The Third Apprentice



"I-I'm fine. I thought I might sleep here tonight." She said it quietly, still looking away, letting her hair hide her face.

"Here, with me?"

"I should be safe," she said. As she regained her composure, she wiped back her tears and turned to him once more.

"Let me just clean up," he said, rolling up his sleeves and preparing to cast a spell. "Two minutes."

"No, I don't want to disturb your room. How about you come to my bedroom instead?" Gwen suggested, wrapping her arms around Tubin's neck and leaning on him.

He placed his hands on her hips and gave her a peck on the lips.


She looked into his eyes and gave him a slow nod.

"Right behind you, my lady." Tubin beamed. They scampered and hopped down the hall, leaving a trail of clothes on the floor. In moments they were on her plush, four-post canopied bed.

She got on top of him and straddled his hips, whimpering with joy as his cock split her open. She rode him slowly at first. When his cock made her cry out in ecstasy, he thrust up deeper into her. She leaned forward and wailed for him to go harder, even as she started to climax.

He thrust faster, the whole bed bouncing as he took her hard and deep. The spasms from her orgasm caused her to buck and squirm, but he held her fast. Then he rolled over on top of her and she lay on her stomach. He took in the view of her perfect back and ass as he entered her from behind. Then he put his weight on top of her and started thrusting into her tight sex again. She came and came and came until she was screaming out of breath.

She had never come so hard or so many times from a cock, and she almost couldn't believe it. She had once mocked his dick, thinking he either didn't know how to use it or didn't have the stamina. Now she was in awe of it. When she heard Tubin warn that he was cumming, she almost screamed for him not to pull out. He thrust harder and faster, pistoning as his cock filled her with his hot, gooey load. Her insides seemed to twist and she came so hard, tears came to her eyes.

After that, Gwen finally began to allow their lovemaking to become somewhat more habitual, and Tubin courted her with less and less effort. Gwen's bedroom became their usual place for sex. Tubin conjured a few mirrors to help enhance the ambiance of her boudoir, not that it mattered to Gwen. She had ended her first game, it was a relief for her to be able to let some of her defenses down.

One question that Tubin had always asked was how she learned to take control. She finally confided in him that in the past, she had been fast and loose with a handful of lovers. She had fucked them in every way imaginable, sometimes all five of them at once. As they each shared her, they came to agree that she would dictate everything. She told each of them what they could and could not do. Anal sex was something she had come to enjoy during this time, she explained, hinting that she was still interested. Indeed, Gwen was impatiently waiting for the time that Tubin would ask her.

Tubin acted as though he was above such deviancy, without saying it in so many words. This became a game for her as well. She refused to simply ask for him to play with her ass. He never made a move for her butt, although he often squeezed her pert ass cheeks. Some nights she claimed she was not safe, hoping he would bring up her other option. He did not.

Gwen had confessed to having been gangbanged, but she also explained that the men were no strangers. She was able to trust each of them when they made a promise to always pull out unless instructed otherwise.

'The Rule' had been a pact among the six of them. Gwen felt it was important enough to explain to Tubin, but she didn't delve into other details about the men of her past or all the ways she had been fucked. Now that she was with Tubin, she was convinced that she was destined to settle into a committed, long term relationship.

One night, she told him just that. By that time, Tubin had come to realize that their relationship was growing into something out of his control. The girl was in his arms every morning and night, creaming all over his cock, tears of passion in her eyes. This wasn't just casual sex anymore, and perhaps it never was to begin with. He was no longer a bachelor, and it was far, far too late to go back.

Confessions of love were yet to be heard from Gwen's lips. Tubin, for his part, tried to take the initiative at one point.

"Gwen, I can see us together for a long, long time," he said, as their nude bodies were intertwined on her bed. He kissed her soft lips. "Tell me if you feel the same way, because I think I could love you for the rest of my life."

"If? Don't attach conditions to something and call it love." It was all she said, but he never dared speak of it again. There were things in his past that were holding him back from love, and he didn't want to raise any doubts in her mind. He wanted to be a better man for her.

