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The Three Offerings


Rani's note: My husband's story is true as he knew it. When I was twenty-two, after one of his visits to do business with my Father, I could stand it no longer, and decided I must catch him for my husband. I bought a potion from the village chemist to put into his food, that caused his illness, and thus forced him to stay many days at our family home. It frightened me how sick he had become at my hand. My guilt was unforgiving, and as I nursed him back to health in endless subtle ways I let him know that if he would take me I would gladly be his wife.

Dernil's note: So many years have passed since that fateful visit to the village. My young wife and I have been happy, more happy than any other married couple I know. As the end of my life nears, I thought to write down this story, so incredible that I doubt that any man would believe it.

I sat at the Faslan family dinner table. Esto Faslan, my friend and business partner, sat at the head of the table, and I sat in the honored guest seat by his side. His three beautiful daughters, Kumila, Rani, and Sonali sat near, and Esto's devoted wife Argili sat at the other end of the table. Kumila's husband was not joining us this night, but Kumila's two older children sat fidgeting amidst the grownups. Kumila had just returned to the table, having nursed her baby in the family room and put him down to sleep.

I had known the Faslan family for a number of years, had seen Esto prosper in his business dealings with me, and had seen their lovely daughters grow and blossom into womanhood. Kumila, the eldest, was twenty-eight. She had gained a little weight during her last pregnancy, the plumpness lending her a voluptuousness that from time to time stirred my desires. Rani had just turned twenty-three in the last month. I had timed my visit to Esto nearly two months early, so that I might have the pleasure of handing Rani a birthday gift whilst she was still fresh from the family celebration. Rani had shrieked with delight when I handed her the package, and wrapped her delightful body around me energetically and perhaps with a bit too much affection. Sonali was just nineteen, still carrying a little of the baby fat, and enjoyed her role as the baby of the family. Even now she was perched on her father's knee, eating from his plate at the table, her arm about his neck, and Esto's arm cinched tightly around his daughter's waist. "There now, Sonali, do not eat so much! I am hungry tonight, and you need to stay slim to convince one of the village boys to marry you!"

Argili called out to the kitchen, and one of the helpers brought around the main meal servings. As the plates were laid on the table in front of us, Rani and Sonali broke out into a heated argument. Sonali's plate had a freshly plucked orchid, with which Sonali had taken a romantic interest. She wondered which boy had bribed the kitchen help to put it on her plate. Rani, blushing deep red, handed her dinner plate to Sonali, picked up the plate with the orchid, handed it to me, and took my dinner plate for herself. "Excuse me, Mr. Dahlitt, and excuse me my Father and Mother for my manners. I placed the orchid on Mr. Dahlitt's plate, as a thank you for my birthday gift." The adults laughed heartily, and Kumila shook her head at her younger sister's impertinence. Rani burst into tears, grabbed her napkin, and fled from the table. "Youth!" Esto laughed.

The meal was delicious. When it was time for desert, Rani reappeared, helping to serve the dishes to everyone. She had dried her eyes, and looked at me sadly. I told her that while I had to leave in the morning, I was certain to visit again in the next six months.

No sooner had the words left my mouth than an odd cramping began in my stomach. Esto and I shared a few more words. He looked at me curiously, "Dernil, my old friend, do you feel alright?" In fact, I felt suddenly awful. Perspiration broke on my face, and my whole gut felt as if it was trying to find a way to leave my body.

I shook my head, "No. Esto, I must go lie down." I pushed away my chair abruptly and staggered up on my feet. The whole table was in a panic. Mr. Dahlitt is ill! I clutched my belly and swayed, having trouble now to focus on anyone or even hear the words around me. Never have I felt such a complete state of misery. Esto and Kumilla took me between them, and led me to the back of the house. There were three bedrooms, the parents, the girls (Rani and Sonali, now that Kumila had left home) and the guest room. Unfortunately, Kumila's children were occupying the guest room. Esto wanted to put me in his own bed, but Argili said it would be better if I laid in the girls room. It was cooler there, and by the looks of my face, I might have a fever.

Of the next few days I do not remember anything, except in the dim room Rani wiped my forehead with a cool damp cloth. Gradually the sickness passed, but I was weak for many days. At night, Rani and Sonali slept on the mat with me, sandwiching me in the middle between their warm bodies. I was so sick I could not imagine any of the normal male thoughts in such a situation, only that I was grateful not to be alone.

