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The Tutors


Ted Hugely is a tall and handsome assistant teacher in a Sex Education Class at McKinney High. He was sitting at the Library awaiting to start his tutoring session with McKinney High junior Maggie Smith. In all his years of being an assistant teacher, he had never before encountered anyone quite like Maggie.

At 18, Maggie possessed a body you would think one would only see in magazines like Juggs or Scores and even Big Naturals. Her breasts were the size of basketballs if not a few pounds bigger. Maggie wasn’t skinny nor was she fat. She was a little bit thicker then most average sized girls especially in her chest and ass. For being a big girl, she was kind of cute and had every guy in school wanting to see her huge breasts. They even had betting polls on her cup size but no one knows for sure because she had never dated or at least let anyone get as much as a kiss from her. Even the male teachers would glance at her endows when she’s walking the hallways or entering their classroom.

Maggie didn’t know much about sex since she has never done it before and was failing the class despite everything the teacher told her. So since Ted is suppose to help the teacher with the students, he arranged a tutoring session with Maggie for after school today. Ted is all ready at the Library, waiting for Maggie to show up. Ted was getting very impatient because he had to grade papers for tomorrow. It’s been a hour and Maggie hasn’t shown up for her session.

Suddenly as Ted was leaving the Library, Maggie rushes up the Library stairs and bumps into Ted. All Ted felt were her soft, huge breasts hitting him when they collided. His cock immediately started to grow at the sight of her breasts settling down from the collision. He quickly put his briefcase in front of his jeans to hide his large bulge.

“Aren’t you a little late?” Ted said in a serious voice.

“I know Mr. Hugely but I had been running some errands for my mama,” Maggie tells him in her southern like voice.

Ted quickly looked Maggie up and down, taking into his sight her thick thighs that were showing in her high-cut shorts. Her blue, bulky sweater was bulging out from her enormous orbs. Her hair being in pigtails, picturing he was doing her doggy-style and holding onto them. That made Ted’s pants completely fill up with his huge bone.

“Mr. Hugely,” Maggie says to snap him out of his daze.

Ted cleared his throat and answered. “Yes Maggie?”

“I’m really sorry for being late,” she apologized again.

“It’s ok Maggie. Perhaps we can do this another time,” Ted said and then let out a sigh.

“No wait. How about you come over to my house tonight and we can study there. Please,” Maggie suggested.

“Wouldn’t your mom be angry if you brought home a teacher without warning?” Ted asks her.

“Well I told her if I was late you could come over. So my mom would be expecting you.”

“Oh! Really? Well that’s wonderful. What time should I be there?”

“How about eight?”

“Eight it is,” Ted replies.

“Oh thank you sir. This means a lot to me. I really need to pass English in order to become a senior next year.”

With that being said, they said their goodbyes. Ted watched as Maggie’s huge rear bobbed up and down in her shorts. Lucky for him, he had his briefcase in front of his jeans so his massive hard on wouldn’t be noticed.

“Calm down boy. If we’re lucky, tonight will be our lucky night,” Ted said speaking to his hard cock.

Ted arrives at Maggie’s house around eight. He knocks on the door and Maggie answers it, wearing only a long and outrageously large, white tee and some thick ankle socks, bunched up at her ankles. Ted’s cock began to throb at the sight of Maggie.

“Well don’t just stand there Mr. Hugely. Come on in,” Maggie invites him. “Mama has prepared dinner for us. Have you eaten anything yet? Mama made enough for the both of us?”

“Um....Yeah. I am a bit hungry,” Ted replies blocking his huge bulge again with his briefcase.

“Let me take that for you,” Maggie offered to take his briefcase.

“No! I got it Maggie. Thanks anyways.”

“Ok then. Let me introduce you to my mama.”

Maggie takes Ted by the hand and drags him into the kitchen.

“Mama. Mr. Hugely is here.”

Ted took a swallow of some air while looking at Maggie’s mother’s ass, which was just as huge as her daughters.

Maggie’s mother turns around to greet him.

Ted’s jaw drops to the floor.

Maggie’s mother had the biggest set of breasts he had ever seen besides Maggie’s of course. They were encased inside a tight tube top and looked like watermelons. They bob up and down as she approaches him.

“Hello Mr. Hugely,” Maggie’s mother says. “I’m Beth. I see you want to help my daughter with her English. You’re such a nice guy. We need more guys like you.”

Ted’s face started to get flush out and little beads of sweat started to form at the top of his head. The 35 year old teacher felt like he was in a dream world. He had always been a huge fan of busty girls but he never dreamed in his life, he would ever encounter one another let alone two busty girls.