It was a happy time for Tubin, and Gwen as well. She could no longer dictate the terms of their sexual encounters, but she trusted him to pull out if she wasn't safe. She continued to surprise him with new requests and secret fantasies. He took an active part, although he never teleported her to places she longed to see like Paris and so forth. Instead, they enjoyed time they shared inside his house, fucking everywhere, on the stairs, in the wine cellar, in every room but Tubin's.

When it came to magic, his student was very curious about a great many things. There were some magics, however, that no young apprentice is ready for.

One morning, Tubin woke early with a case of morning wood. He decided to see if Gwen was in a receptive mood. As soon as he stepped out of his bedroom, he found that she was already up as well. She was in his study, reading a tome of magical spells.

"Good morning, Gwen," said Tubin. "How are you?"

"Well," she responded, hurriedly turning about a thick ream of pages back from the spell she had been reading. "Good morning."

She was dressed in her robes, blue satin that clung to her slender waist and chest. A slit on the side came within inches of her waist, and he noted that today she was wearing sheer stockings with a lacy white top band. She was fond of lingerie, particularly leggings, and he gave her lots of it. She wore it around the house all the time.

"Studying so early?" he had asked, coming up behind her and running his hands along her sides, then up her front.

"Yes, I'm studying," she said.

"What spell?" Tubin asked, all but certain that she had just flipped to a random page. He realized she was reading from one of his advanced spell books. Not one of the spells in the book was within her reach as a novice. Some of them were terrible, and he had not given his lessons on them yet. This particular spellbook, however, also came with a description of the spell, which was written in plain English.

She looked down at the page and her jaw clenched. The spell on the page was for summoning insects. Gwen hated insects.

"Why don't you tell me what spell you really wanted to learn?" Tubin asked, hoping to lecture his student on one of the wonderful spells in the book.

She said nothing, and Tubin gestured. The pages flipped by themselves, returning to the last page she had been reading. It was fleshcraft.

"I wanted to make my breasts bigger," Gwen confessed.

"Gwen, you know fleshcraft is forbidden. It is dangerous magic."

"Other wizards have done it. You're a great wizard. Couldn't you perform the magic without the dangerous side effects?"

"Fleshcraft, ultimately, is the path to evil. You won't understand now."

"I do understand fleshcraft -- it involves a sacrifice, always something greater than what is gained. Couldn't we find -- "

"Evil! I tell you, that magic is forbidden. You must turn your back on it."

"Who says that fleshcraft is evil?"

"Gwen," Tubin sighed heavily, shaking his head. "The Order of Magi lists it as an evil spell, forbidden."

"But you told me there are only three spells that are forbidden."

"Well, so I did. What are those spells, Gwen?"

"Familiar, Skull Charm, and Animate Dead," she replied.

"Very good. Those are spells that are forbidden to an apprentice, because they are low-powered enough for an apprentice to handle. Fleshcraft requires much greater stores of magical energy than any apprentice can muster. You see Gwen, magic is rife with evil spells that the Order steers its members away from, and for good reason. A Magus who begins casting evil magic will soon find that the path of evil is the only one that stretches before his feet."

"That's just a saying."

"I have seen it happen to too many of my good friends," Tubin said solemnly.

"Well okay," shrugged Gwen. "I do trust your judgment. I just thought it would have been nice for us both."

"You're beautiful just the way you are. Let us keep it pure and natural."


"Yes Gwen?"

"Can I summon a familiar after the trials?"

"Let's worry about getting you there first."

"I'll take that as a yes," she giggled.

A familiar is a wizard's special pet. It takes the form of a small animal such as an owl or ferret, of keen intelligence, for its species at least. Casting the spell forms a bond that lasts until one of the two dies. The familiar has a telepathic link with the master whenever it is near enough. It also increases a wizard's magic reserves, and by a dramatic amount for fledgling wizards.

Having a familiar poses a danger, however. Should the creature be killed, the wizard suffers pain and possibly is at risk of death as well. Many young mages wishing for extra firepower have taken on familiars, and paid the price when their familiars were targeted and dispatched. While many mages of the Order had familiars, it was forbidden for an apprentice to call one before the trials.