Mornings Rani and Sonali would get up, stretch, and chatter between themselves. The village had no plumbing in those days. They would argue who should go to the well. I slept frequently. I could lie there listening to them washing themselves by the window, doze off, and then awake again to have Rani shaking my shoulder trying to feed me lunch. And so it went, I would wake in the middle of the night, and lie intoxicated by the scent of the girls' skin and the softness of their pajamas as they carelessly laid a limb or two across my larger body. Then sleep, and wake and sleep, there was Rani sitting in the morning light, catching the sun's rays between her knees, plucking the hair from her lovebox. And sleep, and wake. Sonali brushing her hair by the mirror, wrapped in a skirt, but no top. She saw my eyes on her in the mirror, but did not turn or stop. Then sleep again, and wake, Rani trying to feed me, I did not feel like eating, but I took a few sips of cool fruit juice. And sleep and so on.

A doctor from the nearest town finally came by to see me. I fell asleep while he was still examining me, and then woke later to an empty room. Rani came in, with a small serving dish and spoon. She knelt by me, her hair falling about my face, so we looked at each other in a tunnel. Mr. Dahlitt, sir, the Doctor left instructions and medicine. You must eat this spoon full each day to regain your strength.

I had managed to start eating the mildest of foods again, as well as fruit. The smell of the medicine was not pleasant, and I could not manage to swallow it. I fell asleep, with Rani pleading with me, "Mr Dahlitt, sir, please take this medicine. Oh, please, Dernil ..."

The house was quiet, and well lit. Most days the family left for business or visiting their neighbors or nearby villages. Throughout my recovery Rani was the one constant, she oversaw everything. I have hazy memories of her washing me completely, how refreshed I felt after her care. She came to me again, "Mr. Dahlitt, Dernil, please you must take this medicine." I refused, not to be difficult, but because I could not imagine swallowing it. "Oh Dernil, you must take it. The doctor said I must have you take it, you need it to get better. He said I should try anything. What should I do? Oh Dernil, here, please open your mouth."

It was no use, I was tired and fell asleep again. I woke in the warm afternoon light, Rani wiping my forehead with a damp cloth. I kept my eyes closed, but I could tell from the rustle of her clothing and the change in her movements that she knew I was awake. She wrapped her arm about my head, and leant toward my face. Something firm brushed my lips. Through slitted eyes I saw that she had removed her top, and was pressing her nipple to my mouth. "Ah, Dernil, you must try!" she whispered. It sounded as if she were going to burst into tears. I opened my mouth, and began to suck. "Ah, my Dernil, that is better!"

She let me suck for a few minutes, then pulled away, and placed her other nipple at my lips. She caressed my head, holding me firmly in her arm, as she nursed me. She pulled away again, and gave me the first nipple. It was crusted in some kind of powder. I sucked on her anyway, her skin so warm and soft, her delicate fragrance filling my nose. I did not mind that odd taste. She lifted again, and gave me the second nipple. It too had powder around it, but I soon swallowed it and licked her tender soft skin.

In this way she induced me to take the medicine, and surely as the Doctor had predicted, within a few days I began to regain some strength, and crave some food. The Faslan family was greatly relieved, and very pleased with the nursing skills of their daughter Rani. "Mark my words, my friend Dernil, she will make some lucky man a fine wife." I was sitting up in the bed, able to eat a light dinner, and Esto was happy to spend the few minutes with me that Rani allowed. "Esto, your daughter Rani is a fine woman. Tell me, how is it that she has not married. Surely the young men in the village, even the older men, know how fine a woman she is?" "That is true, Dernil, that is true. My daughter Rani has turned them all away. She says she does not love even one of them. I tell her, Rani my daughter, love evaporates after a while, find a strong man, a good man, and marry him, you will be happy enough. But she does not listen to me! I am not like some of the other old men of the village, I shall not force my daughters into something they do not want."

