tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersThe Transformation Ch. 01

The Transformation Ch. 01


I'm a 54 year old happily married man, at least almost happily married, you see I have a problem. It seems that after my wife turned 50 she lost interest in sex. It doesn't matter what I say or do, it takes several months for her to figure out I need a little loving.

What I get after several months of begging is a really poor attempt at a blow job. I remember when I was a kid we used to say the worst blow job was still good. Well, that doesn't hold up now, it's so bad that after a few minutes I push her off and over, hop on top and screw her so I can get off.

I love her dearly but after a few years of this I decided to do something about my lack of sex at home. I had always fantasized about giving a blow job and servicing other married guys that weren't getting oral pleasure at home. So, I decided it was time to turn this fantasy into a reality.

I started researching on the net and found several places where I could meet other married men like myself. I decided to take the plunge and ran an ad. It basically said I was a married man looking to service other married men, specifically looking for a dom guy and a long term relationship.

After a couple of days I got 10 responses. I sifted through all the emails and sent out responses. A few more days went by and I only got a couple of responses back. You'd be surprised how many people respond to ads but really aren't interested at all. After about a month of exchanging emails I was down to one guy, Bill, and he seemed to have potential. Below is some of our emails.

Mark, I saw your ad and am interested. MWM, 55, 220 7+"cut. Looking for someone to service me on a regular basis. Not interested in a relationship, just want to find someone to make love to my cock and drain me on a regular basis. If you get into cross dressing that would be a plus but not required. Tell me more about yourself. Bob

Bob, I'm a MWM, 54, 5'11, 180. Laid back professional whose always had a desire to service other men. Sex with the wife has pretty well gone south, so I'm looking to explore my fantasies. Wife doesn't know so would have to be discrete. This is my first attempt at finding someone so I don't have a lot of experience. Hope you don't mind. Mark

Mark, don't mind at all on instructing you on how to care of my cock. What else have you fantasied about besides sucking cock? Maybe we can meet for coffee and see if we click. Bob

Bob, the wife is going out on one of her shopping escapades so I could meet you this Saturday. There is a MacDonalds not far from my house. If your interested we could continue the conversation there and see if we click. Mark

Well, Bob agreed and we made arrangements to meet. We set up a time, I gave him a description of my car and clothes I'd be wearing and he did the same.

Saturday rolled around and I was as nervous as cat on a hot tin roof, but I decided it was now or never. I got in my car, drove to the MacDonalds and parked in the back like I had told Bob. I was about 10 minutes early, the waiting was driving me crazy and my stomach was in my throat.

At the appointed time, I saw a vehicle in my rear view mirror meeting the description of Bob's making it's way to the back of the MacDonalds parking lot. It pulled up beside me and I looked in, I almost freaked . It was my neighbor, my friend that lives behind me and I play poker with every Friday night. In fact his wife and my wife had gone out shopping today.

He got out of his car and waved at me and walked over. He said, "Hi guy, what are you doing here."

"I'm here to meet a friend, we're supposed to have coffee."

"Oh, would his name happen to be Bob," he said with a smile on his face.

I sheepishly nodded my ascent.

"Good, lets not waste a lot of time here, let's go back home and you can come over. We can talk then."

I cranked up my car and was thinking about what would happen at Bob's on the way home. I got home, checked the voice mail to make sure my wife hadn't called and walked across the alley to Bob's. I was more than a little nervous as I knocked on his back door.

After the first knock Bob opened the door and said, "Hey come on in guy. Boy if I'd known about you sooner I'd have already introduced you two."

"Pardon," I said as I entered his den.

"You and my cock. Marge just doens't like to suck cock and I really love a good blow job. I avoid the peep shows cause I'm afraid I'll bring something home. God knows I don't want that to happen. So how long have you been doing this and what exactly are you into?," he said as he made himself comfortable in his easy chair. He motioned for me to sit on the couch which I did.

"Well, I haven't really haven't been into anything yet. I haven't sucked anyone off, haven't been with a man, but have always had the desire to get my hands on another guys cock and make love to it. I can't explain it, but the desire has always been there. Even when Suzy and I are watching a porno and the girl is blowing the guy, sometimes I imagine it's me giving the blow job."

"Hmmm, sounds interesting," Bob said. "Where are my manners, can i get you something to drink?"

"Sure, a glass of water would be nice."

"Not a problem, I'll be right back." Bob got up headed for the kitchen.

I heard him wrestling around the fridge and he called out, "Be right there. I hope you know this water is going to cost you."

I was a little puzzled at that remark until I saw him coming back from the kitchen. He had removed his shorts and underwear. His semi hard 7 inch cock was bouncing off his thighs as he walked back into the den and up to me.

He sat the water on the coffee table and said, "I think it's time to introduce you two. This is my cock, Marge calls him, Little Bob. Now why don't you and Little Bob shake hands," he chuckled.

