tagMind ControlThe Time Machine Ch. 1

The Time Machine Ch. 1

byWyden Long©

Walter entered the office quietly, taking a moment to look around before he was noticed. Yes, it was the same as he remembered. Whoever was responsible for hiring the women around here must be some kind of sex maniac. Without exception, they were young, leggy, busty, beautiful specimens of womanhood, the kind who seldom gave Walter a second look.

After assuring himself of the desirability of the group, he thumbed the switch on the time stasis field generator in his briefcase.

The first thing he did was to make a circuit of the girls in various places around the office. He squeezed tits, patted asses, lifted skirts to check crotches and did a general survey. The generator in his briefcase could only sustain the field for about two hours before it started to overheat, so he wanted to make the best use of his time.

Quickly stripping, he set up the camera and began the delightful task of stripping the girls. He enjoyed this part almost as much as the later parts. The complete freedom to take their clothes off and to fondle their normally hidden assets at his leisure, without the slightest fear of reprisal, was his greatest joy.

How lucky he was to have stumbled onto the field while trying to design an antigravity generator. He had turned on the power to his antigrav unit for it's first full blown test and had been severely disappointed when it failed to affect the weight of his test load. He was about to turn it off when he noticed that the test clock was not ticking.

He also found that nothing changed in his entire measurable universe except him. He could find no set of known criteria that explained it until he realized that the field only affected things outside a three foot radius from it when it was turned on. A few minutes thought made him realize the value of what he had.

For the first test, he switched it off, took it across the hall to the apartment of the haughty bitch who lived there with her burly boyfriend. When she answered the door, he stepped back to make sure that she was not in the field and turned it on.

He went past her frozen body into her apartment to check things out. The boyfriend was sitting in a chair reading a paper and smoking a cigar, the smoke forming a frozen waterfall in the air. Going back to the blonde, he carried her into the living room and stood her in front of the boyfriend. No sense in being chickenshit about it. If it worked, it worked. If not, he was dead.

She was a statue of frozen flesh as he pulled her skirt down, then her blouse over her head. It did not take him long to unhook her bra from the full jugs which still held the shape of the bra. Then her sexy panties hit the floor. Wow! She was built like a brick shithouse!

Her triangle of black hair showed that she had not begun life as a blonde, but who was complaining? Walter wet his lips and began the arduous task of exploring her wilderness. He sucked her nipples. They tasted as good as he might have hoped if she were awake. It looked like he had a winner!

Throwing her over his shoulder, Walter took her into the bedroom and threw a fuck into her that would have had her gasping if she had been conscious. He dipped two fingers into her saturated pussy and rubbed her lips liberally with his come, then smeared the rest over her tits and belly.

He dressed, carried her back into the living room, dressed her, then carried her back to the door. He placed her as close as he could to the pose she was in when she answered the door and returned to his own apartment. Peeking through the partially opened door of his apartment, he turned the switch back on.

She blinked, shook her head to clear her vision and licked her lips and wrinkled her nose. When she opened the door, she could have sworn that the dirty old guy from across the hall was standing there leering at her, but he wasn't there now.

Moreover, she smelled like a whorehouse and could have sworn that she tasted come on her lips. As she returned to the living room to tell Max about the strange happening, she realized that her cunt was squishing. Thinking better of divulging any of this to Max before she checked it out, she went to the bathroom and discovered that her panties were full of come and so was her cunt.

She had no idea how this had happened, but she sure as hell wasn't going to tell Max about it. She stepped into the shower and brought herself off with her fingers as she cleaned herself of the strange come, still shaking her head.

Walter was elated! For one thing, it was the first time he had ever gotten his rocks off while testing one of his inventions. For another, he was busy imagining the ways he was going to make use of his new machine.

His next trip was to a bank. There was a Wells Fargo a few blocks down the street that had pissed him off some time ago by treating him rather shabbily. He headed for it, briefcase in hand.

At the bank, he dawdled at the desk for a moment, selecting his victim. He spotted the crabby old bitch who had given him such a hard time and switched on the field.

