tagNonHumanThe Twins Take Over Ch. 02

The Twins Take Over Ch. 02


Trey never let go of Rebecca's hand as he looked at the little Omega. She was trembling as she tried to hold back tears. She was plain looking for a Werewolf female, mousy brown hair and pale blue eyes.

"We won't hurt you Anneke. I think you want to tell us." Trey looked at his brother who nodded. They both looked at Anneke who was shaking uncontrollably.

She wrung her hands and watched both of them. If she chose to trust them and was wrong about them, she would die. Even if she could trust them she still might die. But to tell the truth, it would be worth it.

"This pack was once a wonderful place to live. We were a family. The old Alpha was fair, he treated the Omegas with respect. We even had Omegas petition to join the pack to escape abuses elsewhere. He always took them in and treated them like family." She spoke in a quiet voice. She knew there was no one listening but she couldn't bring herself to speak out loud.

"So the Old Alpha doesn't lead now? Did he step down?" Troy was trying to remember if he'd heard about the Jensen pack changing Alphas. He had to admit he didn't pay much attention to inter pack gossip.

Anneke closed her eyes tight for a moment. Then looked up. She took a deep breath. "If I tell you everything, will you take me with you when you leave? Please?" She looked at each brother in turn.

The twins looked at each other and nodded. Trey turned to her and spoke as calmly as he could as his own fear level rose. They had fallen into a hole he hoped they'd be able to get out of. She was their only hope. "Anneke, we will take you with us and take you wherever you want to go. Please, tell us everything."

She swallowed hard and began to tell them the truth about the Jensen pack.

"Leif Jensen became Alpha when his father died in 1843. He was strong and a good leader. This area was growing quickly and he kept us safe when the humans came here in large numbers starting after the gold rush. He knew how to blend in with humans and felt that the entire pack should learn. So we attended schools in the human world. That was when I decided to become a nurse."

She stopped for a moment to check the monitors on the women but continued again as she wrote in their medical records. "I loved nursing and went to work in a local hospital. Our pack Doctor worked in the hospital as well. The Alpha sent his sons to college with the humans with the idea they would bring back the knowledge for the good of the pack. His youngest son Rolf became a geneticist. Of course what job would there be with the pack? So he went to work for Council Member Xylon Lukos."

Anneke saw the surprise on the twins' faces. "You know who he is? So you know he owns a DNA company." She continued when she saw their nods. "He became good friends with another Were that worked there, Gary Saunders."

"Gary," Trey jumped to his feet and crossed the room in seconds. "What did he have to do with Gary?" What had they gotten themselves into?

Anneke cringed in the corner as Trey stood over her. Troy touched his brother's shoulder. "Trey, she's only telling us what happened. We need to listen." He didn't move his hand, and felt the tense muscles begin to soften.

Trey looked back at his brother and give him a quick half smile. "You're right." He turned around to face the poor frightened Omega. "Anneke, I'm sorry. You just don't know what happened between us and Gary. I promise, I'll hold my temper. Please, go on. I'll go sit down and I promise not to move from this chair." He sat down and took hold of Rebecca's hand again. "Please, Anneke, go on."

She bit her lip as she thought about whether she should continue. Maybe she'd said too much already. The howling caught her attention and she looked toward the window. "They've begun the hunt." She looked back at the twin Weres. If she were to have any hope of leaving here she had to tell them.

"Rolf and Gary were on a project together. They were working on the DNA of the Dire Wolf. They found the gene that still existed in some Weres and learned out to turn on the gene." She saw the grim looks on the faces of the males. "You've heard this before, haven't you?"

"Yes, we dealt with Gary and his pack of rogues. Are some of them here?" Trey absent mindedly touched the jagged scar across his throat.

"Rolf is one. He came back to the pack four years ago. He was...different. He was bigger, bigger than his older brothers who had always dwarfed him in size. He was more arrogant, more aggressive, more..." She stopped speaking for a moment and paled. "sexual. He took what he wanted, who he wanted. His older brothers both died under suspicious circumstances in a very short time. Rolf challenged his father for the pack. He told him if he stepped down he'd let him live. The Alpha refused and accepted the challenge. It was horrible." Anneke's face had a haunted look as she relived that night. It was like she could still see it happening in front of her.

