tagIncest/TabooThe Ultimate Date

The Ultimate Date


Even though he was more excited than he thought possible Paul paused in the doorway to the family room to look at his mother. Her back was toward him as she folded some linen ready to take upstairs, humming softly as she worked. Paul felt his heart rate increase as he thought once again about just how much he loved her.

He knew the instant his mother realized he was there, her whole body seemed to soften as she turned, a smile lighting up her features, before it was replaced with a more quizzical look.


"What?" It took him a moment to realize what she meant. "Ohhh, we won, 4 – 2, I got a hat-trick. One more match and we'll be champions."

His mother rushed towards him and almost lifted him off his feet in a hug that took his breath away.

"Wonderful, I can't believe it. When's the final?"

"Three weeks Saturday, one week after I turn eighteen ... What?"

"Paul, you know your father won't be able to come watch, don't you?"

He hadn't, and the disappointment he felt was crushing. It had been great seeing him in the stands today, even though he'd had to rush back to work straight afterwards. When the games were in the week they tended to alternate, mom one week, dad the next, but the out of state games, well, they always went as a family. For a second he had no idea what to say.

His mother's face showed her disappointment as well and he saw her swallow hard before speaking again.

"He's already postponed his trip so he can be here for your birthday, I just know he won't be able to do so again."

Paul nodded; he knew that too. His dad was the CEO for a foreign bank and travelled somewhere at least once or twice a month. That was how the alternate week thing had started in the first place. Now it looked like, for the most important game of his life, it would still be happening.

His mother laid a hand on his arm and, for a moment, he saw pain in her eyes before she tried to shake the feeling by smiling and being a little more positive.

"Paul, go have a shower, I'm sure you need it!" She ran a hand through her hair and he felt his concern return.

"I will, but are you alright?"

"Yes, I just have a headache, I'm gonna go lie down for a while before I make dinner. We can talk about this a little more later, ok?"

"Yeah, and it will be fine. I was so stoked, you know, and I know he'll be sorry." Another thought suddenly occurred to him. "You'll be there, right?"

"Oh yes, sweetheart, I will definitely be there."

His mother placed a soft kiss on his cheek and turned to pick up the laundry as Paul ran up the stairs. A shower was a good idea, not only would it get rid of the slightly antiseptic smell of the college soap but it might also help him think things over.

His bedroom had an en-suite bathroom and he quickly stripped off his clothes and headed for the privacy of the small room. Looking around he realized with a groan that he needed a new shower gel and so grabbed a towel and headed back out into the hallway.

His mother's bedroom door was slightly ajar and he could hear her humming as she opened and closed drawers and he made his way into the main bathroom with a smile. The shower in there was much more spacious than his own and Paul decided to use that and take the gel back with him.

The steaming hot water was soon beating down on his back and he lathered himself up, enjoying the feel of his muscles beneath his fingertips and the sensation of the suds as they slid down his body.

The movement of his hands soon had his cock standing to attention and he lubed it up with the gel before letting it slip through his fingers, canting his hips to get different feelings and sensations as he flexed the digits and increased the pressure.

Paul knew that, for eighteen, or almost eighteen, he was seriously inexperienced in all things sexual. No one but himself had ever gotten him off and he didn't see that changing any time soon. For now it would have to do, but that didn't mean he wouldn't enjoy the sensations he caused himself.

Before long he felt the familiar tightening in his groin and began to pump harder. He let out a moan of pleasure as his cum began to spurt, coating his hand as well as splashing over the tile and then running down towards the drain.

Paul laid his head against the wall, his breathing heavy, and took a moment to gather himself before finishing his shower and stepping out into the cooler room.

He felt his nipples tighten as the air hit them and even though he had just cum knew he would be able to provide himself with a repeat performance in his bedroom very soon.

Remembering to pick up the gel Paul made his way back out into the hallway and along towards his parents' room. The door was now almost fully open and he looked inside, wondering if his mother had fallen asleep or was just reading.

