The Twelve Tables


"Let me have a look then, Miss." Peri lowered her hands with icepack, "Mm that is nasty. Can you take the top of your dress down please?"

Peri looked at Josh and blushed.

"Perhaps you should wait outside, Josh. Seems Miss uh..."

"Peri, Peri Wells," she mumbled.

"Seems Miss Wells is a bit shy, or she is scared of you," Pete smirked at his friend. "You go grab some lunch. I will look after her until you get back. And don't spill it on anyone this time."

Josh raised an eyebrow at Peri and turned walking from the room without a word.

Pete smiled at Peri, "Okay little red, the big bad wolf is gone. Let me look at you."

Peri smiled but said nothing as she slowly lowered the back zip and slid the dress top from her shoulders, down her arms and let it hang from her waist.

Pete had a goofy humour and charm that put Peri at ease. As he caressed the skin of her breasts, he kept up a constant stream of questions to divert her attention away from what he was doing. Finally he stepped back, "Only one or two spots are deep. You were lucky." He walked away to gather some burn cream and with his back turned to her, he asked the more personal questions, "How long has it been since your last physical?"

Peri blushed she was a healthy girl. She never went to the doctor unless there was no other choice. Andie had screwed over their last doctor, and Peri hadn't gotten around to finding a new one of her own to avoid the inevitable questions about Andie, returning to her childhood GP would elicit. "My GP moved away," she lied, "and I haven't gotten around to finding a new one yet."

"That doesn't really answer my question, Miss Wells," he continued to probe.

She gulped, "It's been a while," she hedged.

He scooted over to her on a stool with wheels and looked at her appraisingly. Holding out his hand to her he grinned, "Hello Miss Wells. I am Doctor Lee, your new GP. Now lets get some initial tests run and keep you in the best of health and I will just send the bill to the big bad wolf that brought you in."

"Oh no," Peri balked at the idea, "I have health insurance I can pay, honestly."

"Alright, but it takes some of the fun out of it for me." Pete pouted exaggeratedly. "Let's get the blood drawn first. You're sexually active, I assume?"

'Wait' she thought, 'did I just agree to a full exam?' Out loud she said "Yes, but I am not sure I have time for this today. Josh will be waiting."

"Plenty of time, any chance you're pregnant?" Pete went on unperturbed.

"No." Peri said emphatically, "It's hard enough looking after Andie who is like a child."

Pete raised an eyebrow at her, and she shook her head, "Forget it," she sighed. She liked the doctor and gave in to the physical fairly easily.

An hour later she was thoroughly examined and had given so many samples of everything she almost felt violated. "You can get dressed now." Pete smiled at her. Peri frowned at the stained dress crumpled in the corner with her bag and bra. "Here," Pete passed her several bags. "Josh has been here twice wondering what I am doing to you. He bought you a new dress to replace the one he destroyed."

Peri gasped looking at the bags as Pete left the room. 'Well, he did owe me a dress' she thought bringing her shoulders up. 'It wasn't totally my fault.' She tried to convince herself that accepting his gift was okay, and she would owe him nothing in return. Maybe he would like to meet Andie, she smiled to herself. He was just her type, young, successful and arrogant. Shaking her head wondering what she was thinking, no way was she jeopardising her job by letting Andie mess with it.

She dressed quickly, discarding the idea of a bra and slipping on the matching shoes. The straps of the dress were thin and the band that held her breasts was wide and soft allowing her blotchy chest room to breath. The soft dress swung out from just below her braless breasts cascading around her like a soft blue waterfall ending just above her knees. She felt as if she should be going to a cocktail party rather than back to work.

Shoving her stained dress and shoes into one of the bags she headed out to the waiting room. Josh was talking with Pete, and they both looked up as she walked out. Josh watched her with an odd expression and Pete walked toward her handing her a card, "This has my number on it, the big bad wolf will let you off work early tomorrow afternoon to get your results, we should be able to do the Implanon then since your cycle just finished." Pete winked, "See you then, Miss Wells." He said louder as Josh approached.

The new heels she wore clacked over the tiles in the waiting room as Josh took her hand and pulled her out the front door into the car park. Wind blew the flimsy fabric of her dress around her legs as she followed him to his car. He opened the door, and she climbed in as ladylike as she could in the wind whipped dress. Peri leaned back against the leather upholstery crossing her legs and acutely aware of the shortness of her dress she placed her bag on her knees.