He walked around behind the teller's cage and took all but one or two of the large bills from her drawer. Taking a moment to look around, he saw two or three pretty tellers and a couple of good looking women in line. He took out his wang and waved it at them, then placed it in each of their hands for a moment.

The ones who appealed to him got their skirts pulled up, their pants pulled down and their tits hung out for him to check. Selecting the one who appealed to him the most, he laid her down for a rousing fuck. At least it roused him. It was a pity that the field did not allow his partners to respond, but you can't expect to have everything.

He dressed himself and his lovers and left the bank, switching the field off some blocks away. He laughed as he counted the money and imagined the woman he had fucked rushing to the bathroom to mop out her cunt. Before he left, he had moved the bank manager near the cranky old bitch, pulled his dork out and left them with her hand on it. That would give them something to talk about!

He had picked up enough cash to live it up pretty well for a while. Although he had not been poor, there were several luxury items he had long wanted and had not been able to justify. He went on a spending spree, buying video cameras, stereo equipment, records, CDs, video tapes and all sorts of gadgets. He knew that if he started splurging on big ticket items like cars, the IRS would be all over his ass, so he avoided them for now.

He soon had all the gadgets he had ever wanted, so he set out to see some more women. There were all kinds of women who made a living out of teasing men with their bodies, knowing that they would never allow those men to actually see the object of their desires. Walter went on a crusade to change that situation.

His first stop was a football game. It made quite a sensation on the news when the entire set of Dallas Cowgirls suddenly appeared nude in front of 100,000 football fans on national TV. One minute they had been prancing up and down in their tight shorts and flimsy halters. The next moment, their flimsy halters were loose and falling to the ground and their tight shorts were around their ankles.

Very soon, they came yelling and screaming into the locker room where Walter was waiting for them behind a door. In a way, he felt sorry for them. For the most part, they were simple country girls trying to get some publicity so they could get into modeling or acting. In most cases, all they got was fucked by the players and the promoters who took advantage of them.

Nevertheless, Walter forged ahead with his plan. He had not hurt them and he had certainly gotten them some publicity! It might be a few weeks before they were allowed back onto the field, though.

When they were all inside the locker room, he switched the field on. This time he was after a personal goal, he planned to be the first person to fuck every single one of the Dallas Cowgirls!

An hour later, he slipped out of the locker room, a thoroughly satisfied man. Mission accomplished!

Giving the generator some time to cool, Walter sat down to watch the game. With his new wealth, he had been able to get some very nice seats for the game. There was a real beauty sitting right behind him that he had been just dying to see up the dress of. He could not suppress the urge to switch on the field and pull her panties off. He stuffed them into her purse, pulled her skirt around her waist and spread her knees wide.

When he had drunk his fill of her lovely cunt, he sat back down and flipped the switch off. She gave a scream of surprise and embarrassment and hurriedly pulled her skirt back down, glaring around her to see who might have done this to her. Soon, she got up and left.

This was fun! He watched the game some more, but his team was losing and he had bet a gob of money on the game. Turning the switch back on at crucial points in the game, he was able to control the outcome of the game by judiciously adjusting the game clock, the position of the chains, and several other minor variables. When the final score was in, he had won several thousand dollars.

After the game, he satisfied another life-long curiosity. He stopped time once more and toured the player's shower room. He wanted to compare the size of his prick with that of the players. He thought his was somewhere around a high average, but he had always wondered how he measured up. Now was his chance.

The black players for the most part lived up to their reputations. By and large, they were large! The white players were mostly big men, but some of their dongs were bigger than his and some were smaller. He concluded that he had nothing to be ashamed of, but he understood now why some of the players had such a reputation with women--it must be money!

With his unique form of protection, he could do as he pleased without fear. He reveled in the freedom to walk through the shower without getting wet except when he brushed against the suspended drops.

Leaving the shower, Walter took a minute to scout around before turning the field off. He discovered a couple sneaking a fuck in a deserted corner and moved the guy out of the way to take a couple of strokes for him.

On the way out the gate, he realized that he would be able to beat the after game traffic for the first time. All he had to do was to leave the field on until he was out of the lot in his car. He could take his time getting there and still stay ahead of the pack. He stopped several times to lift skirts, unbutton blouses, squeeze tits and on several occasions give them a suck. It was heady stuff!

