The Touch Ch. 14


"Oh, Jamie! She moaned in my ear, "Do it now, cum now, cum with me, please!"

I was way past the need to release and made one final brutal thrust and then we were cumming together, her entire body thrashing and heaving as I spurted furiously into her in a great rope, hot streams of semen filling the innermost reaches of her love tunnel and our combined moisture making her vaginal canal so liquid that I had to grasp her shoulders and push my knees hard into the mattress to stop myself immediately slipping out of her.

We lay like that for some time gasping, moaning and quietly laughing, tenderly kissing each other's faces and throats, our loins still feebly thrusting at each other.

I was the first to speak. "Bloody hell, Lulu!" I murmured, "That was fantastic!"

"Mmmmm!" she sighed dreamily, "The best ..... I just kept cumming and cumming; I thought it would never stop." She wiggled her hips fractionally, not enough to dislodge my softening prick, "And, just for the record ... you are the first man to cum inside me too, just like Luci, and she was right... it was super!"

We were both soaked in perspiration and I could feel a cold draft from somewhere and I reached down for the other sleeping bag. "No!" she cried thinking that I was getting up, "Don't go ... stay like this for a while longer!" I dragged the quilted bag up the bed and pulled it over us and moved my face back and lightly pressed my lips against hers and we lay there kissing and enjoying the feel of squirming against each other's bodies in tiny soothing movements. Eventually, as though by an unspoken agreement we drifted into a light sleep; Lauren first, her breathing becoming heavy and regular against my ear, I cradled my face into the soft warmth of her hair and closed my eyes as well.

When I awoke the light from the window was starting to dim but it was not yet dark. Neither of us had moved, I was still lying on top of Lauren with my prick still inside her but it had become a hard new erection whilst I slept. Lulu was awake and her lips were lightly brushing my cheek and throat and her hips were making little swirling movements, shagging me gently whilst I slept.

She realised that I was awake and giggled. "About time too!" she whispered, "I was starting to think that I would have to lay here fucking all by myself for ever!"

My whole body felt stiff although I guessed I had not been asleep for more than half and hour. I raised myself up onto my elbows so that I could cup her face in my hands and kissed her chin, her cheeks and nose before I pressed my lips to hers and felt the softness of her open mouth swallowing up my soul as our tongues wrestled and probed at each other. She ran her hands down my back pulling at my buttocks until I thrust my full length firmly into her again, making her gasp and jerk her groin as if to ensure that she was fully impaled on my rigid prick and we lay still coupled together, just lightly kissing.

The pressure of keeping my dick rammed hard into her was causing my hips to tremble slightly and my erection began to twitch inside her. Her mouth fell open and she began to lick her top lip; she was breathing heavily, her chest rising and falling and her nipples were rubbing against my chest. I could feel them hardening with the friction and she was making soft agonising moans deep in her throat. The tiny movement that I was making inside her love tunnel was beginning to arouse her again and I could feel the walls of her vagina starting to contract and ripple around my cock squeezing it towards another ejaculation. It was so quick that it caught me by surprise.

"Oh God, Lulu," I stammered, "I want to cum again!"

Her response was to impale herself even harder onto my stiff rod, humping her hips furiously and clawing at the cheeks of my arse and trying to pull me even deeper into her by clamping her legs around my thighs. She was making small whimpering, gasps, then she was giggling furiously and pumping herself onto me so hard that I was afraid I would damage her with the totally rock hard erection she was inducing.

"Yes! Yes!" she laughed, "Shoot the gun, Rambo! Give me all barrels!"

There was no way that I could hold back any longer and as she hammered herself down my length I erupted, firing my load into her in violent spurts. My prick was throbbing and jerking but Lauren continued to ram herself over me until I felt her explode inside with a hot moist rippling that tore one final squirt of cum from me leaving the tip of my prick battered and numb. We were both panting and breathless and I saw that her face was flushed and tears were running down her cheeks in torrents, but she was smiling and laughing softly.

I kissed the tears from her face, the salty moisture mixing faintly with the sweet taste of her eye make-up and lipstick. Her hair was wet with perspiration and tears and brushed it away from her face. She looked sweet and vulnerable and so very much like Maggie. "God, Lulu," I murmured, "You are bloody lovely!"