The sight that met his eyes took his breath away. His knew his mother was slim and attractive, but he had never really thought much about how she looked. Now, as she lay sleeping, he looked at her beautiful body and wondered how he could not have noticed before how stunning she was.

He had seen naked women in the magazines his friends brought to practise and enjoyed jacking off to them when he lay alone at night but the scene he was looking at now was way more sexy than anything he had ever even dreamt of before.

Dressed in just a pair of lacy white panties and a matching bra his mother instantly became his dream woman. He couldn't believe how hot she looked, how much she turned him on and he felt his cock raise itself to stick out between the folds of the towel as he continued to look at the vision before him.

The bra was almost see-through and his mom's nipples were visible through the material. They looked so big and soft and, licking his lips, he wondered, for a moment, what it would be like to suck on them. Moving his eyes downwards he realized that, curling around the edges of his mom's panties, he could see some of her pubic hair. Just standing watching his mother made his cock throb and he grasped it in his hand stroking it slowly as he committed the sight to memory.

Suddenly, almost as if, once again, his mother knew he was there, she moved, moaned slightly and turned on her side. Paul realized he too would have to move and hurried back to his own room without making a sound.

As soon as the door was closed he flung himself on the bed, his hand around his cock immediately. He knew it would only take a few minutes for him to cum again and he tried to move slower, to hold off the moment of truth. He no longer needed the models in his magazines, instead Paul pictured his mother, in her sexy underwear, standing there watching, encouraging him, her eyes bright as she saw his hand move up and down, his fingers as they teased the tip. With a cry, which included her name, his cum was shooting higher and further than it ever had, over and over until, exhausted, he flopped back onto the pillow, joining his mother in the land of dreams almost instantly.


The weeks before the football final went by almost in a blur. Paul and the rest of the team were instant heroes at school and he found himself fending off girls who wouldn't even have looked at him just a few days earlier. As the main goal scorer he was top of the tree for a change and, enjoying the adulation, even went out with two of the prettiest girls in school.

Mary Patterson was beautiful, raven haired, dark eyes and a figure to die for. Linda Roberts was almost the opposite, blond, blue eyes and maybe a little heavier than Mary. Just a week earlier he would have thought all his dreams answered if he'd been able to spend time alone with either of them, now that was no longer the case.

At first he had no idea what the matter was, but then, as he lay in bed the night after he'd been to the movies with Linda he realised what his problem. Neither of them was his mom and as he kissed each of them any ideas he had of taking things further just disappeared into the mist. Instead, as he let his hand drift towards his hard cock again, all he could see was his mother's face, feel her hands on his arm and he knew, for now at least, no one could compare to the woman who would be, for him, the ultimate date.


For his eighteenth birthday they headed into the city, just the five of them. His two sisters had come back from college and they had stayed at a five star hotel, seen a couple of shows on Broadway and done all the touristy things New York just cried out for them to do.

His dad had apologetically missed one afternoon to attend a business meeting but apart from that they had been together for almost four days before disappearing off in different directions. By the time Paul arrived home he only had his mother for company and knew it could be months before they would all be together again. For the first time he didn't miss the others as much. Sitting in the passenger seat watching his mom drive he wanted nothing more than to spend the rest of his life in her company. His hand ached to touch her and, for the first time in her presence he let his fantasies fill his mind. Gradually they had become more involved and now included kissing her, watching her undress, even running his fingers over her soft skin. The journey passed in a blur and he had been glad of the newspaper he had resting on his lap, using it to cover his embarrassment for over two hundred miles.

His dad called from Zurich on the morning before the game to wish him luck. All the matches were filmed and Paul had promised to download and forward it to him as soon as they got home, even if they lost.

After he had put the phone down Paul went off in search of his mom. He had been thinking a lot about their weekend away and needed to talk with her.

The door to his parent's room was closed and Paul tapped lightly on it before entering. His mother looked up and smiled and instantly he felt himself harden in his pants.

Dressed in a silk gown which was slightly open at the waist there was no doubt his mother had everything a man could want in a woman. The fact she was his mom did nothing to stop him lusting after her and Paul had to swallow hard and clear his throat before he spoke.

