tagMind ControlThe Transformed Man Ch. 06

The Transformed Man Ch. 06


From last chapter:

Susan grunted a final, loud noise of satisfaction and dropped flat to the floor, plopping Tom's huge cock from the boiling cum bath of her sex. Debbie's eyes widened at the site of his cock and all that cum and she swallowed him, working to take as much of him in her mouth and throat as she could. She surprised herself with what she could achieve thanks to the effects Tom's cum had on her.

"I think we're going to have a little costume party to introduce you to Debbie's friends, Tom," Paula said, smiling. She stroked her well used bushy pussy, thinking about all the sluts Tom would have under his control in their harem.


Debbie's eyes watered as Tom held her head firmly, but lovingly, pumping his huge cock impossibly deep into her face. Her lips were swollen, her saliva pouring out over her chin. Her breathing through her nose was labored from her stimulation and from being choked by this pole of cock flesh. She was thankful he was force feeding her, because if she had been able to, she would have pulled away.

If Tom's own will had anything to do with how he used his harem, he wouldn't have been ramming his cock down Debbie's throat, but he had no more control over that then he had over the quantity of cum his big bull balls made, or the effect it had on the women there with him.

Debbie's hand squeezed tightly at the base of Tom's cock and his balls out of desperation, and just then she felt the pulsation of a heavy stream of cum traveling up the long, thick, hard cock and fire into her throat with the strength of an opened spigot. Her screams around his cock were as much out of relief as from the power of the cum itself over her.

Tom held her steady, feeding her cum straight into her belling, grunting with each throb of his cock, until finally he withdrew from Debbie's throat and mouth and released her head. She collapsed on top of Susan's sweaty back, both of them snoring contentedly.


Debbie's three friends who had been at the convention were all invited, and the rest of the harem prepared for their visit, when they weren't being fucked senseless by Tom or trying to maintain at least their employment from their pre-Tom days.

Costumes, equipment, props and all the other required objects were collected, and the plan and script were carefully reviewed.

"We're going to tape this," Tom told the harem.

"Um..." Susan said, "is that a good idea? Are we going to trick these girls and you're basically going to rape them senseless?"

"Yes, that's exactly what we'll do," Tom said. "That's why it will make such a good video. And once they're filled with my cum their feelings about being tricked and fucked against their will will change."

"That's true," Susan said. "Debbie was brought here under false pretenses."

"And I'm very thankful I was," Debbie said. "Tom's right - you won't see better acting than what you'll see my friends do when what we're planning happens." She smiled, thinking about the terror and ecstasy they'd experience.


Theresa, Laura and Kristin were pretty easy to convince. Debbie's excitement, despite her secretiveness, had a lot to do with it. Theresa probably helped, too. She hadn't forgotten about Debbie.

They were put up in Susan's apartment, and Paula's house was set up for the party. Debbie managed the guests.

She treated them to a relaxing spa treatment. Under different circumstances Tom would have massaged them like he did Paula, but there was something else in mind for the girls. Instead, after their warm, scented baths they were dressed in white cloth, like togas.They were excited about the little costume party they thought they were going to participate in, as Debbie drove them over to Paula's house.

Meanwhile, Paula and Susan got Tom ready.

"You're sure you want to do this, right?" Susan asked. "You're basically going to rape those three."

"I'm most certainly going to rape them, and scare them senseless. That terror will only build up inside them and they'll try to fight the pleasure they'll feel. It will make their orgasms and their submission even more intense," Tom said.

"And once they get Tom's cum in them they'll just be worried about pleasing him, not thinking of what he'll do as rape at all," Paula said.

"And you're sure you're OK with everything about this costume?" Susan asked, just as incredulous.

"Yes," Tom told them. "Did you double check all of the cameras?"

"Yes," Susan said. "Everything that happens in that room will be filmed from every angle."

"Ok, then get me ready," Tom said.

Susan took Tom's clothes off, trying desperately not to stroke him and go down on him, and not bend over and rub herself against him. Paula put the massive bull mask over his head, securing the cowhide flaps across his chest and back, the hidden belts strapped around his chest to keep the huge, horned head steady.

Susan got a piece of soft leather with a strap attached to it and hung it around Tom's waist, the flap hanging over his cock and balls just barely.