"Thank you for this. You didn't have to go to so much trouble."

"I am glad it fits. I had to ring your mother. You always wear such baggy clothes it was hard to know your size."

"Oh great," she mumbled, "Andie knows," sighing she said, "Let me guess she invited you out for a drink to thank you?"

"Actually, she did," he smirked, "I had to decline. There is a thing tonight I have to attend."

"Oh!" Peri was genuinely surprised, "I bet Andie didn't take that well," she looked over at him as he drove.

"You call your mother Andie?"

"She's not exactly the maternal type." Peri said stiffly and looked out her window.

"I put the things that fell out of your bag into the glove box. Interesting book you're reading," Josh smirked.

"It's Andie's," Peri blurted, "I told her about my current research she thought it would help me," she tried to keep her voice light and easy.

"Interesting," Josh murmured his arrogant smirk still in place.


Back at the office, Peri hunted through her bag looking for gum or a tictac, anything to take her mind off her empty stomach. The longer than expected visit to the doctor had meant forgoing any sort of lunch. She came up with some butterscotch and tearing the plastic off, popped it in her mouth savouring the sweet creaminess of it. Grabbing some change she went to grab a coke from the machine thinking the sugar would give her the burst she needed to get through the rest of the afternoon.

Peri could hear the laugh before she saw her mother, 'Oh no, she promised never to come to work.' Hurrying out of the kitchenette Peri grabbed her mother's arm and whispered menacingly, "You promised, Andie. Not at work." She smiled at the young assistant who had been guiding Andie into the offices and thanked her as she steered Andie into her own office. "What are you doing here?"

"I came to see if you were alright. That marvellous Josh Craig called me..."

Peri cut Andie off, "He's not your type Andie and even if he was, you would be screwing up my job! Don't do this. You promised to leave my job alone." Peri was distraught knowing exactly what her mother's motives were.

"I was worried about you," Andie tried again but stopped at the look of disappointment on her daughter's face.

"You could have just called. I have a phone remember, but then you wouldn't have got to check out Josh right?" Peri's voice was hard, "Please Andie just go. I like this job. Don't screw it up for me."

The mild scalding, lack of food and sleep and now Andie's appearance conspired against her, and she felt herself break out in a cold sweat, "Please Andie, just go," she managed to whisper before crumpling in a heap on the floor.


Peri's eyes fluttered open, and she found she was lying on a leather couch. Andie was sitting beside her looking worried, "Going all maternal on me after all these years, Andie?" Peri murmured, her eyes seeming to want to close again.

"Oh good, you're awake," Andie smiled. "Josh is just calling his doctor friend. He's quite something, isn't he?"

Peri groaned, "I'm fine. Go home, Andie. And for fucks sake, leave my boss alone. Don't make work harder for me than it already is. Keep your pants on for once. Promise me."

Andie looked guilty, "Okay baby. I promise."

Peri rolled her eyes at her mother and sat up slowly, holding her head. Her stomach growled at her reminding her that she needed food. Josh walked over handing her a phone "Here talk to Pete."

"Hello," she said tentatively. The doctor quizzed her on how she felt, how much sleep she had and when she ate last remonstrating about a healthy diet and looking after herself. Handing the phone back to Josh, she felt like a little girl who has just been chastised.

"Right," said Josh hanging up the phone, picking up the can of coke she had been trying to drink all day and handed it to her, "Seems wearing your lunch is not as healthy as ingesting it. I am supposed to take you out to make sure you eat something sizable and sustaining."

"Dinner sounds great," Andie chimed in "What time should we be ready?"

Josh turned around eyebrow raised, "I am sure you have to get back to work, Andie and I am also sure you already have plans tonight." He smirked a little turning back to Peri, "I will just take Peri out for an early dinner now and have her home and tucked into bed early."

Andie's face fell. She was so used to men falling all over her that she didn't take being turned aside well. "Oh okay," she mumbled before recovering, "Are you sure you're alright, Peri? I can always cancel my plans and come with you?" Andie smiled sweetly.

