tagBDSMThe True Measure of Love Ch. 03

The True Measure of Love Ch. 03


PREVIOUSLY -- Jonathan is captured by and submits to Mistress Cassandra in an attempt to save the love of his life -- Jasmine -- from a kidnapping. However, Cassandra reveals that the kidnapping has merely been a ruse to get Jonathan to wear her collar. Cassandra also tells Jon that while Jasmine wants him to be her slave, he must first convince the Mistress that he is worthy of Jasmine's affection. Jonathan agrees to be "evaluated" by Cassandra in her "playroom," determined to be judged the right man for the woman he loves.


I rested the back of my head against the cool, beige-painted brick wall and tried to wiggle some feeling back into my shoulders. Mistress Cassandra had tethered the leather mitts enclosing my hands to two of the many tie-down points on the wall. My arms were spread outward and upward so my hands were above the level of my head. My leather collar was also tethered to the wall by a pair of slack lengths of fine metal chain attached to the ring mounted on it under my chin. My cuffed ankles were being forced apart by two-foot long spreader bar. The ankles were also tethered to the wall, though with just enough slack to allow some small movement. Otherwise, I was naked as I waited alone in the room.

Some of my questions about Jasmine's so-called kidnapping had been answered, but the answers left many more questions burning in my mind. Although I wasn't gagged, I had been forbidden from speaking, and the threat of retaliation against the woman I loved was all that kept me silent now. But who was Cassandra, and what could she possibly be holding over Jasmine to keep her as a slave for four years?

I grunted as my left shoulder started to ache. In my academic past, I had injured it playing baseball. Even though it had healed, it still gave me the occasional twinge. I groaned and flexed my arms slightly as I leaned forward to take the weight off the affected joint, going until the slack chains on my collar were taut. I shifted my feet to the base of the wall and allowed my arms to bear the load of most me for a moment. Something in my left shoulder popped, and the pain subsided. I sighed and resumed my original position. While my arms were tired, they weren't in any great discomfort -- yet.

Just as I finished assessing my physical condition, Mistress Cassandra entered the room. She was still wearing the ensemble of her black and red silk corset, garter belt, panties, stockings, stiletto heels and leather wrist cuffs over her satin opera gloves. She smiled at me as she closed the door and locked it. She walked to the center of the room and stood there, looking me over slowly letting her eyes drink in every inch of me from my toes to the crown of my head.

I could feel my blush starting when I realized what she was doing. Her burgundy lips parted slightly, showing a tip of moist, pink tongue and straight, porcelain teeth before closing them again. She'd taken her hair out of the bun behind her head, allowing it to fall softly around her face and shoulders. I could feel my heartbeat quicken as I looked back into those beautiful eyes, as I felt the stirrings of an erection once again.

"I missed you too, slave," she said at last. Cassandra stepped over to the mounted pegboard to her right, stooped and opened one of the containers toward its bottom. As she crouched down, my gaze was drawn to the glossy curves of her thighs and calves, sheathed in the sheer, smoke-colored stockings. She pulled out some sort of device with many straps and metal rings with a small, vaguely pyramidal framework at its zenith. She stood and showed it to me. "Do you know what this is?" she asked.

I shook my head in response. I still had no permission to speak.

She smiled wickedly as she slowly walked over to me. "This," she said, "is a cock cage. The fun begins when you get erect." I looked down at the item in her hands again, suddenly nervous. But then I noticed that my erection was well underway. I met her gaze again.

"Good," she said as if savoring the flavor of the word. She spread the straps of the cage. "The nice part about his particular model is that it doesn't prevent an erection -- just makes it uncomfortable." She wrapped the cool leather straps around my scrotum and the base of my penis and gently drew them snug.

I suppressed a moan of pleasure at her touch, as the straps of the cage pleasantly teased my privates. It wasn't until first touch of the cool metal of the rings along my shaft and the cage around the head of my cock that I felt any discomfort at all. And yet, having her there, the warmth of her body so close and yet untouchable, her complete attention, made my manhood continue its erection despite the increasing confinement of the cage.

"Some slaves find it very pleasurable," she added, "to be caught like this. Teased...tamed...turned on...and completely helpless to stop it." She lightly ran the tips of her gloved fingers over my exposed scrotum for emphasis, and my privates twitched in their prison of leather and metal as I sucked in my breath in surprise. She laughed musically for a moment then planted an all-too-brief kiss upon my cheek before continuing her task.

She threaded a tiny padlock through a pair of buckles on the cage and locked it home. She stepped back, holding the small key up for me to see. Then she carefully fitted it onto the ring that held the other two padlock keys that rode on a slender gold necklace chain. She stepped in close, letting the keys fall to the top of her generous cleavage. This close, I could smell her exotic perfume again. It was tantalizingly musky and sweet as I drank it in. I tried to move to embrace her, only to be thwarted by my bonds.

She smiled seductively, mere inches from my body. She enjoyed my captivity -- using her sexuality and body language to give me all the right signs, to urge me on, only to be held in check by her bonds. I was completely in her power, still wanting her and she knew it. My cock responded to her flirtations and the cage's rings began to dig into the sides of my shaft. I grunted slightly at the sensation, muffling it as best as I could with closed lips.

Her warm, moist lips found my right nipple, kissing it lightly at first, then slowly encircling it with them and teasing it with her tongue. My breath quickened as she turned slow, spirals around it with her tongue, pausing only to nibble upon its tip occasionally with her teeth. Her gloved hands were wandering across the small of my back, my buttocks and thighs in slow, suggestive caresses. My body trembled under her soft, sensual assault. I moaned through closed lips at first, but more and more loudly as the pleasure continued.

