The Touch Ch. 15


I must have started to move because she raised one hand and held it out palm forward in a gesture telling me to stay where I was.

As I watched she slid her hands slowly down over her ribs and small round belly her fingers held stiff and just caressing her body with her palms like an exotic dancer. Then she stoked lightly over her pelvis and down her thighs, bending slightly forward to be able to reach, her hair flooding over her shoulders and flowing around her breasts like a dark gold cloud. Luci's body was responding to her own caresses; she was swaying slightly, her eyes closed and her mouth open. I could see her tongue moving as if engaged in a solo kiss seeking for a response from an imaginary lover's mouth. She drew the tips of her fingers back up the sensitive insides of her thighs, throwing her head back again, her eyes snapped open, a sparkling, bright blue grey, and she gave a little gasp as her finger tips traced the smooth lips of her pussy and another shudder ran though her body causing her belly to ripple and her breasts to quiver.

Luci took a deep breath and then moaned loudly as she slowly pushed two fingers of her right hand between the lips of her pussy and into the mouth of her vagina and then drew them back and forth until they were slick with her juices which she used to lubricate her outer pussy lips and around her clit. Her pussy lips were pink and engorged with desire and her clit was swollen and poking out from its hood, the labia beneath engorged with blood and clearly visible.

"Oh...God!" She gasped, "Are you watching me ..... I want you to be watching me .... This is just for you!"

Her loins were now gyrating as her juiced up fingers pressed and rolled around her throbbing clit. I could see it peeking out from it's hood, as she thrust it against her trembling fingers and I could smell the intoxicating musk of her womanly sex juices. Her left hand was moving faster and faster her fingers flickering between her pussy lips drawing moisture from her vagina to lubricate her butter ball and her right had returned to her breast to cup and massage the swollen erect nipple.

Just watching her caress her own body and masturbate was one of the most erotic experiences I had ever had. She now had herself totally aroused and was obviously close to climax and I remembered what Luci had said that night in the garage about girls giving the best head to themselves or each other. I was trembling and panting with her and my erection was throbbing between us, at some point I had shuffled forward until we were only a foot apart and I was leaning forward so that our lips were almost touching. I could hardly breathe.

"Kiss me!" she moaned, "Please kiss me! I need to be kissed!"

I put my hands on her shoulders and drew her towards me and pressed my lips to hers. Her lips were firm and moist and I could taste the sweetness of her lipstick and then our tongues were mingling the tips flicking and thrusting at each other, entwined like two swollen, frantically twisting eels. The kiss was long and delicious and left us both panting for breath. My hands slid down to find and caress her breasts, flicking and squeezing at her nipples which were rigid, hot nubs of passion. She moved her right hand down to join and press against the left pushing her fingers hard into her vagina with both hands, her arm was grazing the tip of my prick as her motions became harder and faster. She began to tremble uncontrollably; her hand motions became frantic and she was panting hard and loudly.

"Aaaaaaah!" She screamed. Her breathing became deep sobs as her pussy spasmed around her fingers, and the orgasm rippled through her body, it seemed to last forever but was probably no more than twenty seconds.

Her hands slid up my bare back the moist fingers of her right hand leaving a trail of warm pussy juices and she pulled me towards her, her chest heaving against mine so that I could feel her heart beating madly beneath her breast. My erection was pushed hard against her stomach, little involuntary spasms causing it to gently hump against her ribs. I briefly pressed her lips with mine and then drew the tip of my tongue down her neck and across her shoulder. Luci was twisting to free her legs from beneath her, and we were sliding down the bed so that I was now lying on top of her and my prick was thrusting of its own accord trying to find her pussy which I could feel hot and wet against my balls.

Her hand pushed between us to grasp my tool and guided it instinctively to the entrance to her love tunnel, just the touch of her fingers almost caused me to explode, I was that close. I thrust slowly forward until I had pushed the whole length of my rock hard erection into her as far as it would go. For a long minute I just lay there savouring the sweet sensation of being as hard into Luci as I could get and enjoying the soft warm, post orgasm, tight, wetness surrounding my cock.

