tagLesbian SexThe Therapist Pt. 03

The Therapist Pt. 03



In the last two stories the focus has been on Karen and her open marriage with Jonah. With this story I've abandoned the therapy session to bring Karen and her therapist together for a day just to see how things develop. There's more therapy to come as well as a resolution but I felt this story was necessary to give me a chance to step back and look at how things are developing. It's also a good chance to get to know a bit more about Valerie.

Robbie's ties hung from a tie rack and one caught her eye that morning as Valerie laid out the outfits, an old style bow tie he'd picked up at an historic home they'd visited a couple of years ago. She'd seen plenty of old photographs with men wearing this style of bowtie, the kind that had to be tied off with the ends left dangling. Her eyes shifted to a white pintuck detail, ruffled shirt.

Is this being flirtatious? She thought of Karen sitting downstairs and her rather graphic account of undoing a woman's tie and managed a smirk. Perhaps but she won't be undoing it.

She added the bowtie and shirt to the small assortment of clothes on the bed. Now you're being flirtatious, she contemplated the clothes. Jacqueline had asked her to pick out a variety of clothes, "about three or four outfits but we'll probably only use a couple."

Jacqueline, a former client had called her the other night while she was browsing a web forum that catered for the LGBT community. The call had startled and amused her, considering Jacqueline was an out and proud lesbian. It was almost as if the woman had some sort of sixth sense about her she mused later. The reason for the phone call however was a little more innocent. Jacqueline had been invited to submit photographs to a gallery part owned by her mother.

"The overall theme is restrained elegance and I thought of you."

Valerie laughed at that. The word restrained seemed more potent now than when she'd turned up at an old warehouse to pose for Jacqueline twelve months ago. Back then she'd been nearly half a stone heavier and the photo shoot had been her way of affirming herself as she worked to lose the last of the post pregnancy fat. Jacqueline had been only too willing to help her lose her clothes over the next hour or so, until she was stark naked and sitting on a chair with her legs pulled up in front of her to hide her genitals.

It had been the most frightening and exciting moment she'd experienced in years. Not even her wedding day, where she'd dilly dallied over her makeup and dress and fought the pre wedding nerves could compare. Robbie had seen her naked hundreds of times but Jacqueline had only ever seen her in office attire, the consummate professional guiding a troubled young woman struggling with her self esteem. Jacqueline was an extraordinarily beautiful young woman of mixed French and Lebanese parentage. Like her parents she was multilingual, speaking French, Arabic, Mandarin and English. She'd inherited her French father's height and eyes, and her mother's smouldering dark looks and intellect. Nevertheless, she struggled with chronic low self esteem that led to a botched suicide attempt in a Sydney hotel room and a referral to a therapist.

An unlikely outcome of the therapy had seen Jacqueline outing herself to her parents, something Valerie had actually cautioned her against, knowing that Amira's public profile as the host of a morning television show might have unforeseen consequences. Ultimately however, the outing had been a success, Amira actually wrote her a personal letter to thank her for being Jacqueline's guide. Valerie considered that letter one of her more important achievements. It was on the strength of that rather glowing letter that she'd agreed to that photo shoot.

Now she was agreeing to a second one but this particular session would be far different. Restrained Elegance seemed very sexual. Granted she could dress elegantly, it was something you learned once you reached thirty. Valerie turned to look at her profile in the mirror. The red pussybow blouse was the same one she'd worn for that first photo shoot, but the buttoned skirt in a tan houndstooth pattern was an older item.

This particular photo shoot was very nearly cancelled when Robbie and his mates decided to move their monthly boys weekend to this weekend at the last moment. It had caused an argument between them that night when he off handedly announced it in the same tone of voice he used when telling her he was going to have a shower.

The boys weekend was usually the first weekend in the month but the usual April one had been cancelled because of boat problems and put forward to April the 15th. She'd been tempted to argue the point but the thought of having him hanging around moping all weekend was more than she could stand and so she started going through the options. Aludra was quickly ruled out, she had a family thing on but profusely apologised and even offered to cancel it if she couldn't find anyone else. Her mother was also out of the question, along with her sister and sister in law, and so she moved down the list to girlfriends. It was while she was considering possibles that Karen rang to reschedule her regular Thursday session.

