked the keys from my pocket and flipped through them shaking the car key loose from the rest and shoving it into the ignition. I obviously have a couple issues that I need to work out; I'm thinking that maybe I should probably get those figured before becoming a therapist. I started the car and drove out taking my place in line. One by one each car pulled out of the lot in single file like a brigade of molded and suppressed minds marching off to wreak havoc on the world. I pulled out a cigarette from my cars council and pushed in the lighter, tapping my hands along with the beat of a grunge classic until it popped out. Can anyone help get entranced by the glowing orange rings in a car lighter. I wish I had a lamp that looked that cool. Finally, I made it up to the end and turned out to head home flicking the ashes off my "Smoke" out my window. Sweat dripping down my face and soaking my shirt collar. Days like this the traffic just cannot move fast enough.

The good news was that I didn't have school for the next there days so I could devote all that time to the paper. I was hoping to attempt getting mom out and about a little though. She and dad married young, mom was nineteen and nine months after the ceremony almost to the day, I popped out kicking and screaming. They swear that mom wasn't Pregnant before but who knows with those two. Anyway I just turned twenty one so she is way too young to just close herself up all the damn time and give up. That's just what I'm going to tell her to. Mom and I only live around ten minutes away but on school days it takes nearly thirty, constantly stopping and going and stopping and going behind other students in torturous sweltering heat. I arrived safe and suffering from only a mild case of dehydration. Yea I know I'm a little sarcastic and winey, a couple of those issues I need to work out. But I think I could use a night out just as much as mom could. I feel horrible for what she's going through right now but this whole divorce situation really kicked me hard to. I've had to keep a smile through school and a stiff lip around dad; well not that I'm ever around dad but we do skype so I guess that's one point towards the father of the year award. I turned twenty-one almost two months ago and haven't even had the chance to order a beer. It was time, mom and I both had to get out and do something. Then after a little relaxation, maybe the paper would be easier to tackle. I pulled up next to mom's car in the garage and hit the automatic door closer snapped to my sun visor. Home sweet home it was never more true than on days like this.

closing the door i walked around the rear of the car. I have this thing about walking in front of cars, parked or not. I go out of my way to align my car to an entrance around the school so I don't have to. I can walk between them but not in front. Another issue, if your keeping track. I shoved my key into the handle of the door that conjoins the garage to the house, expecting it locked but finding that it wasn't. That's about the time that I realized the light thumping sound coming from inside. Turning the doorknob, I snuck in quietly shutting the door behind me and stepping into the kitchen. I crept through sitting my books down on the counter. A smile emerged across my face, how glorious is the sweet, sweet sin of modern central air-conditioning. Oh, the bliss as the little droplets of perspiration began cooling almost making me shiver. I reached in the fridge grabbing a cold bottle of water. Closing the door, I leaned against it twisting the lid off and guzzling down two thirds of the refreshing liquid, gulping like a slob and I didn't care. After a pound to my chest, I belched even more rudely and twisted the lid back on the bottle.

I turned the corner walking up the stair to the thumping rhythm, another thing my mother has going for her, a great taste in music. Of course, like most heartbroken women, she was listening to some sappy assed shit and that was going to change. I tapped on her bedroom door and swung it open. My mother stood half-naked in front of the mirror. It was obvious she hadn't heard me knock and I was used to just walking in here lately but I couldn't help but stop and take a double look. I didn't mean to but I just stared with my jaw falling to the floor. She was holding different dresses up looking at them, swaying back and forth from the bottle of wine in her other hand. Her heavy, exposed tits swaying back and forth as she tossed dress after dress to the floor. I couldn't help but stare at her treasures, I knew they probably looked good, even caught a couple glimpses over the years but nothing like this. I went to turn around and knock on the door again till my mother called out, "might as well just come in and have a seat you done got an eye full so what's it matter. "

I froze were I stood, turning deep red. Fuck it, I thought turning around looking her straight in the eye. Well as best I could, my face turning different colors from more than the hot weather. Like I said before- I know I have a hot mom, but I've never really looked at her in this way before. Not just as my mom but as a woman. This feels kinda wrong but my mind was racing and I didn't want to look away. I have no idea what my father was thinking because mom was absolutely gorgeous. Even in this drunken, broken state, she was beautiful.

