tagMind ControlThe Transformed Man Ch. 02

The Transformed Man Ch. 02


It was finally time for Tom to be released from the hospital. Lacey would check up on him in an official capacity as frequently as her pussy could handle it. The body transformation and pheromone research would, of course, continue without Tom's knowledge.

Once at home in his apartment, Tom unpacked the clothes and supplements he had been issued, stripped down and got in the shower. A nice, hot shower, with particular attention to his big cock and balls, washed away the pheromones released from his sweat and excretions. He threw some clothes on and headed outside to get something to eat.

Tom was picking out fruit from a selection of particularly big and firm grapefruits when someone tapped him on the shoulder.

"Tom? Tom is that you?"

Tom turned to see a short, huge chested latina just about bursting out of a white tennis outfit. Her beautiful face, dark eyes and plump lips smiled up at him. She was probably just 5 feet tall. Her legs were thick and shapely and tan. Her waist seemed improbably slim above her wide hips and below her big breasts. The white tennis suit didn't fit her at all. Way too tight and short, it was actually pretty obscene.

"It's Paula," she said, looking deep into his eyes. How was he not recognizing this vision of a woman? "I was your guidance counselor your senior year of high school."

Tom did a double take and then realized who she was.

"Wow, Paula!" he said. He had been obsessed with her, as had many of the other boys. "How are you?"

"Normally, good. I feel pretty sore from tennis, though. It was the first time I've played in years. I even had to borrow this silly outfit," she said.

Tom took the excuse to look at Paula's outfit, and more importantly what was in it. Somehow he hadn't noticed before, Paula's nipples were sticking out through her top. They must have been big, thick and very hard right now.

"I think it looks great," Tom said, smiling at her.

"You always had a way of making me feel like getting ready in the morning was for something," Paula said, returning the smile.

Really? Tom didn't think she had thought very much about him at all during high school. His heart beat harder and his thoughts wandered.

"I probably shouldn't be very sore," Paula said, picking up the conversation after the silence from her last comment, which hadn't gone unnoticed. "The couple we played against did pretty poorly for some reason."

"Mixed doubles," Tom guessed. "Man seemed distracted and the woman seemed angry?"

"Yes!" Paula said. "How did you know?"

"I think I see why a man would be distracted and his wife would be angry," Tom said, smiling, looking Paula over slowly from foot to head. Paula could feel his gaze on her body, as if he had heat vision. She shifted her feet, rubbing her big thighs together under her tiny skirt.

"Oh you," she said, playfully swatting at him, then holding on to his arm. "Ugh, I need to get something for these muscle aches and get my sweaty body across town."

"I live around the block. Why don't you come by, you can take a shower at my place and I'll give you a massage to get those aches out," Tom offered.

"Oh wow, that sounds good," Paula said. "I warn you - I'm not very tall, but you'll have your hands full with achey areas to massage." She smiled, clearly quite warmed to the idea.

Tom abandoned his cart and took Paula by the arm. He slowly led her out of the store on their way to his apartment.


"Here are some towels," Tom said, putting a stack of towels down on the counter of his bathroom. "Soap and shampoo and stuff are on the rack. Need anything else?"

"No, I think I'm all good," Paula said. "Thanks so much. I was expecting an unpleasant trip back home. I'm so glad I bumped into you!"

"Me, too," Tom said. "Now you get naked," he joked gesturing to her clothes and then the shower. "I'll go get ready for your massage and make you some tea."


Paula walked into Tom's living room wearing a towel around her body. Her thick, wet hair looked as if it were slicked back. She smiled at Tom and accepted the mug of tea he held out to her. While she sipped it she looked at the table he had set up to massage her on. The room was noticeably warm, and Tom had changed into a loose t-shirt and shorts.

"I made it warmer for you," Tom said. Her shower had been hot, and she'd soon be close to naked.

"Thanks," Paula said. She put down her tea. "Should I just get on this?" she asked.

"Yeah, that would be great," Tom said, and helped her climb up. He guided her to pay down on her stomach. She was pretty bundled up in her towel, but Tom didn't want to rush things and make her uncomfortable.

