tagLoving WivesThe Truth Will Set You Free

The Truth Will Set You Free


A very nasty fuck story with redemption in the end; there are strong anal themes. The story begins with a "reluctant" role play.

"I don't want your cunt, my pretty little bitch, I want your tight little ass. You won't suck my cock, don't want me to go down on you and just lie there when I fuck your sloppy pussy. I'm tired of this shit. Spread your cheeks for me and relax. It's going to hurt a little at first but you'll get used to it---might even like it if there's any kind of sex you really enjoy."

"No! That's too dirty, it's a sin! This is rape! I don't want you to do this. What the fuck are you doing? Your mouth...your tongue. Oh, gross, you're eating my ass hole!"

"Lubing your dirty little hole is going to make this a lot better for you. Look, you're going to get fucked in the ass---accept it. I don't really care if you scream...we're miles from the nearest house. I don't even care if you never want to see me again. Call the cops if you want...they're all friends of mine and it will be your word against mine. For Christ's sake quit whining and show me that you're a real woman."

She could not believe the fix she had gotten herself in. He seemed like such a nice young man. She had had too much to drink; he had been rough with her...but not too rough and she had been turned on. When he had tied her in this position, this obscene position, on her knees with her thighs pressed against her calves and her ass extending over the end of the bed, she had expected him to take her cunt from the rear...she had really enjoyed it the first time he had done it that way. It made her sloppy middle aged cunt tighter...for both of them. She had cum; it was the first time in her forty years she had ever cum from the actions of a man's cock in her pussy. She actually enjoyed the first finger in her ass, ashamed as she was to admit it but then there where two---and then three. And now he was going to sodomize her. She had never been more scared in her life nor felt more degraded...more used. Her arms were free, but the rest of her body was strapped down to the bed. She felt the cool fluid being applied to her most intimate hole.

"I don't want to hurt you and fucking a dry anal canal is not much fun for me---or you. Damn, spread you ass cheeks so I can lube you properly, or you're really not going to like what I'm about to do." He paused. "Look, we're playing a game here. Maybe you're not into it. Do you want to stop?"

As if in answer, she tentatively reached back with both hands and did as she was told. Christ, she was accommodating him...facilitating the plunder of her forbidden little hole. Logic had set in; she knew she could not stop him from brutalizing her anal canal. No wait! Yes she could. He had told her they could stop. Why the hell didn't she tell him she no longer wanted to play? Because she did want to play. She'd never been this wet---this hot---before. She couldn't move and couldn't fight, but he had told her she could say stop and he would. Logically, the more he lubed her the less horrifying it would feel...the less pain she would have to endure. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad...maybe he was right...maybe she might even like it.

"I'm real glad you took a shit not that long ago. Otherwise, I'd have to drag your ass into the bathroom and give you an enema. I don't like anything about a shitty nasty ass fuck...fortunately your rectum is empty. Let's get that sweet little bung of yours greased up and ready."

He screwed the nozzle on the tube of lubricant and shoved it in her ass, dumping half the tube inside her rectal cavity. He didn't want to hurt her although he knew she was an anal virgin and would feel both pain and discomfort. He just wanted to get off inside her little hole. He had no idea why he had brought her here again. She was a lousy fuck. Any sort of oral sex had been off limits. She neither talked nor moved when he fucked her. She was an amazingly attractive woman for forty; possibly that is why she was here again. She worked out regularly and had a tight little body. He was only twenty-six and had met this coyote at the garden center. She was married and had three children. He had assumed that her husband hadn't been servicing her and she was just looking for some young cock. After the first few times they had been together he realized that her husband had probably long since lost interest in her abysmal sexual talent.

He worked a finger into her cunt and was surprised to find how wet it was. Previously she had had a real problem with lubrication and he had used the lube on her pussy. Lubrication deficiency was not uncommon in women her age...but now she was very wet. He went down on her knees behind her and worked is tongue around the entrance to her steamy cunt.

"I told you I don't like that. It's dirty...don't...oh!"

