tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Twelve Zenati Pt. 01

The Twelve Zenati Pt. 01


Authors note: Hello everyone. As with the past series of the tables this story will be heavily based in the BDSM category and the themes found there. If that is not your kink, this won't be the series for you as the first few chapters carry the additional theme of reluctance. I would also like to thank David for coming on board to help with proofreading this series and Kate for her continued assistance. I hope you enjoy this series because of rather than despite its differences to the previous stories of the Twelve Tables, if you haven't read part one of the prologue if may be a good idea to do that before continuing with part two. ~ellie.

The Twelve Zenati: Prologue Part 2


Serena was constantly startled when customers called her by her new name. The change from Olivia Gambaro to Serena Seabrook was still too new for her to be fully comfortable with it. Serena mixed her third signature cocktail of the hour and smiled at the customer. She had come so far in such a short time, thanks to the God of Pleasure, Remington Royce. Over the last two weeks, since the last time she had seen her home, her little boat, she had allowed herself be to believe that she could make a whole new life with the man who had saved her. She'd been unhappy and had felt trapped before. Now, however, she didn't know what she had done to deserve the good fortune and affection that coloured her life and made her smile constantly. A true mirror of her newfound happiness.

She turned to the mirrored wall behind her to pick up the garnish she needed and caught sight of herself in the mirror. Her blonde hair was softly gathered back into an artful chignon reminiscent of the stylised Suebian knot that she still wore around her throat, albeit on a much sturdier chain. She wore a crisp white cotton shirt above a thigh-length black pleated skirt. As far as bartender uniforms went, this one was far more up-market than any she had worn before, but then she had never worked in a bar like this before. She was different in so many ways since meeting Remy, her employer, her protector, her lover. He had rapidly become her world, and she knew that she was more than a little in love with him.

"Serena?" Landon, the manager of the upmarket bar, R&R, approached her.

"Oh, me! Yes?" Serena stuttered and blushed after a minute. She knew it would get easier to acknowledge her name over time, Remy had assured her of that. He had suggested the name in the same commanding but gentle way, explaining that to remain hidden from those that hunted her, it wasn't enough just to change her look; she would need a whole new identity, bank account and driver's licence. He had handled it all for her, explaining that it was much like being in the witness protection program. She would still be the same beautiful woman she had always been, just with different accessories, including a new identity.

"Mr Royce said that he would be running late and asked if you would meet him at his office. Kairos will be here to escort you at six thirty." Landon smiled as he delivered his message. He hadn't been happy when Remy had pressed the girl that he was currently fucking onto him, to babysit during the day while he was at work, but the girl had surprised him. She worked hard, and nothing was too much trouble for her, from restocking to cleaning up after over-indulgent parties. She had good bartending skills he discovered, and she was even good with the temperamental and demanding regulars. In truth, she didn't seem the type of girl who would be comfortable dating and socialising with the wealthy and elitist Remington Royce and his friends.

"Great, thanks, Landon," she said happily and checked her watch. She had another half hour of her shift to complete before Kairos would arrive, but the bar was getting busy. She knew the time would fly by. Less than five minutes later, however, Kairos walked in with a tall, serious-looking woman and nodded at her before going into Landon's office behind the bar. She did her hand-over to the next bartender between serving customers and cleaned her station before heading back to the office to clock off for the day and meet Kairos. She knocked before entering and waited for a beat, until she heard Landon's voice before opening the door. She had learned the hard way about the perils of interrupting people by barging into rooms. It was a lesson Remy had given her, with harsh punishment that she wouldn't forget.

"Good evening Serena, how was your day?" Kairos inquired.

"Great, thank you," she smiled. "Yours?" she asked.

"A most productive day," he chuckled. "This is Leila Miles." He introduced the woman with him, who uncoiled from her chair with athletic grace and turned to shake her hand with a small smile. She was much prettier when she smiled, Serena noted.

"It's nice to meet you," Leila said.

"You too," Serena smiled but wondered why the woman was here.