"I ... uh ... have you got a minute?"

"Of course, do you want me to pack for you?"

He shook his head; he had done that the night before when ideas had been racing around in his mind. He'd needed to do something, anything, to keep himself occupied and so, for the first time ever, he was ready to leave before his mother.

"I want to ask you a favour, a big favour, but it's real important to me."

"Ok." His mother sat down on the bed and patted the cover beside her. Eagerly he made himself comfortable, his leg touching hers as he did so.

"I know most of the other guys are staying at the motel just down the road from our hotel and ... well ..." He paused; faced with his mom sitting so close, all he had imagined seemed so wrong, so tawdry.

"And you would rather go stay with them? I don't mind, a night alone in a nice hotel I can cope with, as it's you."

"No, no, I don't want that at all. I ... I want us to be there alone, to ... to treat it like a date."

His words almost fell over each other as he blurted out his wish and then, silent and, he knew, red with embarrassment, he waited.

"A date? How do you mean a date?"

"Tonight there's a meal for everyone, but tomorrow, after the game we all go our separate ways. Everyone has their parents somewhere in the area and most are going off on vacation or something. We're just coming back here so I wondered, ..." Again he tailed off, but this time his mother continued.

"If you could go on a date with me?" She looked and sounded stunned and he guessed that wasn't surprising.

Paul just nodded. It had all seemed so easy when he talked to himself in the bathroom mirror, but now it was anything but.

"Why, Paul?"

"You are so beautiful, mom, I just want to spend an evening with you, two adults together. I want to hold your hand, maybe dance with you, and walk in the moonlight together. I don't know what else to do, apart from Linda and Mary, well, I don't have much experience of this." His mother had, he knew, been delighted when he'd gone on his two dates but had seen him arrive home crestfallen both times. Now, as he finished speaking his mother looked enlightened and smiled.

"Ohhhh! Well, I would be delighted to give you a few pointers as to what a woman wants on a date. No problem, sweetie."

The kiss on his cheek was soft and warm and he smiled. For now his mother's take on the evening was fine; there was some truth in it after all. He would think about the rest of his plan closer to the time and after he'd won the cup with the team.


"Oh, darling, you played so well, the whole afternoon was just wonderful."

His mother leant against the closed door to his hotel room and smiled. The match had been very close, end-to-end stuff but, when the final whistle went, his second half goal had been what separated the two teams. Carried shoulder high around the field he had revelled in the attention and knew it would be one of the highlights of his life.

His football scholarship to college was assured and now Paul had the whole summer to relax and enjoy himself before the hard work started all over again. Before that though he had his evening to look forward to. His mother was in the second bedroom of their suite and she had done his libido no good at all wandering around that morning in her shorty nightgown and robe.

"I suggest we both have some downtime before this date I am going on." His mom smiled as she spoke, and he saw the indulgence there.

"Yeah, sounds like a good idea. Don't want to wear you out now do I?"

"Oh, you." She picked up the cushion from a nearby chair and threw it at him. Paul laughed before returning the favour. His mother rested the cushion back where it had come from and then moved across to kiss him gently on the cheek.

"I am so very proud of you, Paul, and your dad will be too. He was quite choked up when I spoke with him after the game."

They had both chatted for a few minutes with his father, the noise of the cheering team behind them calling his name as they did so. Paul knew his dad had been delighted to feel a part of the day, even in that small way and, although he was enjoying having his mom to himself, for a moment he missed his father enormously.

As his mother turned to leave his room Paul spoke, wanting to put a little more of his plan into action.

"Just tonight, mom, while we're out, would you mind if I called you Jillian?"

"Oh, um, no, I guess not. I shouldn't call you son then?"

"Date remember? I want to go on a date with the most beautiful woman in the world. I know you're my mom, but tonight, just for a while ..."

He saw her nod and stopped speaking. Lying back on the bed he put his hands behind his head and then watched as his mother left. There was only one more part of the plan to put into place. The rest of the evening, the part he could hardly bare to think about, would be out of his control.