She groaned and laughed as she settled in. Tom laughed back as he took her thick, long, beautiful hair in his hand and put an elastic band around it to keep it out of the way. He dabbed the water from her wet hair off of her shoulders with a little towel, then brought it across his own forehead. It was getting warm in the apartment and he had begun to perspire.

Tom started by gently massaging Paula's temples, standing by her head, his crotch in line with her head, which lay on a folded towel. He moved down to her neck, moving a bit closer to Paula's head as he rubbed away the tension.

He walked around until he was perpendicular to her body on her right side, just below her shoulders.

"Lean over on this side," he told her, putting his hand on her exposed shoulder closest to him. She lifted her left side. "Undo your towel so I can slip it down your back as I go."

She swallowed silently as she did was he told her to do, further exposing herself to him. If he had told her to drop the towel before she had gotten on the table she knew she would have. She wanted Tom, she had for years, and had been teased by the situation daily when he had been a student. She had known he wanted her. Of course he had. She saw the way he had looked at her everyday of the school year, and that same heat generating, lingering look of his had melted her whenever he did. Now it was possible, and an amazing situation had presented itself. But still, she couldn't understand why she felt so willing to be so wanton and loose. She hoped he would just ask her to give herself to him.

Tom put baby oil on her shoulders and rubbed them slowly with his firm hands, kneading away tension and generating a different type of tension as he went. He gradually slipped the towel down lower, and each time he did it tickled Paula's sensitized skin all the way down to the fire between her legs.

Her groans were soft, as soft as she could make them, and her facial contortions and smiles of joy at the massage were beyond her control to conceal, despite how excessive she was sure they looked to Tom.

"It is nice and warm in here," Paula said in a moment when Tom's hands weren't on her. When they were she didn't think she could formulate a coherent sentence. "I'm not feeling a chill at all, even though you've uncovered almost all of me." She felt butterflies in her stomach as she told Tom in this subtle way that she liked being exposed to him.

"I'm glad you're comfortable," Tom said. "I'd hate for you to want me to stop because you were cold."

"Oh, I'm not letting you stop for quite some time," Paula said, and began to moan as he rubbed her shoulders and back again. Her beautiful latina skin was more amazing then he had remembered it, and rubbing baby oil all over it was fantastic.

"I am getting a bit warm," Tom said.

"Why don't you take off your shirt?" Paula proposed. "No reason I should be the only topless one here." Now it was Tom's turn to feel butterflies in his stomach. He looked down at her body, slipping her towel down further, now to her waist. He could see the sides of her big breasts pressed against the table, her narrow waist and the beginning of her hips. She was so close to being exposed to him, but for now she was just on the edge in this more innocent pose. It was exquisitely painful.

"Good idea," Tom said, stepping back and pulling his shirt off. Paula opened her eyes to look at him, seeing his ripped upper body. Her fantasies about having the geeky boy she had known when he was in high school were suddenly updated. He was mildly concerned all of his sweating from the warmth in the room and working Paula's muscles hard would gross Paula out, but he wanted to make sure it stayed warm so she'd be comfortable. He had no idea of the effect of his medically enhanced pheromones on her.

Tom moved down until he was at Paula's waist and started working her back again, reaching up to glide across Paula's back and shoulders, down her sides and now touching the sides of her big breasts. He gasped as he touched them, his eyes rolling up in his head as years of desire were coming true.

He moved his hands to her lower back and worked the muscles hard, teasing out the tension and aches. Paula groaned appreciatively and shifted, now raising her towel draped ass up off the table. Tom's hands progressed toward her raised butt, slowly moving the towel down as he went. The top of the crack of her ass was now visible, and Tom felt his cock firm up. He bit down down on his lower lip as he took in the site of her huge, firm, gorgeous ass as it was gradually exposed.

Paula reached up and took hold of the towel. "Do you want me to... pull this off?" she asked, her breath coming quick as she began to slide it off of her amazing ass. Tom put a hand out to stop the towel, taking the opportunity to touch Paula, albeit through a towel, right at the point of her ass where her asshole was.

"No, you can leave it," Tom said. His touch on her backside had made her eyes pop open and froze the rest of her body. Her heart, the one part of her not frozen, beat so hard in her ears she was sure Tom must hear it.