"Are you allowed to say that to your cousin?" she giggled. Then added in pretend seriousness, "I don't care if Lucinda got to fuck you first ..... I got to fuck you all afternoon!"

"I think we had probably better get up soon," I cautioned grinning, "If we don't I probably won't be able to walk as far as the car!" I swung my legs off of the bed and made for the bathroom, I desperately needed a pee.

"Bring a drink back from the fridge," she called after me, "and try to find an ashtray!"

I found a couple of cans of Coke in the fridge and a large 'Holstein Lager' pub style ashtray in the kitchen and brought them back to the bedroom just as Lauren was emerging from the bathroom. We sat on the edge of the bed each wrapped in one of the sleeping bags drinking from the cans and smoking and just talking about silly things.

It was gone six by the time we had dressed, tidied up, put the room back as we found it and placed the zipped and folded sleeping bags and the pillows into a wardrobe. It was now raining quite hard and I made a dash to the car to get our coats whilst Lauren waited in the doorway, then felt my way around to the back of the bungalow and placed the key under a large flower pot that she had described to me. She was standing by the car in the rain when I got back, shaking her head and rubbing her hair.

"What....?" I asked.

"Have you seen the wreck you've made of me?" she chuckled, "This way I can tell Mummy that I have been walking in the rain with Ellie .... I just need to get up to my room before she notices that my bra and knickers are now in my pocket!" We both laughed.

It was pitch black in the lane and Lauren asked me to drive at least until we got onto a well lighted main road. We were both absolutely starving, but decided that it was probably best not to go anywhere to eat that we might be recognised and so I drove into Christchurch and we found a nice café with bottle glass windows, old wooden beams and copper kettles, which was serving steak and chips, and we sat opposite each other by the window watching the rain hammering on the glass.

Lauren reached across the table and placed her hand over mine. "Jamie," she looked a little sad and sounded serious, "We must never tell anybody about this, you know that don't you? What we three do must stay between the three of us, Luci, me and you! Mummy must never, ever, find out .... She would be furious and terribly upset; she thinks the world of you, you know, and if she thought we had done something unforgivable she would be devastated!"

Ever since that first evening at Christmas when Lauren had come on to me, my main concern had been that Maggie would find out but I had also known that as far as the twins were concerned I would not be able to resist them for ever, they were just too alluring and my hunger for sex was just too strong.

"I agree," I told her, "I would never hurt Maggie; you know that, don't you? I laughed, "I really will miss you and Luci next week when you go to France, I was starting to get used to being ambushed and raped by one or the other of my randy cousins!"

"We haven't left yet," she replied. "So don't drop your guard because we may have something else in store for you before we go!" She turned serious again, "Jimbo, you don't think that Lucinda and I are just little tarts, do you?" She didn't give me time to answer, "We may not have been celibate at boarding school, but you are really special to both of us, you always have been ... it's just that, well ..... Teasing you this year was so much fun that we hadn't noticed until Christmas that it had turned into a serious case of lust!"

I paid the cashier and as we walked back to the car I asked her, "Do you and Luci really tell each other everything?"

Lauren giggled furiously, "Oh, yes! Absolutely everything, down to the last details no longer have any secrets, Jimbo, my boy!" She stopped and looked into my face and put on a really pouty grin, "Anyway, it was part of our sisterly bargain, we would share you between us on two conditions; that each would cover for the other and that we would each tell the other everything about what happens we are alone with you!"

I think I just stood there with my mouth hanging open. Lauren held out her hand for the car keys, "I'll drive," she laughed, "I think you have just gone into a state of shock!"

We got back to Salisbury around nine fifteen, "You had better drop me on the Lower Road, near the church," I told her," It is only a few minutes drive home for you and I can walk from there in about ten minutes and nobody will see us together." As we drove up Lower Road, I thought of walking this way to the golf course with Sharon and didn't notice Lauren turning off the road and into the entrance of a field. We were parked behind a high hedge out of sight of the road.

"What...? " I started to ask.

"I thought we could just sit for a few minutes before we said good night," Lauren said. Then leaned across towards me, "You can't go without giving me a good night kiss, now can you?"

