tagBDSMThe Turning of Emily Ch. 02

The Turning of Emily Ch. 02



After paying the cab driver Emily turned to look up at the rundown tenement block that loomed imposingly above her in the yellow streetlights. Swallowing hard to dispel her growing apprehension she realised it was too late to change her mind anyway as the cab sped away. Remembering her instructions Emily tottered towards the building on her six-inch heels fishing in the pocket of her heavy long coat she withdrew a small crimson suede purse. From the purse she selected the key with the green fob and climbing the wide steps she anxiously approached the door. Drawing a deep breath she inserted the key, it turned and the door swung open on well-oiled hinges. Once inside the dimly lit hallway she nervously closed the main door behind her, the air was clean and fresh with a sharp unusual tang to it. Once she got her bearings Emily recalled her instructions, she began to climb the stairs exchanging the green fobbed key for the only other in the purse, a bright red fobbed one. At each landing she checked the different coloured apartment doors to find one that matched the colour of the key fob. Her quest took her up to the fifth and final floor, here there was only one door, and it was painted scarlet. Emily checked the fob against the door, a definite match. Having plenty time before her appointment she stopped to get her breath nervously gripping the key tightly in her well manicured fingers. Her mind took the chance to ponder what exactly had transpired to lead her to this place and the commitment she had chosen to make.

One of those poor unfortunate women who never had to worry about money or any of the other worldly matters that plagued the less well off Emily had become bored with her opulent lifestyle. Married to a much older highly successful business orientated man who pampered her every whim she felt stifled and yearned for change. Following a strange development in a torrid affair she was having with a manipulative lover involving light bondage and a third female party she had discovered another wilder exciting but frighteningly disturbing side to her psyche. A few days later a casual comment Emily made while at lunch with Monica who was an old school girlfriend she had been quite intimate with when younger brought her here this evening. Monica had given her the chance to spice up her life a little without her husband knowing, she had given her an introductory card to "The Circle"

The card had laid in her purse for several days before Emily finally called the number printed on it, after the brief call she did as asked and sent her details and several photos to a PO box number and awaited the reply. It only took three days, returning from a shopping spree she found an unstamped crimson envelope in her mailbox, it had been hand delivered. Instinctively she knew who it was from, she dumped her bags and took the envelope into the lounge where she sat holding it for some time before finally opening it. Inside was a single small square of vellum edged in gold, on it was written a short note, basically it said someone would call to see her if she was still interested, she was given a mobile phone number to call. She resisted calling until the next morning when the temptation became unbearable, her fingers trembled as she punched in the numbers.

"The Circle," came a prompt reply after only one ring, "my name is Mao Lin, how may I help you?"

"Err, hello," Emily stammered, "My name is Emily, I wish to..."

"Ahh, Emily say no more, I've been awaiting your call," came the pleasant well-spoken oriental voice over the phone.

"Yes I wanted to ring yesterday but felt a little apprehensive."

"That's Okay Emily," the woman sounded very reassuring, "these things shouldn't be entered into lightly. Now my dear would you like me to call around to assess your needs?"

"What?" Emily was shocked, "you would come here?"

"Don't worry this is only a one on one chat to identify your needs," soothed Mao, "to eliminate any mistakes or warn you of any pitfalls; you may rest assured it will be done with the utmost confidence."

"No don't get me wrong, I don't object I'm a novice at this kind of thing!" she cried.

"It's not a problem Emily," reassured Mao, "we can make other arrangements."

"No, here is fine, honestly," replied Emily, "when?"

The woman had shown up dead on time, true to her word she made everything to easy and pleasant. She was so expert at dealing with clients Emily was readily convinced and lured easily into the trap. She answered truthfully all Mao Lin's questions and related quite readily about her recent experiences with Mickey and his whore as she now called her.