Tom straightened the towel that now just barely covered her ass and moved to her feet. He massaged up her legs from her ankles, working the baby oil in, squeezing her calves. Now his hands moved up and he took in her thighs, luxuriating over the deep contact his hands made with them as they went higher and higher toward the towel and the last part of her that was barely concealed.

"Do you want to lay on your back," Tom asked, "and I can do your legs more thoroughly? I imagine a lot of the aches and pains are in your legs."

"Yes, that would be great," Paula said. Before he could offer to shift her towel and continue the effort to preserve her modesty she whipped it away, throwing it to the floor as she flipped over. She was propped up on her hands and she looked smilingly at Tom's somewhat shocked face. "I think you still have a lot of work to do," she said. It seemed like she wanted to get past the level of teasing, but didn't want to just hurl herself at him. She was naked, and it wasn't a big deal.

It was a huge deal. Flipping over like that and seeing Tom's expression, confirming her thoughts that he did want to see her naked body, despite his thing with the towel on her butt, had sent electric shocks of excitement down Paula's body. Her big, brown nipples were rock hard on her massive breasts, and clearly not from any cold, since it was so warm in the room. She comfortably let her legs drift apart, slowly and tantalizingly exposing her trimmed bush, the hair shining with the copious wetness that had poured from her just about from the time she had started talking with Tom at the market. If she could have grabbed his head and shoved his shocked, open mouth right onto her throbbing mound she would have. But something made her want to keep this unbearable tension building, even now that she was naked and it could only go so much further.

"You look kind of heated up," Paula said, letting Tom know she could tell he was going crazy looking at her. "Why don't you lose the shorts? I'm already naked, after all," she said, waving a hand down her body, as if he hadn't noticed.

He stood and hooked his thumbs under the elastic at either side of his shorts and pulled them down with the same sort of casual air that he thought Paula had had when she exposed herself to him. And just as he had been blown away to see her gorgeous, shapely, aroused body, and he looked at her face as she saw his giant cock flop free of it's confines.

"Ready?" Tom asked, rubbing more baby oil onto his hands and trying to seem casual.

"Oh...I...then," Paula stammered incoherently.

"Why don't you scoot down so your legs are hanging off of the table and you're sitting on your butt at the edge here," Tom asked Paula.

Here eyes were locked on his face, occasionally drinking in the site of the rest of his body as she moved. Tom went back to her feet and started spreading her legs and moving between them. Paula panted now, her heart pounding in her chest as she moved into position for what she felt certain was the consummation of this playful build up. As Paula's butt rested at the edge of the table Tom took her feet and brought them up to rest against his toned chest, exposing her enflamed sex and positioning it perfectly if Tom wanted to lay his cock into her. The heat and smell of her moist sex filled the air around them, making it clear that Paula wanted Tom, and Tom's thickening cock, getting even larger than it was, told Paula the same. Her dripping, swollen pussy lips throbbed in expectation of the contact with his huge cock.

Tom gently pushed her upper body down, laying her down, his downward pointing cock briefly pressing against her pussy as he moved forward. As Paula went down, Tom's hands slid down her body and his forearms, which had touched the sides of her huge breasts were replaced by his hands, which moved slowly but surely, not lingering at all where they both so desperately wanted them. Paula groaned from the physical contact, and then felt frustration as Tom moved back and started massaging the oil into her calves.

The position Tom had put Paula in, while terribly erotic, was also useful for really working Paula's legs. Her toes gently dug into his chest as his strong hands forcefully squeezed the muscles of her thick legs. Now his hands moved up to her outer thighs, and he stroked and massaged up and down them from her knees to her waist, his thumbs on the front of her thighs and her hips, the rest of his hands on the sides.

The sensuality seemed to excite and ready every nerve in her body. On the upstroke, as he moved up along her round, tanned legs, over her hips, his crotch, the impossibly thick, densely muscled cock root and the bush of curly pubic hair pressed against Paula's splayed pussy, eliciting even more moans and groans than she made constantly at this point in the massage. Her pubic hair was matted down, her lips swollen, nothing left in an unexcited, protected state.

Tom grunted, as well, as he moved his rippling muscles to massage deeply, and not ignorant of the contact with Paula's body or the effect he was having on her.

