tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Tongue Ch. 02

The Tongue Ch. 02


It was such a perfect night! Despite the late hour the weather was still warm. A high level of humidity during the day had provided the perfect insulation as the sun disappeared. And the sunset was one in a million. It had begun with a burning orange that had gradually deepened to become the richest of lavenders as the sun dipped beneath the horizon. Such a perfect night to lose one's virginity, Katie thought to herself.

The eighteen year old high school senior and her boyfriend had gone for an amorous walk in the park after dinner. The young couple had been dating for a year and were the elected "Most Likely to Get Married" for the Senior Yearbook. Ever since he had asked her to wear the jacket with his varsity letters last fall, they had been inseparable. Katie had slowly let her strict conservative upbringing go, and each date had brought more and more exploration into the world of the opposite gender.

The young woman had built up the confidence in the man and in herself to give him her virginity. It had taken learning, sampling, and a few missteps. But Katie was now quite familiar with Todd's penis. She had felt it on a number of occasions and had seen it once or twice. The most recent encounter with it had been a close one.

The couple had wandered off from the events center where prom was held, and had found a quiet spot in a loading dock. Like any true gentleman, he had spread his coat out on the floor beneath them and the two had settled beside one another. The making out had been quick, both moving past the cautious foreplay of adolescence. Todd had quickly gotten the top of her strapless ball gown down, and had eagerly fondled her tits. She had desperately wanted to do it then and had told him so. The young man had been even quicker on his own zipper, and his erection had quickly been unveiled. But as he had pushed her dress skirts up over her knees, a wave of nausea and uncertainty had caused her to freeze. Katie had panicked. When she told him so, he was obviously upset and would later tell her he felt betrayed. She had allayed those sensibilities at the time by jerking him off into the silk skirts of her dress (and incidentally his tuxedo jacket).

The prom event had nearly caused a break down in their relationship, but her promise of a worthwhile surprise on a particular date in the future had calmed Todd. That particular date had arrived and everything had been planned. Katie had stolen a bottle of wine from her parents' cellar and a condom from her older brother. At a certain sheltered meadow in the middle of the park, a large comfortable blanket was spread with all the utensils and amenities one could need for losing their virginity. Friends had recommended this and that, and dutifully she had listened. With everything set, all she had to do was perform.

The weather had behaved perfectly, and already the young woman's virginal channel was wetted with anticipation. Since the cosmos had seen fit to provide such a perfect ambience, she could not imagine a way in which her design could go awry. Todd was playing along too, telling her how beautiful she was, how much she meant to him, and how they were destined to spend eternity together. So far, he had managed to keep his hands chaste, although she was certain that would not continue.

When they found the naturally grown alcove in the trees, she had felt her heart leap. The moon was out, and her two best friends had lit the candles per her request and there was nothing more that could stop her from giving a piece of herself to the man she loved.

Todd and Katie settled with meaningful significance onto the large blanket and quickly their making out commenced. First it was the deep kisses that all young lovers must acquaint themselves with. Sloppy, unguided, but filled with enough passion to make up for their art. Then it had been the hands. Todd was quite proud of his body and was always swift to show it off. Katie had smiled happily as her all-American boyfriend had stripped down to his boxer shorts. His tan was perfect, as were his abs, and she knew that he would make a wonderful husband. Once he had finished, she had removed her own clothing. The two of them had reclined on the blanket, just a pair of underwear on each of them and had continued their making out. Katie could feel the hard press of his cock against her panties and knew that he wanted in. But her friends had warned her. They had said to be certain that she could be no more aroused before she finally admitted him into her unviolated passage. They had warned of blood and pain and all sorts of other ghastly things. Katie wanted this to be magical.

So for a while, the young man had to be content to grind the hard head of his penis against the soft and slowly moistening fabric of her panties. After a good twenty minutes, his boxers were quite soaked and he was quite tired of waiting.

"C'mon Kate," he moaned, "it's time."

Katie had glanced up at him nervously and had surrendered. She reached across her to the picnic basket and rummaged for the condom. Todd yanked her panties down her legs with a bit of impatience. Staring down her naked body, she tore open the condom wrapper and fumbled with the odd latex donut inside. Her boyfriend fished his erect penis from his boxers and thrust forward, obviously wanting her to handle the condom.