She looked at the brothers. "It was hideous. He not only beat his father in the fight, he tortured him. He didn't just kill him, he tore him to pieces. The pack went into a confusion. Our bonds shifted, but not to Rolf. We bonded to the Alpha's second, Hendrik. When Rolf realized it he was furious and challenged Hendrik next. The result was the same. He had incredible strength, his wolf was far bigger than any Alpha or Beta in the pack. When he'd killed Hendrik, we lost our bonds and they didn't form with another. We panicked. We didn't know what to do. He could kill anyone he wanted. We swore allegiance to him and hoped the bonds would form."

The howling outside continued. They could tell when a kill was made by the change in the calls.

"I never bonded with the Alpha. Almost no one has. He terrorizes those that aren't bonded to him, he wants us dead. The last few years have not been pleasant for me. Until Dr. Majors came." She smiled as she thought about the day he arrived. "He's always been kind to everyone. He's been a wonderful pack doctor. I've learned so much from him. The Alpha brought him here because of his specialty, reproduction. He'd been unable to sire any cubs with the women he's mated with."

"Women? More than one?" Trey tightened his hand on Rebecca's.

"Yes, he said he wouldn't wait to find his true mate. He said he didn't have the time. But none of them became pregnant. Sometimes it can take years for even true mates to have cubs, but he was impatient. His mates..." She paused for a moment, and then whispered "disappeared. We never knew what happened to them. He had been continuing his friendship with Gary and when he heard that Gary had found surviving Vlkolak females he asked him to send him a few of them. Gary had promised to but never did. The last I heard he had promised a surprise for after the Wolf Moon. But I don't know what the surprise was."

Trey and Troy spoke through their bond. Had Logan set them up? They looked at their mates.

"When the Doctor asked permission for the women to stay here to be sedated, the Alpha was quick to agree. He said he'd only heard rumors about the Vlkolak and he couldn't wait to meet them in person."

"Does the Doctor know why he was so happy?" Trey stared into Anneke's eyes. He'd know if she lied to him.

She never flinched as she told him the truth. "The Doctor didn't know why. The Doctor doesn't know the truth at all. He thinks he was brought here because of our low birth rates. He was really brought here to get the Alpha's mates to breed. That's all the Alpha cares about. But right now, he's between mates. He told the Doctor he had a feeling he would find his mate at the Wolf Moon. But he didn't want the Doctor here so he made him go on the hunt."

Troy took a breath and looked at his brother. "He wants one of our mates."

Anneke sighed. "He wants them both." She looked into her lap, afraid to see the faces of the males who brought their mates to their doom. "I'm sorry."

Troy was so enraged, he couldn't say a word. He looked at his brother who looked like his wolf was ready to take over.

Trey forced his wolf back. He had to know one more thing. "How do you know so much about the Alpha's plans? You're just an Omega. He wouldn't confide in you."

Anneke's cheeks were streaked with tears. "You have to understand, he used to be kind, and sweet. He's a different person now. He's not the brother I knew and loved."

"Your brother? And he killed your father?" Trey was stunned by the latest revelation. It was bad enough to have a rogue kill your Alpha, but for it to be your own brother, he looked over at his own brother. He just couldn't imagine how he would feel.

"That still doesn't explain how you know what he's up to. It doesn't sound like he has much use for Omegas." Trey was fighting with his wolf. He wanted to take his mate and get the hell out of here. He couldn't understand why it was so important to listen to what the Omega had to say.

"There is no Alpha bond, but the bond we had as twins is still intact. I know what he's thinking when he's in his human form. His wolf form, well, his thoughts are so jumbled they make no sense." She knew the brothers understood the twin bond and how close it was. "I learned how to block him when we were young, so he doesn't know that I'm talking to you. I let him listen to my thoughts once in a while, but only so he thinks I'm not a threat."

"We need to wake the women up and get the hell out of here. Will you help us?" Trey and Troy spoke as one.

"Yes, I'll help you. I know a way to get out of here without being seen, but we have to hurry. I slowed down the Propofol after the Doctor left so we could wake them faster. It will only take about ten minutes. They'll be groggy, but you can carry them." She hurried to the IV pumps and shut them off. She took vital sign measurements and continued to write them in the record.

