tagHumor & SatireThe Test Ch. 01

The Test Ch. 01

byDG Hear©

I wasn't sure where to place this story, I chose 'Humor/Satire' but could have been 'Romance' or others. Thank you all for reading my story, Hope you enjoy it. I would also like to thank "Gypsies" for editing this story to make it more enjoyable to read.


I was just sitting at my computer reading my e-mail. A friend of mine sent me a story/joke that made me burst out laughing. My fiancée Karen came in and said, "What's so funny Mark?"

I looked up and told her. "My friend Bob just sent me a little story and I thought it was so funny.

Do you want me to read it to you?"

"Sure, I'd love to hear something that can make you laugh out loud like that." she replied.

So I read her the story:

The Test

Once upon a time there was a guy named Jack and a girl named Jill. They were engaged to be married. Jack was known as kind of a playboy, and Jill was a known heiress. Her parents were very worried about Jack's past and were afraid he didn't really love Jill, but just wanted her for her money. So they put him to the test.

Jill had a beautiful younger sister named Alice. She had a beautiful body and always wore sexy clothes around Jack. Jack could never take his eyes off the beauty. One evening Jack went to the family mansion to see Jill. She wasn't there, the only one there was Alice, dressed in a very sexy see through negligee. Jack could see her soft breasts and exceptionally hard nipples. He could see her near transparent panties through the negligee. The soft mound of her blond pussy pushed against the fabric of her panties. He was beginning to get hard, because of the beautiful women in front of him.

Jack asked where everyone was.

Alice replied, "Everyone is out and will be gone for a couple of more hours. I am here by myself Jack."

She then took off the robe to her negligee, and went a few steps up the stairs. "Come up and help me pass the time Jack," she asked. Then she went up to the top of the stairs and took off her negligee, leaving on only her see through panties. Jack could only stare at her, what a beautiful site. Then she spoke in a very sexy voice, "You can have me Jack! All you have to do is come up these stairs and into my bedroom." Then she disappeared from site.

So, Jack turned around, ran out to his car, and opened the door to get in. As he reached for the glove compartment he glanced back up at the house. There on the porch was Alice fully dressed and standing next to her was Jill, smiling broadly. On the other side of Alice, Jill's parents looked on. Everyone grinned at Jack who was now sitting in the car.

Her dad came down and started shaking Jacks hand. Jill came running to him, embracing and kissing him. As they all started walking back toward the house, Jill's dad looked at him and said, "Welcome to the family young man, you have passed the test. Any man who could turn down Alice, especially dressed the way she was must really love Jill."

The moral of the story: "Always keep your condoms in the cars glove compartment."

I started laughing again as I finished the story. I looked over at Karen who was almost in tears. "What's the matter honey?" I asked.

She was crying and said, "Is that what you would have done Mark? Would you have fucked my little sister?

"My God, Karen, It was just a joke. How can you get mad over a damn joke?" I asked.

"I'm sorry, Mark, I didn't find it funny at all." she replied, as she went into the bedroom.

I just turned off my computer, shook my head and went in the living room to watch the game.

Here's a little background on Karen and me. Karen is twenty-seven years old. She is divorced, and has been for about a year now. She was married at twenty years old and thought everything was fine. She was divorced six years later after catching her husband with his pants down, literally, with his cock stuck in his secretary. She was bent over his desk with her skirt up taking dick-ta-tion.

Brad, her former husband, had told Karen he would be working late. Being the nice wife, she stopped at the Chinese restaurant and picked up some carry out and took it to his office. Seeing her husband and his secretary fucking right there on the desk made her extremely angry. She took her sweet and sour pork and egg drop soup and threw it at the climaxing couple, depositing the food all over the secretary's back and her husband's private areas. She then turned around, left the office, and filed for divorce. He knew better then to contest it and she got what she asked.

I got married when I was nineteen years old, all I could think about was I married my so called lover because while we were dating, we fucked every chance we got. I really didn't know what love was and shouldn't have ever gotten married. I was a lousy husband and she was a cheating wife. I guess we deserved each other. After she caught me with her sister, she asked for a divorce. You should know that she fucked her sister's husband also.