The other two spells were spells that were used on the dead, and thus suitable only for evil wizards. Skull charm allows wizards to commune with a skull's former owner, possibly turning the skull into a type of undead familiar. Animate dead can allow even a fledgling wizard to bring a corpse to life as a skeleton or zombie.

Fleshcraft falls under the category of evil magic as well. Unlike polymorph spells and enlarge spells, that affected an entire person dramatically, Fleshcraft is designed to modify a person's anatomy in minute detail. Fleshcraft could make specific changes to the shape of a person or even simply alter certain aspects of the body chemistry. Furthermore, these changes were permanent. No other wizard spell was quite like it.

As she entered her second year of training, Gwen's pace of learning began to improve, as did her magical ability. She began to learn spells that she once insisted would be impossible for her to memorize. As she progressed, however, she grew more and more curious about witchcraft. Tubin repeatedly scolded her for browsing his witchcraft library, particularly one book meant for beginning witches.

One time, he noticed the book was missing from the shelf. Gwen was in her bedroom. He barged in to find her reading the book and practicing a witch's cantrip.

"Gwen, I am so disappointed. This is not the magic you were brought here to learn!" Gwen, frightened, dropped the book on the ground.

"I know it is tempting, the path of evil is sometimes easier. By hiding this from me though, you have intentionally deceived me. You've broken our trust, Gwen!" His look was pained.

"I-I didn't realize it was so serious, I just--"

"It IS serious! This is life and death, Gwen! I'm afraid I must end your apprenticeship. Go now."

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry and I promise never again to read about witchcraft!"

Tubin looked down, shaking his head slowly.

"Please! Please Tubin oh darling," she sobbed, "Don't do this, don't break my heart over a little curiosity!"

They fought and argued deep into the night. Gwen cried, and Tubin, well, he was moved to tears at times as well.

"Don't push me away now! I love you, Tubin! And I will love you still, after I leave, because my love is unconditional. Do you understand? Don't do this, you can't do this!"

Tubin had wanted to hear those words, and even if his heart was softened by them, he refused to allow his mind to be changed by his emotions. Witchcraft was serious, and the Order had ways of dealing with their own. He had no desire to forfeit their lives in search of a quick fix to the problem.

He forced Gwen to confess that she had been experimenting with witchcraft, rather than simply reading up on witches as she first claimed. Gwen swore an oath never to study witchcraft. All was forgiven, and they spent a few frenzied moments fucking like mad. Life went back to normal.

The next day, Tubin placed a permanent anti-magic field in Gwen's room.

Gwen still had to watch out for her dark curiosity. One of Tubin's battle trophies fascinated Gwen. It was a human looking skull but with large black ram horns curling about the sides. Gwen wondered whose skull that had been and what they looked like. The jar was labeled "Roean." Gwen couldn't tell if it had belonged to a man with horns, or a woman. Perhaps a demon with green, scaly skin? She often wondered about it.

The night of their argument, Tubin had made it crystal clear that fascination towards artifacts of the past could be a sign of unhealthy, even dangerous energies still trapped inside of them. She didn't want Tubin to be disappointed in her, so she did her best to ignore the skull, and said nothing more of it. She told herself she was taking reasonable precautions, all the while gazing at the curling black horns more often than she realized.

She just made sure that Tubin never noticed.

Gwen was a busy student, and she had three priorities on her schedule. As always, she paid attention to her looks, keeping her clothes flattering and fitting, and applying makeup each day. Second, her studies, and third, Tubin. She had chores, but they could wait. She would do anything for her man, and sex with him was always, always on her mind. She asked him to tell her his most secret, intimate desires, so that she could consummate them right there on the spot.

"It's enough that I have you, my precious," Tubin might say. "Tell me one of your fantasies," was another reply he kept at the ready.

"I asked you first. Tell me something you want to do, and I promise we'll do that."

Gwen did manage to coax a few admissions from him about his fetishes. He liked a little light bondage, and blowjobs were a big favorite. The notion of deep throat blowjobs in particular turned him on but he insisted it was just a silly daydream, a shamefully perverted fantasy.

She disagreed. She demanded they begin right away. He installed restraints at the corners of her bed. She found that she enjoyed being fucked while restrained. As for his deep throating fantasy, she was never able to get his meaty mushroom tip past the back of her mouth. She insisted on trying almost daily, but it only made her gag. Making him cum in her mouth was easy for her though, and she loved to drink every drop.

