tagInterracial LoveThe Trip Ch. 01

The Trip Ch. 01


Kim looked down at her over-stuffed carry-on bag with an exasperated sigh. She now regretted the three extra pairs of shoes she brought 'just in case'. There was no way it would fit into the incredibly small compartment space above her seat and she didn't want to find another bin away from her row. Her long curly black hair fell around her face as she attempted to force her 12" bag into a 9" compartment when she unexpectedly felt the arm of someone brushing against her back.

Suddenly, a large masculine hand grabbed her bag and realigned the others in place, easily fitting her luggage into the slot. She looked around and saw the bluest of blue eyes looking back at her.

"That's got it," He said with a smile. "Sometimes you just have to play with it a bit. It always fits."

"Thanks!" Kim couldn't stop staring at his eyes. She finally broke her gaze and found her seat next to the window. The stranger looked down at his ticket and looked up at the seat assignments.

"Well, looks like we're going to be neighbors. This is me," He said pointing to the seat directly next to hers. Kim looked up and smiled again.

"I'm Brian," he said extending his hand. She grabbed it and was taken aback by the sheer strength of his shake.

"I'm Kim. Nice to meet you."

She quickly released his hand and began to buckle her seatbelt. Brian dropped his briefcase down in front of his seat with a thud as he tilted it on its side and shoved it under the chair in front of him. He swiftly removed his jacket and the first class flight attendant, as if on queue, swept by and hung it up for him by the cockpit door.

He sat down, buckled his seat belt as well and reclined his seat as far back as it would let him and yawned. His long lean body stretched the entire length of space and then some. He looked over at Kim who was pretending to read a magazine.

"Going home?" He said running his fingers through his brown, curly hair. It looked like he hadn't slept in a while.

"No, I live here in Los Angeles, I'm just going to San Francisco to visit."

"Ah, spend time with some family or friends?"

"No, I'm just going because I've lived in L.A. all my life and I've never been to San Francisco," She looked at Brian. "How sad is that?"

Brian laughed. "Well, I'm impressed with your sense of adventure." He looked down at her smooth brown legs and impure thoughts flooded his mind.

"I live in San Francisco. I'm going home after a week in L.A. on business. Can't wait to get back, actually. I hate L.A."

Kim abruptly turned toward him and furrowed her brow.

"Excuse me? L.A. happens to be one of the greatest cities in the country." She said matter-of-factly as though the topic were not even up for debate.

"Have you even been anywhere outside of L.A.?"

Kim let her eyes drop down to the magazine on her lap.

"I've been to Sea World San Diego."

Brian's guffaw was so loud the other passengers looked up to see what was going on.

"Then how would you know that L.A. is the best city if you've never really been anywhere? That's why I hate L.A. The people there have a mentality that the whole world revolves around them. Not to mention the traffic. Give me San Francisco any day. I've been all around this big world of ours and I still come back to the bay area with anticipation."

He looked at her again, she, still pretending to read her latest issue of Entertainment Weekly, trying her best to ignore this man next to her.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to offend you. I just think you should experience more of the world before you make such broad claims. I'm sure to you, L.A. is great -- but that's only because you've never really been anywhere else."

Kim put her magazine down and smiled at him.

"I'm not upset. I just grew up there, you know. It's hard listening to someone bad mouth your home town. It's like someone bad mouthing your favorite sports team."

"Oh?" Brian said surprised. He sat up in his seat with interest. "You're into sports?"


Brian chuckled, reclining in his seat once again. "Then what exactly DO you do?"

"Apparently, I sit on planes and talk to strange men about my likes and dislikes." She looked down at her magazine again.

"I see. And how is that working out for you?" Brian mused.

"Well, you know. It's slow going but as someone so eagerly pointed out, I'm trying to expand my horizons." Kim said coolly, not looking up from her magazine.

Brian laughed so hard he bolted straight up and forward toward his lap in convulsions. Kim watched as he lost control of his body in amusement and the comical sight of it all made her laugh out loud along with him.

The two of them had spent the length of the trip conversing and laughing during the hour long flight. Brian truly enjoyed talking to her as he thought Kim was an extremely attractive, funny and interesting woman. He learned that she played the Oboe and was a graphic artist for a major tech company in L.A. She told him that she had just begun to get her wings and wanted to start traveling the world, but first she'd start with the great state of California.