"Hey mom, umm it's good to see your up and around a little, instead of wrapped up in blankets, wearing a ditch in your mattress."

"Yes son I realized I have a fortune to spend and it wasn't going to spend itself. " she said Tossing another dress on the pile in the floor, pulling out a sweater and holding it up before tossing it to the floor as well. She grabbed her robe off the bed, her tits rolling from side to side as she slipped her arms up into the sleeves and tossed her long wavy brown hair over the collar in the back. Wrapping herself in the light blue fuzzy fabric and buttoning it closed. Damn I thought wishing that she paraded around naked all the time.

"So did you get a good look at your old mom's titties?" she asked slurring like her tongue was too lazy to talk. I could tell she had been drinking more than she should have and if she was leaving this house she better have a chauffeur. And we don't. I decided to try and save me some embarrassment and cleverly change the subject.

"I'm sorry mother but I'm just to fucken hot to even pay attention." I said flopping down on the edge of her bed and leaning back on my palms the bottle still in my hand. Letting my head fall back, closing my eyes.

"Son why are you so sweaty?" she asked folding her fuzzy blue arms over her fuzzy blue chest finally taking notice of me.

"Because mom, my car is on its last leg, the AC's busted and in case you didn't know the heat out there is like hell. I mean it, like hell." I said lazily raising my head, my cheek smushed up against my shoulder.

"Did you tell your father, surely he can understand that and with pockets like his he should be able to shit you a new car." She snipped, I could hear her grinding teeth from where I was.

Well if that was pissing her off this was really going to do it." Yes I did mom."

"And what did he say?"

Oh boy here it comes. "He said that I had to be responsible for something and that I should get my own money to fix it."

I think it's cute how my mother's voice tends to get higher and sweeter the madder she gets, you know- till it's not. "Huh, it's funny how your dear ol' father likes to ramble on about responsibility when his jelly spine doesn't know the first thing about being responsible." She stomped, slightly wobbly to her vanity chugging down a swig from the bottle before setting it down. This can't be good; the last time my mother drank was like a year and a half ago at my cousin Marcie's wedding. The video of mom puking all over the bride as she walked past, proudly down the aisle was on Vid tube and topped out at over ten thousand likes. Why would she be drinking before the wedding you might ask, well because dad tried hooking up with marshes maid of honor and she went to knock the bitch out but wound up getting them both hammered instead from the mini bar, charging every drop to dads account. She felt horrible but not so much after the bride's maid did it a second time up at the altar.

Mom put the bottle on the vanity and picked up her smart phone. Oh shit; She pounded on the glass with her finger a couple of times, wobbling back and forth, her hair swaying in front of her face, concentrating on the phones screen. "Hah" she said bringing the phone to her ear tapping impatiently tapping her finger against the vanity.

"Yea Richard, it's your ex-wife. Your son needs a new car. Uhuh, yea fuck you, get an early birthday card, put a check in the fucken thing, and send it to him. Yea, I don't care about what your trying to teach him that's what you pay this school for now do it ass hole and oh, richy- don't be greedy." Poking the screen ending the call, she tossed the phone back down on the vanity again and reached for the bottle. I hopped up and sprinted over grabbing the bottle out of her hand. I held it behind my back out of her grasp like a grown up game of keep away.

" hey mom; I was kinda hoping we could go and maybe grab a bite and a drink or something. You know, get out for a while". She kept reaching for the bottle bending forward, I noticed her large heavy breast kept swinging and falling out of her loose fitting robe.

"Come on honey, just a little more." She begged in a winey wanting voice. It was a little sexy, does that sound bad? Oh well it is what it is I guess.

I grabbed her by the arm making her look me in the eye." Mom get a hold of yourself, your better than this, get a fucken grip." I said gently shaking her.