For most of my adult life I had fantasized about this moment and it was finally coming true. In it's soft flaccid state it was much longer and thicker than mine. I reached up with my right hand and took hold Bob's cock around the base and started to stroke it. With my left hand I cradled his balls and started to massage them. His cock started to grow in my hand the more I stroked it. When fully it was fully erect it was much thicker than mine and about an two inches longer.

I bet I've jacked off 5000 times in the last 40 years and never really paid attention to how it felt to hold my dick. But now with bob's dick in my hand it felt so good, hard as an iron pipe, but covered with soft pliable skin. The way the skin slipped up and down his hard shaft was mesmerizing.

I sat up a little and leaned forward, taking in the manly scent of his crotch. I rubbed the cock head against my my lips, then around them. I took a deep breath and licked the tip, it didn't have much of taste. I opened my mouth and gently sucked on the head of his cock swirling my tongue on the underside. After minute, I sat back and said, "Nice to meet you, Little Bob."

Bob said, "That was good start, but no sense in rushing things, the ladies are going to gone all day so we'll have plenty of time to talk and play. You mentioned in one your emails that you like to dress in womens clothes. What do you like to wear?"

"Well I've never dressed for anybody other than myself. But when Suzy is gone and I get in the right mood I have some garter hose and panties I like wear. I love the feel of the nylon against my skin and when I jerk off I have a pretty intense orgasm. But, I have to be in the right mood."

"I'd really like to see you dressed up. Would mind doing that for me."

"It's kind of embarrassing but I guess so." I got up and went back to my house and grabbed my clothes out of a hidden spot and made it back over to Bob's.

When I walked into the den he got up grabbed his drink and said, "Come on."

I grabbed my water, got up and followed him to the master bedroom. Bob turned on the TV, popped in a porno and plopped down on the bed.

"You can go into the master bath and change, I'm really interested to see what you look like."

I hesitated for a minute turning redder by the second when Bob said,

"It's OK, I just want to see you dressed."

I went into the masterbath and took off all my clothes. I then put on my black garter belt, pulled up my black nylons and attached each one. To finish off I slipped on my black lace panties. Everything felt really good but I was so nervous.

I decided before I walked back into the bedroom that I was going to go with the flow. Even if this didn't work out it might be only time I'll ever have a chance to explore my other side. I walked out to the bedroom where Bob was watching a porno.

"Well come here and let me look at you. Hmmm somethings missing. I got it, hold on just a second." He went into the master bath and came out a second later with one of Marge's nylon house coats. It looked like it belonged to a teddy set, being out of nylon mesh.

"Here she just wore this in last night, I'll bet it'll make you smell like her and it'll go with your look."

He walked past me and sat of the edge of the bed and said, "Come here."

I put on the coat, and he was right, I could smell her from the coat. I walked over to him.

He reached out and rubbed my nylon clad legs with his hands. His hand ventured to my panties and he pulled them down far enough to get a look at my dick and balls.

He laughed out load, "No wonder you like to play dress up and want to suck cock. Your dick is about the size of large clit."

I was so embarrassed, I pulled up my panties to hide myself, then Bob said, "How does it feel to dress like a slutty woman for man. Does it turn you on? Does it make you feel slutty?"

My mind was really starting to spin but I managed to get out a, "Yes." I was so turned I though my heart was going to burst out of my chest and my little cock was starting to tent my panties.

As he played with my leg he said, "Would that be your ultimate fantasy, to turn yourself over to another man to be his sex toy. Is that it?"

"I've thought about it and jerked off to it on more than one occasion," I said. His hand rubbing my leg through the hose was really turning my on. The front of my panties was starting to get wet from my oozing precum.

"Why don't you get on your knees and stroke me a little while we talk."

I knelt down and took his cock in my hand and started playing with it.

"Have you ever thought about dressing totally as a woman, with make up and stuff?"

"I've thought about it but I know I'm not passable so I just get off on wearing the sexy underwear." I leaned forward and gave his cock a nice wet kiss. His precum was starting to flow too.

After a few minutes he grabbed my head and disconnected it his cock from it and slid the rest of the way onto the bed. "Here, get in on Marge's side, you can lay here and stoke me while we watch the fuck flick."

I crawled into the bed, bunched up some pillows for my head, that was about halfway down the left side of his body. From there I could easily reach his cock and see the movie, although I was more taken by the feel and sight of his cock in my hand than watching the movie.

"I can't tell you how surprised I was when I drove up and found you at MacDonald's. At first I didn't think it was good idea, but as I thought about it I changed my mind. The biggest plus is I have someone that lives right across the alley from me to service Little bob."

I just lay there stroking his cock, twisting it a little, rubbing the head all over, paying particular attention to the underside. A drop of precum started to form at the opening of his pee hole. I scooped it up with the tip of my finger and tasted it, not bad, a little salty and slimy but not bad at all.

You can't imagine how surprised I saw you drive in," I said. I really wasn't sure what to do."

"Not to worry now, I can tell you whats going to happen, you and little bob are going to become real close friends."

"So besides wanting to suck a cock all your life what other fantasies do you have. What really turns you on."

