tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersThe Transformation Device Ch. 04

The Transformation Device Ch. 04


Author's Note: Well, a few setbacks and a broken External Hard Drive I finally give you the fourth chapter in the Transformation Device series. Sorry for the extreme delay and I hope you enjoy this chapter. The Fifth and final Chapter will be coming soon as it is nearly done!

* * *

Diary found in the remains of the Walsh Mansion:

My name is Candy, and this is my story. Until a few months ago, my name was Carl Duncan, a laboratory assistant to the Sanderson Foundation. My past has been forgotten but I have heard stories that I was sent as a Spy by a feminist group, when I was discovered I was put in Dr. Sanderson's Device and turned in Gregory Walsh's sex slave. Don't pity me, for I have enjoyed that experience, for he did not treat me as a slave but as a lover. My Master told me he would be travelling and going to a lot of business trips so I was instructed to go to Sanderson and order a Slave for myself to stop me getting lonely. I chose a girl named Sara Duncan, who I did not realise at the time, was Carl's Sister. Despite a deal being stuck, something went wrong and these events will now be told!

* * *

Candy read and re-read the letter four times, it was sent directly by the Sanderson foundation. Candy is feeling furious; she ordered her Slave over three weeks ago and now this.

Dear Candy,

I regret to inform you that your order has been cancelled and your money refunded. Please note that any contact to our organisation will be useless and no future orders will be taken from either you or Gregory Walsh.

Dr Sanderson

Candy can't believe this, could he have found out about her stealing the real plans? As soon as she got home on that day that she got her discount, she emailed Gregory the actual plans and he told her that she had just saved his company years and years of research. Candy now in a panic runs to the phone.

* * *

Gregory Walsh is sitting at his desk in his Hotel room in Chicago. He is going over the plans to his own transformation device and looking over the plans for the Age Regression add on that will surely make his company take over Sanderson's. His man had successfully outbid Sanderson's man by a considerable amount. The device is currently hidden within his very hotel room and he is taking it to his laboratory in the morning. He has a big smile on his face as he drinks some champagne in celebration. He also drinks to Candy at home who emailed him the real plans for Sanderson's device, after she discovered that the ones he stole were fakes planted for his team of hackers to find.

His hotel room phone starts to ring, he picks it up. "Yes?"

"Gregory it's me."

He hears the voice and hears the hurt in it, he becomes concerned. "What is it Candy? You sound upset?"

There is a pause. "I got a letter from Sanderson; he has refunded the money and is cutting off any service from us."

"What?" He asks confused.

"He doesn't say why."

Gregory turns to the plans lying on his table and breathes a sigh. "He must know."

"What?" Candy asks.

Gregory realizes he said it aloud. "Nothing, listen I'm coming home tomorrow, we will talk about it then." He hangs up the phone and looks worried.

Dr. Sanderson was not meant to find out that his company was involved in the auction, now he knows something may happen. He picks up the phone and dials a number. "Robert? It's Gregory. Listen, those changes we made the other day. Well, don't hold them anymore. That's right, so if you could counter sign them so that it supersedes the other. Well I thought about it and there isn't anyone else I could...well you know. So there is no need to put the changes on hold anymore, implement them immediately for me. Thanks Robert." Gregory puts the phone down and sits at the desk in his room again. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out the small box, he opens it and inside is an engagement ring and he sighs looking at it. He puts it down and leans back in his chair. "If you are there just get it over with." He says aloud. There is no sound, the silencer muffles the gun shot as blood splatters the opposite wall and Walsh falls face down onto the desk. The person in black searches the room and inside one of the bags is the Age Regression add on device.

* * *

Candy is sitting at a small table enjoying breakfast when the door bell goes. She gets up an opens the door and there is Phillips from Walsh's company. "Candy, can I come in?"

"Sure." She says as he steps inside. "What is it?"

Phillips looks nervous and uncomfortable. "Maybe you should...um...sit down."

Candy is not sure what is going on but sits none the less; her heart is beating hard against her chest due to Phillips' current state. "What's going on Phillips? Is Gregory all right?"

Phillips sits opposite her. "This isn't easy so I'm just going to say it. The Chicago P.D. entered his room this morning after he failed to answer his wake up call. He's dead. Someone shot him in the head."

Candy feels numb, then her heart seems to stop, her hearing goes and hot tears flow down her cheeks as her whole world crumbles around her.