Mao Lin had listened interestedly taking notes on her laptop as Emily talked. When asked what exactly she was looking for Emily laughed nervously and blushing admitted she wasn't really sure. Smiling reassuringly Mao Lin had told her she was sure they could put together a little something for her and asked her to choose a tutor from a selection on her laptop. Even as the laptop was passed to her one caught her eye immediately, a fiery attractive redhead called Gwendolyn. Mao Lin expressed some concern saying Gwen may be a bit too much for a new girl like herself but Emily insisted and Mao Lin said all right but she had been warned. She was asked as seeing as she was not sure what she required would she mind any surprises or instructive additions, She agreed despite being unsure what the woman meant. In moments Mao Lin had her credit card details Emily was a little taken aback by the cost but the woman had assured her it would be worth every penny.

When they came the instructions were quite specific even down to telling her what to wear and where to buy it, they came with disclaimers and other legal bumf that she had to sign and return. Given the choice of three dates Emily chose one that fell coincided with the start of one of her husband's business trips. Tonight she was stepping into unexplored territory and was apprehensive but determined to go ahead, she moved to stand before the door.

Her hand shook as she inserted the key into the lock, frantic butterflies of excitement whirled in her belly as she turned it and the door swung open. Leaving the key in the lock as instructed she stepped into the apartment searching for the light switch The apartment was in darkness beyond the weak glow of the hallway light and she did not want to close the door till she could see. Finding the switch some distance from the door she flicked the lights on before closing the door and tentatively began exploring the apartment, apart from the bathroom all bar one of the doors were locked. Emily entered the softly lit room and looked about her. Her pulse quickened when she saw the two glittering chromed chains hanging down about three feet apart in the middle of the room, on each of the chains hung a weighty bag. She followed their length; they ran up through pulleys that were bolted to the high ceiling then down to two large hooks secured on the purple over black rag painted wall close to the doorway of the room. Here and there on the ceiling were dotted unlit spotlights though she searched she could not locate a switch anywhere in the room.

The furnishings in the room were quite sparse really. Against the wall with the door in that she had entered by stood a black wrought metal framed couch affair with dark brown velour upholstery on which lay two imitation leopard skin and black velvet cushions. A single chair stood nearby, it looked to be cast from aluminium, it had no cushioning and the seat was covered in black vinyl. An age worn tall thin dark wood cupboard stood alone in the far corner and huge full-length black velvet curtains covered the full length of the other three walls apart from a gap of four feet in the centre of the opposite wall. Through this gap Emily could see herself clearly in a full-length mirror. The floor was highly polished dark wood over which a crimson and cream patterned carpet was laid, this too had seen better days. Being naturally inquisitive she had to go over and try the cupboard door; it was of course locked. She looked around again; on the couch half hidden amongst the cushions lay a large leather briefcase, she moved over to examine it. She noticed on top of the briefcase lay a glossy black A3 card. On the card in inch high gold hand written letters it said, "Welcome Emily. Remove your coat then please turn over the card." Emily began undoing her long coat; beneath the coat she wore only a leather brassiere and the briefest leather thong as she had been instructed. All though she was alone she felt very self-conscious dressed so provocatively. Avoiding looking at herself in the mirror she turned to examine the case after casting her coat to the floor beside the couch.

It was quite cold in the room and Emily shivered as she turned the card over and started to read the next message "Open the case and please put on the contents as instructed, each item is marked alphabetically as to where and how it should be worn." Despite the chilly air her palms were sweating as she unfastened the clasps and looked into the case. Inside lay three sets of cuffs and a collar made from thick black leather, a little note on each bearing an A, B, C and D respectively and precise details of how each was to be worn down to where the buckles should be, several chains of varying lengths, a dog leash and a small pile of unfastened padlocks.

"Oh my god Emily what are we getting ourselves into?" she whispered to herself.

Taking a deep breath to bolster her courage she picked up the first pair of cuffs that were in fact upper arm straps and was amazed at their weight. They were substantial, made of leather and had large chrome buckles and D rings riveted onto them, on one ring hung the kind of spring-loaded catch commonly seen on dog leashes. After reading the note she replaced them, the note had said plainly "for later use". Her hand shook as she reached into the case for the next pair. These were wrist cuffs and had the same D rings but had a catch on each ring but they fastened with padlocks of which five lay in the case but there were no keys. Deciding she was too deep in to go back now anyway Emily slipped each of the cuffs about her slender wrists in turn and snapped a padlock shut on each. Now she took up the collar and leash and after clipping them together secured the collar snugly around her throat beneath her long blonde hair with another padlock. Finally she took up the ankle cuffs and secured them about her slender ankles with the final two padlocks clipping a nine-inch chain between them as instructed then she waited anxiously excited.

