The Third Apprentice


That night, she arrived wearing another halter-top, this one was crimson satin with white lace trim. Although her top was long in the front, it exposed much of her lower back. She let her hair down, the black curls and tendrils like midnight against her smooth, pale skin.

She fidgeted under his gaze, looking shyly at a corner on the floor. Then she lifted her eyes to his.

"I'm here for my magic lesson." The words came from her lips, but Tubin's eyes told him something different. Her lovely face was doubly inviting with her hair down, and she never came to magic lessons with half so much exposed skin.

The sexual tension was unlike any other evening she spent under his tutelage. The Magus himself fumbled with his incantations in the cloying presence of her ripe allure. He stuttered, he looked at her chest, he even flubbed a cantrip the first time he demonstrated it, although she didn't seem to notice. He expected little to come of his teaching efforts that evening. Instead she pulled off the cantrip on the third try.

She squealed with glee, pulled him into a close embrace, and then she quite deliberately kissed him on his mustachioed lips.

Her one kiss was returned by a tentative, gentle kiss from the magus. Her lips, red as rose, opened to his. His tongue boldly sought hers, and she offered it. She leaned into his arms and he embraced her, kissing her harder. She ignored his ticklish mustache, and pressed her body against his with animal lust.

The two of them were alone together, they were certainly not strangers. What they chose to do in his house could easily remain their intimate secret. Tubin was eager to indulge in the pleasures that had tempted him for so long. He wanted Gwen naked in his arms, captivated by the pleasure of their sexes joining and crashing together.

Gwen was eager to pleasure her master. She could tell by the way that he kissed that he was hard. She reached down to feel his bulge, found it hard and well proportioned. She wanted to hold it, to play with it for as long as he wanted. She was getting wet just thinking about having his dick all to herself. She inserted her hand into the part of his robes, reaching down to his stomach and waist to undo his belts and buttons. Soon he was down to nothing but a shirt. When she saw his staff for the first time, she was pleased to see it was long, thick, and had a pleasant curve with a fat helmet. With delight in her eyes, she moved to go down on him. Her hungry lips formed an "O" as she leaned forward, but Tubin pulled her back onto her chair. He tore her clothes off violently.

"Hey, what are you doing?" she protested.

"Don't worry, I can mend your clothes with magic," he gruffly panted.

"I know but, you should have asked me. I need to keep some sort of sense of control. Please?"

"What do you mean?"

"I just want to be able to say stop when you're going too far."

"Too far?" Tubin thought it worrisome. Gwen was no virgin and he was certainly beyond playing those games. Was Gwen all beauty but a clumsy lover? Tubin sighed inwardly, he knew that at this point he would give his right eye to find out. "I thought you said anything I desire."

"In time," Gwen said, dropping to her knees in front of him. "For tonight, let me do this." Before he could react, she started licking and stroking his manhood. She encircled the base of his shaft with one hand, gripping and pulling his tip closer to her pouty red lips. Then she slurped his meat into her mouth.

Tubin let out a long moan as her warm lips took more of his shaft inside. Her mouth was wet and her touch irresistible. Looking down at her pretty face, he felt elated to see her opening wide for his throbbing pole. It was a fantasy he dared not express, yet there she was, worshiping him with her mouth.

He had always thought village girls were generally passive, but Gwen seemed to know what to do with his dick and she wasn't shy about it. At first she focused on his tip, swirling her tongue around his sensitive crown and then screwing her mouth down as much of his meat as she could take. Gradually she took him in deeper and slurped on his cock with everything she had. Her drool swung from his pole in long strings, falling on her breasts, the floor, everywhere. The saliva felt amazing as it cooled his shaft and then dripped off of her hand.

That hand. She kept it wrapped around his root, moving it in time. When he closed his eyes, it felt like her hand and mouth were one, and she was taking him in completely. She used her tongue on the underside of his tip, pressing against it as she bobbed. She fell into a rhythm and before long he felt like he was about to explode in her mouth.

"Too much, Gwen, I'm not going to be able to stop!"

She slowed down, twisting her head to look up at him. Even with his cock in her mouth, it was clear that she was smiling.