“Are you ok Mr. Hugely?” asks Beth. She moves up close to him and her gigantic breasts brush up against his arm. She uses one of her hands to feel his forehead. “He’s pretty hot right now and sweaty. We better sit him down.”

Beth and Maggie guided Ted to their sofa. Maggie took the briefcase from Ted’s hands and his massive cock was sticking straight up through his pants.

“Oh my God mama! He’s horny,” Maggie gasped.

“Whoa baby! That’s one big dick,” Beth said with excitement. She slowly slides one of her hands over his crotch and rubs his boner lightly.

“What are you doing mama?” asked a confused Maggie.

“Girl? Do you know how long it’s been since I had some dick? Ever since your father, I haven’t seen or touched another cock and this guy is much bigger then your father. Seems to be a lot thicker too. Your mama can show your virgin ass a thing or two about pleasing a guy. Watch and learn. If you feel like joining in baby girl, be my guest,” Beth explained while taking hold of Ted’s huge boner and stroking it while it’s still in his pants.

Maggie had a curious look on her face and reached out to stroke her first dick.

“Mmmm mama. Feels kind of good.”

“This isn’t nothing Maggie. Wait until you feel it inside your virgin pussy and it pops that cherry of yours.”

Beth used one hand to stroke his meaty dick while the other started to unzip his jeans.

“You get his shirt off girl,” Beth ordered Maggie.

Maggie stood up and started to unbutton Ted’s business shirt. She slides it off his shoulders, revealing his well-toned chest and six pack abs.

“Feel his chest darling. Guys love that.”

Maggie followed her mother’s words and ran her hands up and down Ted’s chest, slowly tracing her fingertips around each of his pecks. She then grips his small red nipples and pinches them.

“Mmmm,” moaned Ted.

“Seems he’s still with us,” Beth said as she pulled his jeans down and off his legs. She throws his shoes off and strips him of his socks.

“Mmmm. He has some big feet. You know what that means,” Beth greedily said.

She pulls down Ted’s boxers and out sprang his huge, thick cock, toppled with a massive, swollen mushroom head.

“Holy shit!” gasped Beth. “He must be part elephant or something.” Beth tries her best to grip his cock at the base but it was to wide for her small fingers. She started stroking what she could of his bare rod.

“Mmmm,” moaned Maggie, looking down at Ted’s huge dick in her mother’s hands while caressing his chest.

“No wonder his last name is Hugely. He certainly is,” Maggie Examine?

“I bet he tastes good too,” Beth wondered as she took his cockhead between her moist, Pamela Anderson looking lips.

“Mmmmmm!” moaned Ted opening his eyes to Beth sucking hard on his cockhead and Maggie caressing his upper torso.

“Nice of you to wake up Mr. Hugely,” Maggie said.

She leans over, pressing her huge tits against his chest and kisses him.

Ted didn’t hesitate or even gave a damn about her being one of his students. He kissed her back and added some tongue in her mouth.

Maggie tasted his long tongue and heard small moans being released from his mouth.

Beth slowly moved inch by inch down Ted’s massive rod. Saliva escaped from her mouth and slithered down his throbbing meat. Beth’s hands took hold of Ted’s huge hairy testicles and started squeezing them to add to the pleasure of her mouth bobbing up and down his dick.

“OH YES!” cried Ted releasing his kiss from Maggie.

Maggie started kissing down his chest. She slowly traced her tongue around his hardened nipples. She proceeded to suckle his left nipple and then the right. Chills were sent through Ted’s body as this mother and daughter team sucked at his body.

“AHHHH!” Ted cried releasing a powerful orgasm. He felt his balls producing a huge amount of cum for Beth’s waiting mouth.

“That’s it lover. Blow your enormous load,” Beth urged Ted while stroking his throbbing cock and popping the massive cockhead in and out of her mouth.

The torso sucking and the intense sloppy blowjob was enough to set Ted off. He blew a huge load of cum down Beth’s dry throat.

She held the cockhead against the back of her throat, slurping and sucking down every inch of hot cum that Ted was gushing out. The loads were so large that cum even spilled out from between her closed lips, dripping down her tan chin and onto the tops of her mountainous breasts.

Ted’s cock was now large and soft, dropping out her Beth’s gooey mouth.

“How did it taste mama?” asked Maggie as she continued to caress his chest.

“Very good honey. You really need to try some but right now, Mr. Hugely seems to be a little bit floppy honey. Show Mr. Hugely those prize winning watermelons you got hidden under your shirt. I know he has been eyeing them all night,” urged Beth, who was gently stroking Ted’s huge floppy cock.

A smile cracked across Ted’s face as he waited to see Maggie’s giant jugs.