* * *

Dr Sanderson is checking over details of his clients as the door opens and Shelly walks in holding a parcel. He gets off his desk and meets her as she places in on a nearby table. "This has just arrived for you sir."

"Thank you Shelly." He opens it and smiles looking down at the add on device so he can use age regression on his subjects. "Excellent. How much did it cost in the end."

Shelly shrugs. "They didn't say, but they said it will make an unnoticeable dent in your accounts."

"Perfect. Listen, did you get those files on Sara Duncan for me for me?"

"Yes." Shelly walks out and re-enters a short time later carrying a file. She hands it to Sanderson.

He opens it and reads for a bit and he spots something, he reads it twice to make sure he didn't miss read it. "Did you know this?"

"Know what sir?" Shelly asks with interest.

"That Sara Duncan is not related to her Brother. She was adopted."

"What?" Shelly asks surprised.

"Yeah, apparently her parents believed they were unable to have children so they adopted Sara, not long after they got pregnant with Carl. I doubt Sara knows this, her parents probably died before they could tell her. This actually gives me a clearer conscious; let's get the team together to..."

"Oh didn't anyone tell you sir?" Shelly asks surprised.

Dr. Sanderson turns to her. "Tell me what?"

She clears her throat. "The order was pulled and the money refunded."

Dr. Sanderson looks confused. "What? Why would the order get pulled after Candy did all she did to get the discount?"

Shelly shrugs her shoulders. "Not sure sir, the order has just been cancelled."

"Get me the file history, this doesn't seem right. This is our chance to get rid of Sara Duncan and her feminist..."

Shelly grabs Dr. Sanderson's hand and is twirling her thumb over his hand; he seems to stop to look at it. "Is that really necessary sir? We have other orders to fulfill and you have the device to install."

"Yes." He shakes his head and she quickly pulls her hand away. "Yes your right of course. More where that came from, I'm sure another opportunity to get rid of her will come up. Clear my morning schedule so I can work on the Device."

"Of course sir. I'll take this." She picks up the file and walks out; Dr. Sanderson absently rubs his hand as he picks up the device.

* * *

An expensive BMW pulls up outside the Walsh mansion as Robert Black emerges from his car carrying a briefcase. He marches up to the door and knocks. He has to knock several times before the door is opened and there stands a blond girl with red eyes and tears running down her face. "Candy?" She nods. "I'm Robert Black, Gregory's attorney. May I come in?"

She steps aside and he enters. He sees her properly now and she is wearing a silk nightgown and it really shows her sexy figure. He can see why Gregory liked her so much. "How can I help Mr. Black?"

Soon they are sitting down as Candy pours him a coffee and hands it to him. They are sitting at the very same chairs that Phillips told her the devastating news on the previous day. "First of all my sincere condolences. Gregory was a great man, I'll miss him greatly."

"Thank you."

"Before he passed away, he made some amendments to his 'Last Will and Testament'; I can report that Gregory has left you everything Candy. The house, his money and you will also take control of Walsh Software and the recently formed Walsh Industries."

"What?" Candy asks with shock.

Robert also looks confused. "This surprises you?"

Candy nods and leans forward. "I'm not sure what he told you about me..."

"I know everything Candy. Gregory was a friend as well as a client. I'm also bound by attorney client confidentiality"

Candy shakes her head wondering who else Gregory told about her secret. "Well, then you know I'm his sex slave and..."

"And he saw you as a lover, Candy. He even had this by his body." He pulls out of his pocket an engagement ring. "He planned to give this to you." Candy, shaking, reaches out her hand and takes the ring, fresh tears rolling down her face. "I'm so sorry."

Candy composes herself. "You have nothing to apologize for."

"There is something else; I have this letter and this envelope to give you." He pulls out a white envelope and a big brown envelope. "Shall I read it?"

Candy nods. "Please."

Robert clears his throat and opens the white envelope. "My Dearest Candy. If this is being read to you then I am gone, I'm sorry. My new Business dealings may have led to my death, if so I'm sorry. In all the time you have been in my life it has changed me as a person. I wanted a slave, instead I got a lover. If my time has come then it comes at a time that I have never been happier. Although I am filled with a sense of guilt for my part in your creation, I have a way to rectify that. In the bigger envelope is a copy of another file stolen from the offices of Dr. Sanderson that was taken when the fake device files were taken. This file I believe to be accurate, it's a file of who you were before I met you. I did not read it, but if you chose to find out who you were, you can. Please forgive me Candy, Gregory Walsh."