The meal had been first class and, although his father had insisted on paying for it, he had done the ordering, held the chair for his mom, even suggested what dessert to have. They had talked about the game for a while but, finding themselves in a secluded corner of the restaurant had given Paul a little extra courage and slowly he had begun to ask a few questions of his mother. He had wanted to know what she considered an ideal date, what would help her relax, feel at ease. He had known she was indulging him, when she had asked if he was taking mental notes for the future, and going along with her idea for the moment he said he was. He hadn't mentioned that it wasn't in the sense she thought.

Paul had been surprised how nervous he had been. His mother had never been a scary mom, even when she was cross with him as a child he had been ashamed but never fearful. Now though, as he held open the door to their suite he felt his heart beating hard in his chest rhythmically with the throbbing of his cock in his pants and had to swallow down his apprehension and force a smile to his lips.

"Paul, what can I say? Thank you, I had a wonderful evening. The food, the dancing, the walk back to our rooms; it was like being young all over again."

He knew he was beaming but couldn't help it.

"I just wanted it to be special, because you are so special to me. And you are young." Leaning forward Paul rested his lips against his mother's very gently for a moment before drawing back.


"Shhh. Just go with it for a while longer." Feeling suddenly emboldened his lips met hers again but this time he pressed a little harder. He had no idea what else to do and so he stepped back and looked up.

"Teach me what to do, mom, show me how to kiss someone properly."

He sat down on his bed suddenly wondering if his legs would support him for much longer.

"Paul, I can't do that. You should learn with a girlfriend, taking each step carefully together. It isn't something you get lessons in from your mom!"

For a moment he looked away unable to meet her warm brown and, he knew, concerned eyes. Finally, unable to keep his gaze from her he turned back.

"I don't want to learn from someone else, I don't even want to go on a date with someone else, all I want is you, please, mom, even if it is just for tonight."

The room was warm and carefully he slid his suit jacket off his shoulders and then picked it up from behind him and placed it on the bedside chair. He knew his mother would need a minute or two to process what he had said and so next Paul loosened his tie and undid his top button. He shucked off his shoes and made himself comfortable half lying, half sitting on the bed, his back resting against the cushioned headboard.

"Plenty of room for one more, mom, please?"

For a moment he thought she would refuse. Instead, hesitantly, the love of his life nodded and moved round to the other side of the double bed he had specifically requested when they booked their rooms.

"Just for a while. We have to drive back tomorrow and I don't want to catch all the traffic."

Paul nodded. It was enough, for a minute or two at least, that she had agreed to get on the bed with him. He knew he would have to move slowly if he was to get close to seducing his mother, and he still wasn't sure if he would even be able to go through with it, but so far things were going well. He only hoped if she baulked and wanted him to stop he would be able to.

"There's a lovely view from here. Much nicer than in my part of the suite."

"Oh I know; the view is just perfect."

For a moment she seemed confused but then, as enlightenment spread across her face, Jillian laughed.

"Silly boy."

"No, mom, I'm not a boy, not any longer. I'm a man, a young man, but a man nevertheless."

As if to prove his point, and before she could reply, Paul leant forward and captured her lips once more. This time his hand rested on her thigh and he gently moved his fingers as his tongue tentatively sought entrance.

"Mmmm, nnnn ..." His mother's muffled words disappeared as, with a sudden relaxation of her body, she parted her lips and Paul felt himself being admitted. His tongue floated across his mother's before he began exploring. They danced together, his mom seemingly as intent on discovery as he and for minutes on end the world mattered not at all as they kissed and gradually touched passionately.

"Oh my. We ... Paul, honey, I hope you learned something from that because we must never do it again. It is so wrong."

"No, you know that's not true. If it was wrong it wouldn't feel so good, wouldn't make me ... well, feel how it makes me." His courage suddenly sky high Paul gently took his mother's hand and rested it over his burgeoning cock. The gasp he got in reply made him laugh and he looked into her deep brown eyes before speaking.

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