tagMind ControlThe Treatment

The Treatment


Anna struggled but they were too strong for her. The room was just as she'd always been told it would be: pleasant and comfortable; cool air with plenty of water and couches covered with velvet, leather and silk. There weren't any other victims in the room, just her and the people who would take her freedom away.

Light streamed in through high, slatted windows and reflected off walls of cool peppermint green. The carpet was thick and luxuriant red, the sensation exquisite under her feet. She was held between two strong men, tall and broad shouldered with hard muscles. Their bodies bulged through the thin cotton shirts they'd been dressed in. Their necks were heavily scarred where they'd been operated on. She wasn't walking out of here with her mind intact. It made her want to cry.

Hands like vices held her arms out from her sides. They were slender, tanned arms with a little muscle on them. She had beautiful, tanned skin with a texture like brushed silk. The light caressed her pert, round breasts and pink nipples. They were perfect, just the right size to be cupped in a hand. She gasped softly as she struggled, her neck muscles standing out. The air was cold, it made her body feel small and hard. The shallow valley down her stomach goose-pimpling as it led down to the smooth, tender slopes of her pussy. They didn't react when she sagged between them.

Hands tenderly reached from behind her and brushed the hair out of her face. They were warm and soft. Woman's hands. Soft oriental skin. They cupped her breasts from behind. Her body reacted in its own. Anna sighed involuntarily, shuddering as the hands caressed her. Her pussy tightened deliciously as the fingertips stroked their way down her stomach; down the tender skin to her pussy then, after the briefest electrical touch, to the soft inner skin of her thighs. She jerked and simpered helplessly.

The woman behind her shushed and cooed as she worked, stroking the soft skin with her fingertips. Faster and faster, sweetness as helpless as heaven as she stroked her way closer to Anna's lips. She bucked against the hand, trying to brush the fingertips with her vagina. The oriental woman held her tight and buried a kiss on the nape of her neck, tickling the tender spot with the tip of her tongue. Anna whimpered and begged.

"Hush Anna, hush now," the Oriental woman pinched the tip of her nipple. "Good girl."

Pain and pleasure blurred her senses. She let her head roll back onto the oriental woman's shoulder. The fingers ran one elegant curve around her vulva then plunged in. Anna's mouth opened wide and was immediately filled with fingers. She licked and sucked the salty vaginal fluids.

"Good, good, just relax baby." She cupped and stroked her breast.

Anna begged again. The Oriental Doctor sank her fingers deep into the raw flesh of her vagina. Anna bucked against her and the Doctor sighed happily, speeding. Speeding and speeding. Pleasure like liquid playing through her. Breath ripped out of her in huge sighs. The doctor nipped at the lobe of her ear and speeded up again, rubbing hard against the rough beads of flesh. Anna howled in ecstasy.

"There, yes that's it. Right there sweetheart. Come on now," she moved right to her clit, massaging it with maddening accuracy. Endless pleasure ripped through her, sweeping away every thought and image.

"Yes, yes." Anna gasped.

"There baby, just give in to it. Give in and let it take you away."

The doctor moved from massaging her clit to tapping it with the tips of her fingers. Pattering motion again and again and again. Lightening bolts of pleasure shot through her. Every muscle in her body snapped as she surrendered to the tightness. Her body wracked and bucked against the pleasure. Orgasm again and again. Her mouth opened and it was filled. The doctor swapped hands seamlessly putting the fingers into her mouth. Anna whimpered and sucked them clean eagerly. The last helpless orgasm wiped out the few thoughts and opinions in her mind. She sighed, whimpered and sank back into the Oriental doctor's arms.

Her willpower was gone. The doctor dismissed the two orderlies and allowed Anna to turn and cling to her. Her face was elegant yet sweet. She stroked Anna's face and kissed her deeply. Her body was alive with pleasure and sensitivity. The slightest touch was addictively intimate. She worked her way under the doctor's tight lycra singlet and ran her fingers over the woman's pale, silky skin. Her cornflower blue eyes looked up at the other woman eagerly. The doctor eased Anna down onto the pleasant stimulation of the velvet couch.

"Good girl. This isn't a punishment, it's a reward. You're beautiful. Nothing is more beautiful than you. Good girl." She whispered huskily.

Anna arched her back, the muscles on her sweat stained body standing out. Her breasts pushed out against the doctor's cupping fingers. The doctor sank her fingers down into Anna's cunt and started rubbing slowly.

"What have you done to me?"

"Just a few things to help you relax sweetheart." She massaged slowly. "Just give in to them and enjoy yourself, it'll all be over soon."

"Please don't take my mind." Anna begged.

"Oh baby don't be scared," the doctor rubbed her faster, the warmth and pleasure building. "You'll feel so good, hush... hush..." She traced her fingertips sweetly over the insane tenderness. Every nerve on fire with bliss. "Everything will feel incredible and you'll be so happy. Forever baby. Happy and beautiful forever.

"Sweeter, hush, sweeter." She massaged her clit and lips at the same time. Making Anna writhe helplessly. "Sweeter Anna baby, just give in to the madness."

"I need you." Anna begged.

The doctor cooed and shushed her tenderly, reaching for something under the couch. Anna's eyes fell on the syringe as it slipped into her skin but she didn't care. There was too much pleasure, too much bliss. Her love for this wonderful, beautiful force of nature meant that it didn't matter. She shivered as the drug rushed through her system. Everything slowed and blended into one thing -- light, touch, pleasure.

She felt herself detach and drift away from herself. Only the pleasure was immediate. The taste and feel of this woman on the bed next to her. The voice ordering her. Nothing mattered. There was no reason not to obey. Her worries and emotions dissipated. She was perfect. She was finished. She cried out and came helplessly.

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