I raised myself up on my elbows so that I could look at her face. Her cheeks were a little flushed and she was still breathing in little shallow pants, but she was smiling and her eyes were bright and sparkling.

"Wow!" That was the only word that I could to find to describe how I felt at that moment.

Luci's breathing started to deepen and she began to move her hips gently humping her self onto my prick and the need in her to cum again was almost palpable. This time she was not the wanton temptress, her wanting was more languorous, and I began to slowly and gently thrust back and forth inside her in empathy with her tender motions. We lay like that locked together shagging in slow motion for a long time; each of us breathing harder and deeper and moaning softly into each others kisses as we savoured the low slow build up of ecstasy until finally I could hold back no longer.

"Oh, Luci!" I murmured into her ear, "I can't ...... I've got to...!"

She giggled breathlessly, "Yes ..... me too!"

I started to push into her harder, her hips came up to meet me, and her legs curled around mine urging me into her deeper. Then we were thrusting at each other in long slow strokes, my glans throbbing and pulsing each time it hammered home deep inside the core of her, my pubic mound battering against her clit. Her vagina was swelling and pulsing around me as her arousal increased again. Then suddenly she was bucking against me furiously, impaling herself onto my quivering erection in small fast jerks and screaming out as she reached orgasm; and I was right there with her I exploded uncontrollably in long hard streams one after another until I was totally drained. My arms finally gave out and I collapsed heavily on top of her, and we just lay there panting and laughing and hugging each other.

We lay on our sides facing each other just exchanging the occasional pecking kiss, too drained to really talk. At that moment in time my mind was so full of my beautiful cousin lying next to me, the show she had put on for me and then the gentle languid sex that followed that thoughts of anything else were completely banished.

I felt the tip of a finger being drawn down my back from my shoulder to my buttock, but it took a couple of seconds to realise that it could not be Lucinda as her arm was trapped beneath mine. Then the bed moved and I felt the warm softness of Lauren's familiar body pressing against my back; her firm, naked nipples pushing onto my shoulder blades and her hair flowing over my shoulder as she pressed her lips against my neck.

"I thought that you two were never going to get there!" she whispered. Her breath was hot against my ear and I felt her arm slide over my body, her hand flat as she drew it up and down my chest and stomach.

"You two were really hot!" Lauren said. I realised that she must have been watching us, either from the doorway or a shadowed corner of the room for the last twenty minutes or so. For a couple of seconds I experienced a feeling of prudish outrage, then I realised that I genuinely did not give a fuck! Being with Lauren and Lucinda, perhaps because we were cousins, or because they were twins, was like making love to two halves of the same person, it felt right that everything should be shared, and it felt especially right being sandwiched, between the two of them in that bed, it was every man's dream come true.

Her hand slid further down until it had found and wrapped around my limp dick, gently squeezing and fondling it's moist length still slick with the combined love juices from fucking with Luci. I rolled over to lie on my back. Luci was on my left, at some point during out love making she had wriggled out of her kimono and was now completely nude and on the other side Lauren was equally naked. I slipped my right arm beneath Lulu, pulling her half over me so that I could kiss her lips, and then down over her chin until my face was nestled into her throat kissing and nibbling the sensitive erogenous zone. Her hand was still lightly caressing my prick which I knew was already starting to stir into life again and I could feel her firm nipples rubbing against my chest and wanted to tweak and caress those little nubs with my fingers but Luci had rolled towards me and was lying on her stomach with my left arm trapped beneath her body.

I nudged and pushed at Lauren with my face and lips until she raised her body up so that her breasts were thrusting towards my mouth. The aureolas and nipples were already starting to swell and their colour was deepening to a rich pink. Lulu's hand left my prick and came up to cup her breast and lift it, offering it to my waiting and eager lips. I took the nipple between my lips and sucked hard on it. She went into a frenzy the way that she had last time I had sucked her tits, her hand cupped the back of my head and pulled my face harder to her breast and I drew the hard engorged nipple into my mouth, and flicked at it with the tip of my tongue.

