tagHumor & SatireThe Test Ch. 02

The Test Ch. 02

byDG Hear©

If you haven't read Chapter 1, please do so now. You need to know what 'The Test' is all about. I would also like to thank 'Gypsies' for again editing my story and making it easier to read.

Thank you, now I hope you enjoy Ch. 2 of 'The Test.'


I'm Mark and I'm engaged to marry my love, Karen in a month. That doesn't bother me. What does bother me is that we are not going to make love till our wedding night.

Wow! Can I go a month without sex? That would almost be a record for me. Maybe I'll just have a last fling. I promised Karen that I would be monogamous after we were married, we're not married yet. What if she finds out? Then I may lose the only woman I believe I truly ever loved. Damn! Why did I agree to this? I thought I could do it. I believe that I can be faithful to Karen. That will be my goal. To be faithful and true to the woman I love.

I also have to find out how she knows so much about my past sexual encounters. I don't think she has had me followed. She's just too nice of a person to be that devious. Well, I have to see her this morning about her party. Adult toys and lingerie, sounds like an interesting party. Hmm, get a chance to see her sisters too. She said I had sex with her older sister, wonder who she is. Also a first look at her younger sister who she says is a blond, younger image of her. She must be a knockout.

Here I am naked lying on the bed with a morning hard-on and in comes my girlfriend Karen. "Hi honey," she replies. "How are you this morning? What do you have under the covers?" She asked as she laughed.

She reached over and touched my hard on through the sheet. "Don't you dare touch it unless you want to take care of it." I replied. I then got up naked and walked into the bathroom.

When I came out of the bathroom, I gazed at her just sitting on the edge of the bed. I swear this woman would look good in a snowsuit. She has a great smile and those big dimples, plus all of her other attributes just drive me crazy with lust. In less then a month she will be mine and mine only. "Well, Honey do you want to tell me a little bit about this party?" I asked.

She said that a clothing line that they deal with where she works puts on home lingerie parties. She wanted to have one for her friends and sisters. No men were allowed because a lot of the women will be naked trying on the clothing, and swimsuits. There are a few gag gifts, like vibrators, and sexual lotions. Anyway, that's why she wanted to use the house, because of the pool, hot tub and privacy.

She said the party would start at seven and she would like me to be gone before that and stay out till at least eleven.

I asked if I would be able to meet her sisters and friends tonight.

"Well, I have a lot of surprises for you and want to answer all your questions. I will let you meet my sisters tonight, but my friends not until the wedding. I promise you, I will never lie to you. I love you to much to hurt you in anyway." she replied.

"Are we still allowed to kiss?" I asked.

She came up to me and pressed her lips softly against mine. Then opened her mouth ever so slightly and started applying pressure. The kiss was so sensual, I lowered my hands down to her ass cheeks and squeezed. Then I pulled her into my hardening cock. She pushed hard against me, and then broke away. She looked at me and said, "God, how I love you, just wait for the wedding night."

Then I told her I would see her that evening before going out, and reminded her that I was to meet her sisters tonight.

She said she had some errands to run and would see me around six. Also, she always keeps her promises to me and I will meet her sisters tonight. Then she left.

I had something special to do. I went upstairs to my office. I keep all my police stuff in there so I kept it locked up. It had a view that overlooked the pool area. I took out my camcorder, inserted a six hour tape which would be enough to cover six till midnight. I set the recorder to overlook the pool and deck. In fact I could even see the hot tub. Well now we'll see if my fiancé is hiding anything from me.

I had to work a partial day so I put on my uniform and headed off to work. My first traffic stop was a drunken woman, maybe in her forties. I had her pull over and had to help her out of the car. It was only nine o'clock in the morning and she was dead drunk. She had left an all night party and was headed home. She offered me sex if I wouldn't arrest her, spreading her legs and then showing me her pussy. I just told her I was an officer of the law, paid by the city, to do my job. I put her in the cruiser and took her to jail. She called me everything you could think of, but that's part of the job.

My job is like that, I'm always offered pussy if I don't give them a ticket or arrest them. I need to tell you that most of us cops are straight with the public. Yes, I have made dates with different woman whom I have stopped. But I have never taken sex as a bribe. Pussy for police officers is everywhere if they want it. We don't need a bribe to have sex. Most of my married friends are faithful to their wives. Sure, there are bad apples in every basket, but my fellow cops aren't among them.

I got back to my house around five-thirty; change into a pair of Dockers and a polo shirt. I was going out with a few of my fellow cops that evening.

Karen arrived at six and behind her was her little sister. Karen introduced me to Beth. I looked at the cutest little blond girl. She looked like a little teeny-bopper of eighteen but was twenty-three. She was very similar in build to Karen, with long flowing blond hair past her shoulders, Tits that stuck out but looked great. Legs must run in the family. I could see most of Beth's because her skirt was about two-thirds up her thighs.

Beth looked at me and said, "Hi Mark, I've been dying to meet you." Karen has done nothing but talk about you. She told me about your little test joke. It's a shame you would have walked away." As she smiled showing the same dimples that Karen has.