"Thanks, Landon," Kairos shook his hand, and after a series of farewells Serena left the bar, flanked by Kairos and Leila, to walk the short distance to Remy's offices. She could walk it on her own but, in his usual commanding way, Remy had insisted that she be escorted anytime he didn't pick her up from work himself. His personal assistant, Meghan, looked up as they walked in and seemed relieved with their arrival.

"Mr Royce has asked that you change from your work uniform as soon as you arrive. If you would follow me, please," Meghan said, in her brusque businesslike way. Serena followed the woman, curiously, to a spacious executive bathroom and pointed out a dress bag hanging on a hook close to the door. "I believe everything you need is on the bench for you, and I have assigned the second drawer on the left for your personal items. Mr Royce would like you to have a permanent supply of cosmetics and personal care items here," she informed Serena.

"Thank you," Serena said quietly, a little overwhelmed, once again, by Remy's generosity in making space for her within his place of work. As soon as Meghan left her alone, she unzipped the bag to see the dress he had bought for her to wear this evening. She understood that this would probably need to be a quick change if he knew she was there and was waiting for her to appear. He had warned her that first night that he was used to people doing what he wanted, and she had been no different. Except maybe that she did it to see that smile of pleasure he gave her. She had baulked a few times or made mistakes and he had punished her, harshly, so that even when she was unsure, she followed his instructions. Time was always an issue, and he hated to be kept waiting, so she moved as quickly as she could. She redid her makeup with the colour of the dress in mind and then changed her clothes and adjusted her chignon, to ensure no stray strands had escaped during her quick change. Remy's favourite perfume was the final touch, and she was ready to go.

Serena walked back to the reception area in front of Remy's office feeling refreshed and smiled as Meghan stood and knocked, before ushering her through the door to see Remy. Three other men all turned with him, their eyes scanning her and judging her, and she felt suddenly very self-conscious until she looked at Remy's smiling face, as he approached her and kissed her lightly, his arm snaking around her waist.

"Gentlemen, this is my girlfriend Serena," he introduced her. "I'm afraid I will have to cut short our meeting as we have plans for this evening. You are welcome to join us if you are members of Hermione's," he offered, knowing very well that they weren't.

"I think we have said all that needs to be said on the matter," said one of the men, coming to his feet, and Serena had a flash of a memory of that voice and froze, turning rigid in Remy's hold. She felt his hand caress her back, as if trying to soothe her. He knew? How could he know? One of these men was a killer and was searching for her, to kill her as well! She was sure of it. Then doubt crept into her mind. If that was true, the killer hadn't reacted at all to the sight of her, had he? Did she miss something? Maybe she was wrong. Serena watched the men file out of the office and let go of the breath she had been holding.

"Meghan, give me five minutes then send in Kairos and Leila," Remy said, as the woman poked her head inside his door after the other men had left.

"I'm sorry, baby," Remy whispered and pulled her close. "I had to know for sure, and you were the only one who heard them and saw them properly that night."

"You knew?" she gasped wide-eyed, pulling back slightly, fear evident in her expression.

"I guessed but didn't know," he admitted. "They are looking for a girl called Olivia with multi-coloured fuzzy hair, not the amazingly sexy Serena, who happens to be my girlfriend. They didn't recognise you. You are safe with me, Serena. I promise. Olivia is gone, and no one will ever find her again. There is only my Serena," he said huskily, and bent his head to kiss her, breathing the words, "My Serena," possessively.

Serena knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that what he said was true. Olivia was gone and, in her place, there was a woman that this man had created and owned, body and soul. She had been staggered at how much of her life she had given over to him in such a short amount of time and how quickly he had erased every vestige of who she had been. She was also staggered by the fact that, within two weeks of meeting him, she had fallen in love with Remington Royce and lived in a constant panic that he would realise that she had never been good enough to be with him and that he would send her away.

"Trust me, you are safe. They didn't recognise you, and I will deal with them now that I am sure," Remy soothed, breaking the kiss. "To be sure, however, I have a surprise for you." he said, hearing the knock on the door and calling, "Come in." Kairos and Leila entered the room and came to stand in front of the desk that Remy, and now Serena, stood behind.