"I don't know how to," she whispered.

"Me either. Just do it," he instructed. Katie was forced to sit up as her manicured hands tried to guide the rubber thing over the flesh. It took her a good thirty seconds to figure out that she was rolling it the wrong way. Finally having it positioned properly, a few quick strokes had the latex covering his six inch erection. Katie had a moment where she contemplated her boyfriend's size. She had bought large as Todd had told her he was much bigger than average, but now it seemed to have quite a bit of extra space around the tip. Perhaps Mary, her best friend, had been right- all boys lied.

With his cock somewhat secure in the rubber sheath, Todd had directed her to lay back on the blanket. Beneath the stars, Katie closed her eyes and waited for the inevitable. She felt Todd's weight shift closer, his hips pushing her thighs apart. She felt the cool caress of the night air on her wet sex, and a small chill ran up her spine. Then she felt the penis make contact with her entrance, sensed him guiding it between her lips.

As focused as she was on the looming loss of innocence, she never heard the rustling of the grass behind her. Nor did Todd for that matter. So it did not quite register when something wet and thick dove beneath her right arm and slipped over her bust and then back underneath her left arm. The movement was blinding fast and had her securely looped by some unseen force. Then her naked body was flying across the long grass of the meadow, being yanked into the darkness of the trees. She had no time to scream because she didn't get the opportunity to analyze what was happening. In shock, she watched as her semi-naked boyfriend receded from view, his look just as surprised as hers.

Just as her young, flawless body would have hit the prickly undergrowth of the ancient trees, she was lifted from the ground and carried to lowest limb of the tree, which still was a good fifteen feet off the ground. There she hung, supported by the odd rope which looped beneath her arms and disappeared into the tree above her.

Finally, her survival instinct and fear kicked in.

"Todd, help! HELP!! HELP!!" Her screams were loud and piercing and her boyfriend soon appeared beneath her, still clad in his boxers.

"Get me down," she shrieked.

"What the fuck just happened," he worriedly responded.

"I don't know, just get me the fuck out of this tree, NOW!"

"I can't! You're too high and I can't climb it. There's no branches," came Todd's unsatisfying reply.

"Well find something, please," she began to sob as she swung suspended naked above the floor.

Just as her boyfriend began to examine the forest floor for something with which he could help her down, the odd vine around her chest began to move.

"Ooh," she squealed in surprise. "This thing is moving!"

Her eyes tried to examine the thing, but it was too dark and only the silhoutte of its dark surface on her lighter skin showed up. She could feel that it was wet, and the more it moved, the more she became aware that it was alive.

"Todd," she gasped in a horrified whisper. "Todd, I think its a snake!"

Todd froze in his spot and stared back up at her, watching in terror.

"Do something," Kate begged as she felt it move across her body from left to right. It dawned on her that it was retreating, in the same way that it had seized her. Perhaps it would let her go!

But when her eyes caught sight of the end of the thing she knew this was no snake. The end was rounded and flat, not at all like a snake's head or tail. When it reached just beneath her armpit, the retreat stopped and it moved over her arm, coiling around and around, until it was secured there. The young woman began to squirm again as her terror urged her to flee.

"Todd, its not a snake! Its something else! Please help me," she whined.

Then she was nearly dropped, the thing releasing her torso from its grip and dropping her body weight onto her bound left arm. Todd leaped for her foot but even his athleticism left him a little shy of the necessary distance. For a second, she was suspended by one hand. But that broad end of the thing was not finished with her yet. She watched as it moved off her wrist and glided through the air. She began to kick and thrash her legs when it reached her left leg. But it was quick, and soon was wrapped around her knee.

"HELP! HELP! SOMEONE HELP!" Katie screamed and screamed as she felt her body weight now dually supported on her arm and on her leg.

She was cinched upward, until her thigh was parallel to the forest floor and her right leg and arm hung beneath her. She glanced down at Todd, and was dismayed to find him standing frozen in horror and amazement at what he was witnessing.

"Please do something," she tried as tears began to fall from her cheeks.

