tagCelebrities & Fan FictionThe True Story of Snow White Ch. 7

The True Story of Snow White Ch. 7

byThe Story Teller©

Note: This story contains male/male/female sex. If you do not like reading this type of material please do not read. To everyone else I hope you will like this story, please feel free to let me know what you think by sending anonymous feedback. If you wish a reply, please give me your email address and I will respond. Thank you.

* * * * *

Gabriel and Snow White walked in companionable silence through a hallway in a remote wing of the house. Nervous tension radiated through her nerves but the strength and comfort radiating from the warm arm wrapped around her eased some of that nervousness.

This was it, the last test she would face with the seventh tutor. Images of her first encounter with him brought a wry smile to her face. He had been asleep looking relaxed and even comfortable in what had to be a very uncomfortable chair. Like all of her tutors he was handsome, and yet the word didn't seem to cover his beauty. Striking, yes that was a better word. He kept his body was well taken care of, sculpted, lean and muscular. Even the fact that he was completely bald only enhanced the chiseled features of his face.

Gabriel stopped and turned towards Snow White effectively halting her daydreams. Smiling, he gently cupped her cheek and gave her a quick kiss. "Do you remember Sloan?" He asked.

She nodded.

"All right then, Sloan is your last tutor, but he is also the biggest test you will have to overcome. You are permitted to use any means necessary to pass your final test. Remember all that you've been taught, but most of all remember that diversity is everywhere." Turning around he walked away, leaving Snow White staring at the wooden door.

Gabriel's words rang through her head as she closed the door behind her with a soft click. Her eyes scanned the spacious room, searching and then finally settling on Sloan. Just as before, he was asleep, sprawled out on an overstuffed couch, his face turned away from her and one arm rested against the armrest above his head.

She could only stare at the splendid naked male body in front of her. She drank him in, unconsciously licking her lips as her eyes fell lower and lower. Shock curled through her system and her eyes widened in reaction. God, she had never seen anything like it in her life. There was not one single strand of hair on his balls and nether region!

Curious, she reached down and cupped him. The bulging sacs were smooth to the touch. Delighted, she continued to explore, watching and waiting for a response.

He never once stirred, not even when she got down on her knees and took his cock into her mouth. Puzzled, she even shook him but he only mumbled and rolled away.

Now what was she going to do? How was she supposed to pass her final test if she couldn't even get him to wake up?

She wandered through the room, fretting and worrying. And then anger replaced the worry. How dare he sleep, after all he had a responsibility as her tutor to be awake and aware didn't he?

Cold water, that's what I need, she thought.

As Snow White began her search she noticed several odd objects of art scattered throughout the room. There were entwined figures in different sexual acts and positions, paintings on the walls, and picture books with explicit drawings.

It was beginning to dawn on her exactly what it would take to wake up her tutor. Although somewhat shocking, it was also extremely arousing. She turned and looked at his bed thinking of what had taken place in it. That's when she noticed the large picture covered with a cloth hanging on the wall above the bed.

She crossed to the bed and climbed onto it. Bracing her feet on the bed she grabbed the cloth and pulled.

There it was. The final clue she needed staring her right in the face.

Seething with anticipation, Snow White hurried from the room. Windows and doors passed her in a blur as she ran through the house. When she finally reached her destination she did not stop to knock but thrust open the door and barged inside.

"I knew it wouldn't take you very long to figure out the puzzle. Now that you have, are you willing to take the final step in your lessons?" The voice rolled along her skin like velvet.

Instead of speaking she grabbed the outstretched hand and pulled using that as her answer.

When she was once more back in the room, Snow White lifted her hand and pointed at Sloan with her index finger. "Wake him."

Tanned hands brushed long, golden hair over thick, powerful shoulders and a brilliant blue eye winked at her from a face so handsome it made women swoon.

"Anything you say, princess." Derek replied. "But first I think I'll get a bit more comfortable."

He removed his shirt and then painstakingly inched his breeches down. Snow White's breath hitched in her throat as his beautiful, thick cock sprang free of the tight breeches. As she reached for it, his hand came up and gave hers a sharp smack.

"No touchy feely Princess."

She pouted, but moved closer to the couch.

Derek slid his hands along the smooth skin of Sloan's thighs, pulling them apart and placing Sloan's right foot on the floor. He knelt down so that his chest was partially supported by the couch.