"Have a seat," Remy invited, sitting in his chair and pulling Serena into his lap, caressing her hip and thigh as he waited for the two other people to comply.

"This is Leila. She is now part of your personal security team. She will partner with Kairos when we are together, but otherwise, she will accompany you everywhere you go. This will allow me to give you greater freedom, which I know you want, without having to worry that you are being kept safe. When you are at work she will be added to the bar security," Remy explained, quickly and succinctly. "She is well aware of the men who just left my office and is well-trained to take any and all measures to protect you. Kairos, did I miss anything?"

"Like myself, she will be invisible for the most part. She is not there to be your friend or give you advice. If she tells you to move, you move, no questions asked," he said, in his stern, gruff voice which he often used on her, when relaying Remy's instructions.

"I understand," Serena said, realising this was not a choice. Remy was merely informing her what was going to happen. "Thank you." She turned her head up to kiss Remy, in gratitude for his love and care of her.

"Mm," Remy murmured into the kiss, "And like Kairos, she is invisible, and we can act as if they aren't even there." He deepened the kiss, his hands caressing her up her legs, lifting the skirt of her dress and he felt happy at the lack of any resistance in her. Her training had been progressing beautifully and much quicker than he had expected, with the assistance of his pharmacist. A small pang of disappointment at not having to punish her for resisting his desires surfaced but tonight promised to be a lot of fun, as he tested her training within new social situations and boundaries.


For the last two weeks, Remy had insisted on a strict regime of exercise and diet for the woman he had named Serena. She had been his Siren as she had emerged from the waves and enticed him into the deep desire that had him seeking her out, and he had thought the name very fitting. Over the last two weeks, he had made Serena Seabrook the perfect woman through the use of specialised drugs and intensive behaviour-modification training, making her even more open to his commands, which masqueraded as suggestions, as well as the subliminal messages he gave her through their morning meditation and yoga routine.

He had been sceptical about the drugs that his chief pharmacist had explained were a breakthrough he found by accident but in his eagerness to completely own this woman he had agreed to a trial. The trial had yielded immediate results, and he felt that he could withdraw his tight control on her a little, as she proved time and time again that her desperate need to please him would make her endure things she might otherwise have baulked at. Her body was an unfettered playground for him now, and he wanted to take the next steps down the road of her true submission to him and show off his beautiful girl.

He was eager to take her to the club that he had once built for his and a select group of friends' personal enjoyment. He had barely been there since the betrayal of the last woman he had let himself care for. Serena, however, would never betray him or hurt him in the same way. He was making sure of that each and every day. She had no home of her own and all her belongings, aside from the clothes and handbag she had arrived with at his home, had been chosen specifically for her by him, or at least a personal shopper directed by him. She had turned her back on her family years before he had met her, and he knew that she had no wish to rekindle those connections and, due to circumstance, she had no friends to speak of. Eventually, he would provide her with friends, as he had provided everything else in her new life as his girl. Those friends, like everything else in her life, would be carefully chosen to protect the strength and integrity of her bond to him.

She had already been very grateful to him and suggestible, he admitted, and he may not have needed the drugs to further his purpose, but he could not brush aside their effectiveness in conjunction with the intensive training. Eventually, he would wean her off the drugs, but for now, they sped up a process that could have taken months, if not years, and he was beyond pleased with her progress and what she willingly allowed him to do and did of her own volition to please him. The meeting with the men this evening had been a test that she had passed quite easily. She accepted that she would have a permanent shadow now, just as easily as she had accepted everything else he asked of her. He wondered if taking her to Hermione's tonight might be pushing her too far, but his eagerness to show off his creation over-rode the risk.

"You look beautiful tonight," Remy said and smiled in the semi-darkness of the car interior. "I think the dress would be better suited to being bra-less. Turn around and I will help you remove it," he commanded and was pleased when she didn't hesitate to do as he instructed. It had been almost a week since she had hesitated over something that he had asked her to do and he had very much enjoyed punishing her for that mistake. He folded the bra he had removed and placed it in the pocket of the door as they reached their destination.

