The Trip

byDana Gallagher©

Jill was sitting on the steps to her apartment, she was waiting for David he was coming to pick her up and take her all the way back to his place. Jill and David had a long distance relationship, and she got to see him so rarely that she couldn't wait for him to get here. She could already feel her panties getting wet, just sitting here thinking about him. The plan had been that he'd come pick her up; they'd stop to get something to eat and get back on the road so he could have her at his place. The drive to his house would take six hours at least; she thought she'd just have to make the drive very interesting. She wanted to dress all up for him, but it was so hot, summer in Oklahoma! She had only managed a sexy knee length black skirt with slits that ran all the way to tops of her thighs, and a nice dark blue lacy tank top that showed her black bra underneath, she topped it all off with a strappy pair of high heels, that just added a little height to her long legs.

She sat there on the steps, her body sweating so much that her clothes were pasted to her. She would have gone inside, but the air conditioner was broke again, David said he'd take a quick look at; he was good at fixing things. Jill decided to light up a cigarette; she'd smoked three already while she was sitting here waiting for David. Just then the door across from hers opened up, it was Ms. Smithen and nice old lady that would sometimes watch her children when she had to run to the store, or if the babysitter called in sick.

"Jilly, what ya doing sitting out here, on a blistering day like today?" Asked Ms. Smithen.

"Well, I'm waiting for David, he's coming to pick me up. We are going to spend sometime at his house." Explained Jill.

"What about your kids?" Asked Ms. Smithen.

"Ms. Smithen I told you about this, they are at their father's house for the summer. I decided instead of sitting around the apartment missing them David and me would take advantage of this time." Said Jill.

"Well, good for you Jilly, I rarely see you doing anything fun, just work and taking care of those sweet babies of yours. You need to have some fun." Said Ms. Smithen.

Ms. Smithen walked her way past Jill on the stairs and reached the bottom and took a good look at Jill's outfit.

"Well, David and me plan to have a lot of fun this visit," said Jill.

"By the looks of that outfit I know what kind of fun you have in mind. Jilly, you look too skinny," said Ms. Smithen.

"Ms. Smithen, yes we plan to have a lot of that kind of fun, and it's taken a lot of work to recover after having my babies and then my divorce, but if you think I look too skinny then I'll just take it as a complement." Said Jill.

"Oh you know it's just an old person's view on things, you look great really. Wish me luck, I'm going to the bingo hall, maybe I'll get to have some of your kind of fun tonight," Said Ms. Smithen.

"Good luck Ms. S, hope you get to jump some cute old guys bones tonight," said Jill with a smile.

"Oh my! Jilly!" said Ms. Smithen as she walked away laughing.

Jill knew Ms. Smithen's first name was Merva, but she just couldn't call her by her first name, she had learned young to respect her elders, even the ornery elders like Ms. Smithen. But, Ms. Smithen was the best neighbor you could have. As Ms. Smithen got in her car and drove off Jill's thoughts returned to David. She missed him terribly, the last time he'd been able to come out for a visit was around spring break time, when her ex once again had the kids. The kids had met David a few times, and he had even brought his own kids once, they all had fun going to museums, amusement parks, and such, but David and Jill had practically no time to themselves, even when the kids all were asleep they were too tired for much of anything.

David and Jill had arranged it this time so that each of their exs would have their kids for the time. Jill was going to have David all to herself for three whole weeks, she couldn't wait, she didn't know what they'd do for the whole three weeks, all she was concerned about was today. She wanted him so bad now; she hadn't been laid since the last time about three or four months ago. Suddenly she saw his truck pull into the apartment complex, was it really his truck she couldn't be sure, there so many freaking trucks in Oklahoma she couldn't tell one from the other. The she saw a glint of a green ball cap and knew it had to be him. She jumped up from the steps already giddy as a schoolgirl, even though 27 years was long past schoolgirl.

