The Touch Ch. 12


Nobody heard Luci whisper in my ear, "You can give me a driving lesson of a different sort later!" She swiftly rubbed her crotch against my waist then lowered her legs and then ran off laughing. My cousins were both developing into very skilful prick teasers.

Maggie came up and threaded her arm through mine as we strolled back to the office, "I'm really proud of the girls!" she enthused, "passing their driving test first time is a real achievement, for a couple of air headed bimbos! We both laughed. Lauren and Lucinda could certainly give the appearance of being irresponsible but they were both very intelligent girls, like their mother, and had both achieved top passes at school and were heading out to university in the autumn.

"Now, you have a problem," I said, "Luci and Lulu and both going to want cars of their own, you know!"

"You are months behind," Maggie laughed, "We have been there, and done that! I have told them that they can have a small car each when they come back from France and start at university, not before. I am not having them terrorising the continent for six months and costing me God knows how much on my motor insurance...they will just have to make do with the Polo between them until September."

As we got to the office block door, Lauren caught up with us. "If you are going to stay here, Mummy," she said, "Can I drive the Range Rover back to the house and then go out in the Polo with Lucinda?"

"Yes, go on then," Maggie agreed, "but be careful and don't squabble over who gets to drive... just agree about it before you go, OK!"

"OK!" Lauren answered, and then turned to me, "Can we take Emma with us, I want to show her a new boutique we have found in Marlborough?"

"No! Absolutely not!" I stated firmly without even looking at Maggie, "Emma is far to busy today, I really do need her here! In fact, "I added grinning, "If you two fancy putting in some more work this afternoon...?"

Lauren was already backing off before I finished, "You are a hard man, Rambo Riley!" she chuckled saucily, "At least I hope you are!" Then turned and walked back to where Lucinda was talking to Emma in the yard.

"What was that all about? Er, Rambo?" Maggie asked smiling.

"Oh, nothing, just a joke that was made at Christmas," I replied. She didn't pursue it so I did not offer any further explanation.

Back in the office Maggie suddenly asked me, "What time does your mother finish work tonight?"

"She started early shift yesterday so she should be in about six," I answered.

"Good!" She said, "I was going to take the girls out for a celebration dinner tonight at the Cathedral Hotel, let's make it a family occasion and all go. You, me, Lauren and Lucinda, Emma and Gwen, you can 'phone her when we get back and tell her I'll pick you all up about eight, alright?"

Maggie picked us up from home in the Range Rover as promised. Mum sat in the front and I climbed into the back with the three girls, sandwiched between Lauren and Lucinda. I got the feeling that I had been set up by the twins as we three were crammed together like sardines in a can, but Emma, sitting on the end seemed to have plenty of room. By the time we got to the restaurant I was as horny as hell! Lucinda had casually thrown her coat across her lap, also covering mine and the twins spent the whole journey each with a hand beneath the coat running their fingers up and down the inside of my thighs. I was terrified that one of them would grab my erect prick, I was sure that I would have exploded in my jeans immediately. Lauren kept up a running conversation with Emma for the entire trip, so I think she was distracted and had no idea what was happening in the next seat along.

The waiter seated us at a stall table for six and I made a point of making sure that the three girls were seated one side of the table and I sat on the other side next to Mum and facing Emma. The Cathedral Hotel had been refurbished and was just beginning to make a name for itself as a fashionable restaurant and weekend night spot, the food and wine were good and we all had a very pleasant family evening and just enjoyed being in each others company.

It was only just after ten when we finished our coffees and nobody really wanted to go home. There was a disc jockey pumping out a broad spectrum of popular music in the bar which sounded lively and fun and so we went through and found a table in one corner.

The clientele were varied with quite a few young people mixed with older couples and some who were obviously hotel guests. The room and the central dance floor were packed to capacity and I immediately recognised several of the younger patrons as acquaintances including a couple of the young men who had been at Maggie's Christmas drinks party and Kristen Olsen who spotted us and came over to the table. By the time that I fought my way back from the bar with a tray Emma and the twins were on the dance floor with Kristen and a group of other young men and girls.