"Let's go to my bed," he said. Gwen didn't budge or miss a beat. She sucked with an even tempo, forcing Tubin to let out a groan of pleasure as he fought off impending ecstasy. He gasped and grabbed her head with both hands to stop her, then slowly pulled her off.

"Come on, you're going to make me a selfish lover. It's your turn now."

"Tonight's not safe for me," she said."I might get pregnant."

Tubin was certain he recalled Gwen saying 'anything you want.' Still, he didn't spoil the moment with any more argument. He relented, and Gwen happily resumed her oral performance.

She helped him recline lengthwise on the bench, then started going faster. Tubin was soon groaning non-stop. Once he seemed unable to take any more, she took a breath. She then went slowly, sucking him ever so hard as she went, twisting her mouth around his twitching meat. Several times she brought him to the brink, only to release his cock completely from her mouth with a laugh and a gasp for air. Tubin realized that if nothing else, Gwen was demonstrating her cock sucking finesse. She licked under his glans with deliberate intensity, but backed off only to bring him agonizingly close to ecstasy. No human girl had ever read his body's responses with such precision. If he didn't know better, he would have thought she was a succubus. He was reminded of Roean, and while the two were entirely different, there were similarities, he had to admit.

Gwen was having the time of her life sucking Tubin's cock. She had plenty of experiences sucking cock but had never been so at ease with sucking one and keeping it on the brink of orgasm. She lapped up spurts of precum and found it sweet. She was so turned on it was hard for her to hold back.

At last, Gwen began bobbing on Tubin's dick without slowing down. She slurped him and sucked his saliva-slicked dick with determination, taking him into the back of her mouth each time. When his impending orgasm was inevitable, he grunted his only warning. He could tell she had every intent to bring him crashing over the brink.

At the last moment, she pulled her mouth off of his cock, her red lips making a popping sound as they released his dick. For a moment, Tubin thought she was going to try to forestall his orgasm again. Instead, she took one of his balls into her mouth. She sucked on him there while stroking him with her dainty fingers. It was already too much, and he felt his cock tense and convulse.

As soon as he began to climax, she pulled her lips from his throbbing nut sac and looked up at him, mouth open wide. She aimed his cock at her mouth as it shot a long milky stream of cum into her parted lips. The next jet quickly followed, and it formed a milky rope that crossed her cheek. She closed her mouth as a succession of spurts followed. These she let fly to one side, they landed in sticky ropes on her curly black hair.

Finding his load sweet, Gwen opened her mouth and gently sucked on his sensitive tip. Tubin groaned as he came soundly for what felt like a full minute. Gwen milked his saliva-coated rod slowly, coaxing every last drop of cum from his laden nut sac.

Tubin was utterly spent after that, and Gwen retired to her chambers to wash herself and sleep. That morning, Tubin awoke with an intense case of morning wood. He went to Gwen's chambers. She emerged from the door, and he kissed her squarely on the lips.

"Master Tubin, good morning," she said after their kiss. She reached down to feel his raging hard on through his night shirt.

"Oh master, you're hard." She dropped to her knees to blow him again.

Instead Tubin bodily lifted her and bent her over the banister of the hallway stairs. He lifted up her nightie enough to expose the curve of her glorious hips. He pressed the underside of his big dick against the cleft of her ass, pinning her to the banister.

"Hey!" she spun. "I told you, I'm not safe!"

She went back into her chambers and slammed the door.

Minutes later, she emerged and went looking for him. She found him in the kitchen.

"I want you to understand something," she said, fidgeting with her nightie. "I really don't want to get pregnant. We can't afford that risk."

"I know, you're absolutely right."

Gwen let her nightie drop to the floor. She was practically nude, wearing only a flimsy gauze skirt that hung low around her hips and was barely as long as her little finger.

He moved to embrace her but she held out her palm, gesturing for him to remain where he stood.

"I know I said anything you want, master, and we both want it. I have to know that you can control yourself." She paused, standing there naked. Tubin had to concentrate on not moving a muscle, because every fiber in his body wanted to take her right there on the kitchen counter.

"All that you see here will be yours alone. Here in the privacy of your estate, we will enjoy many intimacies, if it pleases you."

"Does it please you?"

"Very much so, it does."

"I mean, your not cumming."