She saw the truck pull around the drive to the parking lot right in front of her apartment. She ran out to meet him. She was at the door of his truck before he was even able to get the door open. David was finally able to get the door open with Jill jumping up and down beside it. Between the jumps David was able to get a good look at Jill and damn she looked good, her short curly brown hair bouncing right along with her and her green eyes just gleaming at him. David finally steps out of the truck and Jill just throws her arms around his neck, his arms grasp her around the waist, they kiss long and passionately. David has kissed these lips numerously, but every time she kisses him, his cock tries to get hard instantly and he has to think it back down.

"Oh god I'm so glad you're finally here, I've missed you so much," says Jill.

"I've missed you too hon. Damn you look good," says David.

"Well, you can have me right now, if you wanna, I'm ready, willing, and able." Teased Jill.

"I'm sure you are, but I want to get back on the road as soon as possible. The faster we get back to my house the faster our visit really starts," said David.

"Well, I'll try to behave until then, but no promises." Said Jill.

" Fair enough," said David.

David goes into Jill's apartment and takes a look at her air conditioner, but it is beyond repair, and promises to buy her one when she has to go back home. They decide to get a quick bite to eat at restaurant across from Jill's apartment complex. The couple is seated at a table in the back. While they are eating their food, Jill takes her shoe off and eases her foot along David's leg and up into his crotch, the table has a long skirt around it so none of the other patrons can see what Jill's foot is up to. Jill carries on like she is doing nothing to David just sitting there jabbering to him and taking bites of her food every now and then. Jill drives David crazy; she has always driven him crazy since they first met, but crazy in a good way. David is trying to tell his cock to behave, even though Jill's foot won't behave.

Jill suddenly declares she is finished eating. Then her foot suddenly leaves the depths of David's crotch, he is relieved his cock was no longer obeying, in a few minutes he was just going to have to take Jill right there in the middle of the restaurant. Jill does this curious little wiggle, David knows she up to something, and she then pushes her fork off on to the floor. Picks up the fork and replaces it on the table, and then announces to David she has to go to the bathroom.

Jill couldn't take it anymore, she wanted David and she wanted him now. She'd been teasing him with her foot, and she could tell that David wanted her too, so she decided to jump for it. She finished her meal and released David's crotch of her roaming foot. She did a little wiggle and was able to push her panties all the way down her legs the panties were soaked anyways. She pretended to drop her fork on the floor, she knew that David could see through her play-acting, but she gave it her best performance anyway. When she bent down to pick up the fork she also took off the panties from around her ankles. She hid the panties in her hand, and came back up to the table and replaced the fork, and announced to David she needed to use the bathroom. Jill gets up from the table and walks over to David's side of the table, bends over to him with her lips gently touching his ear and her hand with hidden panties inside in his lap.

"Met me in the last stall of the men's bathroom," whispers Jill in to David's ear.

Jill walks off in the direction of the bathroom, David looks down at his lap where Jill had her hand and sees something there, he picks it up, but not so much that the other customers can see. David can't believe it, it's a little pair of lacy black panties, Jill's panties. Suddenly David's cock shoots straight up, no thinking this one down.

Jill can't believe what she's going to do; she's never done anything as wild as this before. All of Jill and David's sexual encounters have been in one bedroom or another, hers, his, or a hotel, she did some interesting things to him in those bedrooms but just in the bedroom. Jill's stomach starts to get a bit of butterflies, but she still going to go for it, she wants David now. Jill enters the men's bathroom, looks around a bit.

"All men better leave! I gotta clean this john so if ya don't want me to see yer little wee wee, ya all better get outta here," yells Jill adding a little more touch to her southern draw.

The men's bathroom seems to be empty, thank goodness, but she checks each stall just in case. She gets to the last stall and stands there, waiting for David; she hopes he'll come. She hears the bathroom door open and holds her breath, then the stall door comes open, it's David.

"What are you doing?" asks David.

