tagIllustratedThe Two Companions Illustrated Ch. 01

The Two Companions Illustrated Ch. 01


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PART I- Post BDM: in which Inara teaches a couple of novices the tricks of the trade.

Prologue: When the original colony ships had arrived, the society was largely egalitarian due to the long shipboard confinement and huge sacrifices and death rates involved in terraforming and settling the raw worlds they found. Sacred prostitution by both males and females was seen as a public service and was actually done on a rotating basis among the whole population on some ships and in the early colonies.

As the core worlds gained in prosperity, the companions began to be elevated in status. As the clientele gained wealth and status, the guild chose to bar from their membership all but the most highly trained companions and excluding the more common prostitutes that serviced the working classes. The companions also began to incorporate elements of geisha and Greek companion standards and practices.

The settlement of the rim worlds also saw the rise of neo-Puritanism and the consequential rise in discrimination against the common prostitutes in their midst. The companions of the core worlds continued to rise in status while they in turn elevated the cult of Isis to ritualized ceremony with few actual believers.

The rim world colonists who largely came from the poor classes of the core worlds looked back with nostalgia on the culture and glamour of the core worlds and especially the companions.

With prestige, the guild gained power and became a significant player among the power elite. People who know how to manipulate lust, desire and considerable funds have to operate in the real world if for no other reason than self protection.

And for self-protection, the guild had always maintained an elite group of covert agents drawn from within their own ranks who discreetly provided protection to the companions. Of course, all companions were trained in a variety of self-defense arts including weapons. It was a point of honor that no-one ever robbed or forced a companion against their will without suffering severe repercussions including death.

Unlike the corporations, with their top-down hierarchical organization, the companion guild was always run by an association of elected officials with leadership coming from the most skilled practitioners and teachers of the sexual arts: that is: the priestesses. Like traditional prostitutes, most companions were female and the males as they got older tended to gravitate towards administration or enforcement.

Setting: Inara's shuttle:

As Inara sat in the pilot's seat, going through preflight check, flames lanced past her cockpit window. Like the true professional she was, she was extremely thorough. "I see Kaylee tightened up those coupling sleeves. I don't detect even the slightest leak." Their friendship and the adoration of a young mechanic meant that her shuttle always received loving attention.

Inara paused to look outside at the flames blasting past the window and admired their beauty and thought once again "This is what the first astronauts must have seen". And with each buffet of flame she thought "There but for the buffer dampening shield, I would just be a puff of ash".

River's voice came over the intercom. "OK, Inara our speed is dropping down to MACH two and you're good to go".

"Thanks Mei-mei, undocking, three-two-one undocked." As the shuttle cleared, Inara pulled up on the yoke, kicked the rudder and pulled a complete Immilman turn and headed towards her appointment. She then pulled a barrel roll out of sheer exuberance.

One thing that Inara had never confessed to Wash, Mal, or even River (though she was sure River knew) was that she loved to fly. Just then River's voice chirped "Yahoo, cowgirl – have fun."

"Thanks, I'll do my best. See you at the rendezvous. Out." As she hung inverted in the sky over Boros, Inara thought "Worlds like marbles in the sky and stars like dust beneath her feet" Such was the glamorous life she imaged when she set out to become a companion.

Of course, life these days was different. Ever since Miranda, she had become known as 'that Companion' who had helped to embarrass the Alliance and the major corporations who were running the government. Since most of her wealthy clients were corporate or government connected, and the point of having a companion was to show off their conspicuous consumption, Inara was suddenly without clients. Being publicly connected to a known terrorist (who obviously hated freedom as the corporate media put it) was not something they could afford. The plebs lionized Inara and her charms were publicly sung about and often embarrassingly exaggerated. But plebs could not pay her fees, nor could she cut her rates without violating guild law.

Inara had decided to utilize a little known pro bono clause because it was considered temple duty and released her from guild dues and fees. Inara would use her considerable skills and talents as a relationship counselor. This was also to mollify Mal's puritan prejudices. She conveniently neglected to mention that her services would include sex therapy.