As the plane started to descend, Brian found himself dreading the moment when they would part at the airport. He really liked this woman and wanted to get to know her better.

When they landed in San Francisco, Brian helped remove her bag from the overhead bin and walked with her out on to the jet way and into the airport. They grabbed their respective luggage from the carousel and began to part ways.

"Well, I guess this is it. It was really nice meeting you, have fun in San Francisco. It's really a great city."

"Thanks! I'm sure I'll have a great time." Kim smiled. Brian thought he could live in that smile forever. He lingered for a moment until Kim glanced around looking for the rental car booths. She saw the "ground transportation" sign and started walking in its direction, waving to Brian on the way.

Brian turned and slowly walked away. He got no further than a couple of yards before he turned around, found Kim in the crowd and tapped her on the shoulder. She looked around and was pleasantly surprised to see Brian's face smiling back at her.

"Forget something?" she asked.

"You wouldn't want have dinner or something, would you?" He said clearing his throat. "I mean, if you're hungry," Brian said looking down at his feet.

"And if I'm not hungry?"

Brian laughed. "Then I guess I'll have to think of some other excuse to see you again."

"Brian, I just want to be clear, I'm not looking for anything. I just got out of a pretty serious relationship and I don't want...I don't want to mislead you into thinking this is going to go anywhere."

"Hey, it's just dinner, nothing serious. To be honest, I'm not looking for anything either, I just thought maybe you wouldn't mind having a tour guide that's all," he said lying.

"That's all?"

"That's all", Brian repeated with an ominous grin on his face.

"You swear?"

"May God strike me where I stand", he said reaching out for her bag. Kim smiled and let Brian carry it. It was heavier than he expected. He strapped it onto his one free shoulder as the pair headed out toward the ground transportation exit.

Kim stopped at the rental car booth to pick up her keys while Brian waited. He kept looking at her and thinking how glad he was that a lightening strike had not made a liar out of him. Of course he wanted to be more than friends with Kim. Who wouldn't? Look at her. She was hands down one of the sexiest, sweetest and most interesting women he'd ever had the good fortune to meet.

Kim was wearing a red flower print dress with a neck strap. The soft and subtle outline of her neck and shoulders met with the material. Droplets of hair fell to her shoulders like crystals on a chandelier and the remainder of her hair was pinned up in a loose bun. The top of her dress didn't reveal much cleavage, which was fine by Brian but the thought of what was beneath that material made him smile. The hem ended just above her knee and Brian found himself staring at the silky brown flesh of her skin beneath them. Her red three inch heels made her legs even more inviting. Brian couldn't help but wonder if and when he'd get the chance to see more of this lovely creature.

Kim finally got her keys and walked over to Brian.

"All set. I've got a Toyota Corolla", she said looking down at her keychain. She looked up at him and smiled as he again grabbed her bags and headed to the car lot.

Brian loaded her bags into the trunk as Kim opened the driver's side door and sat down. Brian walked over to her and stood in the open door watching as Kim settled herself in her seat.

He reached in his front shirt pocket and handed Kim a business card.

"This has my cell number on it. Give me a call when you get settled into your hotel and we'll make plans from there."

"Okay," she smiled and placed the card in the passenger seat. "I'll talk to you later," she said staring up at his big blue eyes that seemed oddly bluer in the dim parking garage light.

"I hope so."

Brian closed the door and watched as Kim drove off in her blue Corolla. He wondered if she'd really call. He hoped she would. He stood there for a moment then walked down to the long term parking ramp and drove home.


Kim did call to Brian's surprise and he invited her to his place for dinner. When she arrived, she had changed into a black, off-the-shoulder dress that displayed a heart shaped ruby pendant that was nestled snuggly within her cleavage. Brian thought for a moment how he would give almost anything to trade places with it.

They had spent most of the night talking and watching old black and white films on television. Brian was surprised to learn that Kim had an affinity for them and Brian was lucky he had a large collection to keep them both entertained through the night.

At the end of "Casa Blanca", Kim looked at her watch and her brows rose in surprise.