"No, I am fine Andie, really. You go have fun." Peri was enjoying the look of chagrin on Andie's face.

"Well as long as you're sure there is nothing I can do for you," Andie turned to leave.

"Wait" Josh called out, he went Peri's office and came back with the bag containing her lunch stained dress and shoes. "You will have time for a load of laundry before you go out tonight, wont you?" Josh pushed the bag into Andie's arms.

Andie began to stutter and, taking pity on her mother while stifling her giggles, Peri answered for her, "Just leave it in the bathroom, Andie I will put it to soak it over night when I get home."

Andie left without another word, stalking back down the corridor.

Josh turned to Peri, "I see why you don't call her mother. Now stay there and drink your coke. I have a few things to do before we leave and I don't want you fainting all over the place."

Her eyes closed and she leaned back against the couch again. She fell into a light doze and her dreams once again turned dark. She was once again in the doctors surgery with Peter Lee. He was smiling kindly at her while strapping her into a gynaecologists chair. Her arms and legs held immobile by leather restraints, her breasts held fast by leather straps. He held up long handled clamps and pulled her labia apart opening her up and exposing her deepest parts. Her dream self looked away. Turning her head in shame to the far corner of the room, she cried out startled finding Josh watching her. The doctor inspected her inserting a speculum.

Peri woke with a start, Josh's hand on her shoulder as she panted hotly his eyes boring into her. "That must have been some dream." Peri blushed ten shades of red and sat up trying to breathe deeply, not looking at him. Josh smirked and helped her up. "Let's go," he said, "I am suddenly very hungry myself," Josh leered at her and she dropped her gaze to the floor, still blushing deeply. He laughed at her then, "Pete called you little red earlier. It suits you."

Taking her hand he led her from the building as they approached his car Peri stopped, "What about my car? How will I get to work tomorrow?"

"We will worry about that tomorrow," His grip on her hand tightened and he pulled her forcefully to his car pushing her in the open door and once again strapping her into the seatbelt himself making sure it was tight. His hand lingered over the pink spots still decorating her chest and he smiled.

Getting into the car, he drove out at speed. She watched the city fly by her before pulling up at an Italian restaurant. He ushered her in and ordered for them quickly, "We'll share," he said by way of explanation.

The wine arrived almost immediately, and she put her hand over her glass, "I don't think I should drink on an empty stomach."

"Nonsense signorina, the food will be here in a moment. Try a little. It's a good bottle." The waiter encouraged and she removed her hand letting him fill the glass, not intending on drinking it. The waiter watched her expectantly. Reluctantly, she pressed the wine to her lips and took a small sip smiling up at him.

"Good, yes?" He said and moved away as cheesy bread arrived with an antipasto platter. She ate and drank happily. Josh asked questions about Andie. Peri opened up about being the adult in the house as her mother screwed everything with a penis over the last five years including her ex boyfriend. Josh laughed loudly when Peri referred to Andie as a MILF and cougar with predatory tendencies. She told him that the only reason she had shown up at the office was to prey on him.

"Believe me, even before your story, I could have told you she is not my type." Josh continued to laugh good naturedly.

Peri tilted her head startled, "I thought Andie was every guy's type?"

He sobered a little and smirked at her, "My type is quieter, intelligent, and even a little bit shy. I can't imagine Andie is shy about much," he chuckled. Peri laughed with him, but in the future when she looked back, she would realise this was the moment she fell for Josh Craig.

"So how far have you read in the book I found in your bag?" Josh asked changing the subject. Peri was relaxing as she drank more, helping herself to the huge bowls of pasta that came for them to share. Peri told him about what had happened in the story so far, and they discussed some of the things she could not quite get her head around. He chatted amiably, sharing his take on the book and summarising the last two chapters for her in the process.

He didn't let her back down as she blushed throughout the conversation, pushing her to explain what she felt about certain characters and scenes. She likened Jacqueline to Andie being vain and needing male attention to be validated even though she and O had become lovers, not a girl who could survive the Roissy. Josh leaned back with a pleased smile as the plates were taken away, "How are you feeling now?"

"Great thanks," Peri smiled at him. "With all those carbs I could probably run a marathon, or just go home and sit around reading and waiting to get fatter."