At first he thought he had miscalculated, but then he realized he had only to turn the field off then back on to include his car in the field with him.

Tooling down the freeway with the entire crowd behind him, Walter began to look for new fields to conquer. He conceived of a plan to document his successes, which led him to the office he was in, now.

Making sure the camera was picking up everything, he made the rounds of his docile pets. Some he bent over their desks and fucked them from the rear. Some he fucked in the ass. It was fun to pull his prick from a beautifully rounded ass, then put it between the lips of a haughty looking redhead. He couldn't make her suck, but he could hold her chin up to make her mouth tight and fuck her face.

It was tough to decide which one to finish up with. They were all so beautiful and sexy. Finally, he narrowed it down to two and decided to stay until he could come in both of them. He rushed around taking a few strokes in each one until he felt his orgasm approaching then stuffed his prick into the chosen cunt and flooded it with sperm.

He amused himself by fondling their nude bodies until he found his prick rising again. He licked cunts and sucked nipples while jacking himself off until he was good and hard, then resumed his random fucking until his climax was upon him and again filled his chosen pussy with cream.

Having lost the fine edge of desire, he started to wrap things up. He kept the panties of the whole crowd as souvenirs and deliberately exchanged clothes between some of them. They would be trying to figure that one out for a long time!

He let himself out and waited until he was several blocks away before turning the field off. The video he had made would warm many a winter's night around the fire.

It became more and more difficult to think of things he could not do in normal life, places he could not go , things he could not see, etc. One entire week he spent going around the Hollywood studios, fucking this star, fondling that starlet, until he tired of this game.

He hid in the President's closet to listen in on State secrets, but only heard some old jokes before he had to abandon ship.

He built a switch that would pulse the field off and back on, so he could do time lapse tricks with people. He could turn the field on, pull some girl' panties down a bit, pulse the field off long enough to let her feel the slide, then back on. By repeating the process with lower and lower positions, he could create the effect that her panties were falling down around her ankles for no reason at all, regardless of what she did to prevent it.

This trick provided him with several weeks of fun and entertainment. He could walk up to a beautiful girl on the street, start to talk to her, and before she could tell him to piss off, her pants would fall down, her blouse would pop open and her bra would jump in her purse, leaving her tits pointing at his face. The shock of it was enough to make all the effort worthwhile.

On the escalator of a big department store downtown, he was able to act out a fantasy of long standing. While riding up, he looked across to the down escalator to see a gorgeous redhead above him with a flaring skirt. The temptation to stoop and look up her dress was almost overpowering, but she was glaring at him as if daring him to look.

"OK, babe, I can handle that" he said while thumbing the switch on. He took his time getting to the bottom of his side, stopping to check out a few interesting blouses on the way. As he came closer to the haughty redhead, he bent lower and lower until his head was on the step between her feet.

He looked up her dress until he was satisfied with looking. The urge he had felt was completely taken care of. Then he stood up, took her panties off and positioned her with her feet spread the full width of the escalator. Now he had a better view.

He looked at that scene as long as he wanted to, then went to the hardware department and got a flashlight, and picked up a camera on the way back.

With the flashlight, he could see the details of her cunt much better. He studied every hair and every line and wrinkle until he was tired.

Next, he took pictures with the flash from his privileged point of view, including some with the flashlight stuffed up her cunt. It made an interesting perspective.

Still not satisfied, he stripped her clothes off and took more pictures with her on her knees in front of a fat, bald old geezer with his limp prick in her mouth.

As a final indignity, he jacked off in her face, showering her face and tits with come. After making his photographic record, he wiped her dry with her panties and put the soggy underwear back on her. Keeping her bra for a souvenir, he leisurely redressed her, resumed his position on the up side and turned the world back on.

The look on her face was a riot! A rapid mixture of shock, surprise, revulsion, fear and shame flitted across her recently haughty features. She wasn't sure what had just happened to her, but she was fairly sure the guy across the way had something to do with it, but how?

Walter smiled as he planned his next adventure.

To Be Continued...

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