tagFetishThe Therapist Ch. 05

The Therapist Ch. 05


I watched Julia exit the room and at that moment you could say that I was reeling from the powerful effects that she had so easily imposed on my will, or whatever was left of it. I took a long slow inhale and as I released my breath I began to contemplate my situation. I was about to put on Julia's panties and I didn't know how I felt about that. I held them in my hand and it occurred to me how utterly ridiculous I would look inside of them. Yet, the combination of the feel and the fragrance were intoxicating. Who was I kidding, I knew I was going to comply.

The second consideration was the anticipation of Julia's change of clothing. My imagination was unleashed as I envisioned Julia's beautiful feet encased in high heels, her gorgeous legs supported by black-seamed stockings leading to a short leather skirt, and some kind of leather corset or black bra supporting her beautiful breasts. Perhaps she would be wearing glossy red lipstick. Maybe her hair would be up. I took it a step further and imagined the clicking of her heels as she approached me. To say I could hardly stand the wait would be a gross understatement.

It was just about 5 minutes before Julia made her entrance back downstairs and into the room. As I looked up at Julia from my position on the floor I was at a loss to explain Julia's new change of clothes. It's like everything I imagined and anticipated was anything but the reality of the situation as Julia wore a button down long sleeve blouse, loose fitting charcoal gray business type slacks, almost man- like in appearance, plain brown loafer type shoes with dark dress socks, and to finish this absurd change of venue a sports type jacket, something similar to what a college prof might wear to class. I didn't know what to think or say. I wondered if she had changed her mind about the evening's activities.

I was sitting on my bottom, yes the bottom clad with Julia's panties, with my legs crossed as Julia purposefully walked over to me with possibly the slightest of sneers on her face. "So, James, we really need to get you a larger size of panties, don't we?" She let out a quick but brief laugh before resuming with, "Of course, we don't really know yet if you'll embrace this new role, do we?" I wondered exactly what the "new role" was going to be but I didn't say anything. I'm sure my face accurately portrayed the confusion of the moment.

"OK, Jamie, get on your knees and face me when I sit down. Bring the footstool over for my feet." I did so and Julia propped her right foot on the stool. As I looked at the black shoe that was anything but feminine I wondered where this was going to go. As it were I wouldn't have to wait long to find out.

"Do you like my shoes, Jamie?

"Well, yeah, they're pretty nice."

"I'm wearing them for you. You know that, right? I mean you know this is all part of your exploratory education. Or, you could say, Julia 101."

"Um, Julia, I don't get it. Why these shoes?"

"Why not these shoes?"

With this Julia pointed to the right foot that was on the footstool. I knew what this meant and with a minimal level of anticipation I supplicated myself to her request and kissed this shoe. The moment was anything but sexy.

"Lick it."

I began licking the shoe and as she turned it from side to side I would follow along. I repeated the same actions on her left shoe without much inner passion. However, I did do my best to act like I was enthusiastic about it because, well, it was still Julia. OK, well it was a little bit of a thrill but nothing like the other activities so far and maybe some of that was I just didn't see the eroticism of this act. I tried to fight off the feeling of disappointment that started to emerge.

However, Julia was not deterred. She kept rotating her shoes while giving instructions. Side to side I alternated between kissing and licking. Finally, after 10 minutes or so of this exercise Julia had me stop.

"James, you really are doing a piss poor job of worshipping my shoes." As I started to reply, Julia said, "Save your feeble excuses as I don't want to hear them. I believe you need some encouragement James. What's the point of humiliating yourself by wearing girl's underwear if you can't even pay homage to your goddess's feet? Trouble multi-tasking? Yes, James they still are my feet. The ones you love. The ones you crave. Are you so blind as to not realize those same feet? Can you not see past the shoe to the foot?"

As I started to reply Julia held up her hand and spoke, "Lie on your back." I retreated, rolled a little to the side, extended my legs and placed my back on the cool wooden floor. For what seemed like an eternity nothing happened. But, I knew whatever happened next was not going to be initiated by me.

"Beg me, James."

"OK. Um, for what, Julia?

"For your lesson in encouragement. Remember?"

"Um, could I please have my lesson in encouragement, Julia?"

"What would be the appropriate lesson for insulting me and my shoes, James? Just how are you going to make it up? Think about your answer because you have only one chance to get this right."

Oh, boy. "Well, Julia, I don't really know what answer you are looking for but I think I do have one. It's one that is, um, appropriate to the situation. At least, I think it's appropriate. I think, I think you should walk on me with your shoes, Julia."