Jill doesn't answer she just throws her arms around his neck and kisses him hard on the mouth, forcing her tongue between his lips. She kisses David deeply probing his mouth with her tongue; still kissing she unwraps her arms from around his neck, and goes roaming to the fly of his jeans. She unbuttons his jeans, and stops kissing him for a moment so she can pull the jeans and his underwear down around his ankles. David at this point doesn't have enough blood in his head for any rational thought, all the blood has moved to his cock. Jill sees David's fully erect cock, and grabs a hold of it. While stroking his cock she manages to move his body until his backside is facing the toilet. Jill gently pushes David so that he is now sitting on the toilet. Jill pulls her skirt up around her middle, and David can see the smoothness of her shaved pussy, with just a little tuft left at the bottom. Jill straddles David's lap, and grabs a hold of his cock and stuffs his cock inside of her tight wet pussy. Jill then takes off her tank top and discards it on the floor, and then she unhooks the front closure of her bra reveling her tits to David.

David's hands come up and he grabs a handful of breast in each hand. Jill wraps her arms around David's neck and leans back, while moving her hips up and down. Jill slides her pussy up and down David's long cock. David leans his head down and takes Jill's nipple into his mouth, he presses his lips around Jill's nipple and flicks the tip with his tongue. Jill lets out a moan; she increases the movements of her hips, pushing David's cock deeper inside of her. David then kisses Jill hard on the mouth, sucking all the wind out of her. Jill makes light scratches up and down David's back. Finally David can take no more, and grabs Jill's ass in his hands, and pushes her off of him and then slams her back down. One of Jill's arms leaves David's backside, and goes traveling down to her pussy. Her fingers find her clit and she begins to rub there vigorously. She was already very close to orgasm with David's cock sliding inside of her, so the minute she touched herself her body exploded.

With her remaining hand Jill pulled herself up into David so that they were now chest-to-chest, the other hand continued to rub her clit. David still has a firm grasp on Jill's ass and is pushing her off of him and slamming her back down, when suddenly Jill's body goes into spasms. Jill's body shakes from head to toe, and it's increasingly difficult to keep her finger on her clit. David feels her muscles tighten around his cock, and feels Jill cumming out all around his cock wetting his legs with her juices. David slams Jill back down on himself just as her muscles are tightening around his cock, and suddenly he cums squirting deeply into Jill's pussy, his body goes ridged. Jill stops rubbing her clit, and wraps both arms around David's neck. They kiss, both breathing hard, lips fumbling. Jill ends the kiss by softly biting David's lip, and then she tightens her muscles inside and lifts herself off him, letting his cock slide out.

"That was amazing!" stammers David, "We've never done anything like that before."

"Nope, never have. Sorry, I just couldn't wait to have you," says Jill as she grabs toilet paper and cleans her self off.

"No, apologies needed, that was great. Do you need these?" says David holding up Jill's panties that she'd discarded into his lap.

"Nope, it's too hot for underwear today, you keep 'em," says Jill as she picks up her bra and tank top and puts it back on.

David tucks the panties into his pocket, and proceeds to pull his underwear and jeans back up, Jill's juices are already drying on his legs. David can't believe what he and Jill just did, they've always kept sex in the bedroom, great amazing sex, but only in the bedroom, David always figured Jill was just too shy, to do it any place else. David wondered what had caused this change in Jill, and whatever it was he was hoping it would stay around for a while.

Jill, who is normally shy, except in the bedroom, had just decided she was going to put any and all inhibitions aside. She'd known David for quite a while now, and she just thought that she'd been shy with him for far too long. She had made plans to make this trip very interesting, they'd never been on a trip together, and she just had to overlook the butterflies churning in her stomach. Maybe after this trip David would come and get her every time, he wanted her to come out to his place, regardless if her car was working properly or not.

David and Jill made themselves presentable and exited the bathroom, just as an older gentleman was entering the bathroom, he gave the couple an interested look. They paid their meal tab, and were off on the road, to David's house. Jill's sexual desire was quenched at least for the moment, but told herself there would be plenty more activities along the way. David was still in a state of shock, at what just happened in the bathroom.

Jill and David were into about two hours of their trip, when Jill starts digging around in her bag. Jill pulls out a book with the title "101 Female Sex Stories." Jill takes off her heels and puts her feet up on the dashboard, letting her long legs open then close, she opens her book and begins to read.

"What are you reading?" asks David.

"Oh it's a book of one hundred and one sex stories all told from the female prospective. That's my favorite kind of sex story, I can't get into the ones told from the man's point of view. It's a good book, very interesting, I'll let you read it when I'm through." Says Jill.