"You look perfect now, sweet girl," Remy said, helping her from the car and pulling her against him, one hand gliding up the sapphire satin to cup her breast and thumb her nipple as he kissed her. Stepping back and looking down as the hardening bud pushed at the soft satin, he smiled. "Yes perfect," he said huskily, making her blush.

"Thank you, the dress is beautiful, as always," she replied and smiled back at him. He had amazing taste when it came to cocktail dresses and gowns for her. "This is a restaurant?" she asked, frowning at the red brick facade that showed no signs of being anything other than a large residence in an exclusive neighbourhood.

"A club for a select group of people," he nodded, thinking that if she passed this test, he might take her to a similar but more public club for dominants, owned by people he considered his rivals. It would be risky, however, as the Zenati, being somehow related as distant cousins might recognise her. "I am looking forward to showing it to you."

"Good Evening, Master Remington. It is a pleasure to see you again. Welcome home," said a young woman in a little black cocktail dress as she greeted them at the door.

"Thank you, Elaina, is the Mistress home tonight?" he enquired

"Yes, Master Remington. She'll be very excited to see you here again," she smiled up at him as she replied and blushed slightly.

"I best go and tell her I am here then," he chuckled and guided Serena inside without bothering to introduce her. He walked down the small corridor to a large open room that had several lounging areas, as well as a dining section with several tables. Patrons, it seemed to Serena, would have the choice of eating casually on the comfort of the overstuffed chesterfields or in the more formal dining settings, much like a regular home but catering to a large number of people.

"Remy!" A mature woman squealed in girlish delight that surprised and shocked Serena, who watched the softly-curvaceous woman approach them swiftly.

"Madeline," he smiled in return and embraced her one-armed, as he kept his other hand tightly clasped to Serena's. "May I introduce my girlfriend, Serena?" he asked.

"Girlfriend?" Madeline raised a brow and eyed Serena suspiciously.

"Yes, girlfriend," Remy lifted their clasped hands. "I have plans, of course, but it is early days yet," he chuckled, making Madeline smile and seem to relax visibly.

"For a moment, I was wondering if you had lost your mind, bringing her here," Madeline laughed.

"I believe that she will be quite happy here because I am happy here," he grinned, and Serena admitted that was true. If this place and the people in it made Remy happy then she was sure she would love it too.

"Hello, Serena, and welcome," Madeline said, reaching out to lightly run her fingers over Serena's cheek. "She is quite lovely," she said to Remy. "I can see why you are smitten."

"Smitten?" Remy chuckled before Serena could speak to thank the woman for her welcome. "What I feel for this woman is a little beyond smitten." He grinned at Serena and saw a warm rosy glow fill her cheeks.

"Come have a drink with me before you dine," she suggested, indicating a bar Serena hadn't noticed on her first scan of the room. "Will your people require any specialised services?" she asked of Kairos and Leila, who stood stoically at the entrance to the room.

"No, thank you, though I can ask them to wait in the outer rooms if you prefer," Remy offered.

"Perhaps that would be better. Some of our members prefer the privacy of just having vetted members in here," she said. apologetically.

"No problem," he turned and nodded at Kairos, making a small signal with his hand. Kairos and Leila disappeared through the doors into the corridor beyond. "I think we will eat first. Serena doesn't like to eat late, and only a small meal for her at this time of the evening, please," Remy instructed.

"Of course. Please take your seats. I'll let the kitchen know. Serena isn't vegetarian, I hope," Madeline laughed lightly.

"No," Remy shook his head and guided Serena to a table where another couple already sat, waiting for their meals. "There are no menus here. The kitchen cooks the best of what is available from the markets that morning. On the weekends there is sometimes a choice between red or white meat, or occasionally seafood but, tonight, I believe there is something we will both enjoy," he explained as they took their seats, planting the thought of his enjoyment of the food in her brain.

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