"Ooooooooh! Oh! .... Yes!" she moaned and I felt her start to quiver, a tiny rippling moving through her body from the light moaning in her throat to a shallow jerking at her loins. I knew that she was already moving toward one of those incredibly fast orgasms that she seemed to get to in just seconds. Then she was moving away, drawing her tits down my chest her lips following, with tiny kisses and nibbling gently at the skin until they reached my nipple. I never knew that a man's nipples could be so sensitive, her tiny sharp teeth fastened onto it and lightly bit down, the liquid heat of her mouth and the nip of her teeth took me by surprise and I gasped and arched my back. Then her lips were continuing their slow sensual journey down my ribs and stomach.

I felt her hand return to my now stiffening prick. Only it was not her hand as both were firmly planted against my rib cage, it was Luci's. Then lips were exploring my left shoulder and neck and Luci's tongue was slowly lapping its way across my cheek and caressing my lips probing to gain entry to my mouth. She twisted her body so that she was laying half over me and my hand, trapped beneath her, felt suddenly warm and moist as her pussy settled over it. I raised my second and third fingers tentatively and found her slit, her labia minora was still engorged and protruding between the lips of her vulva and was hot and moist and her vaginal opening felt very tight as I inserted the tip of one finger and then slid it all the way in gently rubbing the roof and walls of her vagina. She was still very wet from the combined juices of our love making and I withdrew my moist fingers and moved them upwards to find her clit, rubbing with my finger tips and then gently pinching the slippery little nubbin between fingers and thumb.

"That's good .... Very good!" she whispered in my ear. Then moved back to cover her mouth with mine, her tongue flicking and probing around my mouth in imitation of my fingering movements in her pussy. Her hair flowed around my face like a sweetly perfumed silken curtain.

My brain was numbed with trying to cope with the waves of erotic sensation being wrung from my body by my two fantastic, sexy cousins and my prick was now fully erect again in response to Luci's tiny hand gently gliding up and down the quivering length. A second hand joined Luci's around my erection both slowly caressing the length; it was a totally unique and fabulous experience receiving a hand job from two girls at the same time. Lauren shuffled down my body until she was level with my groin and I felt the sudden wet heat of her lips closing over the tip of my prick. My roiling mind registered that she had told me that she had never given a guy a blow job. My right arm was now free and I pushed myself up, Luci's smiling, beautiful face was close to mine but Lauren's face was screened by her cascade of hair which I could feel softly tickling my belly and thighs.

"Lulu," I moaned urgently, "You don't have to .......!"

I felt her lips draw up over the tip of my tool and away. She looked up and straight into my eyes. Her cheeks were rosy, and her eyes bright and sparkling and her moist pouty, lips were wreathed in a wide smile.

"I want to!" she whispered, "I want it to be you I do it to first!"

She moved back and I felt the tip of her tongue move round and over my glans, and then her lips were closing around the tip and making little nibbling movements around the raised edge of the helmet. Both of the girls still had a hand around the base of my prick and with Lulu guiding started to wank them slowly up and down. Then her mouth was pushing downward meeting their hands and enclosing my length in a hot wet cavern of sensuous pleasure. Her mouth began to work over my erect prick meeting the pumping of their hands and getting faster and faster, her teeth lightly brushing the stretched and highly sensitized skin, until I felt that familiar tingle that was a prelude to ejaculation, and clenched my buttocks trying desperately to hold back.

I was so close to release that I needed to warn Lulu. She was now enthusiastically moving her mouth up and down my shaft increasing the pressure of her tongue on the sensitive underside of my prick with each upward stoke and sucking hard as she reached the glans. She was making little moaning sounds in her throat and there were almost inaudible slurping noises coming from the contact of her lips with my tool. I reached down and gently grasped her chin and eased her mouth away from my throbbing hardness.

"Enough now!" I panted.

I gently removed their hands from my tool and then put my arm around Lulu's narrow waist and drew her body towards me. She recognised my need immediately and swung her knee over my thighs so that she was positioned above my jutting prick and I guided myself between her pussy lips and into her waiting wet vagina mouth. I expected her to thrust down hard but she didn't she just lowered herself slowly down onto me, impaling herself a half inch at a time until I was filling her to the root and my prick was a rigid enflamed centre of agonised pleasure.