We both agreed that divorce was the proper course of action. We divided what little assets we had fifty-fifty. I've now been divorced for nine years. I have played around with a lot of women. I guess I am considered a playboy.

It is good to know that neither Karen nor I have any children. It did make our divorces a lot less complicated.

Karen manages an upper class women's boutique store. She is one classy woman. Always wears top of the line clothes and has a body to wear them on. I can only describe her as one beautiful woman. Hour glass figure, boobs that don't need a bra, but she loves to wear the frilly little things. Legs that go laterally up to her ass and I know that sounds stupid, but that is the best way for me to describe it.

Let me tell you how we met. I'm a Police Officer, better known as a cop. I have been a Sergeant for a few years now. One day as I was patrolling the streets keeping everyone save. I spotted a car with its hood up and a pair of legs going up to an ass that almost gave me a hard on just looking at it. This woman who turned out to be Karen was bent over looking at her engine. I stopped, because of common courtesy and asked her what the problem was?

She said her car was overheating and would I mind taking a look?

I am no mechanic but I had to help this lady in distress. I looked down and to my surprise I actually saw something. She had a hole in her radiator hose. I proudly pointed it out to her and then offered to call for a tow.

She asked me if I could drop her off at her workplace, that she would be most grateful.

I opened the front door of the cruiser for her and when she slid in, all I remember seeing was legs, garter belt, and her creamy white thighs. I think that was when I fell in love.

She looked up at me and said, "Officer, when you get done starring you can close the door."

I really felt stupid, closed the door and got in the drivers seat. I looked at her and was about to apologize when I looked at her face. She was beautiful, I don't mean just make up, and I mean she was beautiful. Hazel eyes, shoulder length brunette hair, kissable lips, and the prettiest dimples. I just starred at her for what seemed like minutes but was only a few seconds.

She said, "Is everything alright officer?

All I could do is look at her and kept saying, "I'm sorry, God I'm so sorry. I don't know what to say but I am truly sorry for starring at you the way I did. I totally apologize."

She looked at me and just smiled lightly. About that time the tow truck came. I got back out of the car and got the towing information then went up to Karen's window and asked for her identification for the tow truck operator. I looked at the license and said, "Thank you, Karen." I finally knew her name Karen Smith.

As I drove her to work we talked a little. She mentioned her job and what she did. She told me she had been recently divorced and it was a sensitive area to talk about.

I told her I was divorced also but it was seven years ago. I asked her if I could see her again on one of my off duty days. She said she didn't really know because she just met me. She did give me her phone number and told me what time would be good to call, seeing she works a lot.

That night I had a hard time sleeping. I couldn't get this woman out of my mind. I can't believe a woman struck me this way. I had been going out with good looking women for the past 7 years, having sex with most of them. Why was this woman so different to me? I had to see her again.

I called her and next day and asked her out for lunch. We went to a small café and had lunch and just talked. She told me about her divorce and how she was coping with it. We were really enjoying each others company, but both had to get back to work. Then I asked her if I could have dinner with her. She just starred at me for a few seconds. I held my hands together as though I was praying saying, "Please. "

She laughed and then accepted. We set up our time for that evening and then each went back to work.

I didn't know if I just wanted in this woman's pants or was I falling for her. After that evening we went on seeing each other about every other day. I had kissed her, held her hands, danced with her, but hadn't slept with her. After about a month of dating, I told her I wanted her. I wanted to hold her, caress her, and make love to her. I promised her I would go easy and stop if she wanted to stop. We went to my house, sat on the couch and continued talking.

She said this would be her first time since her divorce and that she was very nervous. She looked at me and said, "Mark, I know you are a playboy. You have made it with a number of my friends, and even my older sister. I don't want to discuss any of your past love interest right now."

I was shocked, I had no idea how she got information on my sexual prowess. I didn't know what to say.

