The Touch Ch. 12


I put my hand gently on the top of her head and pressed downwards at the same time trying to thrust further into her mouth, I desperately need to achieve release, but her hand was still clasped firmly around the base of my prick and she held me back. Slowly and gently she began to move her mouth up and down my rock hard shaft, each upward movement bringing her lips to the sensitive ring around the base of the glans which she gently caressed with the tip of her tongue. I was ready to burst and I felt that familiar surge announcing that ejaculation was imminent. I grasped her head firmly and held it still.

"Luci, Stop!" I gasped, "Or ... I'm going to ... your ... mouth!"

She moved her head and released my prick from her mouth but her hand continued to grasp the base and she stood up, until her face was level with mine. She kissed me hard and I could taste my own sex on her lips, her eyes were smoky with lust and her voice was deep and husky.

"No!" she said, "Not in here!"

I felt rather than heard something unclip behind her and her other hand appeared by my face holding up the tiny light blue triangle of her string thong. The hand grasping my erection pushed down until the tip was lightly rubbing against her pussy lips without penetrating.

"I want you to cum inside me!" she moaned hoarsely, "It must be inside me..... Nowhere else ..... It's just got to be inside me!"

I didn't need any further urging, I was so past ready, my balls ached and my glans felt blown up like a balloon, I pushed forward but her pussy lips were tight and I didn't want to hurt her, then suddenly she gave a sharp gasp and was ramming herself down onto me, my full length was deep inside her hot tight tunnel. It only took two long shuddering thrusts and I could hold back no longer and ejaculated deep into her in long hot streams.

Luci gave a long sigh of satisfaction, "Aaaaaaah!"

We just stood there for a moment, my prick still hard and jammed into her up to the root, our faces nestling in each others throats and our legs quivering with the moment's passion.

"Oh God, Jimbo!" she murmured against my cheek, "That was fabulous, that was so good!" She moved her head back and looked into my face smiling. "That was the first time I have let a guy cum inside me! It felt fantastic, and .....Oh, My God ..... there was so much of it!"

"You were great!" I told her, "But .... I didn't get to make it good for you..."

"It doesn't matter," she giggled, "Any girl can do that for herself, but you gave me what I wanted and I had real fun getting you there! Any way," she added, "you are not off the hook; I haven't finished with you yet!"

We kissed lightly and then untangled our bodies and I hauled my jeans back up whilst Lucinda re-tied the sash of her gown.

She opened the door slightly and peeped out, then opened it wider and pointed to a lighted upstairs window at the rear of the house. "Lauren is still in the bathroom, see? I had better go in now. She reached up and kissed me again firmly on the lips and as she turned to go, said "Oh, by the way..... If I were you I would avoid Lauren for a couple of days ... she will go fucking bananas when I tell her that I got to you first!" With that she ran silently around the corner of the house towards the kitchen door.

I got Emma's bike and locked up the garage. I did not want to make a noise on the gravel drive and so I picked up the bike and carried it across the lawn to a hole in the hedge and out onto the back lane.

When I got home, it was only just before mid-night, I guessed that Lucinda and I had been in the garage no more than fifteen minutes, but what a fantastic fifteen minutes they had been. Obviously the twins had learned more at boarding school than just riding, skiing and tennis. It started me wondering how alike and how different Lucinda and Lauren would be fucking for real.

Mum and Emma had already gone to bed and so I made myself a coffee, took it up to my room and sat in my old leather club chair thinking. What a totally amazing and erotic experience the whole evening had been, from being touched up in the car by the twins, to dancing with Emma, Mum and Maggie, I had been so horny and fighting to conceal erections all evening. It was no wonder that I was more than ready to blow my nuts for Lucinda. The moments that I remembered best as a laid in bed before going to sleep was the feel of holding Maggie and Mum whilst we were dancing, that had been superb. Perhaps I could get to appreciate the dancing thing after all.

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