She lifted her plain white tee up and over her enormous breasts. They hung down and away from her body perfectly, like enormous torpedoes. Her nipples were dark pink and stood out an inch, surrounded by massive areolas the size of saucers. Ted’s eyes had a gaze to them, just staring at her monstrosities as they settled down from being unleashed.

Maggie cups her enormous left tit with both hands and offers it to Ted.

“Don’t be shy. I have been waiting for someone to taste my teats since I entered high school,” Maggie explained.

Ted didn’t hesitate and took her huge nipples between his moist lips. Maggie smashes her huge tit into Ted’s face, nearly smothering him with it. The feel of her skin texture and the sponginess of her tit, pressed against his face, caused him to suck harder on her nipple like a baby wanting milk.

“Mmmm. That’s it Mr. Hugely. Suck my daughter’s big tits. She was a Double D cup by the time she entered high school. Now she’s around a Triple E cup if you can believe that. We have to order special made bras for her enormous jugs. Get some of her tit meat into your starving mouth. I know you’re hungry,” Beth teased Ted as his enormous cock, sprung back to life while sucking Maggie’s huge tit and her mother’s dirty talk.

Ted took her advice and sucks her left tit, as much as possible between his lips. He sucked on her tender flesh while his tongue lashes out at the nipple inside his mouth.

“Mmmmm!” moaned Maggie. “They’re so tender and sensitive. Mmmm. I can’t believe I’m having them sucked. Oh yes! Mmmm,” Maggie continued to moan.

While Maggie fed Ted her luscious breasts, Beth took his cock back between her lips. She is determined to deep throat all of Ted’s monstrous rod. As she slides it between her lips, she feels it throbbing and becoming larger to the reaction of Ted’s desire to have sucked Maggie’s big titties. Slower and slower Beth inserts inch by inch. Her nose slightly brushes against his thick pubic hairs. She could smell the musty odor he has produced.

Ted switched tits and feasted on Maggie’s right tit. Giving it the same treatment. He brought his hands up and cupped the left tit, slowly massaging it and squeezing it. His fingers moved over every inch of her tit flesh until it reached the tender wet nipple. He tugs and pulls at it.

Maggie’s moans get louder and louder while Ted fondle and sucks her huge breasts. Maggie takes the tit inside Ted’s mouth and squeezes it into a cone shape and pops it in and out of his mouth, tit fucking his mouth.

Ted’s tongue was happy to lick at the tender flesh that gets stuffed between his lips. Ted’s fingers scissors Maggie’s left nipple, stretching it from the areola.

Maggie’s hand drops her huge tit back into Ted’s mouth and begins to rub her soaked cunt inside her white thong.

Beth meanwhile has engulfed Ted’s entire dick, straight to the base inside her warm mouth. Her flushed face was buried in his crotch and her cheeks were bulging out. She stays that way for a few seconds and then pulls up off his now saliva-dripping dick. Pre-cum mixed with saliva, pours out of Beth’s mouth as she takes some deep breaths. She looks up and smiles as

Ted was having his way with Maggie’s enormous hooters. Sucking and licking every delicious inch of them. He pushes both Maggie’s tits together and jiggles them. He rubs the two huge wet tits together and then licks at both nipples. He licks the massive areolas around them before sucking both nipples into his mouth at one time. Beth could tell Maggie was enjoying the attention her breasts were getting. Maggie’s hands never left her dripping snatch while Ted devoured her pleasure pillows.

“Mmmmm. That’s it Ted. Stuff your mouth with those delicious teats. Milk my baby-girl’s udders. Make her cream in her thong so her pussy will be nice and moist for your meaty rod,” Beth teased.

Maggie had all ready been cumming from the tit sucking. Her juices leaked out from her thong and down her thick legs.

Beth slides her tube top down and under her own gigantic melons. “I’m going to titfuck while you feast on my daughter’s huge knockers.” Beth positions both her giant jugs on either side of Ted’s monstrous dick. She wraps them around it and slowly starts to bounce them. His enormous dickhead still poked out from between her cleavage.

Ted started to release moans from his mouth while stuffed full of Maggie’s huge soft E cups.

As Beth picks up the pace, Ted lifts his ass up off the sofa to help thrust his thick shaft between Beth’s squishy boobs. They felt so soft and warm around Ted’s huge tool.

“AHHHH! OH God! Mmmmm,” Ted cried in between licking Maggie’s huge boobs. His mouth can’t get enough of her humongous funbags as they bounce along with Ted’s thrusting through Beth’s soft cleavage.

“I don’t want to wear your cock out to much. I want my little girl to sit on it. Come now Maggie. Time to feel your pussy being stuff for the first time,” ordered Beth, releasing her big tits off Ted’s dick.