"Why is that appropriate, James?"

"Because I showed disrespect?" She looked at me questioningly but with anticipation. More assertively, "because I showed disrespect to your shoes and you. I'm sorry, Julia."

"How sorry?"

Softly I said, "I'm very sorry, Julia. Please forgive me."

Julia then put one foot on my naked chest and smiled. "Now you get it, James. You said the right thing. Very good boy. You can be just so sweet sometimes." Followed by the Julia smile. "You're making progress slave james."

I don't recall being called a slave by Julia but it stirred something in me. Here I was naked, except for Julia's panties, on my back, begging to be walked on with clunky dress shoes but here's the interesting part. I no longer cared about the shoes or the outfit as it was Goddess Julia towering over me and I could think of no one anyplace more beautiful and sexy as this woman right now in this room.

"Please, Julia."

"Please what, slave boy?"

"Please walk on me."

"Walk on you with these clunky shoes? That would excite you? To be walked on in shoes like these?"

"It would. It would very much, Julia."

And, I meant it. My heart was beating deeply and I could feel myself start to perspire ever so slightly. It was like a switch was turned on and for the life of me I didn't see it coming. I went from pretending to be enjoying this ritual to actually craving in it in what, 5 minutes time? My penis started to stir and Julia had not even started what was certainly going to be a strange yet provoking experience. I mean being walked on was something I'd never even thought about before. How could such an act be stimulating to the point that I was beginning to become erect. I have read about CFNM type situations but I never quite got it or at least never conceived of it as being erotic.

Julia began to drag the sole of her shoe over my nipple while not uttering a word. She just watched me. From one nipple to the other back and forth and at times pressing down rather firmly to create a friction that was not altogether pleasurable, yet not so painful as to want it to stop. I swallowed hard and then realized I was fully erected. I think I let out a moan.

"So, you like your tits walked on do you, Jamie. You find it exciting for your Queen to drag her thick shoe on your tender breast, don't you? Otherwise, your cock wouldn't be so hard, would it? It's a somewhat small cock but I think it's a cute one as small cocks go."

Yikes, talk about a free fall through space and time. I can remember times of intense love making with women that were not as stimulating as Julia and her light foreplay. That voice, those eyes, geez, she owned me. My cock was now sticking way out of Julia's panties as if it were trying for an escape.

"Jamie, your small cock looks like it could use some attention, don't you think? Actually, it looks like it's trying to become big." Followed by the patented Julia short giggle. At this point she dragged her foot down my body and over my stomach and paused just before she reached my cock. She then positioned herself with both legs on each of my sides and while facing me, smiled the smile of someone who is in complete control and knows it, and then lifted up that same foot and placed it one inch above my throbbing cock. She gave it just the briefest of playful kicks. Of course, my cock retreated just a bit but quickly resumed the same position if not straining to be even a bit larger, if that was possible. Another short playful kick followed by the giggle.

Julia then lowered her shoe and with her heel covering the top of my balls with the rest of the shoe extending to the tip of my cock she slowly, but firmly, pressed down and held. As I was craving some Julia contact even the touch of her shoe felt erotic. She held it there for 10 seconds and just when I thought she was going to lift up she began to slowly, ever so slowly, rub from side to side like she was extinguishing a smoldering cigarette butt.

"Admit it James, you're right where you belong aren't you? Right under the sole of my shoe and you find this very exciting, don't you? More fun than being on a traditional date, don't you think?"

Geez did she know I had another date for tonight. No way, of course, yet she had demonstrated this uncanny sense of what I was thinking several times before as if she had a window into my minds eye.

Julia continued to play, as there could be no other word for it, with my cock for several minutes alternating between the playful kicks and more forceful presses to the point that I realized that I was getting close to an ejaculation.

"Please, Julia."

"Please what slave boy?"

"I'm afraid I might come, Julia."

"Not yet, slave boy, as you have one more act to perform before you even think about your pleasure. You're not here for your pleasure, you know? James? James, answer me?"

Obediently, I replied, "I'm here for your pleasure Julia. Just tell me what to do."

Julia removed her foot from my cock and placed her legs on the sides of my hips once, again. She stared down at me and smiled. Yes, it was the evil grin but the truth was I liked that evil grin. I realized that it turned me on because it meant Julia was turned on.