That night in bed, it was impossible to sleep. First Sonali snuggled up against me, and lifted her leg over my belly, so that the heat of her lovebox pressed directly into my groin. For the first time since my sickness I felt the stirring between my legs, my penis growing and beginning to press against Sonali's heat. I could not stand the thought of what might come next, if she turned to free herself of her night leggings and pressed into me – there were such stories of sleeping adventures – and woke up enjoying it, all the complications with here family to be sure! Or, worse, if she felt my hardness pressing into her and awoke with a scream. No, no, that would be a disaster. I lifted her leg off my belly and rolled onto my side away from her. I heard quiet rustlings at my back, and later the sweet pine smell reached my nose as Sonali's fingers played quiet music.

Finally Sonali went to sleep. I cuddled against Rani, my arm draped over her hips. She mumbled nothings in her sleep, pressing against me. Awake or asleep, her hand guided mine to her breast. I cupped it, and played with her life-giving nipple. If Rani was awake surely she felt the hardness press against her bottom. If Rani was asleep, how happy I was to explore her on my own. She did not move, and eventually I too fell asleep holding her to me.

I awoke at the first light. Rani and Sonali were debating who was to fetch the water. Rani agreed it was her turn, and left the room. Sonali got up. She gave me a glance, then walked to the courtyard window and opened it, letting the early light and cool air stream into the room. She did not care that I was awake or paid me any attention. Her form was silhouetted against the morning sun. I could see her step out of her night clothes, and bask in the morning rays, naked. She preened her hair, smoothed her skin, and turned one side and the other, making sure that I would see everything. Last night was no accident, Sonali had tried to seduce me when Rani was sleeping; she was showing me what I had missed.

Rani entered the room, immediately set to scolding Sonali for displaying herself to Father's friend Mr. Dahlitt. "Father will be furious if I tell him! Now hurry and dress, you are supposed to go with Mama to the Gilorn Village.

Bit by bit the house quieted down, until it held only Rani and myself. It was late morning and the room grew hot. The air was still and heavy. Rani lifted herself up off our sleeping mat, and closed the courtyard window, dimming the room. She left me alone. I thought of Sonali, her perfect young form, and how much pleasure she would have given me if I had taken her. I fell asleep.

Rani woke me in her familiar way, "Dernil, my dear Dernil it is time for your medicine." Already her nipple was pressing my lips, waiting for me to wet it. We both knew now, I licked her dark patch until it was wet, she gave me her other one, and when I returned to her first it was powdered. She let me suck her as I wanted, a reward for taking the medicine. When I was done tasting her flesh, she wrapped a shawl about her shoulders, not to cover herself to me, but to cover her back in case someone came into the room. She fed me lunch, washed me, and lay down next to me. I fell asleep.

It was dark and hot in the room. Brilliant sunlight crept in through the cracks in the shutter. It must be two o'clock, still early afternoon. Rani lay next to me, in a startling state of dress, or undress. She was on her tummy, her head turned away from me, nestled in the crook of her arm. She wore nothing on her top. On her legs were the traditional offering leggings, silky from ankle to thigh, and only two ribbons on each leg attaching them to a wound silken belt around her mid-section. Her legs were parted, she slept with her lovebox open to the air. At her side, on a low table, she had placed the ceremonial tray which contained the three unguents used for the customary ceremony of the three offerings. The Faslan's normally displayed this tray on their best cupboard, the silver urns an impressive heirloom in such an out of the way village.

Rani was making it easy for me to initiate the Three Offerings. So many men were afraid to ask, or waited too long and lost their lovers. Rani lay there asleep, waiting for me to be bold. I had grown very attached to her during my long recovery. It did not take much thinking to realize how well she would fit into my life as my wife. My business partners were all married and had started families. I was tired of their teasing, but had been so busy in work that I had never taken the time to look for a wife on my own.

I knelt between Rani's open legs, and traced her satin leggings up to her thighs. My fingers tickled the place where her thighs met her body. She had no hair between her legs. The lips to her love box began to get puffy. I fingered her there, touching her delicate folds of sex. Rani sighed. Her legs parted slightly more. Her lips opened and a dewdrop of her nectar appeared in her slit.

Reaching for the tray of unguents, I opened the first one, and applied the spiced salve to her love box. "Rani," I whispered in her ear, "my love, I would like to make the ceremony of the Three Offerings. Will you accept me?"

Rani moaned. She tilted her hips, offering more of her lovebox to my fingers. The salve made her lips slippery, it's heady spices mixing with her natural juices made my lust grow quickly. My fingers rubbed her inside. The salve would inflame her tissue, and set her afire for me. Already my Rani was gasping. "Hurry." I put my penis to her lovebox and laid down on top of her. She waited as I adjusted to the friction and then sighed happily as my slippery penis slipped into her. "Oh Dernil!"