"You're moaning a lot when I'm working you up here," he said, massaging her hips, his crotch pressed against hers, his thumbs so close to her crotch. Paula's eyes were rolled up in her head, her mouth open and moaning. "I think I want to focus on this area for a while."

"But there's no reason to keep your feet up here now that I'm done working your legs," he said, taking her legs in his hands. "Why don't I put them over my shoulders, to make you more comfortable?"

This was, in fact, more comfortable for Paula, but way more importantly it put their crotches even more in line.

"Only thing is," Tom said, moving back a bit from Paula until her ankles were on his shoulders. "I keep brushing my.....my cock up against you," Tom said, knowing his frank, obscene talk about what he knew from the moans and gyrations it elicited was driving Paula crazy. "Would it be OK if I just laid it here on you, so I'm not in danger of poking into you with it?" he asked. He wrapped a hand around the base of his cock and gestured toward Paula's crotch and stomach. Even aroused it didn't stand straight out, but hung thick and dense and long, like a huge long, coiled up rope.

Paula stared at it, wide eyed, biting her lip at the site of the precum at its tip. She grunted an "uh huh" and shook her head. Tom seemed to throw his cock against Paula, the precum spilling out into her navel. He slid his cock up her until his fist-sized balls pressed up against her ass and wet opening.

"Is that OK?" he asked as innocently as he could. Paula was a sweaty, quivering, moaning mess. Again she grunted "uh huh", and this time reached down with both hands to steady and arrange Tom's cock. As incredibly sexual as this was for both of them they acted like she was doing no more than straightening his tie or fixing a piece of hair out of place. She lifted her butt and moved herself and him, now reaching down a hand to adjust the lips of her pussy so that his cock lay along her slit, a lip on either side, her throbbing click under the massive hunk of meat that stretched up to her belly.

"Ok, here we go," Tom said, and started massaging Paula's hips. His hands worked hard, and they drifted, now massaging the portions of her huge ass that weren't pressed against the table, then stretching up to massage her stomach, her ribs, and her giant tits. His hands wound about her neck, then massaging up to her chin, then back down her shoulders and to her chest above her breasts. As he moved along her body his cock moved, sliding along her soaked slit, the weight and pressure of him working every nerve and sensory point Paula's pussy and clit had.

His hands moved back down to her breasts, the objects of his high school obsession, and he explored them. Every angle and curve was moistened and squeezed, from the top of her breasts to the sides, the sides that touched each other and underneath. He glided over, barely missed and finally squeezed and pinched her big, hard, brown nipples.

Paula's moans, long ago past subtle or under her breath, were now screams. She twisted her ass this way and that to maximize contact with Tom's slicked cock. Her fuck hole ached to be filled with it, while she knew it would destroy her, undo her, put her over the edge.

The screams continued, not clearly from pleasure, but also from a burning desire and from the pain of the weight of his cock and it's unrelenting abrasion of her most sensitive parts.

"Let's move you down a bit further," Tom said, pulling Paula's willing body down off the table more until her ass was off of it. "I want to oil up and massage your ass, and your asshole," he said casually, knowing the nonchalant rendering of this complete obscenity while he slid his fat cock between her thick, glistening thighs would drive her mad.

His hands dripping with oil he squeezed and explored her huge, firm, smooth ass, his cock sawing away at her soaked slit. Her body heaved and contorted, trying to stay conscious, trying to get the most contact possible with his cock. Her hands held the table on either side of her head. Her eyes were squeezed shut, tears pouring from them, her screams amazingly loud.

Tom's fingers moved around the massive ass to slide along her ass crack, brushing up against Paula's twitching asshole. He gently massaged her butt-hole with oil as he slid his body back away from her. Paula broke from her screaming and possession to lift up on her body up on her hands and look down between them, alarmed that Tom was stopping what he had been doing.

She looked up into his eyes just as he moved one hand from her ass to guide his cock, putting the head of it finally at her opening. A huge smile of joy swept across Paula's face and she lay back down, holding the table where she had been, bracing for the impact Tom's huge cock would have on her body as he filled her.

Paula's screams and tears resumed as he slowly, gently, but firmly forced his cock into her. Her well massaged and lubricated hips were held fast in his hands, helping Tom to fight against Paula's muscles and bones to fit all of himself in her.

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