Inara had always enjoyed the relationship and couple client classes at the training house and as a companion she had often been hired by celebratory couples for special occasions. She remembered with pleasure a unique night with two male dancers whose stamina was prodigious and only rivaled by their sweet nature and fashion sense.

Speaking of which, she could use a relationship counselor herself for her relationship with Mal. They were strongly attracted to each other but they couldn't seem to get past her profession and his Puritanism. But that would have to wait; right now she had to earn a living.

As she dropped in towards the town of White Pine, Boros, she couldn't help but notice how raw the world looked. Terraforming had stabilized Atmo and gravity and accelerated soil formation. But the soil was only inches thick and would not support real vegetation. The local community was operating under a boom economy due to rich and rare mineral deposits. Consequently local government employees were relatively impoverished.

A couple she interviewed over the cortex both worked at the local terraforming quality control testing lab. On any settled planet they would have been comfortable middle class, but on this planet, planetary inflation had pushed them into poverty. Consequently they now qualified for pro bono services when they applied for relationship counseling.

During separate interviews Inara had established that the relationship was going on seven years with one child. They remained loving and committed to each other but somewhere the sex part went south. He complained that she was repressed and inhibited and the pressures of work left him with little time for romance. She complained that he often seemed disinterested and that when they did make love he was often finished too soon and she was left unsatisfied.

Both of them seemed intelligent and described themselves as open-minded both were also overawed that a glamorous and legendary companion would deign to give them counseling and amazed that her fees were so reasonable.

As her shuttle entered the landing pattern for the white pine spaceport she noticed the usual cluster of rough housing in cheap bars and casinos and brothels. They had grown up between the port and the workers quarters which were laid out in the traditional pattern of the terraforming authority with another cluster near the local mines and processing mills.

Inara thought. "Oh well, this is how Londinium and Shinon had started out hundreds of years ago."

Once landed she contracted with a healthy looking and good natured Pedi cab driver who gave her a running commentary on the local sites such as they were. She had chosen a nondescript traveling cloak with hood and a sturdy traveling kit on wheels that Book had given her as a parting gift.

When she had arrived, Inara paid her driver and announced herself. She then greeted her clients in the traditional manner. Their child had been sent on a sleepover with trusted friends.

After they welcomed her in, and they shared tea, Inara silently appraised them: Gabriel was a tall, muscular good looking man with a good mixture of African ancestry and Mocha colored skin. Harmony was a willow thin oriental of striking beauty. Both were obviously techno-geeks. Gabriel hid his nervousness and discomfort by being over solicitous and was obliviously relieved to be sent off on a superfluous errand.

Inara and Harmony settled into girl talk and while the chatted; Inara asked her how she felt about her sexuality. Harmony replied that she had been raised in a traditional Chinese household with repressed sexuality and her few experiments in tech school were brief and unsatisfactory. She always felt that she was unattractive and that men felt intimidated by her intelligence. Inara laughed and stated that based on her looks, brains and grace, Harmony would have been considered as an obvious candidate for companion school.

Harmony blushed at the compliment and Inara took her hand in hers and said "Let's make you beautiful for Gabriel." While Inara supervised her toilette, she selected several items of jewelry for Harmony including toe rings and a belly necklace that would compliment her long delicate toes and tiny waist.. Inara also selected perfume, aphrodisiacs and sex crèmes.

As Harmony dressed, and Inara washed, they talked about the life of a companion. It was clear that Harmony was starting to display a schoolgirl crush on Inara. She also confessed that she was secretly disappointed in her first encounter that Gabriel was a virgin with even less experience than she; however, his good looks and sweet nature had won her over.

Inara laughed and clapped her hands "Excellent, It looks like we have our work cut out for us, don't we?" Harmony charmingly blushed and smiled at the floor. When Gabriel arrived, Inara sent him into the shower with a simple garment and instructions to shave and put on a very small amount of his best cologne. When he emerged, they were all dressed in a simple toga-like silk garment that was clasped at the shoulder, the standard companion training outfit for the sex practical labs.