"I have this thing tonight..." Josh began.

"Oh shit. You told me. I forgot!" Peri clamped a hand to her cheek, "I am so sorry. Have I made you late? I lost track of time," Peri began to gather up her bag and try to signal a waiter, "You go," She murmured, "I can pay the bill and catch a cab home."

Josh was chuckling again, "Sit still girl and let me finish." His good humour increased as she immediately sat back into her seat again. The girl across the table from him had intrigued him since the first day he had spoken with her in the research department. He had realised she was intelligent and when she believed she was validated by facts she would stand up to his questioning of her research methods and conclusions. He had tried to gauge her moral and ethical views with the work he gave her to complete recently. He found that even though some of the themes crossed societal norm's she had treated them with the same care and thoroughness in her research as general ideas and themes.

"I was wondering, do you want to come with me to my thing tonight? That is if you feel up to going out tonight?" Josh sounded unsure, even to himself, but one look at the surprised girl made him smile. She was so unassuming, where most girls would have hinted at him for an invitation. This meek little mouse seemed to be totally thrown by his words.

Peri gaped at him, "I... I mean...." She opened and closed her mouth several times, but nothing came out. Swallowing noisily she suddenly blurted, "I wouldn't have anything to wear. I don't go out that much, and I am sure it's a swanky do you're going to."

He laughed loudly, "Swanky do?"

"Well you know what I mean. Best I just go home, I am not cut out for soiree's with the rich and famous," She lowered her eyes, hiding her disappointment behind her long fringe. She had enjoyed the dinner more than she would have thought possible before today's events.

Josh considered her across the table as he signed the credit card slip the waiter brought him. "You're a unique girl, Peri," inwardly laughing at her words again, "The soiree as you so eloquently put it, is an art exhibit and yes there will be some swank," he paused and smirked liking that word, "but I would like you to come. So let's go see what you have to wear."

Taking her hand he again pulled her along behind him. At well over six foot his stride was equal to two of hers, and she struggled to keep up. He buckled her into the car and asking the address drove at speed once again through the darkening streets.

For once he let her lead the way, and she went into the small house she shared with her mother. "Peri, is that you?" Andie called walking out of her bedroom and looking up with a smile that said, 'I knew you would be back' painted on her face as she murmured in a sultry voice, "Hello again, Josh."

"Hi," he said easily before turning to Peri, "Okay, show me what we have to choose from," and purposefully walked away from Andie who looked genuinely confused.

Peri walked into her room, aware it looked more like a library than a bedroom with a myriad of books and posters of some of the great works of art hung carelessly over the walls. "I am sorry about the mess," she whispered as she flung open her closet. Peri pulled out the few good dresses she had and held them up against herself. She watched him as he shook his head at each one before discarding it.

"That's it," she shrugged and moved to put the dress back in the cupboard.

"Well that's just pitiful. Let me look," he pushed past her into the closet doorway.

Josh pulled out a short black pleated skirt she had forgotten she owned and said "Here put that on for starters. Do you black stockings?" He threw a pair of black CFM boots out behind him, "Oh eureka, these too. I am guessing Andie bought them for you. Get dressed I will be back in a moment."

Peri could hear murmuring and peeked her head out to see Andie leading Josh into her bedroom and died inside. Sitting back on her bed, she sadly called herself a fool for believing Andie wasn't his type.

A minute later he was back in her room, "Why aren't you dressing? Here, it's your mothers but it will do for tonight." A sheer almost see through red blouse landed next to her making her look up. "Hurry up. The longer you take the longer I am out here with the barracuda and she looks hungry," he grinned and walked out closing her door. He opened it again and poked his head in, "You really shouldn't wear a bra, those burns are still fresh, and I don't want you uncomfortable and fidgeting all night, okay?" The grin was still in place as he closed the door.

She changed in a rush of excitement not quite knowing why, except that this arrogant man was being nice to her and it made her feel good. Better than good, special. Brushing out her hair, she pulled the sides back with a clip leaving the back hanging down past her shoulders. Tying a red satin bow around the clip she smiled and dusted her face with glow. She rarely wore make up and nights like this just a small dusting of a foundation power called glow sufficed with eyeliner and mascara. Some clear lip gloss and she was ready.

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