The Treatment: Ch. 02: Decisions

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Ashley confides in a trusted friend about her anal options.
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In chapter 1, Ashley who just turned 18 is considering getting "the treatment" - a gene therapy procedure that rewires the nerve endings in her butthole so it becomes stretchier, more pleasurable, and elicits an emotional lust response. There's more nuance to her decision as she has to decide on various parameters for the procedure. Chapter 2 picks up when she's at home talking to her boyfriend Max over the phone about her deliberations. Also if you like this story and you have an opinion on what Ashley's treatment parameters should be then please let me know in the comments!

Ashley was laying on her stomach on top of the covers of her bed with her feet up, gliding her ankles passed one another as she looked into her phone in front of her. She'd just gotten back from the gym and was still wearing a sports bra top but she'd taken off her white booty shorts revealing just a neon pink thong. She was feeling a little bit worked up from her workout which included the glute exercises she loved in white shorts that let her pink thong show through just how she liked and she couldn't help but feel drunk on all the looks she'd gotten. Her boyfriend Max's voice came through on speaker phone in front of her.

"So when are you going to go in?" Max asked in a hushed but excited tone.

"Stacey said the doctor has an appointment in the morning!" she said excitedly, "So I have to decide on all the specifics by then."

"And.. what are you thinking?.." Ashley had already given Max a description of all the parameters that Stacey had explained to her, as well as the advantages and drawbacks of certain combinations.

"Ugh.." Ashley sighed, "I just don't know... A part of me really just wants to go for it. But with our.. situation, and our friend group, I feel like I'll end up getting raped up the butt a lot if I go too high on all the settings," Ashley giggled and rolled onto her back. "Ahh.. What should I do? What do you think?"

Max felt his face blush bright red at the idea of his girlfriend jokingly getting "raped up the butt" as she so colorfully put it. "Well.." he said nervously, "if that's what you want to do then you know I'll support you.. I'll love you no matter what baby."

Ashley turned back over onto her tummy arching her back and pushing her perfectly rounded butt into the air, "you're sure?" she asked critically, "it won't bother you at all seriously?"

"I guess for me it's not so much a matter of whether or not I'm bothered by it, because I know you want it and I can't give it to you, so if we have friends that are willing to help then so be it. Plus you know what I'm into, I think it'll be okay."

"Blowjobs are one thing though but it won't be different for you if they're taking turns in my butt?"

Max thought for a moment, "I mean.. It's hard to imagine honestly.. but I think I'll be okay. I don't think it'll be that much different for me."

"Even if they make me cum from my butthole? It's not like they can make me cum from my throat."

"Yeah but I'm used to watching you cum right after they leave," Max laughed, "that's not that different, I already know it turns you on and that's the big thing."

"And what about there being other guys' cum in my butt?"

"Baby you know I love your cum breath after you've been sucking cock."

"That's different though! You're not actually getting cum in your mouth from kissing me after I swallow cum but if you eat my ass after I get loaded up then you probably will."

Max hesitated at first, "it's okay baby I don't mind."

There was a short pause on the line and then Ashley interjected, "okay so what should I do? Should I do all the high settings and risk getting addicted to getting rammed up the butt?"

"I mean, baby you're already addicted to cock, what if you go just below where you'd actually enjoy being forced to take a cock up your ass?"

Ashley pondered, "I guess I like that idea.."

Ashley took a moment to consider her options, "okay here's what I'm thinking, stretch rating doesn't seem super important, so I'm thinking we go big, no pun intended, so anywhere from six to ten. For pleasure response, I'm a little bit torn, you know I'm a giver and a part of me loves the idea of being able to feel a huge cock just ramming all the way in and out of my butthole while I'm completely ignored and having it feel almost more like a massage for me instead of like, sex. But also I'd really like to be able to cum from you licking my ass or playing with my butthole in public. And for lust response I'm thinking somewhere in the middle, but also I think I'm already going to be so turned on by the idea of my butthole being so stretchy and usable. How does that sound?"

Max could hardly contain his excitement, "baby I think that sounds great I think you should do it."

"Really?!" Ashley said in an elated and relieved tone, "I love you baby thanks for being on my team all the time."

"I love you too. Do you think they have an appointment tomorrow?"

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