She continued, "I don't just want to be another of your conquests. I'm falling for you and really want you. Brad was my first and only lover. You will be the second man I have ever slept with. Please be gentle with me."

We walked to the bedroom, I slowly undressed her. I could tell she was nervous. I have done this so many times before it was like clock work. I removed her clothes, dimmed the lights, sat on the side of the bed and started caressing her breasts. My God, she was so soft and warm; I bent over and kissed her ever so softly. I wanted more; I kept kissing her, and rubbing her. What was happening to me? I was a playboy, I fucked dozens of women, why was this so different?

I got up and removed my clothes, but instead of getting on top of her and fucking the hell out of her like I usually did to my women, I slid next to her in the bed and I wanted to caress her.

Karen looked at me and said, "Mark, please make love to me. It's been so long, I need you."

I climbed up on her and slowly slid the head of my cock into her hot wet pussy. She started to spasm as soon as the head of my cock entered. I couldn't believe it; I was ready to shoot a load and haven't even done anything. I had to cum, my cock was ready, and I shoved it all the way in as she screamed with delight. I plunged balls deep into her and shot everything I had into her. She was having one gigantic orgasm as I filled her pussy with cum. What a playboy I turned out to be, less then five minutes and I was empty.

I climbed off of her and lay down next to her. I started to apologize to her when she put her finger to my mouth to hush me up. Then she said, "Mark that was just what I needed. We have the whole night to make love. Let's just rest a little while and then we can go again."

Well, that's how it all started. We've been a number for six months now. We dated and about a month ago I popped the question. After one of our all night lovefests I told her, how much I cared for her and wanted her to be my woman. I looked at her lying there, God what a beautiful woman, then said, "Karen, will you marry me?"

She put her hands around my neck pulled me to her and kissed me passionately. Then she looked at me and said, "I don't know Mark?"

I was flabbergasted, I had just proposed to a woman for the second time in my entire life. I couldn't believe her answer. I starred at her and said, "I don't understand? I thought you loved me, wanted to be with me, that we are great together."

She said, "All that is true. I have never loved a man the way I love you." Ever since we met I have been exclusively yours. I know you can't say that, so please don't lie. I lost my first husband due to cheating. You and your wife were divorced due to cheating. I don't know if you could be monogamous."

I looked at this woman, I wanted to say the right things but what was I to say? Do I tell her about all my conquests? Even though I had sex with dozens of women, I never loved them. I loved having sex with them. I was even infatuated a few times. I might have even said I love you to some while in the heat of passion. Damn! What was I to say?

I looked at Karen and finally spoke, "Karen, I know I have a shady past when it comes to women. I have always loved sex and that is what it has always been, 'Sex'. With you it's different; it's not the sex, wait that's not what I want to say. The sex with you is fantastic, but I have other feelings with you that I never had with the other women. Karen, "I love you; it's the combination of the sex and the love that I feel for you. That's why I want to marry you."

"What about other women Mark?" she replied. "Can you live with only having sex with me? Think about it Mark, it's a huge decision on your part. You've been with other women since we have been together. I can't marry you if you lie or cheat on me. Can you be faithful?"

"How do you know all these things about me?" I asked. "I'm the cop here, I should know all about you."

"I have never lied to you Mark, and never will. You know everything there is to know about my sexual life. You are my sexual life Mark; I have hid nothing from you. Can you say the same?" She asked.

I know my sexual past is a problem for you Karen. I have done a lot of things with different women, but I want all that to change. I want to settle down with a woman I can love, not just fuck. I want a woman I can come home to, to love, and maybe even start a family with. I'm willing to give up my wild past and settle down. I promise I will be monogamous to you Karen. Yes, I've had sex with a few women since we met. I had to know that this love I have for you is real, that it wasn't just sex like all the other woman I've been with.

Karen glanced into my eyes again, kissed me, hugged me, and held me. Then she replied, "Mark, I love you with all my heart and all my soul I could never love another man the way I love you. I will marry you, but if you ever cheat on me our marriage will end. I will take you for everything we own. I'm not a vengeful person but I can't be hurt again. I will love you till the day I die, but I won't live with a cheating husband again.