I leaned in and we were soon lost in a deep moist kiss, our tongues intermingling and our lips hungry for each other even though it was only a couple of hours since we made love. Lauren was so delicious and although I knew that we should be parting I could not resist her and I pulled her against me, my hand pushing beneath her jumper to find her naked breast and squeeze and fondle the nipple until I felt it start to harden again. She was moaning softly into my mouth and we broke away from the kiss panting.

"Oh Fuck, Jimbo!" she gasped, "What have you done to me, I feel soooooo randy all the time!" She twisted around in the driver seat, "Push your seat back!" she ordered laughing, "I need to rape you again!"

I pulled at the bar beneath the seat and it shot backwards with a loud bang and almost before it had stopped Lauren was climbing over the gear stick, kneeling between my legs in front of me and scrabbling at my jeans. I leaned forward and tipped her chin up so that we could kiss again, my fingers thrust deep into her still damp tresses. Her hand had found my half limp prick and closed around it squeezing and massaging.

"Oh, it's still asleep!" she pouted, "Do something, I want it hard again!"

I didn't need to do anything, her hand was enough, and even as she spoke my dick was swelling and stiffening. She started to move her hand up and down the length until it was quivering and rock hard, then leaned forward and very lightly kissed the tip. She pulled her lips back immediately and looked up into my eyes.

"Oh, Jamie," she whispered, "I am not sure about this. I know Luci did it for you, but ..... well ... I have never given a guy a blow job, and I'm not ..... "

I stopped her with a kiss, "It's OK," I assured her, "We don't need that!" I drew her up from the floor until she was laying against me her face level with mine and her arms around my neck. I put my arm around her waist and reached down with my left hand to rotate the seat knob until the back of the seat was almost horizontal and she was lying fully on top of me, and then slid my hand between us to unsnap her jeans and push them down over her hips. My hand found her smooth warm pussy and I worked my finger into her slit rubbing against her pussy lips and the moist swollen labia beneath. Lauren was every bit as aroused as I was. I drew my finger up and pressed down on her clit and flicked it gently with my finger tip causing her to involuntarily jerk her hips and moan against my neck.

"Put it into me now!" she hissed, "I'm going to cum and I want you inside me when I do!" I had never been with a girl who so quickly reached orgasm as Lauren; it was almost like flicking a switch.

I guided my stiff rod between us, pausing to rub my glans lightly up and down her slit and over her clit, making her gasp and moan and claw at my shoulders through my shirt. Then I inserted myself into her tight vaginal opening. She was so ready and swollen that I had to push hard to gain entry and then suddenly I was deep inside the core of her and she was bucking and thrusting on top of me and screaming out loud.

"Aaaaaaah! Oh, God, Jimbo, you've made me cum again!"

I rammed upwards lifting her high, our backs arching, with the force of my thrusts and then slamming back down into the seat so that she was impaled hard on both the upward and downward strokes. She was screaming and moaning and I think that she had cum again but my own pleasure was so intense that I could think of nothing else. I knew that she was biting me hard on the side of my neck but I didn't care and hardly noticed the pain. We seemed to be fucking furiously for ever, I had already spent my load twice and this time was taking a bit longer, but then suddenly it was there, the eye of my glans opened and spewed a stream of jiz deep inside her.

"Oh, my God .... That feels so awesome!" she gasped, and then, "Aaaaaaah! Aaaaaaah! She thundered into another body shaking orgasm, impaling her self over and over on my still hard erection and panting furiously against my throat. She collapsed on top of me and I put my arms around her and held her close until her body stopped shaking. Her orgasms were Earth shattering, what they must have been like for her I can only guess at.

We had completely misted up the car windows with our exertions so after we had straightened our clothing I opened the driver and passenger windows and we sat, Lauren curled on my lap in the pushed back passenger seat and smoked a couple of cigarettes in almost total exhausted silence.

Eventually she got out of the car and walked around to the driver's door and got behind the wheel, I pulled the seat forward again and she drove me to the end of the lane.

"I'm not kissing you again," I chuckled as I got out of the car, "It's too bloody dangerous!"

I watched her drive off and started to walk home, carrying my coat and boots. That ten minute walk took me almost half and hour and I smoked another three cigarettes on the way. I thought that it was probably fortunate that the twins were going away the next week, the idea of being shagged to total exhaustion by the pair of them was highly erotic but not very practical when you need to go to work every day.

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