"Is that what you brought your dick to me for, to make me cum?" she laughed. Her tone changed to sultry. "I would love to have your thick, meaty dick deep inside of me," she said, "But it's too risky." She turned, squeezing her pert buns for him, and then ran her hands up her sides. She was still putting on a show.

"You can have anything you want, just not my pussy. Not now, anyway."

"How about I at least, you know, lick you down there? That's what I had intended to do the night before."

"You would have done that?"

"I will right now! That is, if you just let me."

Gwen made a thoughtful face, touching her bottom lip with her index finger. She pulled her lip down as she cocked her head and looked up at the ceiling.

"It's the least I could do after last night," Tubin added.

"I was amazing, wasn't I?" Gwen smiled and looked directly into Tubin's eyes. "I would enjoy that, later. It's too early in the morning."

Tubin's shoulders slumped, ever so imperceptibly. Gwen moved closer to him.

"Later, okay?" She gave him a peck on the cheek and then turned and bumped his hip with her shapely, nearly nude posterior, as if that might shoo him away.

Over the next few weeks, Gwen teased and played with Tubin. She wore leggy outfits but deflected his hands when he reached out to touch her sexy thighs. She played hard to get, and rejected his affections marcilessly, except for moments of her choosing. For a while, she held the wizard in the palm of her hand.

Sometimes she was coy, other times she could be cruel. She used her long legs and ass to tease him with glimpses of her feminine shapeliness, then wielded his insecurity about his age against him like an invisible whip.

She rejected any gifts of value, any baubles or jewels. Instead she insisted that all she desired was more magical power, if Tubin could teach her.

The encounters came without warning. She would look into his eyes, and he would know. When she was in one of her moods, everything else stopped.

She hushed him throughout these sexual interludes, hardly ever saying a word. She might spread her legs for him on the stairs or on the table, and let him eat her out, but she stopped him when he wanted to do more. She might sit beside his bath tub, and pull up the hem of her long skirt little by little until there was nothing left to hide. Then she would and lean over to give him a hand job underwater, but he was not allowed to touch her. In some cases she just tantalized him by removing her blouse and brassiere and let him gaze for a while upon her pert breasts and tight pink nipples so erect and upturned.

He learned that each session might last a minute or an hour, but that she would only offer him one thing. Often this left him painfully frustrated. Despite all this, the Grand Magus acted as the willing pawn in her manipulative games. She was real, a village girl of surpassing beauty, offering intimacies that challenged him. Her teasing evoked a level of desire he had not known. It excited him to have a woman in such command of her sexuality.

He craved her touch every minute of the day. Her hands were a gut-wrenching delight, her mouth was heavenly paradise. The pleasure only intensified when he felt undeserving. He always felt that way when she made him shoot in her mouth or all over her face and chest, but she was always in control. Afterward, he never knew how many hours would pass before the next touch.

Gwen knew she might never have a chance to play these games with Tubin again. At some point, he would realize that she was just as infatuated with him as he was with her. She found it increasingly difficult to go without his cock even for one day. She wanted him morning, noon and night, but each time they touched she maintained the act.

Gwen found Tubin's dick addictive. It seemed to be one of his best features. Tubin was always ready to become rock hard, even ten minutes after a big orgasm, he was like new. His above average girth and length were very appealing to her as well. Sometimes before taking him into her mouth, she would just stroke him with her fingertips and look upon his big meat as he flexed it for her. She imagined how good it would feel being filled up over and over again by the cock she loved to suck and stroke so much. Alone in bed at night, she writhed and twisted and rubbed her wet pussy folds with unsatisfied lust. She knew she needed more, a lot more, for she was only frustrating herself.

Tubin suspect she was becoming obsessed with his cock. It had been subtly enhanced by fleshcraft. That was but a bone from one of the skeletons in his closet. He hoped Gwen never discovered the extent of his dark secrets.

One secret he kept was that he knew where to find a trio of sex-obsessed forest nymphs. He had encountered them as a young mage traveling through Calico's forests. They complained to him and his friends that a coven of witches that had moved into the area, poisoning the forest stream with the waste from their cauldrons. He and his friends put an end to the coven quickly. Later, the nymphs showed Tubin and his friends a night of hedonism and decadence.