Those were not the only cheeks to be wetted, however. Katie felt the tip of the alien serpent move across the outside of her thighs, creeping over her buttocks and down her right leg. Now she was aware of how wet the thing was. Her whole arm and both legs were coated in its liquid covering. And it was hot too. Compared to the warm night air, the thing was on fire. The sensations seemed to confirm that it was alive. She did not know its intentions but as her right leg was pulled to the same bent position as her left leg, she felt that her sex was far too exposed. With her one free hand she attempted to cover her pussy.

With the right leg now bound, the young lady found the end of the thing wrapping around her right arm, and soon it was forcibly pulled away from her body and into the treetop above.

Now like some erotic marionette, Katie hung from the branches. Her arms were encased in the throbbing wet heat of the thing and her body was suspended in an awkward squat.

Beneath her, Todd was hardening again, watching as she was gradually bound and put on display. Despite his concern for her, and his uncertainty over what was happening, he freed his dick once more.

Katie saw the movement of him fishing his penis from his shorts and swore.

"Is this a prank! This isn't funny. You are such a fucker," she screamed.

But Todd was stroking himself, standing directly under her and looking up into the exposed folds of her sex. They still glistened with excitement from his earlier action. His mediocre penis was very entertained by the plight of his girlfriend. If she were just a little lower, he though, I could fuck her in the tree.

As if to answer his prayers, the long wet appendage lowered her, inch by inch.

Katie's face showed her relief as her feet now rested only a foot or so off the ground.

"Quick," she whispered, "get me out of this thing."

But Todd was not quite ready to release her yet. Stepping closer to her, he examined her bindings. Momentarily he pinched at the wet rubbery material. It was indeed warm and seemed to have a pulse. But when it didn't move, he figured his next motion was okay. The hand, which had sampled the strange rope, now tested the wetness of her passageway.

"What the fuck are you doing," Katie squealed as his pointer finger pressed into her. "Don't you fucking dare!"

Todd flinched at the rage in her voice. But her cunt was still very moist. He maintained the pressure on his finger and found that her muscles were clenching on it. They seemed to be trying to draw him in, not push him out.

"You're still wet," he commented honestly.

"So the fuck what! Get me down and out of here, especially if you ever want to stick your little dick in me!"

Grimacing at the criticism of his size, he made up his mind. He withdrew his pointer finger and smiled at her. Katie's face relaxed for a second thinking that her boyfriend had come to his senses. But when his smile grew a little tighter, she knew that this was only going to get worse.

Sure enough, Katie's eyes flashed open when two of his finger plunged into her sex. The tight little hole stretched painfully, not used to accomodating such sudden invasion.

"FUCK," she yelled. The young woman began to thrash, but was unable to remove the penetrating digits from her vaginal opening. "GOD THAT HURTS!"

Todd just smiled back at her, his penis leaking small white droplets of cum as he watched her squirm. His free hand busily rubbed the fluid down the length of his shaft, his smirk growing as he fingered her.

"STOP, PLEASE STOP!" Katie put more effort into her pleas, trying to hide her body's arousal.

Although the initial penetration was rough, Todd's fingers had frequented her pussy enough to be familiar. And her thrashing movements in the tree had set her body swinging, causing a more natural thrusting motion to be achieved. Gradually, her sex was leaking more of her lubricant onto his hands and the motion was becoming sensually pleasing.

Despite his overwhelming hormones, Todd was not stupid enough to miss his girlfriend's arousal. In the damp, humid air, the scent of her pussy lingered. The aroma was rich and familiar. It had almost always been attached to the memory of him cumming. So his sub-conscious amped up his arousal, the expectation of sex growing.

"I'm going to fuck you," he said matter of factly. Katie was now just whining, her voice hoarse from its efforts to encourage the opposite result.

Todd waddled closer to her spread thighs, a very childish smile appearing on his visage. Katie watched helpless as his penis angled closer to her sex. Gone were her desires to offer up her virginity to him. Desperately she just wanted to be safe at home away from him and whatever oddity held her captive.

But her swollen labia was more generous, and his round purple cock head slipped easily between the lips. Todd sneered as he leaned his weight into his dick. Katie's eyes went wide as the broader circumference pushed into her. Her cunt suddenly seemed much tighter, now that the larger member was within it. Luckily for her, its lubrication had not abated.