I had never been much of a dancer; I felt far too self conscious, throwing myself about the dance floor to the beat numbers and although I had been taught basic dance steps at school had never really felt comfortable with the slower dances either. I was perfectly happy to sit at the table with Mum and Maggie. Talking much was almost impossible over the volume of the music from the disco so we just watched the girls enjoying themselves.

I leaned over and shouted to Mum and Maggie asking if they wanted another drink, they nodded and as I got up to go to the bar Kristen Olsen came up to me and grabbed my hand.

"Come on! Dance with me!" she said, and dragged me onto the dance floor, manoeuvring us away from where her friends and the girls were grouped.

Kristen was attractive in a typically Nordic way, very blonde with pale blue eyes and quite tall, about 5' 9", and very slim with a minute waist and a flat arse. Her breasts were nicely rounded and she had fantastically long well shaped legs which were showed off to perfection that night by her very high heeled shoes and very short, white lace, baby doll dress through which her black bra and panties were clearly visible. I could not remember ever hearing that she had dated any guy that I knew, but I had known her for years and often saw her about town with her group of friends.

She was, at the best of times a bit of a bimbo, full of brainless, giggly, girly nonsense and that night she was also well on the way to being pissed. She was energetically thrashing about to the music and after a short time I gave up trying to follow her and just stayed on the same spot, and let her dance around me until the music slowed to a downbeat number and I suddenly found her draped around my neck swaying slowly and rubbing her body against mine in time to the music. She was very sexy but she was also close to being rat arsed and I found that a big turn off. Besides I was there with Maggie and Mum and dragging her off for a shag somewhere was out of the question.

"Jamie...." She breathed into my ear, "I was hoping you might call me after Christmas and ask me out on a date..." She was all over me like a rash. I really wasn't sure if I wanted to get involved with her, but she did have a fantastic body and could be quite fun to be with when sober.

"Er, yes!" I lied lamely. "I did mean to but....You know how it goes ... too much work about if I call you next week and we can fix a time to meet up?"

"Super!" she replied, "Just don't forget now, OK!"

I was just about to answer when I felt a pair of arms encircle my waist, pulling me back, and then Lauren was pushing Kristen and I apart and wriggling between us, I realised it was Luci who had grabbed me from behind.

"Alright, you can climb off of him now!" Lauren growled bitchily, "We need him to fetch us some more drinks!" Then she smiled, totally insincerely, at Kristen as each twin hooked an arm through mine and hustled me back towards our table. Just before we came within earshot Lauren hissed in my ear, "Just remember that we've put our seal on you before you start screwing every tart you come across, Jamie Riley!"

When we got back to the table Mum and Maggie were laughing like mad at my obvious embarrassment, but Emma just jumped up and hissed into my face, "I told you to stay away from that blonde bitch, the whole city knows she's been panting after you since junior school!" and then took off, heading in the direction of the ladies toilets. Her outburst caused even more merriment and teasing at my expense, but we all fell into a fresh wave of laughter when Lucinda pointed across the room at Kristen who had wobbled her way across the dance floor and was now draped against a tall young man who I did not know and I suspect she didn't either.

I eventually went and bought that round of drinks whilst Mum fetched Emma back from the ladies room, she seemed to have got over whatever had caused her to go off into one. The DJ had changed and so had the music, he was now playing mostly ballads and slow smooching numbers. The twins had wandered off and were dancing with their friends and I felt Mum tugging at my sleeve, she nodded at Emma, "Go on, make things up between you, ask her to dance," she suggested.

I leaned over and took Emma's hand, "Come on! Show me how to dance, Emms!" I said and drew her towards the dance floor. I think the DJ was playing some old Barbra Streisand ballads and I held Emma close to me with my arms loosely around her waist, her arms around my neck and we just swayed and drifted to the music. She was wearing a long sleeved black silk top with a wide leather belt, over very tight black three quarter leggings and calf length boots. Her dark brown hair hung in a wavy cascade around her shoulders. She had started to put on a little bit of weight but she still felt painfully thin and delicate against me, I could feel her ribs through the thin fabric of her top and small breasts pressing against my chest. She was almost as tall as me and her pelvis and thighs were pressed close against mine. The contact was beginning to arouse me even though she was my sister, and as the number finished I started to break away, but she clung even tighter to me.