His friends had forgotten it all as a result of imbibing the feywine the nymphs offered. No sooner had the wine passed their lips that the party quickly turned into an orgy, their cocks stayed hard all night and the fuckung seemed endless. Although Tubin also drank the wine, he somehow managed to keep his memories. His friends suffered a year's worth of memory loss.

The real reason Tubin came to Calico was to more readily visit the nymphs for no-strings, all-night, mind-blowing sex. He could overlook their ditzy, illogical personalities, for that was the nature of fey creatures. They were immortal, and so was their gratitude. They always begged and pleaded for him to return soon. When he visited them, they behaved and spoke as if he had been gone for a lifetime, with every passing hour filled with longing for his return.

The nymphs rubbed salves and ointments on his cock that kept him hard and made him cum hard. They poured wine onto their lithe bodies and bade him drink. Each time he risked memory loss, but he was too caught up to care. Their orgies were almost spiritual. It always took him all night to satisfy their ravenous sexual appetites. They wanted every hole stuffed with his meat and then filled to overflowing with cum. Tubin had been certain that he had planned for a very satisfying retirement. It was for this very reason that he was content to remain a bachelor.

However, he stopped visiting the nymphs when Gwen became his lover. Unlike the nymphs, Gwen had a more stable and realistic disposition. Tubin came to weary of the frantic mindset of the nymphs. Their wine was not meant for mortals. Indeed, he had lost a year's memory more than once. He kept a journal for this reason.

As the courtship continued, Tubin made every effort to keep Gwen happy. She wanted to learn more about magic. He taught her as though inspired. Gradually, her skills finally began to show improvement. Tubin also shared things about himself with Gwen, although he never discussed his previous lovers. Instead he showed her how his library was organized, pointing out that he had a section on witchcraft even though he himself never touched that sort of magic. When Gwen showed interest, he explained that he only learned about witchcraft to better prepare to face his enemies.

"Not a single witch or warlock is to be trusted. Their magic is evil and offensive to nature. Where they live, meadows turn foul, forests downstream turn into bogs. They are vermin, to be destroyed." he explained to her. It only left more questions in the apprentice's mind.

He also explained to her about many of his battle trophies, including a collection of skulls. The skulls were of all matter of beast and man. He even had the skull of an adult dragon. He explained how he used a combination of spells to defeat certain chromatic dragons, and even more powerful opponents, like warlocks and their demonic allies.

Gwen enjoyed this sharing of knowledge immensely, and she respected Tubin, who had always seemed as more of a bookish magus than an adventurer. She told herself that the man was worthy of her in every way, but the truth was she could not spend another night touching herself with Tubin in another room under the same roof. She climbed the spiral staircase to his bedroom and let herself in.

When she entered his tower bedroom unexpectedly, however, she found it cluttered with books and strange artifacts. They were piled on dressers and filled the shelves that ringed the entire room. Among the décor was a portrait of a red-haired woman who was very scantily clad and resting quite provocatively on a chaise lounge.

She looked at the woman's face, very beautiful yet unique. The portrait depicted a face with a sensuous gaze and a playful personality. It seemed to leap out of the canvas. Her bust was considerably greater than Gwen's, although their figures were otherwise similar.

"Who is that?" Gwen asked.

"Oh, no one. Just a painting."

"You managed to find space for her in your cluttered bedroom, she has to be someone," she argued.

"Exactly, it's cluttered. There's a lot of stuff here right now, and to be honest some of it is insignificant and I really should do something about it. I had not expected you."

Gwen admired the painting a few moments longer. She envied the subject's large, fleshy globes that were ballooning out as she crushed them against the cushions.

"Do you like big breasts like that?"

"Well, they are, uh, they have their own merits," Tubin stammered.

"I like them too," Gwen said. "Wish I had more than just my tiny little titties."

"Yours are perfect just the way they are."

Gwen was quiet for a moment. She had no doubt that big breasts were one of Tubin's biggest turn-ons, but she was relatively flat. She envied the girl in the painting, and felt inadequate to one of his needs. She wanted to be everything to Tubin, and the thought of having shortcomings in his eyes weighed on her suddenly. She blinked back some tears, and looked away.

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