"Susan, lift that flap and suck his cock while I put the tail in," Paula said. Susan didn't need to be asked twice, and Tom always needed to unload a cup of cum. She held onto his thighs, moaning in delight as she sucked and licked, Tom's cock filling her mouth as her saliva coated her lips and chin.

Paula took a dildo meant to put pressure on a man's prostate gland in her hand. It had a thick, dark bull's tail attached to the back of it. She coated it with a huge amount of lube, rubbing it on the dildo to make sure it was coated entirely. She brought it up to Tom's exposed ass, while his attention was focused on Susan's deep sucking. She pressed it against his asshole, moving it around to lube up Tom's asshole and get him used to the feeling before slowly sliding it in. He grunted, and Susan moaned as his cock seemed to get even harder. Paula worked it in deeper until only the tail stuck out, and now Susan was blowing the minotaur, the body of a muscular man, with the head and tail, and maybe the cock and balls of a bull.

Tom got into character, grunting, and grabbing Susan's head like something part animal, his legs spread to make room for his monster cock and his big tail. The tail made his cock absolutely throb, feeling harder and thicker than ever.

Tom grabbed Susan roughly, pulling her to her feet, his cock popping out of her mouth to groans of confusion and frustration from her. Tom spun her around, pushing her over, and Susan's frustration turned to excitement. She reached out to brace herself, getting a hold of the wall just as Tom filled her from behind while he grunted loudly, beating his chest, then holding her roughly around the waist.

Tom and Susan had been too busy fucking to notice Paula had changed. Now they saw her walk into their field of vision. She wore a leather harness that looked like straps that went over her shoulders and down to her thighs, with straps joining them under and over her huge tits, across her belly, around her thighs and framing her wet, hairy pussy. Thigh high, tight books were the only other thing she wore, and they only accentuated her big hot muff and plump round ass. She held a cat-o-nine tails in one, smacking it into her other hand.

"I think I might like this," Paula said, coming over to where Tom was giving Susan the fucking of a lifetime. Susan held onto the wall while Tom grunted like an animal and banged into her. Paula pulled Susan's hair, making her look up while she put the cat-o-nine tails under her bent over form, smacking her tits and her inner thighs. "Take that cock, you slut!" Paula yelled at Susan.

Somehow Susan came harder than she had been, here knees growing weak. Tom held her up, fucking her like a rag doll until he exploded in her, pushing in deep to cum, the sloshing of their cum in her pussy overflowing out of her to soil his public hair and balls.

When Theresa. Laura and Kristin arrived the smell of sex was heavy in the air, Tom's cum stirring things in them that made them happy to be restrained to the wooden structure in the house that Tom and his harem had built. The girls wrists and ankles had padded restraints attached to them with chains coming off of them. Their legs were spread and bound touching eachother to loops at floor level. Their arms were lifted up, held together and looped through metal rings. A padded beam pushed against their stomachs, pushing their asses out as if they were bent over.

Paula came in looking at them defiantly, casually smacking the whip against one hand. Suddenly the hypnotic effects of Tom's cum seemed to dissipate and terror filled them. They looked around, eyes wide, hearts beating hard, calling out to their friend.

"Silence!" Paula called out, whipping the floor loudly. They froze. "You have bravely volunteered yourselves as sacrifices to the minotaur." They looked panicked and confused.

She backed up a little and the girls heads spun as they heard the angry, loud grunt of a beast. Tom, as the minotaur, walked into the room. The girls screamed at the site of Tom's muscular frame and the very real looking bull's head on his shoulders. He stood there making loud, violent sounding noises, banging his chest, making sure he had their attention, and then grabbing the leather flap covering him he ripped it off, letting his big, thick cock, hard with the anticipation of fucking these restrained women, and his big bull balls be seen by his sacrifices. His crotch as matted with cum, his body covered in sweat from the head of the bull head and his earlier fucking.

The girls were sobbing, struggling at their bonds, begging to be released. Paula came up behind each, undoing their togas and pulling them off, leaving them naked but for their sandals and hair adornments. She teased their backs and asses and the backs of their legs with the cat-o-nine-tails, accentuating their torment and anxiousness. She examined each, now picking up a bucket she had stowed to the side.