Unknown to her, in the next-door apartment a very select audience watched her through the open curtains as she nervously readied herself. Courtesy of the panoramic view the massive one-way mirrors would give them once the curtains opened and the fact this room was built around three sides of the room where Emily waited would afford the audience quite an impressive display. The entrance to this apartment was actually on the landing below so as not to alert the circle's clientele.

"She is very agreeable isn't she?" the black haired woman smiled at the redhead.

"Yes mistress," the redhead purred, "I'm really going to enjoy this, unless that is you would like to take her yourself first Mistress?"

"Oh no, no, Gwendolyn, she requested you," her almond shaped green eyes glittered maliciously, "perhaps I may indulge myself a little later if your performance is inspiring."

"I will do my utmost to please you Mistress."

"I know," Raven smiled affectionately at the redhead "lets not keep our guest waiting!"

"Of course Mistress."

Gwendolyn moved around the C shaped room making sure everything was in order for her mistress. She fussed over the three large leather couches that were placed at advantage behind each viewing pane, plumping the cushions and smoothing the leather before finally feeling satisfied with the arrangements. Finally she checked there was tape in all the recorder units and that both them and their respective cameras were working before turning finally to face the other woman.

"Everything is ready mistress."

"Excellent," the other replied, "now go, do your best."

Knowing she must not move from where the card told her to stand, Emily's knees trembled as she heard the key she had left there turn in the outer door, then in turn heard the door open and close. A pair of high heels clicked down the uncarpeted hall in precise time with her heartbeat and she stared mesmerised at the room's open door eager to see who was coming. A tall pretty redhead whose picture had not done her justice entered, attired in a black leather raincoat she stared in a most authoritative manner straight at Emily. It was amazing how the look affected her immediately she felt low and subservient to the woman as she was meant to. Without speaking the woman strode over, staring directly at her she circled Emily twice finally stopping behind her out of sight. Emily found this quite unnerving, though very fearful Emily held her ground and stood very still in absolute silence knowing somehow the woman was staring at her. Her heart raced as her arms were gripped forcefully but she did not resist as the woman drew her arms behind her. Emily heard the catches click on the cuffs as the woman secured her arms behind her and trembled in mixed fear and excitement. She stood trembling staring straight ahead, through her peripheral vision she saw the woman as she moved to stand before her.

"You must be Emily?" the redhead purred holding her finger to her lips to indicate that Emily should not reply "I'm Gwendolyn but you will address me as Mistress Gwendolyn or Mistress but only when I allow it, is that clear Emily?"

"Yes Mistress Gwendolyn it is."

"Good we seem to be off to a good start at least, you really are very nice Emily I'm sure we're both going to benefit from this session, aren't we?"

"I hope so Mistress." Emily was careful to answer the girl precisely and courteously.

"Good Emily, well done!" there was no warmth in the woman's smile "now down to business I think."

The red head reached into her pocket with her leather clad hand and brought out a small key, holding it close to Emily's face she smiled as she moved it to touch Emily's lips.

"Hold this for me while I take my coat off."

Emily carefully took the key in her teeth and watched Gwendolyn intently as the redhead removed her coat. Beneath it she wore a leather quarter cup bra that was already pulled down to expose her breasts, a short elasticated skirt beneath the hem of which peeked stockings and suspenders. On her arms Gwendolyn wore tight black leather gloves that reached up past her elbows, her feet were adorned with patent leather shoes with spiked metal heels. All of the aforementioned were coloured black of course; she really was quite a stunning woman. Standing before Emily she allowed the blonde to admire her for a while before reaching for the key, which Emily surrendered to her instantly.

Turning away the redhead scooped up both their coats and stalked over to the tall cupboard and opened it. She hung their coats over the edge of the door and rummaged inside the cupboard. As Gwendolyn returned she was grinning evilly in her hands she carried bundle of paraphernalia amongst which Emily spotted a riding crop and long thin whip. Emily couldn't repress the squeak of fear at the sight of the whips and stared at Gwendolyn for reassurance. Tossing the whip and crop on the couch and the rest on the chair the redhead smiled evilly as she approached Emily, pressing herself against the trembling blonde she caressed her buttock.