Maggie slides her wet thong off and stuffs it inside Ted’s mouth. He happily sucks on her thong, slurping up the loads of cum she stained on them. She stood in front of Ted in just her thick white socks. Ted strokes his cock at the sight of Maggie’s generous body, her enormous breasts, her thick thighs, and huge ass. Ted couldn’t ask for anything else.

Maggie climbs back up on the sofa over the top of Ted’s pulsing prick. Ted gets an eye full of Maggie’s dripping cunt. He looks up to try and see her face but her huge tits just block the view but he wasn’t complaining. Beth holds Ted’s dick up straight as Maggie eases her pussy down onto it.

“OH!” Maggie cried feeling her first ever cock pushing inside her. She knew one day she would feel a dick inside her but never one this lengthy and bulky. “OH! OH!” Maggie starts to cry more.

“Doesn’t it feel good honey? Now get ready to impale yourself down hard over his entire thing,” Beth warns Maggie.

Ted’s head is right between Maggie’s huge torpedoes. He squeezes them around his head as his dick slides within her warm and wet cunt.

Maggie pushes down hard on Ted’s cock and with one powerful pounce, she engulfs his dick completely in her dripping snatch.

Ted could feel their crotches rubbing together and her pussy folders being spread apart for his muscular dick. He removes his hands from her huge tits and grips her equally huge ass.

Maggie places her hands on Ted’s shoulders as he begins to thrust his thick shaft between her pussy lips.

Moans and the sounds of flesh hitting fill the room. Beth watches on her hands and knees as Maggie’s pussy was being plowed by Ted’s oversized dick. His huge, hairy balls were beating Maggie’s ass like bongos. Beth couldn’t help herself but to squeeze his balls as they bounced. Maggie’s huge ass was bouncing and jiggling against Ted’s glistening thighs.

“OH FUCK! FUCK ME MR. HUGE! OH GOD!” Maggie cried out loud.

Her mammoth tits beat against her chest and flopped in every direction. The sight of her flying, sweaty tits made Ted thrust faster and harder. His moans were being drowned out by Maggie’s screams. She felt like her pussy was being ripped apart by a giant, tree branch. Her pussy muscles tightened around Ted’s thrusting dick. Beth had latched her mouth onto Ted’s flying balls. She could smell their juices mixing within her daughter’s womb.

“AHHH! I’m going to cum,” warned Ted, sweating furiously and watching Maggie’s tits flop around. She cups her tits to stop them from hitting her face as she continued to ride him.

“OH YEEEAH! AHHHHHHHH!” cried Maggie.

“Here she comes,” warned Beth, dropping Ted’s huge, glistening, wet balls out her mouth. Her daughter’s pussy started to spasm around Ted’s dick. She started breathing faster and harder. He could feel her cum just soaking into his cock skin. Her cum dripped down to his heavy balls. Some blood even appeared mix in with her cum as Ted popped her cherry.

“Mmmmm baby. That was hot,” moaned Beth. “Now position her doggy-style and empty your balls inside her anus.”

Maggie climbed off Ted’s glistening cum juiced dick and positioned herself on all fours. Her heavy tits hung down and swayed with her breathing. Ted got behind her and stuck two wet fingers inside her asshole. He was getting it all wet so it would be less painful.

“Take her ass virginity Ted. I want to see her titties flop out of control. Pound her ass until it’s red and nearly as wide as a human’s mouth when it’s open,” Beth demanded. While Ted fingered Maggie’s asshole, Beth took his wet cock and started to suck on it, cleaning it of Maggie’s juices.

Ted moans and thrusts his dick in and out of Beth’s wide mouth. He spits down inside her asshole, getting it nice and wet.

Maggie rested her head on the floor and cushioned her upper torso her with gigantic pillows. They bulge out from the sides, glistening in hot sweat.

Ted removes his cock from between Beth’s lips and rubs his swollen cockhead at the entrance of Maggie’s anus. He wraps his hands around her waist and starts to ram his cock in her asshole with force.

“OH FUCKING HELL!” cried Maggie feeling her virgin asshole being rip apart like her pussy was but her asshole is much tighter as it began to spread open wider to fit all of Ted’s throbbing cock inside.

“That’s it Mr. Hugely. Fuck her ass. Pound it hard. Make her ass jiggle,” urged Beth, fingering her own soaked cunt while watching her daughter take a pounding to the ass.

Maggie’s ass bounce up against Ted’s crotch and jiggled uncontrollability.

Ted couldn’t help but take a handful of her delicious ass and squeeze while he rammed his fat dick harder and deeper into her anus. His huge testicles were squashed between her buttocks while he thrusted.

“MMMMMM! UUUUHHHH!” moaned Ted, gripping Maggie’s ass flesh while ramming with his full strength in her asshole.

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