Inside the cage, I could feel the prison closing in around my cock. The metal rings along my shaft were no longer cool to my skin and seemed to be getting smaller every second. The pyramid frame over the head of my penis had a network of slender and unyielding wires that were starting to press a checkered pattern into it as my erection continued to grow. The straps around my scrotum rode across the very base of it, tickling it with each twitch she elicited from my body. My testicles were already aching with the strain of trying to hold back the tide of the climax that was building there.

Cassandra knelt down and shifted her oral attentions to my thighs -- kissing, licking and nibbling them -- as if she were methodically mapping out the sensitive places to exploit later. Her gloved hands caressed my buttocks, hips and flanks. During her attentions, one of her silk shrouded breasts brushed my knee. Blood-warm stockings with the tender flesh of her legs beneath tantalized my ankles. The heat of her passion seared my naked skin, branding me with red-hot desire for her.

As much as the cage's rings and wires were starting to hurt my manhood, there was still no stopping its progression. Each of the metal rings was now indenting the flesh of my cock, as it strained against its confinement. The grid of wires across its head were pressing in on it, yet still had enough give not to make it prohibitively painful. A single milky pearl of pre-ejaculate beaded there as my throbbing cock sought some release from Cassandra's relentless stimulation.

"Speak to me, slave," Cassandra said suddenly. "Tell me how good I make you feel." She started teasing my tortured shaft and aching balls with her tongue.

At that touch, I shuddered in the bonds, every tether growing immediately taut as I realized how truly helpless I was now. "Oh God!" I moaned between gasps of pure pleasure.

"Goddess," she chided with a gentle slap of the cage. I nearly cried out in surprise at the sensation. "Complete submission is what I demand," she added. "I am your only salvation, so you will worship me, slave." She resumed teasing my privates with her tongue again.

I grunted and groaned in wanton lust to an accompaniment of softly creaking leather and the metallic rattling of tethers and links, my body trapped in a cat's cradle of sensuality and raw, naked need. "Oh Goddess," I heard myself beg between desperate gulps of air, "It hurts Goddess...but please don't...please don't stop! Oh Goddess...feels so good!"

Cassandra stopped and slowly stood, raking my thighs, flanks and chest lightly with her fingernails. The sensation sent shivers all through me as I gasped for breath and fought for control. Her lips and teeth found my left earlobe, kissing and nibbling. "Mmmmm," she murmured softly. "Would you like to cum, slave?"

"Yes Mistress!" I gasped in desperation.

The nibbling on my ear continued as her gloved hand wandered over my chest. She started rubbing one of her stockinged legs against mine. I closed my eyes and fought the urge to surrender to the pleasure, but I was losing ground with each new sensation she gave. "Are you sure?" she purred. "Do you really want to cum now? Or would you rather cum for Jasmine?"

At the mention of my beloved's name, I found new strength to resist. "For Jasmine, Mistress," I said, even as a fresh wave of agonizing lust washed through me.

Cassandra stopped and looked at me, showing me a feral grin. Then her lips were on mine, her hot tongue plunging deep into my mouth. Her arms were crushing her incredibly desirable curves against my body. Her perfume accentuated every sensation as she held me there. I struggled in my bonds, desperate to fine either escape or the means of returning her passion. I whimpered in that embrace, my overloaded senses being born down by her sexuality and her power.

But somehow, I resisted the nearly overpowering urge to succumb. My cock throbbed and ached in its cage, the metal digging into my flesh, the straps chafing my balls and scrotum as my manhood fought in futility to find its release from both pain and desire. Cassandra's attentions slowed and became tender -- the crushing embrace and forceful kissing both mellowing to a languid, sensuous pace, giving me time to respond in kind.

Cassandra slowly edged her lips away from mine, exposing the side of her neck as she undid her necklace. I nuzzled her jaw aside and began to lavish attention upon it with my lips and tongue. As I did, I heard her release a shuddering moan of pleasure. She cradled my head with her hands, holding me there. I continued, making each contact longer in duration, occasionally nibbling her neck with my teeth.

But even as I did so, I felt my own need for release flare again. My trapped manhood pressed painfully against the confines of the cage, the unyielding metal and leather checking my passion with unrelenting pressure. I whined inarticulately into her neck as my pain and passion mounted.

Cassandra, gasping and moaning, finally tore herself away from me. We stared at each other, wild-eyed passion alight in our eyes, our bodies quaking in suppressed emotion. She stumbled over to the door behind her and fumbled with the lock, keeping her eyes on me. She practically tore the door open, but her gaze never wavered.

"Jasmine!" she cried without turning her head.

Jasmine rushed into the room, casting a longing glance at me before kneeling before her Mistress. She was still naked, still adorned in the leather cuffs and collar she'd worn when she'd checked on me hours ago.

It was only then that I realized I no longer wore the collar. Cassandra dangled the necklace she wore, the keys on it jangling, placed it and my collar in Jasmine's hands. "Your slave needs to cum now," Cassandra said as she begrudged me a smile and a wink. And then she turned and strode out of the room, closing the door behind her.

Jasmine knelt in stunned silence for a moment, her hands clasping the keys and collar, her head bowed. Then turned toward me and stood, resplendent in her near nakedness. It seemed impossible, but my manhood fought even more desperately against the cage, but the pain was now forgotten. Her lips found mine, her warm, soft flesh against mine as her arms wrapped tightly around me. I moaned in relief and desire into her mouth.

She broke the kiss, still smiling. Slowly, deliberately, she placed the collar around my neck again and locked the buckle closed with its small padlock. Her eyes sparkled as she saw the recognition mine.

"Mistress Cassandra says my slave needs to cum now," she said softly, as she ran her fingers through my hair.

I nodded slowly, my gaze never leaving hers.

Jasmine's smile turned mischievous. Her fingernails toyed with my scrotum, making my whole body twitch. "Are you sure, slave?"


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