Lucinda had her face pushed tightly into my throat, her breathing had become deep and she was moaning softly her breath making mouth sized areas of heat on my skin and her tongue flicking in and out of her lips made little trails of moisture on my neck, her hair trailed across my face and chest. Everybody thinks of fingers and tongues as being the main instruments of stimulation during sex but for me one of the most erotic of sensations was the feel of the twin's long silky hair trailing over my face and body.

My hand was working energetically rubbing and squeezing her clit and massaging her pussy lips and labia and Luci was grinding her pussy onto my hand which was slick with her foamy juices. I could feel her vagina starting to soften and open up in arousal and her tiny clit was once again becoming engorged and firm. Our faces were close together and we were all kissing each other, I had only to move my face slightly to one side to find either Lulu's or Luci's lips.

Then everything was happening at once. All three of us were suddenly moaning, gasping and laughing idiotically, Lulu and Luci were holding hands and I was grasping Lulu's other hand, and we were all thrusting and plunging towards release. My erection thrust hard into Lauren and I felt her explode into one of her intense spontaneous orgasms, throwing her head back and screaming incoherently her vagina rippling and pulsing around my knob. I could not have held back any longer if I had wanted to and ejaculated with all the force that had been building up in my balls, filling her with more jiz than I believed that I still had left.

A moment later Luci gave a series of sharp gasps and rammed her pussy hard against my hand and she was cumming with a massive spasm, jerking and humping as she forced herself over my fingers.

We lay in a panting, gasping, giggling heap each of us wrapped around the others so that I found it hard to know where Lulu and Luci began or ended. I didn't care. Our threesome had been frantic, muddled and very erotic and we were all exhausted and shagged out ..... at least for a little while.

After a short time we got up one at a time to use the bathroom, Lulu ran downstairs and returned with a bottle of ten year old malt whisky, three glasses, cigarettes and an ashtray. Luci fetched a quilt and the three of us sat wrapped together on the bed drinking and smoking and talking about nothing in particular.

I suppose that the three of us rolled up next to each other in the warmth of the duvet could only ever have led in one direction. Wrapped as we were, every small movement seemed to be greatly enhanced, the girls were on either side of me and I could feel their legs, arms and bodies brushing against mine each small touch sending a tingle across my already sexed up and sensitive skin. Our conversation was moving more and more into the realms of flirting again and in the end it was Lauren who made the deciding move.

Her hand came to rest on my thigh and I felt her draw the tips of her finger nails lightly up the inside of my leg towards my groin. I must has given a grasp or groan because Lulu and Luci looked at each other in the secret enigmatic way the twins do, some unspoken message seeming to pass between them. Lauren's hand came to rest, gently but firmly cupping my balls. It was enough! My prick started to tremble into life and I could feel another erection beginning. I was a young, vital, healthy guy but since discovering 'The Touch' my natural virility seemed to keep pace with my enhanced desires and I certainly desired my fabulous cousins and wanted, needed, to fuck with one or both of them again. I was still a bit amazed and mystified at the way my sex life had suddenly blossomed and that there were so many gorgeous and willing girls in the world.

The twins must have felt the same craving as together they shrugged off the quilt and each taking one of my hands got up from the bed, the three of us standing just holding hands. I remember thinking that we must have looked like a poor man's witches coven. I was very aware of my semi-erect cock swinging loosely between us.

Standing together, naked, the girls took my breath away. They were almost mirror images, the dim light in the bedroom giving their faces a shadowy sameness, framed by the same honey brown cloud of flowing hair. Their figures were almost identical. It was the first time that I had seen them together totally nude and I could now detect the delicate differences which I had previously been unable to compare. Lauren's breasts were perhaps a cup size larger and the aureolas and nipples slightly larger and a shade darker pink than Luci's. Together, I could see that Luci had slightly slimmer legs and thighs and her buttocks were a little bit flatter than Lulu's.

Unless they were genuinely telepathic, they must have agreed something earlier as Lauren just tugged at my hand and said quietly, "Let's go!"

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