I smiled at her and said how happy I was to finally meet her. I did tell her that outside of Karen she is one of the prettiest women I've ever seen.

She glanced back and said that according to Karen that is a great complement, you've seen a lot of women. Then she smiled and came and kissed me and said, "Welcome to the family."

Wow, I thought, not to many secrets in this family. Then Karen looked at me and said. "Are you ready for one of my surprises? Mark meet my sister Connie, I think you've met before."

Connie walks in and my mouth flew open. She walks up to me, puts me in a lip lock, trying to give me tongue. Then she says, "Hi Mark long time, no see. I didn't know you were the marrying kind or I would have tried harder.

She was Connie Carter, one of the smartest lawyers in the city. She was drop dead gorgeous, taller then her sisters, bigger in the boob department and the same long legs that run in the family. I met her at a swinger's party. No, she wasn't a swinger but her ex was and took her to a party. When some men tried to grope her she hauled off and hit them. Raised a big stink and the police were called in. I was on duty that night; I took her aside and calmed her down. There were no charges pressed after they found out she was Connie Carter. She would have their balls if they filed charges against her.

She did files divorce papers and got everything. Her ex ended up moving out of town. I had met her about a month after the incident. She was in a lounge with a few city big wigs. When I walk in she said, "Hi Sergeant Mark, glad to see you." Then told her friends how I had saved her ass.

We went and sat in a booth and got better acquainted. She was one sexy lawyer; she would win her cases just by the judge and jury looking at her. She had that kind of look. We headed over to her place and she started things off. She did it all, oral, anal, missionary, rear entry. We must have dated or at least they were fuck dates over a dozen times. She was to overly dominating for me but sex with her was great.

Karen looked at me and said, "See honey, you can't keep secrets from me. Connie told me all about you two and the only reason she didn't come after you is she didn't think you were marrying material. I told her she was wrong and what we have is real."

Karen told me I better leave before the rest of her guests come.

I told her I had to get something out of my office and then would be on my way. I went up started the camcorder and then locked the room and kissed Karen goodbye, it felt funny kissing her in front of her sisters.

Karen told me she loved me and would lock up the house after the party was over. She didn't want to spend the night. I found out why later.

I went out with my friends, all cops. These were the guys who were going to stand up with me as my ushers and best man. I picked all single or divorced guys for our wedding. I didn't want any cheating going on in our wedding party. Man I thought the guys that get opposite Connie or Beth ought to thank me. They are some real lookers and I know Connie is a hell of a great lay.

I got back home around 11:30pm. The house was all cleaned up and everything seemed in order. Guess it wasn't as wild as I thought it might be. I went upstairs and shut off the camcorder then rewound the tape.

I brought the tape into the TV room and put it in the VCR and hit play. I had no sound since the camcorder was so far away but the picture was really good. I got up and got a couple of beers knowing the beginning wouldn't be of much interest since the party hadn't even started yet.

I fast forwarded till I started seeing girls coming on the patio to set up. Nothing happening out of the ordinary, fast forward some more. Now I start to see newer faces, then start going forward till I get a good view of all or most of the girls. I hit pause and start looking, damn I think I know some of these women. I see Karen, Beth, and Connie, oh my God that's Darla, and there's Elaine and Gayle, Heather, then a couple of women I don't know or at least don't remember, then I see Ilene and Jackie. Oh my God, I've dated or at least slept with most of these women.

Ilene and Jackie both worked for the department. Ilene was a dispatcher, whom I made it with a number of times, and Jackie was a Patrol Woman, in other words a woman cop. We had a number of off duties sessions together. She was one hot cop.

I watched as the party started, I kept fast forwarding whenever not much was happening. The host started showing all types of lingerie, not your run of the mill Wal-Mart stuff but more like Victoria's Secret. The women would grab an item go into the house and come back wearing it. Damn! They were good looking women; I know I've seen most of them up close and personal.

The women seemed to be drinking wine and getting unwound pretty nicely. They kept taking the lingerie, going inside then coming back out. This was one good fashion show. I seen Karen come out in a little red baby doll pajama set. She looked fine, it was nearly transparent. Then some of the women just started undressing right there on the patio, taking off everything and started trying on bathing suits. More like two small pieces of pretty cloth.

Karen changed into a small bikini, my cock was getting hard just watching the show and I guess the thought of what I was doing something naughty. Geez, I thought, I hope she buys this stuff she's trying on. Then I seen Beth, strip naked, damn what a body, just a little tuft of blond hair over her pussy. Tits sticking straight out, she definitely didn't need a bra. She tried on a little blue bikini.

The gals then starting looking at the lotions and toys. Most of them stripped naked and were applying some of the lotions. Darla was a really wild girl. She would have sex just about anytime anywhere. I can't tell you how many different places we had sex. I watched her grab a vibrator about seven inches long and started rubbing it against her pussy, after getting wet she inserted it. My cock couldn't take much more of this so I took it out of the confining shorts and let it breath. Karen didn't say we couldn't masturbate. All the girls started laughing when Darla came. God I wish I had sound. I'd have my own porno tape.

