tagLoving WivesThe True Story About Springbreak!

The True Story About Springbreak!


You've asked me what really happened when Linda and I and the 2 other girls went on spring break all those years ago during our senior year I hope you like this story--its a true account of my wife on spring break. It —since you seem to need to know here's the story to the best of my recollection!

We spent the first day on the beach just sunning, drinking and flirting with a few guys! That first night we went out to eat and just did some power drinking in the room—we all got REALLY DRUNK and just slept it off until about lunch the next day.

That afternoon we laid around the pool and stayed away from the alcohol, but later that night we went clubbing. We danced with several guys, but we all left alone! When we got to the hotel Linda and I went to the lounge and were having a drink and two good looking guys came up and sat with us and started buying drinks for us!

One thing lead to another and soon we were in their room and we had paired up and were making out HEAVILY! We both were wearing short skirts and mine was pushed to my waist and my little silky panties were on the floor and his hands were all over my tits! He was fingering my wet little pussy and I had never been so horny in my young life!

I was rubbing his cock thru his shorts and he took it out for me! It was smaller than yours but it was there and I needed it BAD! I rubbed it and then lowered my head down and started to suck on it! Years later I think maybe they had given us something in our drinks, because Linda was on her back, her panties down around her ankles and her bra was on the floor! He was sucking on her titties and she moaning like a little whore and we just weren't that loose with guys we didn't even know!

The guy I was with asked me if I'd take a shower with him. You and I had done it before and I loved it, so soon we were under the hot spray and he was behind me rubbing his HARD cock on my slippery ass and playing with my big soapy boobs, he really had me going! I was almost begging him to fuck me!

He turned me around and pushed me against the wall and pressed slowly into my wet little pussy! It felt so good as he held me against the wall and fucked me hard and fast! He was pretty drunk, so he managed to fuck me for a good while and I had two orgasms! When he came he really made a mess—thank God I was on the pill! We stayed in the shower a while cleaning up and when we came out to the bedroom I couldn't believe what was going on!

Linda was on her back moaning and groaning like she had lost her mind! When I glanced down I saw why! The guy she was with had a HUGE cock that he was slowly working back and forth into her little pussy ( I found out later it was nine and a half inches long and two inches thick!)! He was going ALL the way in and almost all the way out and I couldn't believe the size of it!

I guess they had been at it as long as we had- because he suddenly drove his big tool all the way in and held there! I could see his cute little butt pulsing as he shot all his stuff inside Linda and she was almost sobbing and telling him how good it was too!

When he pulled out of her I saw how red and swollen her twat was and it was still open a little from the huge thing that had been stuffed inside her! I helped her to the bathroom to clean up and she was raving about how it was painful at first but that it was like nothing she had ever felt before!

She said, "He said he wants to fuck you too! He loves how big your tits are and wants to taste them!" I had never been so turned on in my 21 years (Like I said I'm fairly sure they gave us SOMETHING—besides a GOOD FUCKING!) and when we came out of the bathroom wearing those towels (our clothes were scattered everywhere) ole Big Cock asked if we had ever "been together" and the answer was yes a few times experimentally and it was always nice, but it seemed like this time it was going to be different!

When we moved together and kissed I felt a surge in my pussy and we held each other tightly! We moved towards the bed as we kissed and before we lay down we drop the towels and then we lay facing each other kissing and caressing each other and slowly Linda kisses her way down to my hard nipples (I think she likes them because hers are so small!) and starts to lick and suck them and then she raises up and offers her hard little tits to my lips! I like sucking them—they are so different from mine—I was sucking her sweet nipples and we both had our twats pressed on each others legs rubbing almost like we had cocks fucking each other—IT WAS HOT—we both came, not violently—it was just a nice sweet orgasm!

As we lay there the two guys moved to the bed and the one with the big cock lay next to me and whispered in my ear, "I'm going to give the best fuck of your life, so relax and let me have you!" I admit I was scared, your was the biggest (I had only seen yours and before tonight—one more cock) I had seen and now he wanted to put this pole in me! I'll have to say I was more than curious about how it would feel to be fucked by such a huge cock and decided I had to try it! I have never had my pussy control me as much as it did that night! Linda and the other guy said they were going to our room to give us some privacy! If you are sure I'll tell you the rest, but beware—its HOT!!

After Linda and the other guy left we lay there and kissed and fondled each other and he said, "Baby, suck me and get me hard and then I'll get you ready for the fuck of your life!" I moved down his chest until I was at eye level with his big cock! It was half hard and it was still HUGE! His big nuts hung low—I guess they were just emptied so they were resting too! I took it in my hand and the fingers barely touched—I leaned down and licked it and it JUMPED! It started to grow as I sucked and licked on it and then I took the fat head in my mouth! It was a MOUTH FULL—and I slowly took a little more, but about half was all I could handle it was so thick! I was jacking the other half and gently rubbing his balls and it got REALLY HARD!

I was getting wet just thinking about it and his big fingers in my pussy weren't making it easy to keep my mind on what I was doing! After I had him hard as a rock he told me to lay back and let him get me ready! I lay back and he moved over me, licking and sucking my hard nipples- then kissing his way down my trembling belly to my leaking twat! When he closed his mouth over it and sucked I screamed out and came (this guy knew how to eat pussy!) and the he licked my clit and stuck his tongue so deep in me I thought it was a cock! When he looked up and smiled he said, "NOW I'm going to fuck you until you think you may pass out!"