"Ah. Okay, sure." Stammers David wondering if this is part of the new Jill.

They drive on and Jill is reading her stories, the stories are real good, they are making her very horny. Jill reads on story of a chance meeting by two people in a department store where they suddenly fuck in the fitting room. Then Jill reads a story about a woman named Rachel. Rachel has five different lovers and one day when she's real horny she decides to go around town fucking all her lovers at their jobs. The first lover works in a fancy office building, and Rachel has him right on his mahogany desk, the second lover works as a mechanic and Rachel has him on the hood of a '69 Camero, the third lover is a bit young only eighteen and Rachel has him in the stock room at Kmart, the fourth lover is a lawyer and Rachel gets to fuck him in the witness chair in the court room, and the fifth lover is a woman that works as an interior designer and Rachel gets to eat her out in the new chaise lounge that was part of the décor in a house the she was designing. Next Jill reads a story of two people that met online, and they spend months having sex via the computer, until they get together and they just fuck like animals. All these stories are making Jill real wet, she decides to share with David.

"Man, David I just read a really great story, you want me to tell you about it?" asked Jill.

"Sure, go for it Jill," said David.

"Okay, this story takes place in a board meeting, the lady is real bored. Until this new employee walks in, he was transferred from the company out of town. She looks at him dead in the eye and he stares back, obviously interested." Said Jill.

"Obviously!" said David teasing a bit.

"Anyways! The two sit there eyeing each other for most of the meeting. Then the lady takes off her shoe and begins to play footsee with the guys crotch." Says Jill.

"Like you did to me in the restaurant." Says David.

"Yep, pretty much like that. Well, after the meeting is finally over two attack each other and basically end up fucking right on the conference table." Said Jill as she places her fingers down between her legs, and into her wet pussy.

"Well, I bet that was interesting," said David as he turns and looks over at Jill, and sees her masturbating.

"What are you doing?" asks David.

"We'll what does it look like silly, I'm playing with myself, the stories got me horny. Besides I can't jump your bones while you're driving, so I'm taking care of it myself, no worries, I've done this many times before." Said Jill.

Jill has gotten her legs down off the dashboard, but she has the spread open with one leg by the center console of David's truck and the other is by the passenger side door down on the floorboard. Jill has pulled her skirt all the way up her long legs, so that now it's just pooled around her middle and David can see her pussy and her working fingers. David can barely keep his eyes on the road; he keeps turning his head to watch Jill. Jill's fingers work up and down her pussy, she stops at her hole and forces two fingers inside and pushes them in and out. She lets out a deep moan, and David's head turns back to her. With her free hand Jill pulls her tank top all the way up and unclasps the front closure of her bra. Once her tits are free she begins to play with them, grabbing a mound of tissue in her hand.

"I'm imagining this is your hand on my tit, I can't imagine it's your cock inside of me, my fingers aren't long enough," says Jill beginning to breath hard.

Jill then takes her fingers out of her pussy hole and runs them up to her clit, where she begins to rub in excited circles. Then hand on her tit, begins rubbing her nipples along the palm of her hand. David's cock is standing straight up, and starting to throb inside his jeans, he wants her now, but also wants her to finish the show.

"Man, my fingers aren't as good as your tongue. I wish your tongue were licking my clit right now! You better promise to eat me out, on this visit. I've been thinking about you licking my pussy for so long." Said Jill.

"Ah, yeah sure, I promise," stammered David.

"You promise what?" teases Jill.

"I promise to eat you out," says David as he clears his throat.

Jill's rubs increase on her clit and she grabs her tit and massages it. Abruptly Jill lets out a scream, David jumps up about a foot high out of the driver seat, he turns his head toward Jill, her body is shaking, but her rubs in her pussy keep going. Jill's body spasms and her inner muscles tighten she cums and her juices spout out of her and down on to the floor of the truck. David watches as she cums and with each little spasm Jill's body goes through a bit of her juices squirt out of her. David watches her so intently that he almost forgets about the road in front of him. Finally her orgasms seem to have stopped, and Jill lets out a large sigh.

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