He knew it was unfair, though. His fleshcraft made his cock far better than average, his cum was always sweet, and just playing with his dick caused her to remain deeply infatuated with it. Gwen would never want another, so long as Tubin stayed with her. He felt guilty over the situation, but he could not undo the enchantment without more fleshcraft, and he could not explain this to Gwen without revealing other, darker secrets. Due to this, he felt that he owed her unconditional devotion, and was convinced he could live up to that for the rest of their lives.

Gwen had grace, sensuality, and beauty. She had been a shy girl, but there was determination and confidence in her character, and she was learning magic, day by day. She was flawless in his eyes, and he let himself fall head over heels for her. He wanted to give her everything she wanted. He daydreamed about ways to express his devotion. At last, he decided to craft her a wand.

A wand greatly amplifies the powers of a mage, but each must be carefully custom crafted by a master wizard. The process was complicated and dangerous, and the components rare. Even for a skilled magus like Tubin, the process could take time. Apprentices usually never were given wands because of the difficulty and cost involved. Tubin could care less about those things when it came to Gwen. Instead he worried that she might be bored and get herself into trouble while he was away.

Despite his better judgment, he left her alone in his estate in late September, as the weather grew cooler. Wanting to keep the wand a surprise, he told her a white lie about wizardly duties, and left her to study in his estate. He warned her not to do anything that was forbidden. She knew the rules.

A long month passed. He fought a horde of trolls, a vicious chimera, and then went to the elemental plane of shadow to forge the wand. Throughout the trials and the pain, the thing that kept Tubin going was the thought of Gwen. The girl was almost too hot, too beautiful for a man like Tubin to even touch. He knew, however, that she would be so grateful for the wand. He had no idea how she would express that gratitude. She already wanted to act out every fantasy he desired. She already did chores voluntarily. He wondered if she might be ready to accept a proposal of marriage -- after the trials, of course. He knew there would be time for all of that, once he finished the task.

When he returned, he teleported straight into his study, holding the wand inside a red silk kerchief.

"Gwen, I have a surprise!"

Gwen was there, crouching lengthwise on a chaise lounge, in much the same way as Roean's portrait in Tubin's bedroom. Already thinking about sex, the magus started getting hard just as soon as he glimpsed her nakedness. Then he saw a cauldron had been placed in the study, which was filled with a boiling, reddish brew.

"Witchcraft!" Tubin mouthed the word, no sound coming from his lips.

"Master, you're home! I have a surprise for you, too."

Gwen raised her hips in the air and began rubbing her chest into the headrest cushions. She had a smile on her lips and her eyes were closed, as if she had been napping. The smoke from the cauldron was curling and wafting in a way that clearly indicated magic was at work.

"I was wondering when you would come home," she practically purred. She stood up slowly, running her fingertips along her legs as she rose. She was wearing nothing more than a silky thong held together in the front by some brass rings.

A large black cat bounded up on top of one of the tables.

"Is that a familiar? Gwen!" The disappointment in his voice was obvious.

"Tubin, meet Sabrina, my familiar." Gwen stood up.

"Dammit girl, why did you go and call a familiar?" he spat. The calling could not be undone. How would she make it to the trials? He regretted ever leaving.

"I know I've been naughty," she said, taking a step towards him, crossing her leg in front of the other in an exaggerated fashion. She swung her hips as she took the next step. "Now I want you to forgive me, and then I have a big welcome home all prepared for you."

"What welcome?"

"Me, my darling. How do I look?"

The cat stretched and let out a loud meow. Then she crouched low, raising her tail up high in the air.

"She's in heat!" he exclaimed, knowing that the owner of a cat familiar in heat often took cues from their horny pet.

Gwen nodded.

"She sure has been howling and meowling." she huskily replied.

"Have you been feeling strange?"

"Oh yes. I feel so hot. Let's fuck."

"Gwen," Tubin said, holding his hands up. "We have to talk first."

"Why, didn't you miss me?"

"First of all, what is a cauldron doing in here? Did I teach you that?"

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