Candles had been lit, and Gabriel stood there in awe of the two beautiful women who stood in front of him, the glamorous companion and his suddenly gorgeous wife. Perhaps it was the aphrodisiac scented incense that Inara had lit or the seductive perfume that his wife was wearing. Inara then had Gabriel light a recently purchased pipe full of spice weed.

Inara then told them that they should consider themselves companions in training and that she would be their instructor. "Now I realize that we are all clean and relaxed, but I want to teach you how to wash each other's feet." Inara then taught them her specialty by example and had them repeat on each other and then on herself.

When they were pleasantly relaxed, Inara began to describe how beautiful she thought Harmony looked that night. She praised her shiny blue black hair and the smooth texture of her "old ivory" colored skin. "Now Gabriel, I want you to forget everything you know about Harmony and approach her as if pleasing her was the most important task of your life."

Gabriel nervously swallowed and nervously reached out towards his wife. Inara was secretly both amused and touched at the slight tremble with which he stroked the mother of his child. Inara then had him approach Harmony from the back and smell her hair and neck while he stroked her arms and pressed her palms to his lips. At Inara's command, he loosed the clasp at his wife's shoulder and began a light massage and kissing of her back. "Now, Harmony, I want you to turn to Gabe and let him look at your breasts. Gabriel, really look at them and worship her perfectly conical breasts with gentle kisses and caresses" Inara again smiled inwardly at the tender and marveling manner that these life partners were treating one another.

As Harmony lay back on her bed, Inara had Gabriel kiss down her torso to her stomach and remove the rest of her toga. At that point Inara poured a small amount of a liquid into Harmony's navel that she had been warming against her own skin. She told them that it was an aphrodisiac and would increase Gabriel's stamina when he licked it out of her belly button.

Inara instructed. "Now I would like you to kiss down one leg to her toes and then back up the other leg."

As he neared the juncture of her thighs, harmony began to open up her legs. When he hesitated, Inara asked Gabriel how much he knew about cunnilingus.

Gabriel turned a pleasing sort of pink and stammered "Next to nothing."

Inara smiled "Good, I prefer to pour into an empty cup."

"Before we begin I want to stress that we will only be working on basic techniques that will be easy to repeat and that you will both enjoy. More advanced techniques are often complicated and stressful for beginning students of the sexual arts. Now, watch very carefully as I demonstrate because you will have to repeat the procedure." With that, she began kissing and licking around Harmony's bush, working her way to the soft and sensitive skin between her legs and mons.

When Inara had approved Gabriel's attempts to copy her and Harmony was starting to moan, Inara took out a small vial filled with glittering dust. Unscrewing the cap, she extracted a feather and used it to lightly dust Harmony's nether lips. "This is an antimicrobial and antifungal herbal mix which will reduce friction and increase her sensitivity and tastes good to boot."

She then lowered her head and with an open mouth, blew on Harmony's mound. Harmony groaned and raised her sex to Inara's lips. The companion lightly flicked her tongue up and down Harmony's labia. Harmony began to tremble and collapsed back on the bed. Inara looked up into Harmony's lust lidded eyes and turned to Gabriel "Now you try."

As Gabriel began to imitate her, Inara guided Harmony's hand to top of Gabe's head in order to guide him in his ministrations to her now swollen and gleaming lips and protruding button. With both Inara and Gabe lying between Harmony's bent knees, the companion couldn't help but notice Gabriel's growing bulge pressing against her leg. "Now Gabriel, aren't you sorry you didn't try this before?"

Gabriel tried to respond but it came out something like "Yesh mamm"

Inara laughed "Don't try to talk with your mouth full." When Inara moved up to tell Harmony not to press Gabe's head so hard she placed her hand on Harmony's bicep, Harmony suddenly grabbed Inara's hand and pulled it to her breast. She arched her back, clamped her thighs on Gabe's head and began to buck up and down while her eyes rolled wildly in her head. Suddenly, she screwed her eyes shut and her face flushed scarlet while she gave a wild and beautiful scream of pleasure "Lao-tyen boo!" and collapsed back on the bed like a rag doll.