Robert hands her the letter and big envelope. "Thank you." She says.

"I have to go now. I'll leave you my card in case you need to contact me again. Once again my condolences for your loss." Robert turns and leaves.

After Robert leaves, Candy holds the file for the longest time. Does she need to know? Does she want to know? She is, well, was happy before so why does she need to find out who she was when she was an unhappy loner. "Because I owe it to myself." She says aloud. With that she rips open the envelope and pulls out the file. Inside are various documents, there is a photo of a familiar man with a pony tail, she reads the last name, she knows the first. "Duncan, Carl." Her heart racing she reads the rest and finds something that makes her heart drop. "Known Siblings: Duncan, Sara (Older Sister)" And she sees the photo to confirm it, she feels sick. She had just tried to get her own sister turned into a sex slave and Dr. Sanderson was just going to let her do it. The world spins and she tries to get up but she faints and falls to the floor.

* * *

Candy is standing in a brightly lit corridor, looking around; she sees various doors and nothing more. "Where am I?" She asks aloud.

"Your mind." She turns and sees the young man with the Ponytail from the photo in the file. "You...your?"

"You? Yes."

She turns and looks down the corridor again. "OK, why am I in my mind?"

Carl goes beside her. "You just found out Sara is your sister and you fainted and now your mind is activating a defense mechanism to stop you going into shock."

Candy turns to Carl. "Really?"

"Fuck knows, I'm just a guessing here." He says with a smile.

Candy gives him a scathing look. "A guess, you're my mind aren't you?"

Carl laughs. "Yes, and no. I'm Carl Duncan. Or more specifically I'm the part of Carl Duncan that Dr. Sanderson's Transformation Device forced me to repress deep into my subconscious. The device created a new personality, you."

Candy looks down feeling guilty. "Sorry."

Carl puts his arm around her shoulder. "Don't be. You have had a more fulfilling life than I ever will have. You have already gotten laid more times than I ever had." He gives her the OK symbol with his thumb and forefinger and winks which causes Candy to smile.

Candy looks at the doors. "Where do these go?"

Carl looks at them. "Anywhere and everywhere. This is my memory; in each of these doors is a different memory and different moment in my life before I became you. Through that door is my earliest memory, drawing on the walls in crayon. That one is of Sara pushing my sled down a hill. First day of School, first day at high school, first sexual experience the works. But to calm your mind, I have to show you that one." He points to a door. "It isn't pleasant."

"What is it?" Candy asks.

Carl looks uneasy. "My mother's death bed. I have to show it to you."

He lightly pushes her along and they come to the door, he grabs the handle and turns it. It swings open and they are in a hospital, in a single room with a window showing the corridor beyond. Lying on the bed is a woman around middle age but she looks weak and skinny, breathing seems to be difficult for her. Next to her is a teenage Carl, without a pony tail. "What was wrong with her?" Candy asks with a tear.

"Cervical Cancer, she had only minutes left by this point. She wanted to see each of us privately before she passed. She had already spoken to Sara, this was my turn."

"I don't think I should be watching this." Candy says with unease.

"Candy, she was your Mom as well, please, you need to see this."

Candy watches as the frail woman opens her eyes and sees Carl. "Hi Sweetie."

The young Carl has tears in his eyes. "Hi Mom."

"Hey, don't be afraid Carl. It's OK to feel sad but don't be afraid."

Carl wipes his eyes and holds her hand. "Aren't you afraid?"

She smiles. "No Carl. Everyone has to go sometime. Listen Sweetie, I don't have much time left and I need to tell you something."

"What is it Mom?" The young Carl asks.

"Before you were born, the doctors told your Dad and me that we couldn't have children, so we adopted Sara. She was the most beautiful Baby girl we had ever seen. Shortly after, I got pregnant with you. You were our miracle Baby. Sara was about to become a Toddler and god forgive us we considered giving her back to the Orphanage. But we couldn't do it; we loved her like our own."

Carl turns and sees Sara though the window into the hospital corridor. "Does she know?"

He turns back and she looks sad. "I tried to tell her but I couldn't. Carl, she must never know, the truth could hurt her. Promise me sweetie, promise you will love her and care for her. Promise me you will look out for her."