Julia crouched down while bringing her bottom over my chest and with her knees off the ground but close to the sides of my head she gazed down upon me. She kept one hand on the chair next to us for balance.

"Here comes the best part, Jamie. Here comes your next Julia fetish. Do you think you're ready for something new? Can you see it coming?"

Unlike the shoe ritual I couldn't see it coming and really had no idea what was going to happen next. In retrospect, if I had connected all of the dots I might have known what was in store but when you're in the frenzied state I was in it all happens so fast you have little time to think.

I looked up with the proverbial "deer in the headlights" glaze and shook my head. What I did know was that whatever it was I wanted it. Julia had me in such a state that she could have done anything and I would have embraced it.

"It's coming, James, but first one of your familiar Julia fetish's is about to happen because we want to make sure you're in the right mood, don't we? We want you so excited that it's hard for Jamie to think straight." She licked her lips.

Julia quickly and expertly peeled off the shoes, the socks, and flung them to the side. She stood straight up and the placed her right, then her left foot on my chest and I now had the full weight of my goddess pressing into my very being and I knew at that moment that I both welcomed it and craved it. Julia lifted her exquisite right foot and held it an inch or so above my face. As she rotated it ever so slightly my anticipation was growing at an exponential rate. After all, it's a perfect foot.

"Please, Julia, can I kiss it?"

"Are you worthy foot slave?" Smiling, "I don't think quite yet. Lick the bottom. Clean it. Clean it up so it's nice and fresh. Fresh and sweet like the rest of me, Jamie."

As directed, I licked and cleaned the right foot. Then the left. Next Julia put her toes to my lips and slowly edged them into my mouth. Slowly, but deeply. It wasn't long before I could hardly move my tongue as her foot kept penetrating even deeper into my already consumed mouth. Yet, it was nothing short of bliss. To have the foot of my queen all to myself, well, I did wonder if I was worthy. I closed my eyes and drifted to that place where there are no distractions and just pure pleasure. Just when I was reaching the peak of my contentment Julia withdrew her foot and now stood atop me again. I struggled to catch my breath as her weight was shifting and causing me to adjust in my support of her full body weight.

Julia knelt down with her knees to the side of my head and smiled. "Did you like the licking, James? Did it turn you on to lick the bottoms of my feet?" After I nodded, Julia said, "Do you want to continue to lick? Lick something else?"

Wow, I couldn't believe it but with Julia's body positioning she could only mean one thing as she had to be referring to her pussy. Yet, I somehow couldn't believe I could be that lucky. On the other hand, I'd been fortunate enough to enjoy other parts of Julia, so why not? Given this chance I'd do my best to give Julia the oral pleasure she deserved. If I performed well enough it could evolve into a regular activity. I can't describe how utterly exciting this prospect was for me.

"Unzip me slave and prepare to give me oral pleasure."

My god, it was true. I was about to embark on an incredible foray into pleasuring this Goddess and the time was now. Never mind the manly outfit that so preoccupied me earlier I was past all of this and the excitement was at a peak. I undid the top button. Next, I reached for the zipper and unzipped. But, at that moment I noticed something very strange. For as I undid the zipper I felt something hard shaped underneath. Almost like an object. I stopped and looked up at Julia not quite sure of myself anymore.

"Why Jamie, you've paused in your assignment. No point in slowing down what's about to happen unless this is your way of savoring this new fetish." With this she laughed a deep throaty laugh. Whatever I thought seconds ago I now knew was only a figment of a fantasy as I was pretty certain about what was going to happen next.

With the element of surprise half way exposed Julia rose to her feet. She stepped away from me and turned 180 degrees and slowly removed her pants leaving her with the shirt and coat as her only apparel. Off came the coat. The shirt remained and it draped over her buttocks. Julia then turned around and what I suspected, no what I feared, did indeed turn out to be true.

"Do you like it Jamie? Does it excite you? Don't answer me with your voice. Let's look at your cock. Well, it isn't exactly soft, you know." She laughed, again. She was right not only was I erected but I could sense I was growing. "Jamie, my, my, you're so excited, aren't you?"

She directed me to my knees. "Take a good look my slave. Remember how it looks and feels. Now, open your mouth. That's it....wider...good boy. Take it all the way. Hmm, slut boy, you've answered my question quite nicely and without knowing it." Another Julia laugh. "Because if your cock is any indication feminizing you before you swallowed my cock was a very good idea."

With Julia's dildo at the back of my throat all I could do was consensually nod.

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