"Not yet, Jay, please," she whispered, "Let's just stay here a little bit longer!"

A new record started and we continued to sway gently in the dark Emma pressed closely to me. I was beginning to become concerned, the way that she was clinging and rubbing against me had started an erection and each time I moved my hips backwards she hugged me tighter so that we were clamped together from the knees upwards. She clung on and would not let go into the next record, there was now no way that she could not be aware of my engorged prick crushed against her groin. As the music finished I put my hand on her shoulders and gently but firmly moved her away from me.

"We need to go back now, Emma," I said softly. Then added, "Are you OK?"

Her reply was to put her arms around my waist and pull our loins back together for a few seconds, then said, "Thanks, Jay, that was fantastic, you haven't danced with me since we were kids." She took my hand and we started back to the table. I was glad that it was dark and crowded on the dance floor and that we had drifted to the other side of the room and hoped that my erection would have fully subsided by the time we re-joined the others.

The DJ played a few more up-tempo records and the twins got up and danced with each other as girls sometimes do. Emma seemed happy now but moved to sit next to me and leaned her head on my shoulder.

Mum looked over and asked her, "Are you getting tired, darling?" Emma just nodded.

"We had better be going shortly," said Maggie, "But not until I have had a dance with my favourite nephew."

The music had changed to another set of slow numbers and we shuffled around the dance floor. I was in heaven, Maggie had her arms around my neck and mine were around her waist and I could feel her gorgeous body full length against mine, I was past caring if she could feel my rigid prick against her belly, but if she did she gave no indication and did not move away. I just buried my face in her hair and hoped that she would not notice the small kisses that I delivered to the top of her head. We danced two complete numbers without speaking and at the end of the second one broke apart. Maggie reached up and gave me a very soft, very quick kiss on the lips and then we went back to our seats.

Mum was on her own, Emma was dancing with a lad that I knew from school, Alan, somebody, I think. She did not give me a chance to sit down.

"Last dance before we go," she said, and led me back onto the dance floor.

I was really in trouble now, I still had an erection from dancing with Maggie and the DJ was playing sentimental Carpenter's songs. I just bit the bullet and put my arms around her and started moving my feet in time to the music. Mum stepped up close to me and hooked her arms up under mine her hands resting on the back of my shoulders. Her firm breasts were pressed close against my chest and our thighs were brushing against each other as we moved with the melody. She had her face pressed softly against my neck and I could feel her warm breath on my skin and her lips brushing the underside of my jaw with little butterfly kisses, so light, that afterwards I was not even sure that it had happened.

"I haven't been dancing for years," she whispered in my ear, and then laughed softly, "It's very remiss of you not to have taken me dancing before, I shall expect you to take me out more often in the future!" She pretended to scold me, "Maggie sees more of you than I do..... we are twins after all we should share and share alike!"

I realised at that point that Mum was just a little bit pissed, at least I don't think she would have teased me like that if she wasn't.

Dancing with Mum was different to dancing with Maggie but just as erotic and left me feeling heady and sexually intoxicated. I slid my hands lightly down her back to rest on her buttocks, she said nothing and made no move to remove them even when I pushed forward gently to press her closer against me. She had given me another erection and I knew that she must now be able to feel it trapped between us, but she did nothing, although I felt her holding her breath for a moment and then the music stopped and the lights started to come up and I almost leaped away from her.

The problem was that I had ceased to think of Mum and Maggie as my mother and my aunt. The reality was that we had moved on from the normal familial relationships and had drifted into being very close friends, Maggie and I worked together every day and I shared confidences and family responsibilities with Mum that had changed our perception of each other immeasurably and the depth of feeling that I had for both of them went beyond family. Additionally no longer I saw either of them as relations but as very alluring women to whom I was seriously attracted in a way that I should not be.

She looked up at me smiling then took my hand and said, "Come on, it's time to go home."

We joined the others and finished our drinks and then went out to the car. I knew that Maggie had had several glasses of wine, whilst I had mostly been drinking tonic water all evening.

"Let me drive," I said holding out my hand for the keys, "I can drop Mum and Emma off, and then take you and the girls home, then walk back... it's a warm night and I could do with the air!"