God, he'd wanted this all day. Anticipated. Dreamed. Now he was so aroused by actually being here that his hands shook when he reached for Sloan's limp cock. The warmth and musky smell made him yearn to have that hard length sliding in and out of his mouth.

With a mental shake Derek willed his mind back to the task at hand. There was a trick to waking Sloan and looking at the princess who was diligently caressing and squeezing her bared breasts, he figured he had better hurry the pace along.

Leaning down, he ran his tongue over the silky smooth sac at the base of Sloan's cock. He sucked each nut one at a time into his mouth, rasping his tongue over them and taking his teeth to each one with gentle love bites.

He did this purely for his own pleasure, loving the taste and feel of the full globes. Switching to the cock in his hands he drew wet circles around the head with the tip of his tongue. Next he coated his long middle finger generously with saliva and grazed the puckered opening of Sloan's anus.

In the next instant three things happened. Derek sucked Sloan's cock into his mouth, thrust his finger deep into his lover's anus, and Sloan woke in an instant, his hoarse shout mingling with Derek's groan.

It only took a minute for the sleep to clear from Sloan's head. "Fuck! I love getting woke up like this!" He yelled. His cock, now granite hard, had a hand wrapped tightly around the shaft, stroking and pumping it while Derek's hot mouth sucked on the head with vigorous intensity. Another finger was added to the one in his ass, stretching and stroking. He grabbed clumps of golden hair in his hands and used them to guide Derek up and down on his shaft.

Not once did Sloan open his eyes while he savored each miniscule sensation. So it came as quite a shock when he heard Derek's voice and realized there was someone else in the room.

"Sloan's tongue can do a much better job on your pussy, princess. Go ahead, sit down and enjoy."

His eyes opened immediately, zeroing in on the naked woman standing near his head. Shit, he thought, I forgot all about her.

Snow White watched the erotic scene in front of her with such avid concentration that when Derek spoke she jumped. As his words registered she realized that she was completely naked and that her fingers were rubbing her clit, but for the life of her she could not remember taking her clothes off.

She shrugged, dismissing her confusions. Taking the hand Sloan held out to her she moved to get into position and was directed to face Derek.

"Ooo!" She cried out, arching her back as Sloan's tongue laved the entire length of her slit ending with a sharp flick against her clitoris. Hands reached up and caressed her breasts, cupping and squeezing, pulling and pinching her nipples. God, the way he was intentionally using slow laps with his tongue that did nothing to bring her closer to orgasm made her want to scream in frustration.

A quick wiggle of her hips and Sloan grabbed her preventing any more movement.

"Please! Please, I need more! Give me more!" She moaned in frustration.

Derek released Sloan's cock and spoke, "Get down here and help me suck his cock, princess. Right now!" He barked the last order when she did not move.

"Oh Fuck, yeah!" Sloan growled as one mouth swallowed his cock and another attacked his balls with teeth and tongue.

Christ, he had to get his mind off the pleasure his cock was receiving or he'd cum too soon. Returning to her pussy, Sloan concentrated on edging her toward orgasm. He sucked her clit into his mouth and held it there while he punished it with his tongue. Careful love bites followed the hard rapid flicks and then Sloan went further, ramming two fingers into her cunt and fucking her to the same rhythm as his tongue.

She shivered, moaning around the hard shaft in her mouth. Her orgasm was so close and her body so tense that Derek had to remove her hand from Sloan's cock before she hurt him. That left only her mouth covering the head and when her orgasm erupted her scream vibrated around Sloan's cock. It took supreme will on Sloan's part to stave off his own orgasm.

"Oh God, Derek stop before I cum." Sloan yelled in warning.

Derek gave on final lingering lick around the bulging sacs before pushing up off the couch. He looked at the stunned princess and realized that she was too weak to continue.

That was fine with him, he and Sloan could amuse themselves while she watched and recuperated. While he picked her up Sloan shifted on the couch leaving a corner of it empty for Derek to place Snow White in.

Sloan came up behind Derek while he was still bent over and rubbed his cock back and forth across his ass. He felt warm, moist breath whisper across his neck an instant before Sloan's teeth bit into his neck.

"Ohhh!" Derek moaned, angling his neck for better access. Blunt nails lightly scraped a trail up the back of his thighs. With a bit more pressure they scored over the rounded globes of his ass. Sloan moved to Derek's back next and when he was done with it red marks marred the skin.

