The Touch Ch. 25


"Has Mum called to say what time she will be home?" I managed to ask as I got up and heaved Maggie to her feet as well.

"Yes, she should be in about eight, she said to remind you that you promised to take us out to dinner."

"Indeed I will, "I said still chuckling," You will come as well won't you Maggie? I've booked a table at the Ship Inn for eight-thirty." I turned to Emma, "Get Maggie to tell you about Caroline's apartment ... it's not what you think... Oh, and I am sorry for teasing you, Sis."

As usual dinner at the Ship Inn at Burcombe was excellent but we decided to skip coffees and I drove us home. Maggie usually got the chore of picking us all up when we went out as a family and so, for a change I had collected her in Gwen's car and would run her home later.

I made hot chocolates for us all and Emma came in with another of our childhood games that she had rescued from the attic. This time it was snakes and ladders and the four of us sat on the sitting room carpet and played the game, and cheated outrageously and laughed and just enjoyed each other.

I noticed that Gwen was starting to look really tired, she had a long hard week, it was getting late and she was starting to nod off. Maggie had also noticed and nudged me, looked at her watch and suggested that it was time for me to take her home.

"You don't have to go Mags," Gwen mumbled sleepily, "Sleep in the spare room tonight and then stay for lunch tomorrow." She stretched her arms wide and gave a massive yawn, "Whatever you lot decide, just do not wake me up until breakfast in the morning, I'm going to bed, I'm seriously knackered."

"I'll take your bag upstairs," I said, I had noticed it still standing in hall as we came in. I left her to say goodnight to the others and carried her bag up to her room, closing the door behind us as soon as she came in.

She looped her arms around my neck and pulled my face down to hers so that we could kiss for the first time in nearly a week. As usual her mouth was soft and gentle and our tongues just gently flicked at each other, we could have stayed like that for ever but it just was not possible. I put my hands on her buttocks and pressed her close to me for one too brief moment. "You had better go back down," she whispered, "We can try and get some time together tomorrow before I go back to Bournemouth."

I heard Emma clumping up the stairs and darted to the door and opened it, "Good night, Mum ... sleep well." I called over my shoulder.

"Maggie is staying, I need to get her one of Mum's night dresses and a dressing gown," Emma said barging past me into Gwen's room. She returned with the garments, "I'll put them in the double guest room and then I'm going to bed as well .... You two can stay up all night if you want, I don't care."

She reached up and gave me a kiss on the cheek and then suddenly grabbed a handful of the front of my shirt and pushed her face close to mine. "Just don't let me find out that you've been screwing that Caroline woman, she sounds just too much like that Kristen Olsen .... And you had better not be screwing her either!" She kissed me again, harder and longer on the lips holding me against her by my shirt front. She released me suddenly causing me to stagger back a step.

"Christ Ems, you shouldn't do that .... I am your brother you know...." As I said it I realised how hypocritical I was being. I was sleeping with my mother, fucking my cousins, seriously lusting after my aunt and here I was moralising about my sister kissing me the wrong way because she was going through a teenage crush.

"Yes, I DO know!" she hissed and banged her bedroom door as she went in.

I went back down to Maggie in the sitting room and we sat on the settee for a half an hour or so, me at one end and her at the other, her eyes closed and her feet in my lap as we sipped at a couple of whiskeys she had poured for us. I was gently massaging her feet, partly because she found it soothing and partly to keep them in a place where she would not accidentally find the erection that having her feet in my lap had brought on.

"I'm thinking of taking your mother on holiday," she said suddenly, out of the blue. "She has not had a proper holiday since before your father left, and neither have you."

"I know but we have been so busy... and the landscaping and contract work .... "

"We are more than OK, we can cover it .... I'm not talking about next week, just sort yourself out some time off and put it in the diary, bugger off to the Costa del Sol or something for a week or ten days." She was correct of course, we all did need a break "I'm taking some time off in May," she added, "I shall spend time with the twins when they come home and then go back to France with them for a week or so, I shall ask Gwen if she wants to come with us."

"Yes, that's a great idea," I enthused, "She has been really tired recently and could do with a break. Can't you take Emma with you as well, she's being a pain in the arse again for some reason?"