Carl smiles. "Of course I will Mom, she is my sister after all."

"Good boy. I love you Carl, my previous Baby."

Carl leans in and hugs his Mom. "I love you too."

Candy feels Carl's hand on hers. "That's enough." He pulls her though the door and closes it. "I never told her Candy. I watched out for her and now she is in danger. Dr. Sanderson will stop at nothing to get her and her feminist organisation. I went in undercover to get information but somehow he found out."

"What can I do?" Candy asks desperately.

"Candy, you have money and resources now. Sara is our priority."

"Carl, you know what I tried to do." Candy says shamefully.

Carl nods. "And that wasn't your fault. The Transformation Device detected my love for my sister and manipulated that into lust. We are being played and Dr. Sanderson is using you to stop her and her group. Listen, let me in your mind, you will get my knowledge of that place and then you can contact my Sister's group to stop them. Candy, we can stop them."

Candy feels strange. "What..."

"It's OK, you are waking up, let me in Candy...let...me...in."

* * *

Candy wakes up with a pounding headache and sits up. She rubs her temple and thinks, was it real or just a dream? Then certain things pop up, a big red bike she got on her seventh birthday, drawing on the walls in Crayon and...a number, a telephone number. Candy grabs a phone and dials the number not sure what to expect. It rings and a familiar woman's voice answers. "Hello?"

"Sara?" Candy asks.

There is a pause. "Who is this?"

"We met the other night, my name is Candy."

There is another long pause. "How did you get this number?"

"Listen to me; I know things about Dr. Sanderson and his base of operations. If you want to stop him, come to my house."Candy hangs up the phone.

Candy spends the next hour or so getting ready; she has a shower and has changed into some ordinary clothes, a pair of jeans and a tight black t-shirt showing her bust. She looks down and thinks it isn't noticeable that her cock is there, it is hurting slightly as she hasn't done anything sexual since Gregory passed. She looks in a nearby mirror to check her makeup is OK. She looks at her watch waiting and waiting. Now she knows Sara is her sister she is really nervous. Does she tell her? Does she already know? Eventually she hears a van pull up, she looks out the window and sees Sara and seven other girls marching towards the door and they knock. Candy takes a deep breath, and then opens the door. Sara seems to look at her and then speaks. "I'm sorry for your loss."

Candy indicates for them to enter. They all walk in and Candy knows all seven girls by name from Carl's memory. A dark haired girl named Trisha, a red head called Anne, a blond short haired girl named Amy, a brunette named Irene, a brunette with purple highlights named Ellen, another blond named Helen and a Gothic looking girl called Linda. Sara introduces them but Candy pretends to not know them. "I have much to discuss with you." Candy says.

"Well, please don't be offended if we don't trust you. You are a product of Sanderson's machine are you not?" Sara asks.

Candy looks awkward. "I am. But I also want to bring him down."

"Why?" Sara asks.

Candy says what she knows; she guessed it as soon as she heard the news. "I want to bring down the Son of a Bitch that killed Gregory."

* * *

The next few hours are dedicated to going over the plan. Sara's team brought with them the plans of the base, blue prints, photos the works. Candy is looking over Sara's shoulder at some blueprints. "We have established that this is Dr. Sanderson's office."

Candy nods. "It is but you are going to have a hard time getting in. The base is underground and the only way in or out is the Elevator which is locked in the day and locked down at night. Shelly, his secretary has to buzz you down via a camera during opening hours."

"Wait, I heard you got in at closing time one time, how did you do it?" Trisha asks.

Candy smiles. "Due to fire and safety regulations there must be a stairway in case of fire, it's hidden within the same Business building you'll find the elevator in, find the door and find the stairway."

Sara looks impressed. "How did you..."

"Gregory told me." Candy lied. Somehow she knew where to find it, only now she knows from Carl's memories how she knew. "The door has a simple locking mechanism; you will need to pick it."

"No problem there." Helen says. "I have picked a few locks in my time, shouldn't be an issue."

Sara nods. "Good, now the plan is simple, infiltrate the base at night, sabotage the Device and steal all files on his clients. Time to name and shame them. Then, we wait for him to arrive in the morning and we take him to the authorities with our evidence. "

Candy leans in now. "Wait, if we supply the evidence it's inadmissible as evidence in a court of law, especially if it's stolen."

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