He was both please and amazed as her taunt little butt started responding to his oral ministrations. She was getting into it. Who would have thought. He began to more thoroughly explore her middle age cunt with his tongue as his fingers found her stiff little clit. He worked two fingers into her well greased little shitter and began fucking it with his fingers. She came. He kept working her now dripping pussy with his fingers and mouth and she came again, this time with a long growling wail as her entire body shook with pleasure.

"You had no idea what you were missing did you Mrs. Robinson? You liked me eating your cunt. That's the second time I've ever made you cum. Be honest; that felt very good, didn't it?" She nodded silently.

He moved around to her head. "Open your mouth." She gritted her teeth and held her mouth shut. He grabbed her jaw and forced her mouth open. "Open you fucking mouth, cunt!" He said, grabbing a dangling nipple and pinching hard enough to elicit a cry of pain. "We can do this the easy way or the hard way...I don't really give a shit. I'm going to stick this cock in your middle aged mouth. It's a very pretty mouth, you have a wide set jaw and will have no problem doing this. If I feel even a hint of your teeth on my cock...any questions?"

Without waiting for a response, he placed the head of his big young cock past her lips. "I'd really like you to blow me, but I seriously doubt that you even know how. Let's see how much you can take. You're probably going to gag a little when my cock hits the back of your throat, but you'll get used to it. I'm just going to fuck your mouth. I don't think you'll like it. Then I'm going to cum as far back in there as is humanly possible. Then you're going to swallow every fucking drop of my cream. Are we clear?" Again, she nodded silently.

He was again surprised and amazed. She took all eight inches of his fat and extremely hard young prick all the way to his pubic bone. "Breath through your nose." He commanded. He began a steady, slow deep assault on her mouth. She gurgled and gagged. Her eyes watered. She looked both scared and overwhelmed. He felt sorry for her. He pulled his cock from her mouth.

"You want to try it on your own? Try sucking my dick? Go ahead. Show me what a quick learner you are."

She bent her head forward and took him in her mouth. "Use your tongue to work the head. Stroke my balls softly with you fingers. Move you head up and down---slower! I really want to enjoy this. That's good. You're starting to get into it...starting to enjoy having that big dick in your hot little mouth. That's right, bob up and down. Good tongue action. My God, you were born to suck my cock...you're a fucking natural."

He shot a massive load deep in her throat, refusing to allow her to remove her mouth from his engorged organ or turn her head away. "Swallow! Take it all down your throat. No spitters allowed. "That's a good girl. I'm proud of you. Very nice." He told her, then bent down and kissed her full on the lips recovering the remaining vestiges of his own load from her mouth. He knew from her response that taking his cock in her mouth had heightened her arousal. He was very pleased.

"It wasn't that bad, now was it? You got into it. That's the very best first blow job I've ever had, and even if it hadn't been your first it was well above average. You could easily become a world class cock sucker." He was still very hard; a factor of being young and very aroused. The faint smile on her lips turned him on even more. He moved around to her rear and thrust his hard young cock into her steamy twat.

"Come on baby, you're a fucking jock. You've got a hard little body and fantastic muscle tone. Use your muscles...grab my dick with your cunt. Tighten up that sloppy pussy for me. Oh, yea! You're getting the idea. Why the fuck didn't you do this before? A little muscle action and your big forty year old fuck hole feels like an eighteen year old. Your hands are free; reach down and play with that cunt. That's right, diddle that little love button. Are you going to come for me sweetheart?" She nodded vigorously; she was starting to sweat. She was fucking him back---for the first time.

"Talk to me baby; tell me how good my stiff cock feels inside your underused cunt."

"It's good...really good. Your cock feel's really good. Don't stop. Fuck me harder...all the way in. Slap my ass. I feel like a whore...a slut. Make me your slut, you bastard! Oh, oh, there it is, oh yes!" And she drove her firm hips back against his pubic bone coming with a long, agonizing, whimpering scream.

He ran his strong young hands over her tight body, brushing her tits and running his hand from her now sopping cunt to her ass hole. He had not cum; he was saving it for the final hole. "That was outstanding, baby. You've got a very hot little cunt when you work it. I almost came in your pussy; it was all I could do to keep from creaming inside you. But you know where my next load is going, don't you?" She nodded apprehensively.