She laughed, "One of us has to stand guard over you, we don't dare leave you on your own with the likes of Caroline Brookes and Philippa Shelby waiting to pounce." She grinned evilly, "Which reminds me .... Don't you think that Ms Thunder-Thighs looks a bit like Kristen Olsen...?" Actually she was right; she did, except that Caroline was far more mature and a lot tougher, with a mind like a steel trap.

We finished our drinks, hugged and she went up to her room whilst I pottered about in the kitchen washing up the mugs and glasses, and then went to bed, thinking about the possibilities of holiday venues I knew that I should go away somewhere rather than just spend a week working in our own garden but I just couldn't get enthusiastic about where to go.

The holiday issue was resolved to some degree the next morning by Gwen herself when Maggie raised the subject over breakfast.

"It's a lovely idea, Mags," she said, kicking me under the table before I could say anything, "But I will be starting this new teaching post at the beginning of May and I think that I am going to have to take my holidays between semesters as I shall be working at the Technical College some of the time."

"Why don't you take Emma?" I suggested, this time seriously. It was a totally selfish suggestion, if Emma was away with Maggie then Gwen and I would have the house to ourselves for a week or more.

"Oh yes, please Auntie Maggie, I would love to spend time with Lulu and Luci, and Mummy renewed my passport a couple of years ago when I went on a school trip."

"Why not? If Emma gets me up to speed with doing the payroll for the part-timers, I can manage everything without a problem." I added.

"OK, I would love you to come," Maggie told Emma, then turned to me, "I still meant what I said last night .... I want YOU to take a proper holiday as well, and you should think about it as well Gwen," she added.

It was another dull rainy day but we had not planned to do anything special, just stay at home. The girls had clustered in the sitting room and were already discussing holiday clothes and the like so I started to get lunch prepared in the kitchen; I was cooking baked gammon with rhubarb and ginger sauce, glazed baby carrots and parsnips, baby potatoes, and a Tudor Pudding for desert. I had soaked the joint overnight and changed the water so that I could let it simmer in the hob for a couple of hours before going into the oven. By the time that I had rolled out the suet pastry for the Tudor Pudding and drained the soaked, dried fruit the second pan of water was boiling and I made the dumpling, tied it into a cloth and put it on the hob to simmer until ready to eat. I had chosen both dishes because they were some of Gwen's favourites.

We all shared the washing up fatigues after lunch and as we finished Gwen nudged me conspiratorially, "I am just going to drive down to the filling station to top up the car for tonight's drive back to Bournemouth, and get some cigarettes," she announced making her way to the back door.

"I'll come with you," I added as casually as possible, "We can call in at the office there are some notes that I forget to bring home that I want to look at tonight." I almost ran out of the door and jumped into her car before anybody else offered to join us.

We filled up her car with petrol and then drove over to the garden centre. I could see that Jack had been in to check the greenhouses in the morning but there was nobody else on site. I collected my file from the office and then we let ourselves into the staff room and sat down on the old upholstered couch and just held each other and kissed for as long as we dared.

"I've been thinking about holidays," Gwen said as we drove home, "Mags is right we both need to get away ..... Preferably together." She giggled, "Do you think we could take a sailing holiday just the two of us, we used to do that when you were younger, Emma hates boats and if you were away Maggie would need to work. We could go down to Falmouth, charter a boat for the week."

"God, that sounds great!" I had always loved the week that Mum and I had every summer sailing in Cornwall, once, Dad had come as well, but Emma really didn't like it so had usually stayed with Maggie or friends, it had mostly been just the two of us.

"Nothing is more openly discreet that two family members sleeping on their boat, nobody would even notice."

"Perhaps we need to get our situation into focus a bit," she said seriously, "We still need to be careful, but mothers and sons DO go on holiday together, sons DO take their mother out sometimes, we have always done it in the past so why shouldn't we allow ourselves a little bit of freedom sometimes, without constantly looking over our shoulders?"