He lifted my ass up and put a pillow under me and said, "This way I can get every bit of it in you!" He got between my legs with his spread so wide that they were under mine holding me open! I raised up to see what was happening and gasped when I saw him holding his cock with both hands like a club! He rubbed the big red head up and down the slit of my cunt and SLOWLY pushed the fat head in! It took my breathe away it hurt so bad, but it passed quickly and all I could feel was a THROBBING PRESSURE—he started to stroke slowly and soon was against my cervix just like you, only he STILL HAD COCK LEFT! He had his arms behind my knees holding me WIDE OPEN!

As he started to fuck me slowly it started to feel GOOD—REALLY GOOD! I came twice (he was really taking me for a ride) after about 15 minutes of this he dropped my legs and when he pushed in the next time I felt it slip past my cervix and slide in until his big nuts were pressed tight against my ass and his pubic bone was pressed tight against mine! I screamed out and came! It felt like it was in my throat I was SO FULL, but I didn't ask him to stop! He said, "When you are ready I'm going to fuck you until you beg me to stop!"

I let my cunt get used to his size and then I said, "All right BIG BOY- show me what you can do to my little pussy!"

I later wished I hadn't said that, but it was worth the pain that I had the next day! He started to fuck slowly—just like he did Linda-all the way in and all the way out- it felt as if he was turning me inside out, but it was getting better every stroke—my cunt fit him so tightly he rubbed my clit just right and I was really getting off it felt so good! Then he started to go faster and HARDER! He bottomed out each stroke and ground against my clit!

Now he was getting a little rough, the strange thing is that it was TURNING ME ON! He was fucking me like a whore and I was LOVING IT! It wasn't long until I could feel him swelling up EVEN BIGGER! When he started to cum he pushed in all the way and held there! I came when he hit my clit this time! I could feel each spurt—I counted SIX before he stopped and I could feel it running out my twat and down my ass-it hadn't been but an hour since he fucked Linda and this guy STILL RAN MY PUSSY OVER WITH CUM!

He held there for a minute or two—and then eased out—sitting on his heels between my spread legs! I looked down and saw his cum covered cock-slightly soft but still BIG and red and looking ANGRY! I was amazed I had taken it all!

I looked down at my pussy and it was red and swollen and pouring cum, it was throbbing and felt like my heart was beating in it but it felt GOOD! He sat there staring at my pussy for a few minutes-we both were breathing hard, but we had calmed now and then he stood up beside me on the floor and laid his slippery cock in my hand and said, "Baby, I want you to jack it until its hard then I'm going to get behind you and fuck your cunt until I can't fuck anymore!"

I must have looked at him like he was a fool because he said, "Darlin', you were getting off on my cock so hard I want you to REMEMBER ME for a LONG TIME after we're done! It usually takes several times before a sweet young thing like you enjoys what I have to offer them!"

I took his big tool in my hand—it was so shiny and felt so hot I couldn't help rubbing it—if it hadn't had so much cum on it I would have sucked it! It didn't take long for it to stand up big and proud as ever!

He said, "Now get on your hands and knees in front of me and let me see that sexy ass while I fuck you this time!"

I moved to the edge of the bed and stood up between him and the bed and he reached around and took my big boobs in each hand and rubbed his cock on my ass and kissed my neck and shoulders and then he pressed me forward with my knees on the edge of the bed then on further until I was in the position he wanted!

He leaned forward and kissed both cheeks of my ass and then he stood up and put the fat head against my pussy and pushed about half of it in me on the first stroke and buried it completely in THREE strokes! I was that wet and open from the first time!

He took a hip in each hand and just started to fuck slow and DEEP! I could feel his nuts swing forward and hit my clit and a soft splat each time his belly hit my ass! He kept this up for at least 20 minutes like a machine! I lost track of the orgasms I had and then he started to get faster! I could feel him swelling again and I was pushing back meeting each stroke! We were colliding HARD-then just as I started to cum really hard—I feel his cock EXPLODE on me! He holds so deep and then I feel it running down my thighs—WHERE IS HE GETTING SO MUCH JUICE FROM??

When he stops he rubs his softening cock around inside then eases out of my poor beat up pussy and lets me slowly down, to lay face down—we were both breathing like we had run a marathon and he collapsed beside me on the bed and we both fell asleep! When we woke up the next morning (it was close to lunch—we must have been up most of the night when we fell out) the first thing I noticed was the THROBBING in my twat! It was ACHING! I lay there remembering the night before and when I looked over at him I saw that he was hard!

I eased up and started to dress and then he woke up! He grinned at me and said, "You up for a little quickie this morning-before you go?"

I looked at him and said, "Hell no you Bastard—you knew you were going to make me this sore didn't you?"

He answered, "Baby, I knew you'd feel it this morning, but as hot as you were last night I COULDN'T hold back! I'm sorry your pussy is sore, but I KNOW you won't forget me will you?"

He was right too- my cunt ached for 2 days and they left before I was able to try him again! He did manage to fuck both of the other girls that were with us! We were all babbling about that BIG COCK!

He called me a time or two after we got home and to be honest with you-I met him one time in Macon and he FUCKED ME FOUR TIMES that night! Remember that BAD YEAST infection I had before we got married—YEAH RIGHT! Well I hope this is what you wanted! It's the truth as best as I can remember (my pussy helped me remember too!).

I love you --K

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