I had never said anything like that to my mother before, in my life. But sometimes I guess it takes a little hard love and I wasn't going to let her start down this road and get lost in the bottle. "Seriously jump in the shower, get dressed up a little and lets go spend some of that money that you were talking about on a really nice dinner and a couple glasses of wine. But you can't have any drinks if your already sloshed. Come on, do this for me mom, please. I've been really worried about you."

My mom looked up at me tears filling her eyes, her tender lip beginning to tremble. She reached up, taking hold of my face. "Your such a good boy. But you're not such a boy any more are you. My baby boy is growing up to be a good man."

She rubbed her drippy nose on the soft blue sleeve of her robe, shaking her head in agreement. "Your rights, Ok baby your right. He's never really been around anyway right; I just, I just don't want to be alone. " She said burying her head into my sweaty chest, sobbing.

I wrapped my arms around her, holding her close. "Mom you're not alone, neither am I. we have each other like we always have."

She sighed inhaling deeply and looked up at me. "Well one things for sure, you know how to take charge huh?" she smiled. " You smell like a man to, woof." She turned pushing me away. "Ok but I think we both can use a shower don't you?"

I jokingly sniffed my under arm and looked at her shrugging my shoulders, "what's wrong with my man stink?" I asked.

Mom waved a finger at me laughing hysterically. "There's a key word in all that you just said that you can use to figure out the answer to your own question."

I grinned at her, "You know mom smiles look good on you, "

She smiled wider tilting her head, "you know, you're the only one that can make me smile, I can try to be mad but you always make me smile." She said bringing her lips up to mine and kissing me gently on the mouth. It felt weird and exciting; it was just a soft kiss but to me it seemed like there was something else behind it. Unless of course it was just my imagination, I wasn't going to look any more into it. After all, she had a few drinks already but besides that, she's my mom for crying out loud.

She looked up at me smiling and sighed. "You know kiddo; I think we're going to be alright." And then she turned and swaggered to her personal bathroom clumsily, her robe coming undone and slipping off her shoulders in the process, her beautiful curvy round ass swaying back and forth. Things began tightening in my shorts. I have to admit, maybe it had just been to long since I had a hook up but this woman that gave me birth was giving me a very hard erection. I rubbed my hands down over my face, growling in frustration. Yea I guess I could clean up a little to.



I decided that it was best to take a cab in case we had a few to many. I didn't dress to fancy just a pair of black khaki shorts and a soft short sleeve, button down, light blue shirt. It's Mom's favorite color. Standing at the front door, I heard mom's pumps clip and clop across the hardwood floor behind me. When I turned around, I was wowed. This is why my mother is so beautiful. She's so hot and doesn't even realize it "Mom I gotta say you look marvelous." I said with a up class accent.

"Oh your just saying that cause your my son." she stopped in front of the mirror to check her lipstick, making sure it wasn't smudged across her teeth and gave her huge boobs a push up in her low cut, spaghetti strapped dress, her huge bust nearly spilling out. There was a horn from outside. The cab had arrived,

"Shall we son," she said offering me her arm and flickering her long eyelashes. Things like that were what made her so cute.

I blushed a little bit and wrapped my arm around hers, "yes we shall, and did I mention how good you look, you better have your pepper spray to keep all those men off of yea. People are gonna think I'm the luckiest guy in the world."

"Oh stop trying to cheer me up. Besides your all the man I need." she said playfully slapping me in the arm as I closed the front door behind us.

"Actually I probably shouldn't say that. It doesn't really sound right since I'm your son." Looking her in her shimmering hazel eyes.

"Well I appreciate it, it makes me feel good when you compliment me and I don't care about the way it sounds." She smiled leaning her head against my shoulder. I walked her down the path to the green cab and opened the door, helping her into the rear passenger side before shutting it behind her and racing over to the other side. Once I was in and we were rollen mom took my wrist draped my arm around her shoulders and snuggled up to me laying her head on my chest.

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