On his tip toes, Todd now had three of his six inches inside his girlfriend and found himself stopped by an unseen barrier. Perceiving it to be her maiden head, he tried to withdraw from her, hoping to dramatically rob her of her innocence.

The mere act of retreat proved to be too much, and Todd's sneer turned to a contorted grimace. His balls clenched and his thighs tensed as his orgasm prepared to erupt. Suddenly, his girlfriend was yanked back, high into the tree.

"Oh, God," he groaned as his penis sprayed the now empty air with his semen.

At first, he was too attentive to his pulsing dick to realize that a tall thin man had descended from the tree. When his eyes finally reopened, he took notice very quickly indeed. Immediately his hands went to stuff his cock back in his shorts. As his mind began to register what it was seeing, his eyes nearly popped out of his head.

The man was young, probably twenty-one or twenty-two. He was physically fit, but not a body builder. Todd knew all this, because the man was naked.

"Hello," came a quiet, firm voice from behind the hanging Katie. Todd just stared at him, his mind registering that the man's tongue was so long it disappeared into the branches above now his ex-girlfriend.

"Who the hell are you," Todd asked, mortified to have been caught in such a manner. And slightly terrified.

"You don't get to ask questions. You just need to leave. Taking advantage of a bound woman is not very sporting. The law looks down on such things."

Todd realized the truth of the words. He had a terrible feeling that something bad would happen to Katie if he left, but he had the same suspicion about himself if he chose to stay. Wisely, and selfishly, he turned and fled. Along the way he gathered all of their belongings, erasing as much of the indicators of his presence as possible.

Katie had heard nothing, and seen nothing. Todd had simply fled after he had orgasmed and she thanked whatever miracle had saved him from ejaculating inside her. Gradually, she felt the distance between her and the ground shrink. Soon her widely splayed thighs were allowed to relax. With a slight frown she found her feet settling in the droplets of Todd's sperm. But her frustration was relieved as she felt the odd binding disappear from her body.

"Thank God," she shouted, happy to be released from her freakish entrapment. Perhaps Todd had arranged the whole thing after all.

Her happiness dissipated when she felt the hot, wet touch of something between her thighs. Looking down, she found that her binding had returned, this time to explore her snatch. Frozen in fear, she watched as it writhed between her thighs. It flitted back and forth, gently slapping against her naked pussy. At first she was perturbed by the oddity of the sight. But as the speed and pressure of its rhythmic 'thwap' increased, she had to release a moan of pleasured surprise.

Whatever the hell this thing is, she thought, its damned talented.

Soon it was essentially spanking her pussy, its surface flattened and stiff. Over and over it beat against her throbbing cunt. Quickly, the young woman was brought to her knees as her arousal began to climb towards previously inexperienced levels.

But her pleasure was short lived. As her hands sunk into the pine needles of the forest floor, the thing quickly retracted back the way it had came and she was left panting.

The crack of a twig behind her made her wish that it was not quite over. Pushing herself up, she turned and was frozen in her place. The same naked man that had scared away Todd was stalking towards her.

Katie didn't move, her mind unsure of this new threat. Judging from his massive erection, she surmised, he wasn't here to help.

"Please leave me alone," she begged as she tried to push herself away from him.

"Are you sure that's what you want," the stranger asked.

"Please. Its been a long night. Just let me go," she tried again.

"Empty words," he laughed, "just empty words."

"No, n-n-n-oooo," she squealed as he moved closer towards her. She raised one hand in defense as he leaned in.

A sudden wet touch on her inner thighs caused her to drop her hand. To her amazement, the man's tongue was now sliding downwards, between her clenched legs. And he was still a good four feet from her!

"What the he-eh," she gasped futilely as the tongue pushed against her twat.

Soon, she felt it angling ahead, piercing her delicate folds. Katie was very sensitive now and extraordinarily aroused. Somehow, she failed to connect the dots and could only throw her head back in surrender. The tongue quickly pushed more deeply into her than Todd had been able to. Her hips gyrated automatically, trying to accommodate more of its size. The highly flexible invader proved more than up for the task.

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