He began softly rimming her tight hole with his fingers, then replaced his fingers with his tongue. Her hips started to move in response. "You know you like the feel of what I'm doing back there, don't you? You're exceptionally anally sensitive. It's a crime you've never given up that tight little ass to a man before. But that is about to change right now."

With no further warning, he inserted the massive head of his young organ through the ring of her tightly sealed little hole. She gasped. She cried out. She exhaled as if being punched in the stomach. "I know it burns a little. That will pass quickly. You're going to have to get used to the fullness. I'll go slowly; you need to tell me as you adjust so I can go deeper. You know I'm going all the way in don't you? You're going to feel my public hair against your ass and my nuts slapping your cunt when I get my whole cock deep in your rectum. More?"

She nodded apprehensively. "You need to talk to me cunt. Where is my cock right now?"

"Its...in my ass. It's too big. You're going to hurt me. Why must you do this? I sucked your cock and you got a good fuck from my...pussy. Isn't that enough?"

"It's never enough. I love the hot buttery tightness of a woman's ass. I'd rather fuck a woman in the ass than anything. You ass is exceptionally tight. You need to learn what it feels like. Maybe if you'd given up your ass to hubby a long time ago he wouldn't be off fucking his administrative assistant. Now get ready—and relax, for God's sake. You're just making this more painful for yourself. Accept the fact that your virgin middle aged ass hole is going to take a big load from the young stud you flirted with at the garden center. Get your hands back here and spread your ass cheeks. I'm only half way in and I'm ready to shove my cock all the way in." She obeyed, grimacing as the young man continued his assault on her bowels.

He bottomed out, pleased to have accomplished the first portion of his anal domination of the woman beneath him. "Okay, I'm going to fuck your ass now." He began a slow stroke into her abused little brown eye. Occasionally he would completely withdraw enjoying the way her ass would stay open for him as if inviting his massive fuck stick to continue its brutal assault on her insides.

"Use your fingers on your cunt. Work that little love button. No, pressure, baby, but I have incredible control and have no intention of cumming in your ass until you cum---so you will determine how long I end up plundering your tight little chute." He slapped her buttocks hard. "Move for me baby, this is not a spectator sport. Move that fine ass of yours. You're my anal slut now, sweet thing. Certainly not the first woman I've introduced to having a cock abuse her tender hole, but I have to admit that yours is absolutely one of the best rectums I've ever serviced. Your ass is perfect...it was made for cock. Talk to me! Do you feel dirty? Do you feel like a whore? Are you just another little ass slut?"

"I feel like a whore...an anal whore. It's so big. It doesn't burn anymore. The fullness...uncomfortable, but...sexy. I feel so submissive, dirty, you make be feel dirty. My pussy is really wet and hot. I can't believe this. I'm a dirty little girl taking a man's cock inside my...ass! Slap me again. Fuck that ass deep; make me your woman, your dirty little anal cum slut! Oh fuck I'm so close. Jam it in. Rape my ass. Pull my hair, oh, God...!"

She came again, very long, and very hard; it was ultimately the most satisfying orgasm she had ever had in her life. He was still plundering her anus, driving his thick young cock inside her most private place. He came deep in her bowels and she felt the hot splash of his young cream inside her. It brought her off again. She knew she could not slip any lower in her degradation, yet she was somehow sublimely aroused by what this young bastard had done to her. He had one more stage that would complete her humiliation.

"Clean it, bitch, it's customary. Yes, it's been in someone's ass—but it was your ass." Surprising herself, she complied without protest. When he offered his hairless young ass hole to her mouth for servicing, she again understood, rimming him enthusiastically and inserting her stiff tongue inside.

He left the bedroom for a few minutes, returning with a warm cloth with which he cleaned her cum stained face, pussy and ass. He gently removed the restraints which had held her in that vulnerable and nasty position. She should find her clothes, get dressed and leave...never to see this man again. She knew she would not go to the cops; the scandal would be unacceptable. She looked at him, angry, pissed...but more completely sexually satisfied than she had ever been in her life. She was terribly confused and ashamed. She knew she felt no tenderness for this brutish young stud who had violated her in every imaginable way. She let him take her in his arms and kiss her...it was a soft, tender and loving kiss.