"My, my, my, you're shaking.... Are you scared slut?" Gwendolyn purred icily.

"Yes mistress." Even Emily's voice shook.

"I'll only use them if you displease me, is that clear but believe me slut I enjoy using them and will if I have too!" she pouted "Is that very clear, slut?"

"Of course Mistress Gwendolyn."

"Oh Emily I'm so aroused thinking of what I'm going to do to you my panties are already quite wet" whispered Gwendolyn, "if your good I'll let you lick my pussy later, now down to business."

Dry mouthed Emily watched the redhead strut over to where the chains were secured and unhooked them both; she smiled coolly at her as released them. Emily heard the chains rattle through the pulleys above her and jumped as the bags thumped on the floor behind her. She did not dare to turn round to look as the redhead passed her but heard Gwendolyn unhooking the bags then the chains rattled as she felt them being clipped to her wrist cuffs. Emily felt Gwendolyn undo the clasps that locked her cuffs together but made no attempt to move, the thought of what the woman could do with those whips was enough to prevent her struggling. Her brain a mass of confused emotions Emily stared ahead terrified to even move her eyes as the redhead moved menacingly around her trembling form. Just on the edge of her sight Emily could see Gwendolyn saunter leisurely toward the hooks. On the way she stooped to gather the loose ends of the chains and began to draw them through the pulleys, this in turn pulled Emily's arms up; now there was most definitely no escape. In no time Emily's arms were drawn quite taut above her head, looking up she saw the chains were crossed above her. As the chains were pulled tighter Emily was forced to turn which was very difficult, she teetered on her heels, both her movement and balance were hampered by the short chain that stretched between her ankles. The redhead had moved and now stood behind her somewhere out of sight and spoke quietly.

"Not to uncomfortable is it?"

"No Mistress." Emily remembered her orders.


"Pardon Mistress?" Emily wished she had stayed silent.

"I said it's a pity you're a new girl otherwise I'd probably be allowed to string you up properly!"

"Oh, thank you Mistress!"

"Would you like me to string you up Emily?"

"No mistress, thank you!"

"Pity!" Gwendolyn sounded slightly disappointed, "my word it seems a little dark in here!"

Suddenly several spotlights burst into life, they were focused on or around on Emily she was bathed in their warm glow. There was an audible click then the sound of electric motors running, the curtains drew back to reveal the full length mirrors that stretched the length of all three walls. At the sight of herself suspended helplessly so in each mirror Emily gasped in shock. She watched as the redhead took their coats and the case and left the room. Moments later she returned, Emily's heart sank as in the mirrors she watched the redhead cross to the chair and pick up something then to the couch and pick up the long thin whip.

Gwendolyn came close, Emily watched frightened but enthralled by the redhead as the woman placed the whip tip down on the floor and leant the handgrip against her own hip. It was then that Emily saw what else Gwendolyn had picked up; it was a length of fine chain with a clamp type arrangement on each end. She watched Gwendolyn tease one of her own nipples to full erection then she attached the clamp to it flinching for effect as she did so, she repeated her actions on her other teat reacting to the pain with a brief yelp for Emily's benefit. She stood inches from Emily and took hold of the leash with her free hand yanking it meaningfully before speaking to the terrified Emily.

"A little pain helps me focus myself!" she explained to the astounded blonde, "Are you scared yet?"

"Yes... er, Mistress." She remembered at the last moment to address the woman correctly.

"Good now lets get a few things straight you spoilt rich bitch!" Emily could feel the loathing that grew in her tormentor's voice, "First point. I really detest stuck up rich fucking slags like you and your kind... Second point. I really do take pleasure in inflicting pain on people, above all on well-heeled slags like you! Third point. I told you a lie about my friends here..." she glanced meaningfully down at the whip. "Fourth point... As you can see there are no windows in here, the apartments below are both empty and owned by members of The Circle so if you scream it wont matter one iota! Do you understand?"

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