"I have to mark some student papers for a colleague in the morning."

Slotting Karen into another time was much simpler than finding a babysitter, a fact she casually mentioned as she gave her the new time.

"I'm so glad I don't have to do that again," Karen replied, "even my youngest has the front door key these days and sometimes she even stays in at the weekend. I was always trying to find decent babysitters for my girls."

"I wouldn't be doing this if he hadn't decided to move his boys weekend to this weekend. It's like working with children sometimes," she bit her lip. "So now you know, even marriage counsellors have marriage problems."

"Well that's kind of obvious," Karen chuckled, "look, how about I come around on Saturday instead of the Tuesday?"

"Saturday?" Valerie's eyes narrowed.

"Yeah, when is this photo session thingy happening?"

"Late morning, she'll be here for two hours, from ten till twelve."

"When does Damien go down for a nap?"

"About one or so."

"Well it's not a problem with me, unless you absolutely have to use the office."

"I don't," she blushed, "I've sometimes used the kitchen but I prefer the office because everything I need is right here."

"Well the offer is there. I've got nothing planned for Saturday apart from seizing a Third World country and setting myself up as President for Life."

"Okay," she chuckled, "let's do it, I'd hate to see you turn into a dictator."

The chiming of the doorbell interrupted her reverie as she contemplated the outfits laid out on the bed and with a sigh she headed for the bedroom door as she heard Damien call out.

"Ding dong!"

Jacqueline stood on the front porch with a camera bag slung over one shoulder and a Prada handbag over the other shoulder. She looked as fabulous as ever. Jacqueline never stepped out of the house without her hair and makeup in order, and wearing something that would catch the eye. Today she wore a tight red tee shirt that emphasized her plump breasts, barely constrained by a bra and skin tight white jeans matched with brown boots. The sunglasses were perched on top of her head and she greeted her with a smile as she stepped forward.

"Hi, you ready for me?"

"I'm always ready for you," Valerie stepped back to let her in.

"Ooh, promises, promises," Jacqueline grinned, "you look good enough to eat."

It was the kind of thing only she could get away with saying. There was a serious subtext to the light hearted comment, Jacqueline would come onto you at the drop of a hat. Her comments often bordered on the outrageous or overtly sexual, it was a ploy to gauge your reaction while she took stock of you. Behind the casual smile and devastating wit however lurked an innate intelligence and there were those who discovered that to their cost. Fortunately Karen had been forewarned but even so Valerie felt a slight nervousness when she introduced them. Jacqueline kissed her cheek and gave her the once over before coming out with another comment.

"You could teach me any time, any place, anywhere," her eyes shifted to Valerie, "did I say a bad thing?"

"Of course not, I'll take Damien outside and let you two get on with it."

"So, are you and Karen fucking?" Jacqueline asked some time later as she finished setting up her camera and equipment.

"No, she's my client."

"You and her look good together," Jacqueline remarked, "she is the yin to your yang."

"How can you be so sure?"

"I'm not," Jacqueline squinted through the lens, "but you just answered my question, now smile and let me make you beautiful again."

The session started on her couch and ended at the dining table, with an arm resting on the table and her legs crossed while Jacqueline took photos from different angles. She murmured instructions at various points, to look down or to the left or right. Give me an amused look. Pretend you've just heard some juicy gossip and the final few shots saw her with the pussybow undone and the first couple of buttons undone, which brought back memories of that other session. After these last few shots were taken, she was told to change into the next outfit, a black and white, polka dot tie-neck blouse and black pencil skirt with decorative buttons down each side.

"So, who's the woman you're seeing now?" Valerie asked as she finished buttoning the blouse, "if you don't mind me asking?"

"Her name is Laura and she was my hypnotherapist," Jacqueline replied a moment later.

"Oh, right," Valerie stepped into the skirt, "we did mention hypnotherapy in our last session," she pulled the skirt up over her hips.

"I wasn't ready for it then," Jacqueline moved around behind her as she fastened the button, "put your fingers on the zip and look over your shoulder."

"I thought we weren't doing those kinds of shots today?" Valerie looked over her shoulder and managed a wry smile.