I thought about it for a few minutes, weighing whether I should completely reveal my inner self the said, "Things that turn me on are sucking a guys cock, sucking a bunch of guys cocks, being used by a man for his sexual pleasure, eating cum if it's not mine, sometimes wearing womens sexy lingerie, sometimes being fucked in the ass and sometimes mild verbal humiliation. There's probably a few other things but that's all I can think of right now."

"Sounds very interesting, and I think I'll be able to help realize all of them over time and maybe a few you haven't thought of yet." Bob said.

"Would you like to be my slut? But you must be willing to do whatever I say, in order to get to suck my cock and swallow my load." With out waiting for an answer he continued, "If you are willing to become Little Bob's slut then put your head on my stomach and give Little Bob a big sloppy wet kiss with those pussy lips of yours."

Listening to his words caused a stir in my groin as my cock started to grow again. I looked up at him and he said, "Your call dude, but once your committed your mine."

I rested my head on his stomach and watched my hand stroke his cock for a few minutes as I thought about it. Then I leaned forward and sucked the head of his cock in my mouth. With my left hand I reach down and started to gently squeeze and fondle his balls. After a few minutes I moved around between his legs so I could get at his cock easier. For the next 10 minutes I made love to his cock with my mouth and tongue. His slimy precum was coating the inside of my mouth and I knew he was getting close.

I felt his hands on the back of my head as he started to pump his cock in and out of my mouth. My tongue swirled around his cock for just a few minutes longer then I felt his cock grow even larger. As I heard Bob groan, I felt his cock twitch several times in my mouth as he shoot his load down my throat. The thick creamy substance didn't taste bad at all and I managed to swallow it all. I left my head on his stomach with his shrinking cock in my mouth so I could suck out the remains of his man juice.

"Wow, that wasn't bad," he said, "but you could use a little more practice."

I pulled his cock out of mouth and said, "Thanks, maybe you'll help me get some."

We lay there silently for a while, just watching the movie. Me stoking his cock, and occasionally squeezing his balls. The black male actor on screen was trying to get his huge cock wedged up a good looking blonde's ass. He finally got it in and was pumping away with his big cock and she screaming, Little Bob started to grow again. Within a few minutes it was at full staff.

Bob announced, "I'll be right back." He hoped up and went into the bathroom. A few minutes later his came out with a tube in his hand.

"Get on all fours. It's time to see just how much of a real slut you really are."

I got on all fours and spread my legs apart so Bob had easy access. The first sensation I felt was the cold of the lubricant as he massaged my asshole. After a minute or two I felt a finger slide into me, then another.

"When I was in college," he said, "this young lady I was dating would let me fuck her ass whenever I wanted and I got addicted to it. But as luck would have it our relationship didn't work out and that's when I met Marge. We've had a wonderful sex life but she is lacking in several area's that I really enjoy. One is sucking my cock, she doesn't like to put it in her mouth and the other is butt fucking. We tried it once but she hated it. Now were going to see how you like it."

With that he withdrew his fingers from my ass and crawled up on the bed behind me. He put his hand on my hips and leaned forward. I felt pressure on my asshole and then his cock penetrated me. He worked in a little, then stopped and held it there for about 30 seconds, then withdrew. He slowly thrust forward again, except this time it was a little further in and he did the same thing again. And he continued the process until I felt his balls against my ass.

When he first pushed his cock head into me I felt a little pain, but it subsided quickly. His cock felt huge, it was filling me up, stretching me. He was massaging my prostrate with each thrust and causing me to feel warm and tingly sensation down there.

When he was balls deep in me with his right hand he reached around and started playing with my cock. "You know your quite a sight. A grown man dressed in womens clothing with a real man's cock buried up your ass."

With that he slowly pulled his cock all the way out of me then slammed all the way in.

"Now your a real slut, your my slut. You are mine to do what every I want. Do you understand."

He pulled out again and slammed it in again.

"Yes," I whispered

He picked up the pace relentlessly fucking my ass, cussing me, calling me names, like slut and whore. After few minutes he slammed deep into me and held it there. I felt his cock expanded even more as he shot his load of man juice. The extra pressure was enough to set me off and I came all over a towel Bob had laid down. Then we both collapsed on the bed.

After a few minutes I got up to go to the bathroom. I was a little wobbly from my first fucking.

"Where you going," Bob said.

"It's getting late and our wives are going to be home soon. I think it time to get back to reality. We both need to clean up and get prepared."

"Clean me up first."

I got a Kleenex and took off his rubber. When I did I noticed most of his load was still coating his cock. I bent over and started sucking him clean, licking and sucking his cock and balls ensuring that not a single drop of his cum was left.

After finished I changed cloths, grabbed all my things and told Bob I'd talk to him later.

I got home cleaned up, put away my dress up clothes and made me drink. For the next hour or so I reflected on the days events.

Suzy came home and showed me all the things she'd bought and said she and Marge hadn't completed there shopping trip and were going to go back out on Sunday.

"Do you mind if we go shopping again next weekend, maybe you and Bob can get together and do something," she asked.

I just smiled and said, "No, I don't mind." thinking about the events of the day.

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