Theresa was tan and toned, a small part of her ass where a thong suit covered her when she sunbathed pale. Her firm, slim legs quivered, shaking her trimmed bush at Paula as she walked up behind her. Paula pushed a wide paintbrush like you'd use to paint a fence into the bucket of lube and slapped it up against Theresa's exposed crotch. She screeched in surprise and humliation.

Laura anxiously looked over her shoulder, trying to figure out what Paula had done to Theresa, and what she, presumably, was going to do to her. Laura's skin was pale, her thighs and ass thick and round. Her ass looked particularly big while she was bent over this way, as did her big tits hanging under her. Paula sloshed the paint brush in the bucket and applied copious quantities of it to Laura's smooth shaved pussy and ass. Lauara stood up on her tippy toes, trying to get away, making a sustained, high pitched noise.

Kristin, next in line to be lubed up, was shorter than the other girls, and she was fat. There's no way she would sunbathe wearing nothing but a thong like Theresa. Her ass and thighs showed cellulite. Paula used her whip in one hand to push Kristin's thighs apart as she slapped lube against her dark, thick pussy fur. Kristin had never been very comfortable with her body, and hadn't tried being with guys. Being stripped bare like this, spread and lubed so crudely, while it repelled her, also turned her on like crazy. She desperately tried to hide her excitement, while her nipples hardened, her breath quickened, her skin flushed and her pussy moistened beyond what the gobs of lube had done.

Kristin was no expert on cocks, to be sure, but she knew Tom's was massive. She would have thought he was just wearing a well done costume if it hadn't been for his body. He was so powerfully built, so toned, and his cock and balls, while all human, definitely looked like they took after a bull's. Her thighs quivered knowing that she'd feel that insane member deep in her before long.

Paula sauntered over to Tom the minotaur, her big ass swaying lewdly, highlighted by her boots and harness that went out of it's way to not conceal her. She placed the bucket at his feet, ignoring her chest beating and grunting. She put down her whip, kneeled in front of him, scooped up hand fulls of lube and jerked his cock and balls, making them shine like a throbbing, erotic statue cut from marble. She picked up her things and moved out of the way, and Tom slowly moved toward the terrified girls, their attention shifting from the minotaur head to his gigantic, ready cock. There was no mistaking what would happen. They were spread, nude and bent over. They and he were lubed up. They were going to get fucked by this mythologically massive pole of dick, their bodies and minds nothing more than support systems for the greased up fuck meat that had been sacrificed to the minotaur.

Tom walked behind the girls. They shook with fear, alternately looking over their shoulder to see what was happening and hanging their heads, trying to avoid seeing what was happening. They felt the heat coming from Tom, seemed to feel his breath from his bull nostrils. They smelled his sweat, his cock, his dirty crotch matted with cum. Unwillingly, they grew aroused, crying now not just from the betrayal of their friend from the betrayal of their own bodies. Being split in half by that impossibly big dick was terrifying, but wanting it was humiliating.

Tom moved up behind Laura, who was the middle of the three victims. Her big, pale ass stood out invitely, shaking with fear, her swollen, shaved pussy glistening. He grunted, holding his cock at it's base and slapped her ass and thighs with it. Laura sobbed, crying, "No, no, no, don't," she begged, now standing on her tippy toes, trying to get away. Tom put his cock between her spread legs and slapped upward against her pussy, the lube loudly splattering. He manipulated his cock between her lips, then slapping her ass again. He watched her ass tense, trying to close her holes from him. He put the head of his cock between her lips, and stood there as she wiggled, struggling, repeating her pleas of no, no, don't, even while her bouncing and shaking started arousing her.

Tom stood still, not putting his cock in her further, now reaching his hands up to caress that big ass, accentuated by her slim waist. His hands went down her hips to her thighs and back again. His grunts were softer now, appreciative. Laura made no effort to stop wiggling, though now they both knew she was making no attempt to stop the inevitable or dislodge his cock. To save herself from being thought of as a complete whore by her friends, whose thighs she could feel against her own they were bound so close together, she protested, even while she moved her body back as much as it would go, slowing forcing her body to take Tom's nearly fist sized cock head into her.

