The Tutors


Maggie started to push herself back against Ted’s dick, meeting his thrust with hers. His thick dick was squeezed tightly inside her asshole. Ted felt like his dick was ready to spring out through her pussy at the rate he was pounding her.

Maggie lifted her head and upper torso off the floor. Her face was covered in sweat and she was breathing hard and deep as painful expressions and screams were showing how she was handling her ass being fucked. Her enormous tits flopped underneath her, bouncing up and down, sideways, just about every direction. They even slapped together making loud noises and beating her chin.


The tightness of her asshole had a death grip on Ted’s meaty cock. He gave her ass a few more fast thrusts and long hard ones until he eventually unloaded huge amounts of his hot cum deep into Maggie’s bowels, making her asshole overflow with his cum.

“OH YEEESSS!” cried Beth, making herself cum from the fingering.

Ted pulls his cock out of Maggie’s sore asshole and watches it linger between his legs, dripping in her ass juices and his own cum.

“Honey. You need to know how to clean up your own messes,” explained Beth. “Now give the huge dick a sloppy blowjob it will never forget.”

Maggie turns around and surrounds Ted’s cum glistening cock with her lips. Bobbing her head furiously up and down it, cleaning off both their cum. She even gave his dripping wet balls a bath and a tongue licking.

“Good,” said Beth smiling. “Looks like you needed a tutor after all. Now go take a shower and freshen up for round two. It’s my turn to get tutored.”

Ted spent the rest of the night fucking and sucking this mother and daughter team. It turns out having sex as an example is much better then learning it the old fashion way of sex ed.

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