It was delicious torture to slide his cock up and down the crack of Derek's ass. "I want in you, now!" He breathed into Derek's ear.

Leaving Derek he moved back to the couch and reached for the jar of cream underneath. Liberally he coated his cock and then clenching his stomach muscles he made his cock wave back and forth in the air. Slick, wet fingers urged Derek forward. "Come and get it." Sloan taunted.

The hungry look in Sloan's eyes sent a feverish shiver racing down Derek's spine. He moved to stand in front of him, turning away when Sloan asked him to.

"Bend over, Derek." He ordered

Derek started to lean over only to have Sloan force two wet fingers into his ass. They plunged in and pulled out, readying his manhole for Sloan's engorged shaft.

Watching his fingers disappear and reappear from the puckered flesh made Sloan's cock even harder. Slowing down his strokes he curved his fingers, raking them across the prostate.


Sloan's control snapped and he jerked Derek down onto his lap. His movements were harsh and frantic as he gripped Derek's legs and made him brace his feet on the couch.

Hard fingers bit into Derek's ass cheeks, lifting him up and holding him. Reaching between his legs with one hand Derek held Sloan's erect member against his anus and sank down.

They moaned in unison.

Derek felt as if a red-hot poker had speared its way through the depths of his bowels, leaving his manhole throbbing with the pleasure/pain.

Dropping his head against Derek's back, Sloan rested it there as he fought for control. Beads of sweat pearled on his skin. This was the way it always was with Derek. The minute his dick was swallowed up by that incredible grip, an almost overpowering urge to take, hell, to rape his ass roared through him.

Several useless breaths later, he thought, the hell with it.

Holding Derek's hips in an unbreakable grip, Sloan lifted Derek up until just the head of his enflamed cock was still inside and then hauled him back down. The pace he set was hard, fast and unmerciful. The loud slapping noises of pounding flesh and harsh grunts sounding like those in a bar room brawl.

Derek was in heaven; each thrust and pull of the cock inside him made contact with his prostate sending electric surges straight to his aching shaft.


"You want it? I'll give it to you bitch. Take it! TAKE…EVERY…

FUCKING…INCH…OF…MY…COCK!!!" Each word was interspersed with a hard thrust.

Sloan's mind was numb to everything except the pleasure he was receiving as Derek's ass repeatedly swallowed his cock. In and out, in and out, thrusting and pulling he brought them both to the precipice of orgasm.

The shock of having a hot, wet mouth engulfing his rigid shaft brought Derek instantly back to awareness. "Shit. Oh God Sloan, the lesson! Stop! Stop! We can't cum yet!" He screamed, pushing Snow White away.

"GOD DAMN IT!" Sloan yelled, pounding his fists against the couch.

Quickly Derek stood up eliciting a hiss from Sloan as the head of his cock popped free. Dropping down next to Sloan on the couch, they both searched for control, panting heavily.

Snow White stayed where she was, afraid that she had done something wrong. But it had been so damn hot watching her tutors fuck each other she couldn't stop herself from joining in.

"Please, don't be angry with me." She said in a small voice.

Sloan looked at her in astonishment. "Princess, we're not mad at you, we're mad at ourselves. We lost control and almost screwed up your lesson." He said in disgust. "Just give us a few minutes to calm down and we'll continue your lesson."

Turning, he gave Derek's thigh a weak slap. "It's all your fault anyway, you and that incredibly tight ass of yours. Remind me to spank you later."

"Sure, I'll remind you when your ass is stuffed full of my cock andI'm spanking your ass." Derek said in a serious tone.

A searing look passed between the two.

Unfortunately, Snow White was unable to sit still. Her arousal scented the air and the heat of it raging through her veins kept her muscles constantly twitching and her pussy aching for a hard cock

"Poor Princess, you aren't going to last much longer are you?" Sloan teased.

Snow White opened her eyes just as Sloan grabbed her and slung her over his shoulder. The cave man tactics sent new tingles shivering up her spine. Raising her head she saw that Derek was right behind her. His hand was stroking his cock and there was such a look of sexual resolve on his face that it took her breath away.

The next thing she knew the cold wood of the table was pressed against her breasts and stomach and Sloan's prick was splitting her pussy open.