Trey glanced over and realized she had written down times and values for the next three hours. He looked up and grinned. She was thinking ahead. Thank God for Anneke. Now maybe they had a chance. "Anneke, if we make it out of here alive, we will owe you everything."

She smiled for the first time. "I will hold you to that Sir."

"Call me Trey, please. Our pack has very little formality unless we're talking about the Alphas." He held on tight to Rebecca's hand as he heard her moaning lightly. He stroked her face. The sounds at the door startled him. He hadn't heard them approach.

Trey and Troy both turned to the door, and listened. They could hear claws on the linoleum floor and loud snorting under the door.

Anneke but a finger to her lips. She walked over to the door and pounded hard on it. "Get out of here! The Alpha will be angry if I tell him you were here!"

They heard the scrabble of the nails on the floor as the wolves ran away from the room. The last thing they wanted was to upset the Alpha.

Anneke looked at the two women still sleeping in the beds. "They've gone into their heat. We need to mask the scent somehow. It's strong and it brought the Betas here. If the Alpha smells it he'll be here immediately. As soon as they are awake we need to go." She turned to a cupboard and started looking through the jars and bottles. "We need to find something noxious enough to mask it, but not so unknown he'll think it's strange to smell it."

Danielle starting to toss her head and moan while Troy tried his best to keep her quiet. "Baby, you have to be quiet now. Shhhhh." He stroked her face and bent down low to whisper in her ear. "I need you to be quiet baby, please."

Her eyes fluttered open and her first sight was a close up view of Troy's face. It was blurry at first and she brought up a hand to rub her eyes. "Morning already?" She held on tight to his strong arm and tried to pull herself up, but she was too weak. He put an arm behind her back and brought her upright in the bed. She heard the howling and looked up at the window. "It's still dark." She whispered and turned to look at Rebecca who was stirring in the other bed. "Troy, why are we awake? What's going on?"

Trey was helping Rebecca sit up. Both brothers spoke at once. "We have to get out of here. We'll explain later."

Anneke smiled to herself as she heard the twins speak in unison. She missed the days of being with her twin. But those days were over. Her twin was lost to her. He'd been replaced by a monster. "Ah ha!" She found what she was looking for and pulled out a jar of ointment. She turned to face the women. "Um, you've both started your heat with the full moon. We need to mask the scent. You need to use this ointment." She held out the jar.

"What do we do with that?" Rebecca asked the question as she took the jar from Anneke's outstretched arm. She slowly opened it and took a whiff. "Oh that's awful. What the hell is it?"

She handed it to Danielle who slowly bent down to sniff and quickly waved her hand in front of her face. "That stuff is terrible. What do we do with it? Put it on our shoes?"

Anneke giggled as she shook her head. "It's to cover the scent of your heat. Do I have to explain?"

"Seriously?" Rebecca gave her an incredulous look. She looked at Danielle. "She's kidding right?"

"I'm sorry, I'm not kidding, it's the only way. It won't take much, but you will have to reapply it a few times until we're safely out of here." She heard the pitch of the howling change. "Hurry, please, we have to get out of here. They're nearing the end of the hunt. He may find some females to keep him busy for a while, or he may not. And if those Betas report back what they found he'll be here in a second." Anneke was beginning to shake.

"Do what she says Rebecca. We have to go." Trey handed the jar back to her. "Hurry, we'll explain it all later but for now, we HAVE to go." He stared into her eyes and tried to make her understand without having to go into a big long explanation.

She took the jar and opened the lid. She made a face as the scent hit her. She looked up one more time at Anneke and then at Trey who were watching her intently. She tentatively dipped her finger into the jar and wrinkled her nose as the smell wafted up. She lifted her finger up and showed it to Anneke who looked and nodded. She really didn't want this stuff to touch her but she didn't have a choice. "Can I put it on the outside of my panties?" Anneke sadly shook her head. "Seriously? Inside?" She watched as the Omega nodded. "Dammit." She muttered under her breath and pulled her pants away from her body. She took a deep breath to steel herself and pushed her finger into her panties and painted her pussy with the disgusting stuff. She pulled her hand out and held it away from her body while handing the jar to Danielle. "Can I at least clean this off my finger?"

Anneke handed her a cloth that she quickly grabbed and wiped her finger over and over. But of course the smell wouldn't go away. She handed the cloth back to Anneke who stood quietly.