Maggie was with Emma in her bedroom going through her wardrobe when we got back and they did not seem to have noticed that we had been gone over an hour. I wasn't long but at least we had managed a short time alone together and now had our holiday to look forward to later in the year. We agreed not to say anything about sailing in Cornwall until Gwen had got the working schedules for her new job.

Gwen left for Bournemouth about eight and dropped Maggie off on the way. "I really miss Mum when she's away," Emma said as we went back into the house after seeing them off.

"Yes, I do too," I said truthfully.

We both went to our own rooms and I selected a recording of Handel's Music for Fireworks, but had hardly started listening to it when the telephone rang down in the hall. It stopped and I could hear Emma talking, I guessed it was one of her friends and then she tapped on my door and poked her face in.

"It's for you .... It's that skinny, blonde girl from the Cedars Retirement Home, er, Janet. She sounds upset!"

I went down, picked up the 'phone and sat on the bottom stair. "Hello, Janet? What is it, are you OK?"

I could hear her sobbing at the other end of the line. "Jamie, I'm sorry to bother you," she sniffed, "I didn't know who else to call .... Mrs.Harvey is away and I don't really know many people ....." Distressed her Yorkshire accent was quite pronounced.

"It's OK, just calm down and tell me where you are and what's happened." She was obviously out somewhere as I heard her putting coins into the telephone call box.

"I'm on the A360 near Church Bottom ... my car has broken down ... a man helped me to push it off the road and drove me to this 'phone box .... I can't get the AA or a garage to come out until tomorrow .... And I can't get a taxi!"

Not being able to get taxi in the sticks on a Sunday night was no big surprise. "It'll be OK, just stay there and I will come and get you .... I think I know just where you are, beside a big chestnut tree, yes?"

"Thank you Jamie, it's wet and it's dark and I'm frightened!"

I hung up and chased up to my room for the car keys and then fished my wax jacket and a fleece out of the lobby closet, I didn't know if she even had a coat with her. As I reached for the door Emma was suddenly right behind me.

"What's going on Jay, that girl sounded terrible ... what have you done to her?"

"It's nothing that I have done," I laughed, "She has got herself stranded and I need to go and pick her up, I'll explain when I get back....unless you want to come with me? She didn't.

Church Bottom was a back lane out in the middle of nowhere about five miles north from Salisbury, nothing but fields for a couple of miles in either direction, I guessed that it would pretty frightening for a young city girl, alone in the dark. Even though it was now raining quite hard the traffic was light and I spotted the light from the telephone kiosk after about fifteen minutes driving.

Janet was still standing inside the box and so I did a U turn in the road and pulled up and flung the passenger door open. She was wearing a waterproof coat so was perfectly dry but looked tiny and frightened sitting beside me.

She tried to explain to me what had happened as we drove towards the Cedars on the Old Blandford Road. She had been to the afternoon matinee at the Palace Cinema in Devizes and had broken down on the way home, not something that you wanted to do on a Sunday evening, very few garages worked Sundays and the Automobile Association were usually only operating a skeleton service.

I pulled into the drive at the Cedars and drove straight around to the back of the building and the kitchen entrance. The whole place seemed to be in darkness and there were no cars in the car park, just a bicycle leaned against the wall by the back door.

"The residents will all be in their rooms, either asleep or watching television and Liam, the night carer, will be in the front reception office."

I walked to the door and into the kitchen with her; she made no attempt to switch on a light, "Will you be OK now?"

"I still feel really shitty... look my hands are shaking .... I really did get frightened you know. Do you need to leave straight away?"

I put my arms around her and hugged her comfortingly, "Not at all ... do you want me to make you a cup of tea, or something?"

"Yes, but not down here ... you had better come up to my room, I've got my own kettle and fridge."

We made our way up the rear staircase; her room was on the third floor, one of the old servant's rooms in the attics from when it had been a private house. It was a surprisingly large bed sitting room, probably two garrets knocked into one, there was a tiny kitchenette at one end with a small sink, fridge, a gas ring and a kitchen unit on which were an electric kettle and toaster. At the other end of the room was a wardrobe and single bed, obviously unmade from the previous night, the duvet crumpled and turned back. There were two very old upholstered armchairs, and a small round table and two chairs in the middle of the room.