With that said, we decided to get married in just a couple of months. I own a nice house in the suburbs, a two story with four bedrooms and a pool and hot tub. I've had many good times and memories here. Karen and I decided she would move in with me at the end of the month and then after we get married this will be our house. We started moving a lot of her personal stuff the following weekend. Some nights she would stay with me, others at her apartment till her lease runs out, which was at the end of the month.

We started to make plans for our wedding. We were going to get married in a little church where her parents attended. Karen wasn't going to wear white since we have both been married before. She had six bridesmaids, I couldn't believe it. She said it was just her friends and family standing up with her; they could all wear what they wanted. She just wanted them there. So I got six buddies from the department and told them they could just wear a suit.

Well, back to the present, I was sitting there on the couch in only my undershorts when Karen came in. She had on a pair of blue baby doll pajamas, and she was naked underneath. She came over and sat on my lap. My cock started to get hard just from the warmth of her ass on my lap.

She looked at me and said, "I'm sorry honey, it was wrong of me to jump on you for laughing at a stupid joke. Will you forgive me?"

My cock was rock hard now and we both knew it. I slipped off her bottoms, pulled my cock out the side of my shorts and just pushed my cock into her pussy. Damn! Her pussy was so damn hot. She was squirming all over my cock, getting buried deeper and deeper. This sure wasn't going to be the longest fuck we ever had as I pumped everything I had into her pussy. She just screamed out, "I love you so much," and I could feel her cumming all over my cock.

We just sat there holding each other while my cock got soft in her pussy. I really loved this woman I truly believe it. I asked her why she got so emotional over a joke.

She just stated she seen the couple as us getting married and the young sister as her young sister. She mentioned her younger sister is built about the same as her only she's blond and twenty-three. I was to meet her on this coming Saturday along with the rest of her friends.

She then asked me if it was me instead of Jack in the joke, what I would have done.

I repeated it was just a joke, things like that never happen.

"Answer the question Mark, Would you have fucked the sister?" she asked.

I know for some reason this was important to Karen. I had to get this answer right. Well honey I spoke, "If it would have happened in the past, the answer would have been 'Yes', I would have fucked the sister. Now after having met you the answer would be 'No'. I would leave your sister standing there and come home to make love to you."

Karen smiled at me; I must have given the right answer. By now with all this talk about fucking, my cock began to get hard again. Karen just started squirming again and we were off to the races.

After round two of our love making we both got in the shower and cleaned up together then headed for the bedroom.

While we were lying on the bed cuddling, Karen said she had two things to ask of me. First, could she borrow my house Saturday night for an adult toy and lingerie party for her sisters and bridesmaids? No guys were allowed so I would have to leave for a few hours. They wanted to have it around the pool and hot tub area.

I was a bit skeptical but this was my future wife here. Besides I had an idea of my own. So I told her sure honey whatever is mine is yours. I'll go out with the guys Saturday and let you have your party. "What's the other thing you need to ask me?"

She looked at me and said, "You're not going to like this, but after we make love tonight, I want us to abstain from having sex till our wedding night."

"You've got to be kidding, that's a month away." I replied.

"Honey, just think how much we'll want each other by then. Please do it for me. I promise you, you will not regret it on our wedding night." she said.

"God I love you," I told her. "This is going to be hard; I don't want you spending too many nights close to you during this month. I don't think I could have you lying next to me and not having you," I replied.

"So, we have a deal then? After tonight, no sex until our wedding night." she spoke.

"Deal," I said, this is going to be a really rough month. But, we still have tonight I thought, get ready for an all nighter I said, as I reached for her.

She thought to herself. "You don't know how rough it's going to be."


End of Chapter 1

Please leave a comment; I would like to know what you think. All comments welcome,

Thanks for reading my story

DG Hear

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by Anonymous06/22/17

And she believed him?

That was very funny. What a dolt!

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