I stopped in our drive to let Mum and Emma out of the car and Maggie came round to sit in the front passenger seat.

"Hold on a minute!" Emma said and ran into the garage and came back with her bicycle which she put onto the rack at the rear of the Range Rover. "Now you won't have to walk back," she said.

We got to Maggie's house and I got out of the car and unlocked the front door and de-activated the alarm using my set of keys. The twins both gave me a hug and a very brief and polite kiss and then said good-night and started up the stairs to their rooms. Maggie and I stood in the hall for a few minutes and thanked each other for a nice evening.

"Jamie, will you do me a favour and put the Range Rover in the garage?" she asked, "I won't be using it tomorrow, we are going up to London by train and if I have to leave a car at the station all day, I would sooner use the Polo."

"Of course, no problem," I replied. I had my own set of keys so did not need hers.

"Good night, Jamie ... and thank you again for a lovely evening, I have not danced with anybody for ages, it was super, we need to do it again," she said. This felt like déjà vu, first Mum and now Maggie. She reached up and kissed me on the cheek and then let me out of the door and locked it behind me.

I got into the car and drove it around to the garage, parked, closed the swing down door and got Emma's bike from the rear rack then went to the side door to leave. As I got to the door it opened halfway and somebody slipped through. The garage was dark but I could see that it was one of the twins, but in the dim light could not tell which one. The figure closed the door and stepped up to me, it was Lucinda. She was wearing a knee length, silky kimono robe and a pair of soft ballet style pumps.

"Shhhhhh!" she hissed, "I can't stay long, Mummy has gone to bed, but Lauren is only taking a bath, and might miss me!"

"What are you doing here, Luci?" I asked.

For an answer she put her arms around my waist and pulled me to her, loosening the belt of her robe which fell open to reveal that she was wearing nothing but a tiny light blue and white lace lingerie set, the minute triangle of her panties hardly concealing her pussy. Her body was white and almost luminous in the darkness of the garage. I could not have resisted her for a million pounds at that moment in time, I pushed her back against the garage wall and pressed myself hard against her and found her mouth with mine. Lucinda's kisses were different to Lauren's, her mouth was firmer, her tongue less aggressive and she was one of those girls who hold their breath when kissing.

I lowered my face into her throat and started a trail of delicate kisses moving down to the tops of her breasts where they were pushed up above the soft material of her bra as I cupped them in my hands. I could feel the firm small points of her nipples pressing into my palms through the thin lace. I moved one hand to trace a line down over her navel and belly to the edge of those tiny panties, and pushed my fingers beneath the lace to explore the smooth, shaved mound leading to her pussy.

Luci's hands moved, one to clasp mine and hold it just short of her pussy lips and the other exploring and rubbing gently over my prick which was just beginning to swell and harden, the tips of her fingers tracing up and down the outline through my jeans. Her lips nibbled a path cross my face to my ear. "I want to make this feel good!" she whispered huskily, and squeezed hard on my dick, it grew instantly in her hand.

Then her hand was pulling the buttons of my trouser fly open and I felt the warmth of her bare hand closing around my erection. I brought both hands up to release my belt and waistband button and between us we pushed my jeans and shorts down below my knees so that my rigid tool swung free between us, her small hand stroking firmly up and down the length. She bent her knees and crouched down in front of me, I felt the soft cloud of her long light brown hair brush over my bare hips and across the end of my prick and then her lips were sliding over the tip of my erection.

"Oh God, Luci!" I moaned quietly.

Her hand was still moving up and down my shaft as she traced small circles around the glans with the hot, moist tip of her tongue, and then drew her whole tongue slowly down the underside of my prick, down as far as my sac and then back again, finally flicking the tip into the eye of the snake. The sensation around the end of my cock was so fantastically over the top that my whole dick was throbbing and so engorged that it felt ready to burst. Then it got even better. She lowered her lips and pushed down until half my length was engulfed in the hot moistness of her mouth and then she started to suck, really suck at my prick, I could hear little slurping noises and feel her tongue moving, pressing at the sensitive underside of my cock, and her mouth constricting and releasing around me. It felt as though she was trying to draw my entire life force out of my body through the suction on my tool.

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