"We aren't," she took a couple of pictures, "but I liked that moment."

"So, how old is Laura?"

"Ten years older than me," she let the camera dangle around her neck, "but it's complicated."

"It usually is," she pulled the zipper closed and tucked the blouse in further.

"She's married," Jacqueline looked past her.

"And by married I can assume she's still with her husband."

"She is but they're trying to work out a settlement, there's two children as well, so I get that."

Valerie paused in the act of threading the belt through the loops and Jacqueline held up her hand in warning.

"Don't say it, mum has already said her piece."

"Okay, I won't," she threaded the belt through the loops, "I just hope it works out for everyone's sake, three's a crowd unless you're into open marriages."

"You know what I like about you?"

"My voluptuous body?" Valerie smiled crookedly as she fastened the belt, "sorry, I just had to slip that one in."

Jacqueline grinned as she raised the camera.

"You don't judge me. I'm having an affair with a married woman and all you can say is I hope it works out for everyone."

"I'm a therapist, specialising in marriage counselling," she grabbed the ties, "I wouldn't have many clients if I was quick to judge."

"Leave that untied for now," Jacqueline took a picture, "that looks good."

She took some more photographs for the next few minutes and then nodded.

"Okay, tie it and I'll take some more."

While she adjusted her outfit, Jacqueline cycled through the last few shots, she glanced over at her at the same time. The younger woman had always impressed her as being focused, it was one of her more noticeable traits, but there was another one she'd off handedly mentioned during her therapy sessions, the ability to seduce any woman. Granted she'd been half joking at the time but Valerie could certainly attest to her seductive nature. Jacqueline was one of those women who drew straight women to her, even if they had no intention of taking things further. During her sessions she'd rattled off the names of women who wanted to be with her, but she didn't want to be with them. She had once said she was either in the right place with the wrong woman or in the right woman at the wrong time.

"Where do you see this going?" Valerie eventually asked.

"With who?"


"With Laura I think I'll let this play out for a month or so, but eventually I'll move on," she started taking pictures, "you never know, I might just knock on your door in a few months."

"I might even let you," Valerie grinned.

For a moment Jacqueline didn't respond but when she did it was with a slight widening of the eyes and a half smile.

"What're you saying?"

"That I'm not against the idea, things can and do change."

"What's brought all this on? Karen?"

"Well let's just say that her last session was very descriptive, she went into great detail and I admit I liked the way she described her time with a woman."

"Thinking of turning to the dark side?"

"Let's just say it didn't make me feel queasy," she smiled.

"So are you happily married?"

"I'm comfortable," she glanced at the last outfit, "do you want me to change?"

"Uh, yeah, we're on a tight schedule."

Valerie let some of the mask slip as she changed into the white pintuck style shirt, black trousers and bowtie. Granted she didn't give too much away but even so it felt somewhat of a relief to admit that sometimes she did feel claustrophobic within the marriage.

"I know I shouldn't, Christ we lived together for nearly four years without any major drama. Oh, we fought but no more than any other couple, but since we've been married I've noticed a change in the way we act around each other."

"Like what?" Jacqueline took some more shots as Valerie leaned against the back of the couch, the bowtie was dangling loosely about her and the top two buttons were undone.

"It's almost like we're reading off a script, the other night he came out with a typical male response to something I did and immediately corrected himself. He would never have done that in the past and it's not the first time he's done that. He's done it before and I've done the same thing, we used to actually have fun, now it's like we have to organise time for fun."

"You do have a son though."

"Even so," she cocked her head to one side in response to a direction from Jacqueline, "married couples with children still have time for nookie, the last time we got naked must have been before Christmas," she frowned, "it was Melbourne Cup weekend."

"Maybe I should seduce you," she moved around her and took some more shots, "I could rattle your cage or at the very least put a smile on your dial."

Valerie suddenly burst out laughing, the laughter came from the pit of her stomach and Jacqueline had to stop shooting until she finally recovered.

"God, that's the most romantic thing anyone's said to me in months."

"Well at least I've made you smile," she took some more photographs, "okay, we're done here but I'll drop by in the next week or two just to let you see the shots and you will come to the exhibit when it opens."