Traditionally the woman is not supposed to say or do much, leaving all the work of the Three Offerings to the man. Rani kept quiet, letting her body do her talking. She was heavenly to me. I shared my seed with her.

When I had rested, I knelt by her head and offered her my penis. She turned to me, and accepted it in her mouth. She dutifully cleaned it off. My penis was soft and small. I reached for the second unguent. It was a clean mint salve. In the famous tradition, I smeared it all over my penis. The mint burned my skin, and I longed for Rani to cool it down with her mouth. She waited until I was done, then accepted me into her mouth. She sucked and cooled my penis until it grew hard again. I knelt over her head, holding her head between my arms and chin, and thrust into her mouth again and again. She was so soft and moist and cool, gradually absorbing the burning from my penis. I shared my seed with her the second time.

When I had rested, I knelt between her legs again. I reached for the tray of unguents one last time, selecting the third one. It contained a special pepper than acted like a numbing medicine. She sighed as I smeared it around her anus. A long time ago a friend said he had got to the third unguent and not used enough, and having completed two and a half of the three offerings, his intended bride broke into tears and ran away, humiliating him. In memory of that, I took a large glob on my fingertip and pressed it into her anus and thoroughly working it inside. "It's so hot!" she cried. I put one more glob into her, and smeared the peppery salve on my re-hardened penis. It did burn at first. By the time I had pushed the head of my penis into her, the burn had turned into a hot glow, and by the time I rested inside her rectum the hot glow had turned to a hot numbing throb. I could imagine how Rani felt now, and began to pump her strongly. "Ah, my Dernil! Oh!" I shared my seed with her the third time, completing the ceremony of the Three Offerings.

In our country, the Three Offerings is the traditional way for a man and a woman to agree to marriage. At dinner that night, Rani and I agreed to sit first at the table because Rani did not want her family to witness that the soreness in her step. After desert, Rani, sitting next to me, gave me an elbow and a sharp eye. I coughed, and turned to my good friend Esto.

"Esto," I began nervously, "We have known each other for many years, and enjoyed our friendship grow. My business friends joke with me that I am too old to marry. I must tell you that today I have made the Three Offerings to your daughter, Rani, and she accepted them. I ask you for the favor of allowing me to marry your daughter, Rani, whom I love."

Esto had a very happy smile on his face. In truth, I think for several years he had worried that Rani would not find any husband. To have her marry one of his best friends, who had some wealth, was not unhappy news at all. Esto's face clouded over. "Dernil, my dear friend, your request of course brings me much joy. However, in our family tradition, each of the family members must give their approval. Until you have gained approval from each of us, myself, Argili, Kumila, Sonali, and of course Rani, the marriage can not be arranged."

"First, Rani, my dear daughter. Do you say, in front of your family and in front of Mr. Dahlitt, that you accepted the Three Offerings?"

"Yes, Father."

"And Rani, do you say, in front of your family and in front of Mr. Dahlitt, that his offerings satisfied you?"

Rani blushed. "Yes, Father."

"Very well. My good friend, Dernil, my daughter Rani has granted her approval. I can tell my daughter is happy today. I grant you my approval too, and wish God's good fortune be shed on you."

Esto Faslan paused, looking back and forth between Rani and me. We were both nervous, and both smiling, and both too excited to speak.

"My dear wife, Mrs. Argili Faslan. Our daughter wishes to marry this man, Mr. Dernil Dahlitt. What do you say? Do you approve?"

Argili looked at her husband, and then looked at me with eagle-sharp eyes. "It is traditional for the each member of the family to have a day to make the answer. I shall speak in private tomorrow with Mr. Dahlitt and Rani, and then decide."

"Very well," Esto said, smiling. "I shall send word to Kumila to come tomorrow night, and ask her to make her decision. Afterwards, Sonali, you are the youngest, so your decision shall be last after Kumila has spoken."

There was general excitement in the house now. I stayed up late talking with Esto. He was delighted at my return to health and the prospect of a closer tie with me. Rani sat by my side, quietly, her hand on my knee. She yawned. "Esto, it has been an exciting day for both of us. We shall need some sleep."

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