Danielle held her breath as she dipped a finger quickly and pushed it into her panties. She pulled her hand out and held it out to Anneke for the cloth. "Yuck!"

Anneke had pulled some items off the shelves and out of the cupboards and shoved them into two bags. "Here." She handed one bag to Rebecca and the other to Danielle. "You'll need to carry these." Before Rebecca could ask the question on the tip of her tongue, Anneke had stripped off her clothing and shifted into a small mousy brown wolf with blue eyes so pale they almost looked clear.

Trey and Troy pulled off their clothes and shoved them into the bags along with Anneke's. "We'll carry you on our backs. You'll need to hold on tight." Trey pulled Rebecca close and couldn't even smell her normal scent much less her heat. He'd been so upset during the revelations he'd heard, he'd missed the odor. Now all he smelled was the ointment. He pulled her to him and kissed her hard, wanting to memorize every bit about her. He couldn't lose her, not now, not ever. She was his and he'd fight to the death to protect her. He shifted and waited for her to climb onto his back.

Troy ran a hand through Danielle's silky soft hair and was startled when she jumped forward and grabbed him around the neck, pulling him close for a deep, hungry kiss. He had to pull himself away from her, holding her arms to disentangle himself. She'd never kissed him like that before. But he remembered the description of a cat in heat. He hoped they could get out of here in time.

He shifted and she hooked her legs around his body, leaning down over his back and holding around his neck with her arms. "I'm ready to go Troy."

Anneke used her nose to slide the bolts and then stood on her hind legs to push the handle and open the door. She closed it behind them and dropped to the floor. She looked behind her to make sure they were behind her as she trotted down the hallway. She stopped at the first turn and waited to be sure she didn't hear anything, then took off running through the hospital.

The black wolves followed closely behind. She would either lead them to salvation or their deaths. But they had no choice. They had to trust her. They did trust her.

Anneke slid to a stop in front of an office door. There was a sign, "Dr. Majors." She pushed the door open and waited for them to enter before closing it quietly behind them. She shifted back to human. "I can't open the passage as a wolf. Wait just a second." She looked up at the wall of books. She found what she was looking for and pulled out three different books one at a time. She stepped back and the wall twisted and left an opening just big enough for them to walk through. "Dr. Majors doesn't know this here, at least I don't think he does. Hurry." She waited for them to enter and quickly reset the books before slipping through the closing wall.

The little brown wolf went to the front and made her way slowly down a narrow staircase. There were very small bits of light coming from an unknown source. The wolves had to rely on their excellent night vision and other senses.

"Gross, these cobwebs are all in my hair." Danielle was struggling to get them out of her hair. Troy turned and growled at her. "OK, I'm sorry, I can't help it. It's disgusting."

Rebecca grabbed Danielle's hand and squeezed. "We're going to be OK Danielle. I had a dream about us. We'll be OK."

Danielle looked startled. "And you were frightened of your own tail."

"Yes, oh my God, we had the same dream?" The women stared at each other in shock until the two black wolves growled back at them to be quiet. They stopped talking and ducked their heads low to avoid the cobwebs.

The stairs gave way to a tunnel. The women looked up as they left the stairs but could see absolutely nothing ahead of them, only darkness. And all they could hear was the breathing of the wolves and themselves, and an occasional drop of water. Where was that coming from?

Rebecca loved the feel of Trey's coat on her skin. She wished she didn't have to wear clothes so she could feel his fur on her entire body. Her skin felt so hot. Was she sick? She rubbed her face on his neck. Just that contact felt so good. She felt a strange ache, one she'd never felt so strongly before. They had to get out of here soon or she'd go crazy. She rubbed herself on his back, rocking her hips slowly, rubbing her pussy over his spine. Once again she was met with his growls. "I'm sorry, I can't help it." She whispered back to him.

Danielle let out a long sigh. "This is taking forever."

"Don't whine Danielle. However long it takes is how long it takes. At least we aren't the ones on our feet. We get to ride it out." She giggled when she said it as her thoughts went to another connotation of riding. Why was it all her thoughts were turning sexual? For God's sake, they were running for their lives and all she was thinking about was sex.

"Sorry, just this is getting uncomfortable in a way I don't really want to talk about." She squirmed on Troy's back.

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