"Where is this gallery?"

"Out at Emu Plains, mum is part owner so I'm kind of cheating the system but it's a leg up and if you're still going through the drought I can always swing a leg over."

She didn't reply to that one but an hour or so later once Damien had been put to bed she did open up to Karen.

"To be honest if I was going to bed a woman and stay married to Robbie it would be her."

"You fancy her then?" Karen looked over the mug of her coffee cup.

"In a purely sexual way yes. She's the kind of woman who'd throw you on the bed, strip you naked and just fuck your brains out and then leave you," she leaned on the table and traced around a rose on the patterned tablecloth.

"With Jacqueline it's all about the fuck, she can fuck at the drop of a hat. I've never known a woman like her who can just stop whatever she's doing at the time and just fuck. She can have three or four partners on the go at once and take turns with them, and with every woman she can make them feel as if they're the only one."

"Sounds like Jolene," Karen sipped her coffee. "Jolene could do that as well, although she was with someone when she was swinging but with her it was kind of similar by the sounds of things."

She propped on her palm.

"So, tell me, honestly. How is it with you and Robbie? Is it normal for him to just go fishing like this when he could have been looking after Damien?"

"Now that's a sore point," she shot her a wry grin.

Karen raised her eyebrows but didn't reply as Valerie went on.

"The fishing trips were just a weekend out with the boys. We lived together for nearly four years and in all that time they were never an issue for me. I don't know if they fucked other women on these weekends but he once said it was a man only thing but who knows? But after we got married I started making more demands of his time and that's probably my fault. I was just trying to make a good marriage but I learned that trying to come in between Robbie and his boys weekends was always going to end in tears."

"So you've been together for what? Six years?"

"Just under that," she replied, "we broke up for three months and when we got back together I told him that the only way this was going to work was with a ring on my finger. He proposed to me and I said yes," she examined the ring on her finger.

"Such a little thing, diamonds and gold, but that little thing is the cause of so many breakups. Funny thing is, I always counsel couples living together to stay away from wedding rings unless they're really dead set on getting married, but here was me ignoring my own advice."

"It's probably more common than you think," she shrugged, "I'm a teacher, but I could never help my own kids with their homework," she smirked.

"Touché," Valerie sighed, "I've tried to talk to Robbie about our marriage and he just gives me the thousand yard stare, it's like I'm talking French or Chinese."

She stretched and yawned.

"But enough of me, we should do your session while he's asleep."

"Let's not," Karen replied.

"Why? What do you suggest?"

"Why not talk about other things? You for example."

"Me? Why do you want to know about me?" Valerie's eyes shifted.

"Not the deep stuff, unless you want to talk about it but just the basics. Do you have brothers and sisters? Why did you get into therapy? That kind of stuff."

Valerie studied a painting of a Queensland beach for a moment before replying.

"All right, but I won't charge for this session."

"Whatever," Karen shrugged.

"I've got two older sisters and an older brother, I'm the runt of the litter," she began.

"Their names?"

"Melody, Anne, and Tony. I'm close to Tony and Anne but Melody has always been distant. She moved to Perth not long before she got married and we see her once every two or three years, but Melody and mum were probably the reasons I got into psychology."

"What do you mean?" Karen asked.

"Ah, now that's a family skeleton that was hauled out of the closet in a very public fashion. My dad was charged with child abuse when I was eight. Melody was fifteen and in trouble at school and one day she ran away from home and was picked up in Fortitude Valley in Brisbane. My dad owned a sugar cane plantation up in Mossman, so it was one hell of a journey."

She looked at the picture for a few moments before continuing in a low monotone.

"I remember seeing the police car coming up the road along with another car, a silver Ford Falcon, Melody was in the Falcon along with a woman from child welfare so I found out later. I remember running to the car but she wouldn't get out of the car. The police got out and asked mum if her husband was around. She was trying to get to the car as well but they stopped her and took her aside. I don't know the exact words they used but I remember she screamed, 'no' and then 'you fucking bastard.' I knew then something was terribly wrong because mum hardly ever swore. I thought it had something to do with Melody and I started crying because I thought that they were going to take her away," she bit her lip.

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