"Oh my God, it's getting late! I really should get going." She stood up from their snuggle on the couch to look for her purse and shoes. Brian swiftly stood up and followed her. She grabbed her purse off of the coffee table and found her shoes by the door and hurriedly stepped into them.

"I had a great time. Thanks for dinner," she said looking over at the half empty dinner plates still sitting on the dining room table. "It was really sweet."

"So, what do you want to do tomorrow. Maybe we could visit The Palace of Fine Arts or maybe take a swim over to Alcatraz..." his words trailed off in a whisper as he stroked her arm. Goose bumps followed the path that his warm fingers took.

"Brian, I don't think—"

"Look," he said cutting her off, "I really like you and I want to get to know you better but I'm running out of excuses to get close to you." He reached out and grabbed the ruby pendant that hung from the gold chain around her neck. He stroked the jewel, deliberately brushing his hand against her supple cleavage. Kim was quite aware of what he was doing, but did nothing to stop it.

Reassured, he rested his hand on the wall beside her head and rubbed his lips along the side of her neck and moaned. Kim shuddered, closed her eyes and swallowed hard. "I think... you are the most beautiful woman I've ever met," he whispered.

Brian stepped closer. He was now so close Kim could feel the heat his body was generating and her heart pounded in her ears. Brian rested his hand on her hip and leaned in to kiss her lips. He closed his eyes and let his forehead rest soundly on the door as he felt Kim duck his kiss and nervously slide from beneath him. He pivoted his head on the door and looked in her direction with frustration. A heavy sigh fell from his lips.

"Brian, I thought you said you weren't looking for anything," Kim said dumbfounded.

Brian shrugged his shoulders.

"I lied." He said nonchalantly, lifting his frame from the door.

Kim stood for a moment staring in wide-eyed disbelief. She didn't know if it was his lie or his now brutal honesty that angered her so. She clutched her purse and turned to walk out the door.

Brian ran after her and blocked her path, facing her.

"Hey," he whispered as he grabbed her hand and kissed it. "What was I supposed to do? I meet someone who's company I really enjoy and I'm just supposed let her walk right out of my life without even trying? If you would take the time to get to know me better, you would know that that's so not me," he said smiling. "I have this strange tendency to go after what I want." Brian now held both of her hands in his. "And if I thought for one second that you didn't feel even an inkling of attraction toward me too, I wouldn't be here wasting your time."

Kim looked down at their intertwined fingers and felt a rush of emotion overwhelm her.

Then, without warning, Brian met her lips with his own. Each time Kim tried to pull away, Brian pushed his body further onto hers. The heat and closeness of him made her body quiver. Brian felt it and released his intrusion. Kim stared up at him with her big brown eyes before she grabbed his button-up shirt by the collar and pulled his lips to hers. Her kisses reeked of a woman who hadn't had the feel of a man's lips on her in a long, long time. Which was true, in a way.

Brian's tongue found hers as he deepened his kiss. Holding his weight with his hands against the wall, he finally broke their embrace and looked down at her licking her sweetness from his lips. They both said nothing.

Kim released her grip on his collar and let her long, feminine fingers slide loosely down his shirt.

"I think you should stay here tonight. I don't feel comfortable with you going out into the city this time of night." His gaze fell toward the large picture window in the living room.

"And you think I'm safer here?" Kim rebutted. A mixture of uncertainty and lust pillowed across her face.

"Chances are, I'm safer than anything you'll find out in the streets of San Francisco at one in the morning. As long as you don't mind sharing a bed."

"What?" Kim's face flushed as she tried to comprehend what she had just heard.

"Oh, calm down. I'm not going to try to seduce you, unless -- you want me to." He let his right hand rub her cheek. "If I try anything you can put me out to sleep on the couch. It's the perfect punishment because that thing's hell to sleep on. It's murder on my back. And trust me, you don't want to sleep on it either. It's fine for sitting, but terrible for sleeping unless you're a masochist."

It was true. That couch WAS terribly uncomfortable to sleep on, but that wasn't the only reason he wanted to share a bed with her. He felt the real reason was fairly obvious.

Kim was a little apprehensive about sharing a bed with this man, but felt she could trust him even if he was a bit aggressive. She figured a swift kick in the right spot would be more than enough to bring him down if necessary.