Elaine was next to strip and grab a dildo. She grabbed a longer one, maybe twelve inches, I saw her wave to Gayle who came over and helped insert the monster into Elaine's pussy. I watched Gayle push that dildo in and out of Elaine's pussy. Both of these girls were party animals. If I went to a party I could pretty much guarantee they would be there. Both of them were divorced. No one man could ever keep up with them.

I won't take the time to explain what all the different girls were doing. But I have to tell you that they finally convinced Karen to strip in front of them. She reached for a small silver vibrator you could almost hide in the palm of your hand. Connie grabbed one also; she then showed Karen how to rub it against her pussy lips. Both sisters were doing it at the same time. What a turn-on, I was jacking off for all I was worth. I was watching the screen as Karen had an orgasm; I came at the same time shooting cum all the way over to the TV screen. Then Connie came also.

After that all the girls stripped naked and got into either the pool or the hot tub. I cleaned up the mess I made while watching all the naked bodies moving around. It was pretty much anti-climactic after that. The party ended and the girls started to clean up. I could tell Karen was really happy. She kept her promise, no guys allowed. Damn, I really did love her. After watching all my old conquests it was still Karen that I wanted.

Sunday, I had to go to the mall to rent a tux for the wedding. I wanted to look good for Karen and of course myself. As I left the men's store I ran into Heather. She yelled, "Mark, Mark, God how I missed you" and planted a kiss on my lips. She said she heard that I might be getting married and wanted to know if it was true.

I told her I was, she never mentioned being at my house the day before.

She asked me if I had time for a cup of coffee and we could talk for a few minutes.

I said sure wondering if she would tell me anything. We went into a restaurant and sat and talked about old times. We ended up eating lunch; she was one of the more calm women I dated. She had a personality similar to Karen's.

She was telling me what good times we had and that the sex was great. The reason she stopped seeing me was that she was falling in love with me but knew we had no future together. She still had feelings for me and wanted to know if I wanted to do it one last time?

A month or two ago I would have taken her upon it. Hell, last week I would have. Now I had to refuse, besides she knew Karen and never mentioned it. Could this be 'The Test' I wondered? I told her I thought she was a fabulous woman but now my heart belongs to someone else. I couldn't cheat on her. Then we had a simple kiss and I left the restaurant.

I wondered if I should tell Karen about Heather. Something to think about I guess. Later that day as I was getting off duty, Ilene asked if she could talk to me. She was the dispatcher at the precinct.

I said sure we can go in the office.

She said she would prefer to talk away from the precinct, would I be able to stop by her house before going home?

Now, I've been to her house dozens of times before, so this was not something out of the ordinary. But after running into Heather earlier, I had to wonder. I agreed to stop by on my way home. She thanked me and left.

I had to wonder if I was being set up. Karen was the love of my life; I can't believe she would do this to me. Why would she want to tempt me like this? I don't know, I just don't know.

When I got to her house she invited me in. Ilene asked if I wanted anything to drink. I asked for a beer. She retrieved it from the fridge and handed it to me. She looked at me and said, "I was at your house yesterday for a women's party. You were the subject of the evening. Everyone was talking about you and what a good lover you are. Some of the girls were willing to bet that your marriage to Karen won't last."

"What do you know about Karen?" I asked Ilene.

Ilene looked at me and said, "You know I would never lie to you. We've been friends and have worked together for a good ten years, and have been very intimate for half of them. Karen has to be one of the nicest women I have ever met. She loves you more than life itself. I met her at the store she manages. They have some of the nicest clothes there. We became friends and I was shocked when she mentioned she was going out with you. I wouldn't have believed that you are her type. She's so sweet and innocent and I always thought of you as the four F type fella."

"What is a four F fella Ilene?" I asked.

You're not going to like this Mark, but it stands for find'em, feel'em, fuck'em, and forget'em. I'm sorry to have to tell you that, but all of the girls there were willing to be with you, for even a short time, because you are such a good lover, me included. In fact I would fuck you right now if you asked me, but once you marry Karen, I'll never have sex with you again. I would never do anything to hurt her.

I thanked Ilene for her honesty. I believed everything she told me. I would have had my last fuck with her if I didn't promise Karen. This situation is getting harder then I expected.

Karen and I went out for dinner that evening. We had a wonderful time, like kids on a date. We ate, danced, had drinks, she even let me feel her up. She felt good. I think this abstinence idea was bothering her almost as much as me. I didn't tell her about the sexual offers, I didn't want to upset her if she didn't know about them.

Over the rest of the week I was offered pussy on a regular basis, some from her party goers, others just strangers. It has always been like this but since I read 'The Test' I have to wonder if this is part of a test or am I just losing out on some really good sex? I think I'm getting paranoid.

With only two weeks to go, can I make it?

End of Chapter 2

Thank you for reading my story.

All comments are welcome.

DG Hear

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