Gabriel looked up in surprise and Inara said "I think that's enough prep work Gabe, just hold her and let her catch her breath."

Harmony tremblingly pulled Gabriel into an embrace and kissed him "Xie-Xie, honey that never happened before!" Then she turned to Inara and kissed her too and gushed "Xie-Xie, Inara, Runtse de SHANG-DEE, you are a wonderful teacher!"

Inara nodded her head modestly "No, I just had good teachers." She paused. "Well, if you are ready, it is your turn to be the student and Gabriel will be the subject. Gabe, sit up and let Harmony take off your smock."

Gabriel complied and the lifted garment revealed a very large erection. As his face reddened under Inara's gaze, she commented "Well, Gabriel, your 'Trumpet' is very impressive but let's make sure you don't sound it too soon." Gabriel laughed and Inara could see the tension go out of his shoulders. "Now Harmony, what do you know about felatio?"

It was Harmony's turn to look embarrassed " Well, my girlfriend and I tried to experiment on a male techie back at the U." when Gabriel looked astounded, she defended herself "Look, honey, nothing happened, he was too drunk to even get it up."

Inara exclaimed "Excellent, another tabla Rosa to work with. Harmony, I want you to start with Gabe's chest, lick and kiss him, paying particular attention to his very sensitive nipples." While she was dong this, Gabriel attempted to fondle Harmony's breasts. Inara swatted him away "She's the student and you're the subject, wait your turn."

When Harmony inquired if she too would be drinking from Gabriel's navel, Inara replied "No Mei-mei, orgasm just gives women more energy not less; besides, with Gabe here at full gantry, I doubt if you could even get to his navel."

Harmony laughed nervously "I don't even know where to start."

Inara smiled "Start by kissing and licking in large circles everywhere but his genitals, gradually weave your net tighter and tighter. Remember, you are not a dog and this is not a bone. Instead, think like a cat playing with its' prey." To Gabriel's alarmed look, Inara calmed him with "It's only metaphors, silly."

When Harmony had worked her way inward but still hesitated, Inara approved "Good, now let me apply this gel. It will reduce his sensitivy and it's anti-microbial and I think you will like the taste." With that she applied the gel with both hands and her fingers laced and working them up and down in a swirling pattern (thinking, "Sweet Buddha, this thing requires two hands!"). When it was completely glistening, she cupped her hands under his basket and lowered her mouth to gently blow up and down his shaft then lick with a flickering tongue back up to his glans. She slowed down to bathe the head and then to pop it into her mouth like a large ripe strawberry. The sight of the beautiful companion performing expert felatio held both her clients in complete awe.

When Gabriel began to rapidly pant and twitch, Inara gave the base a firm squeeze and raised her head to look him in the eye. "Daoist health theory states that the ratio of your wife's orgasms to yours is in direct proportion to the health, longevity and the sexual prowess of both of you. Therefore, the more you can hold back, the better it will be for all concerned."

Inara then turned to Harmony and releasing her grip on Gabriel "Now you try, and remember to monitor the tightness of the skin of his basket and tighten your grip on the shaft when he starts to get excited." Monitoring Harmony's technique and offering helpful comments, Inara noticed that Harmony was spending too much bobbing of her head up and down and trying to jam as much as possible of him into her mouth. "No Mei-mei, "that technique will produce a tired jaw and would only be useful in getting him off which is not what we are striving for, is it?'

"Sorry, Sufi, I was just getting into it."

"Well, that's enough hors 'd orderves; let's move on to the main course. I want you both of you to lie down on your right sides with Harmony in front." "Harmony, place Gabriel's staff of jade between your legs and apply this lubricant to him while working your cinnabar gate against him as you rock back and forth. Both of you should use your left hands to touch one another because it's the best path to the right brain and that's the quickest way to learn."

When Gabriel finally did push into Harmony, she saw Harmony's eyes glaze over and her lids grow heavy with lust. When he had achieved full penetration, Inara told him to stop and just experience the moment and the feel of his wife and to carefully explore her cinnabar gate while Harmony should cradle his sack of gold in order to appreciate his virility and to monitor his excitement.

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