Her mouth opened wide in a silent O and her nails dug small grooves into the wood. His cock kept inching and pushing inside her until she thought it would never end. When the whole length was finally inside, she managed to relax slightly but was unable to stop the involuntary shudders coursing through her.

Sloan moaned low in his throat. Her pussy was so tight and wet. God, he loved the feral jolt to his system when he rammed his cock home. It was primal, vicious and made him want to spew his juices right then and there. Pulling out, he gave a triumphant shout and punched his cock back into the volcanic heat of her cunt.

"OHHHH!" She couldn't stop the cry of delight, the pleasure she was receiving from his fucking so explosive. Eagerly she tilted her hips to meet his powerful thrusts letting the turbulence of his possession overwhelm her.

Growling and grunting he drove in and out of the slick heat, not even slowing down when Derek's wet fingers shoved into his manhole. The stimulation soon had him aching to be fucked. Derek's hands shoved against his shoulders forcing him to lean over Snow White with an order to hold still.

Sloan's flesh was hot, almost feverish against her own and his breath panted harshly against her ear. Callused fingers closed over her shoulders as Derek's voice sounded behind them.

"Are you ready for my cock, boy?"

"Fuck, yeah!" Sloan growled in response.

To Snow White he whispered, "Are you ready for him to fuck me, Princess? You might want to hold onto the table, Derek likes to fuck hard and fast."

His fingers stiffened on her shoulders and his next words sent her pulse racing. "He's rubbing his fat prick up and down the crack of my ass, Princess. It feels so soft and smooth. Sometimes he likes to torture me this way, just sliding it up and down my ass until I can't take it anymore and beg him to take me."

She grew even more aroused at his descriptions, so much that her clitoris ached and throbbed with need. She could even tell the exact moment when Derek's cock brushed against Sloan's asshole because his cock twitched inside her pussy every time.

"He's pushing the head in. Oh God, it's soooo big! Almost there…Almost there… Ohhhh yessss!"

The moan sent a fresh gush of wetness from her pussy to coat the head of Sloan's cock.

"Mmmmmm, that's it baby, cream on my cock. What a dirty little slut you are."

Snow White's cheeks turned pink.

Sloan's laugh ended with a grunt as Derek forced another inch into his ass.

The movement forced Sloan deeper into her pussy and had her moaning. "Oh yes, that's so good. Give it to me!"

"He's going soooo slow, Princess, I can feel the veins on his cock and the head stretching my ass open." The frustration was apparent in his voice. Sloan raised his head and looked over his shoulder at Derek. "Christ, Derek. Stop torturing me and FUCK MEEE!" He screamed loud and clear.

It was all the encouragement Derek needed. His next hard thrust sent them all shooting forward.

Snow White relinquished the last shred of her control and let the fiery whirlwind dominate her. Her body vibrated with the unending pleasure. Sloan's taut body against her own along with his low groans of pleasure against her ear added to the eroticism.

There was no stopping Derek. He was far too caught up in the sensations surrounding his cock and the pressure building in his balls. His promise to Sloan flitted through his pleasure-wracked mind. Smiling in wicked delight, he raised his hand and brought it sharply down on Sloan's ass. A resounding SMACK filled the air.

"Shit!" Sloan yelled, pitching forward at the shocking pain.

His sudden movement lodged his cock deeper inside the princess than he had ever thought was possible.

"More Derek! Spank me more!" He urged.

Sloan began his own movements, pushing backwards, impaling the massive cock in his ass and then surging forward, drilling his cock into the wet clinging depths of Snow White's cunt.

The ecstasy he was experiencing was two-fold, his only thoughts the imminent orgasm rising up from his balls. He had just enough presence of mind left to reach down between Snow White's thighs, grab her clit between thumb and finger and squeeze. ONCE! TWICE! And then she screamed.

The orgasm hurtled through her tearing away all of her inhibitions and feelings, leaving her vulnerable and open to each miniscule bolt of pleasure. It seared nerve endings, plowed through quivering muscles and poured from her throat in ear-splitting screams.


Her inner muscles clamped around Sloan's cock until he could barely move. Not even his lover's ass had ever been this tight before. It was like pounding through rock. Thrusting even harder he was able to bury his shaft the rest of the way. But before he could pull out for another Snow White came, her muscles squeezing tighter than a vice.

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