"Oh fuck, no, no," she cried, pushing back, "you bastard...uh...uh..don't...oh..oh...fuck...don't put that... oh God, oh God.... that massive... massive, of fuck that beautiful cock"

Tom smiled underneath the mask, teasing her with his length. She strained against her restraints to be able to push back more.

"Oh please, put that bull dick in me," Laura cried, her body desperately trying to take Tom's mythologically massive cock in her. Her pussy throbbed, stretched open, strained around him. Tom inched forward, allowing her a bit more dick, teasing her agonizingly, making her humiliate herself and beg to be raped by this animal.

Kristin and Theresa were overwhelmed with confusion and arousal and fear. Their own secret desires to be taken and used by this beast now felt like they could be admitted to, owned and articulated. They needn't have fear of dropping all pretenses of being respectable. They were strapped thigh to thigh, ready to be used for fucking, and they wanted it. As they grew to accept what they felt they felt Tom's hands as he placed one on each of them, his thumb between their ass cheeks against their assholes, his fingers between their legs working their pussies, sliding between their lips, forcing themselves inside them. He grunted, fucking all three at first, reveling in the control he was exercising of his own desire and the control over the pleasure of these three. They were being taken to new heights of pleasure, unrestrained by their senses of decorum, unrestricted by the size of cocks or a man's ability to pleasure a woman as long as we necessary.

Tom slowly moved forward, Laura bouncing her round ass against as much of his thick cock as she could get access to. She panted and moaned, sweat pouring down off her swinging breasts and her thick thighs. Tom slipped three fingers in Theresa and Kristin, readying them for the fucking they'd get in good time, the fucking they craved now. They wiggled against his hands, crying out now, too, urging him on with obscenities and begging.

Kristin's whole body seemed to tingle and throb, her nipples feeling like they'd burst from her body. She saw Paula watching their nude, excited bodies, their humiliation and degradation at the hands of their own overwhelming desires. Kristin humped back, eager to feel Tom stretch her fur covered fat pussy. His fingers sloshed in her, coming out to rub her lips and clit, then plunging back in her. His thumb pushed roughly against her asshole, swirling lube around it, hinting terrifyingly that his hunger might stretch beyond just fucking all three of them senseless in their pussies, but that he might also want to take their asses.

"Oh fuck, you fucking monster," Theresa moaned, humping Tom's hand. "Give me that giant cock...oh... you...oh...fucking animal," she begged.

Kristin's pussy tingled with stimulation, seeming to levitate her whole body. She tried to somehow mentally resist was he did to her ass, knowing that having his giant cock push into her, with her cellulite covered fat ass cheeks spread, would hurt and humiliate her more. But he stimulated her none the less, ignoring any sense of what they wanted. The only indication they had that he knew what they wanted was when he teased them with what he did to them and denied them and made them beg to be used.

Tom finally sank all of his cock into Laura. She was off of her toes, crouching, trying to push back as much as she could, filled to the neck it felt with his hot meat. A fire erupted in her guts, waves of cum lava boiling out of her, screams now of painfully intense pleasure, and she convulsed, wanting this fucking to never end.

Tom slowly drew his cock from her, knowing what she was feeling, smiling at the desperate need he had made in Laura, his latest sex slave, betrayed by her friend.

His cock now free of Laura's penetrated center, dripping with the ooze of her cum, he methodically moved to stand behind Kristin. His hands had left their pussies, and they ached to be used more.

Tom grabbed Kristin's textured ass, squeezing it roughly, spreading her, and letting his cock rest against the jungle of her pubic hair. Holding her spread he pushed into her. Her eyes bulged, she gasped for breath, and she squeezed her restrained hands together above her, as she felt the first cock in a long, long time inside of her, feeling like a bus going into her, feeling like she was being completely possessed.

Once in her to his balls, her pussy split open around him and clenching him, Tom moved his hands up and around her to squeeze her big chest roughly, to grind her nipples. The sensations were overwhelming to her. She had never felt anything close to this, and Tom was barely doing anything. He moved his hands back to hold the top of her ass just below her hips, and he began to pump into her, pulling nearly all the way out and slamming every inch back into her. Shock waves flowed against Kristin's fat thighs and ass. Her tits shook, and her tear and sweat wetted hair shook. Tom reached a hand up and grabbed her hair, pulling it back, keeping one hand on her ass, as he pummeled her with his long, thick member.

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