Kim had decided to sleep in one of Brian's pajama suits. The shirt fit loosely over her figure and draped at the knees. The pants, on the other hand, were a different story. Each time she tried to raise them to her hips, they slumped down to the floor in a light blue pool around her feet. She pulled them up again and looked at herself in the bathroom's full length mirror. She looked like a child trying to fit in his father's clothes.

She stuck her hand out of the hole in front of them and laughed. She let the pants fall to the ground again as she quickly stepped out of them and tossed them aside. The shirt was long enough, she figured. And if he tried anything, she knew what to do.

When she walked out to the bedroom, she saw Brian sitting, bare chested, on the bed pulling off his shoes and socks. He stood and removed his pants. She walked over and stood on the right side of the bed as Brian joined her on the opposite side. They stared at each other in silence.

Brian clad only in his boxers stared at Kim and felt his cock twitch. Why the hell did he say he could sleep with this woman and keep his hands off her? It was going to take every bit of self control he had to keep his promise. He tried to break the awkwardness of the moment as he finally broke their silence.

"This your first time sleeping with a white man?"

It was supposed to be a joke, but Kim simply rolled her eyes pulled the covers back on her side of the bed. Brian laughed to himself, then did the same.

They both slid beneath the sheets, turned in their respective directions and wished each other good night. Kim promptly went to sleep. But Brian, on the other hand, lay awake for a while reeling in the knowledge that this incredibly sexy woman was sleeping only inches from him. He spent the next twenty minutes fantasizing about making love to her before he finally dozed off to dreamland.

Later that night, Brian began to toss and turn. His skin, speckled with beads of sweat. In his gyrations he unconsciously turned over, flung his arm around Kim's waist and spooned with her. Kim awoke to the feel of Brian's hot breath on her neck.

Brian's hand unconsciously found its way over Kim's hip and thigh. His body instinctively inched closer to hers, his crotch now resting along the outer curve of her buttocks. His hand grabbed her at the waist as he pulled her even closer. His breath now saturating her hair in his tight grip on her body.

Kim was convinced that Brian was awake and deliberately making the moves on her. As she sat up and looked at him, he awoke suddenly, startled, trying to claim his surroundings.

"I know what you're doing, Brian," Kim exclaimed. Brian's confused face looked on in wonderment. He had been completely oblivious to his indecent gestures.

"What are you talking about?" The words fell from his mouth like stones while he tried to comprehend the situation.

"Maybe it'd be better if we slept separately."

"What? Why?" That's when a quick glance down at his hand yielded the source of her anger. His hand was still draped over her waist and his fingers dangling precariously over the tuft of the white panty covered mound between her legs. Brian blinked hard, trying to wake himself up from his daze. He sorrowfully looked up at Kim.

"Oh, come oooon. You have to know that wasn't intentional." Brian yanked his hand back to his own person. "I wasn't even awake!"

"Nevertheless." Kim said as she nodded her head toward the bedroom door.

"All right." Brian moaned. He didn't want to argue. He pulled the covers back as his sleepy body tried to balance itself enough to get him to his feet. The thought of sleeping on that lumpy couch made his back hurt already. He stumbled over to the closet door, fumbled around for a moment or two and grabbed some extra sheets and a pillow and headed to the living room couch. He didn't care at the moment that he didn't get the chance to share a bed with Kim. Right now he just wanted to sleep. He'd worry about seducing her later.


A couple of hours had passed when Brian awoke from his sleep on the couch with an incredible thirst. He went to the kitchen and grabbed a bottled water from the refrigerator and gulped it down in record time. He put the bottle in the "plastic" recycle container and headed back to the couch.

He stood beside it, getting ready to revisit his slumber on the "couch from hell" when his eyes fell on his bedroom door. Oh yeah. Kim was there. Sleeping in his night shirt, so warm and inviting. He began to get hard just thinking about her. He wanted to join her in his bed again, but feared it wasn't the best course of action at this point.

He'd already tried to seduce her in his sleep and now she didn't trust him at all. That kiss this evening got him one step closer to making love to this woman, then his perverted tryst underneath the sheets brought him three steps back. He couldn't go near that room without a suit of armor, he thought.

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