Why had she gone home with him that first time? She had discovered the signs. Her husband was fucking his secretary...had been for some time. She was not the first, of that she was sure. She had wanted to get even. She had realized that she was very inhibited sexually; she knew in her heart that in spite of her stunning looks and hard body she had not satisfied her husband in many years. This bastard whose arms she was now in had brought out her dark side---had done things that she had never thought she would ever allow---and it had turned her on immensely.

"Will I see you again?" She asked, shocked that she had uttered those words.

"Look, I know you picked me up as a grudge fuck...to get even with your husband for cheating on you. Bluntly, those first few times you were absolutely the worst piece of ass I'd ever had. If you hadn't been so damned attractive, I wouldn't have brought you here this time. I'm sorry if I hurt you---scared you. But I've got to tell you something. Once you accepted the inevitability of what was going to go down you were an amazing fuck! You were like a different woman." As he said these words, his hand drifted down to her still leaking pussy lips. Unconsciously her pussy rose to meet his fingers. She began to move her taunt buttocks in perfect harmony with the probing digits.

She glanced as his proud young cock; it was getting stiff again. He'd only cum twice. At his age she knew he had another fuck in him. She leaned forward and took his dick in her warm wet mouth. It had the desired effect; in no time he was again hard as a bone. He took the initiative, rolling her on her back, pressing her tight thighs against her breasts and entering her in a single fluid motion. He gently stroked her full breasts with his hands and made tender love to her face with his mouth. He fucked her slowly, tantalizingly removing his young organ from her wet canal and working the bulbous head over her labia. Then short strokes, then deeper...then all the way inside her. She worked her new found muscles, grasping and releasing his cock with her cunt. She nipped at him playfully with her teeth. They were both grinning from ear to ear.

"You can't get enough of that middle age pussy, can you young man? Work that cock, baby, fuck me good. Fuck your little forty year old whore for all she's worth. Are you close? I am. I want you to pull out and shoot on my face...I've never done that before either." It was the most satisfying fuck in her life.

As she had requested, just before he came he pulled out of her and jerked his final load on her face. She giggled like a schoolgirl as she watched his cock jerk and spurt. She took his cock in her hands reveling in the feel of his stick fluid on her hands. He gently licked the cum from her face, sharing it with her as he deeply probed her full mouth.

"I've unleashed a monster. That was unquestionable one of the best fucks of my young life. You are a very sexual animal. If you'd been showing your husband this side of you he'd be banging your box right now instead of me. I'm very proud of you." She smiled. She was very proud of herself.

He paused, reflectively. "Do you love your husband? Is he a good guy? Is he a good dad to your kids? Do you really want a divorce, at your age with kids and all?"

She shook her head, sadly. She had no idea what she should do. This young man was just a fuck...the best fuck of her life, but she knew he was not interested in her---a woman fourteen years his senior---for a permanent relationship. She didn't love him. She loved her husband. She only wished that her husband could make her feel the way this stud did. Her husband was a great guy and a wonderful father but he was not exactly exciting between the sheets either.

"Let me suggest something. Get a sitter for the kids. You and your husband need to talk. You need to tell him your know about the young tail he's been getting. You need to be honest with him that you have strayed. No guilt trips, no anger. Then you need to take him to a motel---tonight---and fuck his brains out the way you just fucked me. Suck his cock; give him your ass. Make him moan. Make him want your little cunt, mouth and ass like he's never wanted any others in his life. Talk dirty to him. Let him jerk off on your face. Work that exceptional cunt of yours. Make him your man forever. Make him forget his little twenty-four year old tart. Don't wait. Call him on the way home. Tell him to meet you at a motel. Tell him it's a special surprise. Don't let him say no. Stop and pick up some anal lube and an enema on your way. Before you leave, use the razor in the shower---trim your cunt tight. Any questions? Good. Call me tomorrow and let me know how things went."

She cleaned up, dressed kiss her young lover for the last time and went to her car, intent on setting in motion the very plan he had outlined.

She could not believe she had allowed herself to get involved in an affair with her boss. He was very kind, very nice and very handsome. He was a great boss. He was also married to a very attractive woman and had three kids---and was twenty years older than she was.

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