She crossed the room and switched on an old fashioned standard lamp with a fringed shade and then turned off the overhead light, pulled the curtains over the window and then kicked off her shoes and flopped into one of the chairs, she really did seem to still be quite upset. Her hands were shaking and her bottom lip was quivering a little bit.

Janet seemed to be wearing almost the same outfit that she had worn the last time that I saw her socially; a stone washed denim skirt with dark grey leggings, and the same grey off the shoulder top. I guessed she probably couldn't have a large wardrobe on a trainee carer's salary, but she looked cute and sexy even thought her make-up was a bit smudged from crying and her mousey blonde hair was a bit windblown.

I investigated her little kitchen and found tea bags and instant coffee and boiled the kettle. "Tea or coffee?" I asked pulling a couple of mugs from a wooden mug tree.

"Tea please... there is milk in the 'fridge, and sugar in the cupboard, if you want it .... I'm just going to the bathroom to clean up ... I won't be a minute." She unhooked a robe that was hanging on the back of the door and left the room; I heard her on the stairs and guessed that the bathroom must be on the next floor down. When she returned she had removed her make-up and tied her hair back into a pony tail and was wearing a floor length cotton robe, white with tiny blue chintzy flowers and carrying her top, skirt and leggings over one arm. She dumped her clothes unceremoniously onto the table and flopped back down into one of the chairs, whilst I brought the drinks over and sat in the other.

"Thank you so much for rescuing me," she smiled wanly. "I really am not much of a country girl ... I am more comfortable with bright lights, rows of shops and lot's of traffic, Leeds is always busy, even on Sunday evening."

We chatted about nothing much for several minutes and she assured me that she would be able to sort out getting her car towed in the next day. I had just finished my coffee when we heard the sound of a car pulling up the gravel drive and into the staff car park at the rear.

"That will be Mrs. Harvey," she said. "She always visits her sister on Sundays."

"Will she mind me being here?" My car in the drive was a real give away. I started to get up, "I had probably better go."

"No really, she is fine about visitors as long as they don't come in late and wake the residents and make too much noise leaving." She got up and came up close to me and put her hand on my arm, "Please don't go yet, I don't want to be alone."

Without her shoes she only came up to my chin, I tipped her face up and kissed her lightly on the lips, she didn't object and so I pulled her in to me, my hands lightly exploring her back and waist, my finger tips telegraphed that she was wearing bra and panties beneath robe but nothing else. I probed her lips with my tongue until her mouth opened enough to allow our tongues to touch and mingle and I could feel her starting to breathe a little more heavily into my mouth.

She slid her arms around me and I could feel her trimmed finger tips lightly scratching at my back through the fabric of my t-shirt and realised that I already had an erection which was pressing through my jeans against her thigh, she didn't move away but I could feel her leg quivering slightly against mine. I slid my hands down to her small, firm flat arse and pulled her closer and she responded by wriggling tighter against me her two legs straddling one of mine so that she was almost mounted on my thigh. I pushed it forward so that it was firm against her crotch and her pussy was pressed hard against my thigh and felt her whole body relax and lean into me, her mouth making deeper and stronger demands from our kissing.

"Oh Jamie, this is so good... I feel better already."

I guided her slowly across the room, arms still around each other and lips lightly kissing and nibbling, until I felt the back of her legs were touching against the side of the bed. I brought my hands up to rest on her shoulders and then slid them slowly down, over her breasts and ribs until I reached the tie belt at her waist and tugged it free so that the robe started to fall open and I could slide my hands inside. The bare skin of her firm, narrow waist was cool and smooth, I slid my finger tips into the waist band of her plain white cotton knickers and ran them around just gently peeling the fabric away from her body and felt her take a small sharp intake of breath.

I paused, this tiny girl seemed so fragile and I wasn't sure if her responding to me was because she wanted to or simply a re-action to her fright earlier in the evening. I certainly had no intention of even trying to use 'The Touch' on her it would not have been right or fair. I sensed that she wanted more but I could be sure and I didn't want to force her.

She must have sensed my reluctance. "What's the matter, Jamie? Why have you stopped?"

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