tagNonHumanThe Unicorn and the Maiden

The Unicorn and the Maiden

bySean Renaud©

When the hunters had come to Talia's small village asking for a volunteer to join them on the hunt she'd assumed that she was going to be used as a pack animal and probably as a maiden as well. Men had needs. To give her parents ten gold pieces in exchange for her, that was more money than they would make in three years! It was obvious they weren't simply hiring the lithe beauty for her to be a guide. So it came as something of a surprise that they seemed to be using her for even less than she'd expected. They weren't even loading her up as a beast of burden, the men were carrying all of the packs and she was only given a single skin of water to carry.

The riddle grew deeper when she realized that the men were actually turning down her advances. There was one in particular, a Prince Phillip, a fawn haired lad who carried himself with certain confidence that Talia found to be utterly intoxicating. When he was near here, she felt like a woman. The fiery red curls nestled between her legs may have been real fire for all the heat she felt. Sometimes she was afraid that the men would be able to tell somehow. That they would smell her sizzling flesh and get the hunger she hoped Phillip had.

If Phillip could smell Talia basting in her juices he certainly didn't make any efforts to feast on her. He didn't even nibble around the edges or get a taste. He just set her aside to marinate longer and after a few weeks of marinating Talia was ready to be devoured. She knew she was delicious. She had the flawless curves that her villagers had salivated over devouring. Her red hair cascaded down her backside, continually licking her pale flesh like a flame. The idea that a healthy male wasn't ready to have her at a moment's notice was annoying. It was even worse because the mere thought of the Prince made her hungry mouth salivate.

Three long weeks of travel ended with the band arriving at the Sacred Grove. It was a beautiful clearing in the Aiden Wood. Low rolling hills covered with blankets of beautiful flowers kept them warm during the cool nights and decorated them during the days.

If Talia had gotten even a hint of her fate before they arrived at the Sacred Grove she would have fled. She didn't know the history of the Grove, or why the men would be taking her to that place. Talia was happy to help them set up a small stand, clearing away the flowers and setting up the tiny altar. She was more than a little surprised when she was added to the altar.

She protested, she kicked, she screamed. Talia did everything that a petite young woman could do against several robust warriors who ambushed her. It didn't take long for them to twist her into the position they wanted, her legs lewdly spread and tied to stakes driven into the ground. It took them less time to tear her clothing off. Her wrists were bound on the opposite side of the altar keeping her bent over. To call the position undignified was an understatement. Her legs were parted far enough to put her privates on full display! Her pert virginal cunt lips swollen despite her predicament and her forbidden hole was out in

Talia had waited nearly a month for Phillip to touch her, now that he was touching her it was making her skin crawl. He was even touching her in the right places, his big strong hands were wrapped around her thighs rubbing some kind of grease into her skin. He spread her cheeks apart and dabbing the lubricant on her puckered anus and then did the same to her cunt, thickly lathering her privates with the pungent lubricant. A large rubber gag was forced between her teeth to keep her from screaming, or really making much noise at all. If she'd been a sacrifice she would have been allowed, even encouraged to scream her head off. She wasn't a sacrifice. She was bait.

It was very important that the bait not frighten the prey. Talia had been out hunting before, her father was a hunter, so she knew what was going on as the men concealed themselves around her covered in grass covered blankets and painted their faces green and brown. She understood what they were doing, the only question was what the hell were they hunting? Why was she being used as bait?

She didn't have to wait long to find out what they were hoping to catch. They were hunting the uncatchable. Its skin was the purest white, like the driven snow or the purest milk was unmistakable. Cloven hooves dug into to soft earth as the beast approached. It had a beard like a goat, but it wasn't a goat, it was closer a horse actually. To a casual observer the difference between it and a horse came down to the spiraled horn emerging from its forehead and it's eyes. Something in its eyes spoke of intelligence, she could tell that its amber eyes were searching for it hunters. Nostrils flared and ears swiveled with the same purpose, to find any threats to the fabled Unicorn. It was a beast constantly on the vigil, always hunted. It could grant wishes to any who caught it and the horn could be used for a number of things including a spear that would piece anything.

The trap was of course set with the creatures legendary skittishness in mind and its senses were turned against it. If the beast could smell the men stalking it ignored them. There was an overwhelming scent in the air that drew him into the clearing against his better judgment. The smell of a mare in heat. It lured him to the altar without any thoughts about the risk. The equine rammed its muzzle between Talia's thighs deeply inhaling the scent.

It wasn't until the Unicorn was actually tasting her crotch that Talia truly understood what her purpose was. It was an excellent test of the hunter's knots but all of them held her perfectly helpless, she could wriggle her hips a few inches but what good did that do her?! None. It did her no good, it was probably for the best. If she'd seen what was in her near future she might not have been able to allow herself to enjoy the present.

The present had a seven inch tongue invading her twat. It was writhing inside her body hitting every sensitive spot inside her. Each time the Unicorn's tongue when searching for more of the musk Talia cried out, of course it was blocked by the gag, but she loved the feeling and when it suddenly stopped she looked back over her shoulder to find out what the problem was.

The problem was that he was ready to mount her. It was as long as her forearm and nearly as thick. No way could she handle that, it would tear her in two! The Unicorn didn't seem to agree with her assessment though, he leapt up, cloven hooves landing to either side of the bound maiden's skull and the slime coated cock slapped wetly down on her back. It sawed back and forth against her, repeatedly stabbing and poking at her thighs until in single searing moment found its mark.

For Talia the world burned away in a white flash. It took her body with it. The only thing that existed, the only real thing in the world was her womanhood and the enormous cock threatening to split her in two! She was completely aware of every vein on the horse like cock invading attempting to invade her womb. It wasn't just bigger than a man, it was stronger than any man. Each thrust from the mythical equine rocked the pedestal she was strained to, causing the wood to creak noisily threatening to break. The unicorn was faster than a man, the sound of its leather flanks slapping against her ass sounded like excited clapping.

The Unicorn whinnied and grunted as he continued to pour himself into the female. She'd been with enough men to know he was enjoying himself. As reality started to re enter her mind Talia realized that men are men no matter what the species. She knew the beast was getting close, it wasn't just rutting against her full speed anymore trying to pound her into the earth. It would stop for a few minutes the pound away for a few seconds before pausing again. The barrel like chest pressed against her back was pitching with irregular breaths.

Talia didn't know when it stopped being a searing pain in her belly and became a hunger. It was exactly like when she'd lost her virginity, after a while the pain gave way and all that was left was pleasure, the most incredible pleasure she could envision. The Unicorn was deeper than any man ever had or ever would get inside her, hitting spots that even she didn't know she had. The gag still kept her silent, but it wasn't screams of fear or pain it held back anymore, it was holding back her cries of ecstasy. The bonds that had kept her from fleeing her fate were now denying her destiny.

The world again vanished for Talia, her only thoughts focused on the massive piece of meat between her thighs. The Unicorn pushed as deep into her as it could manage, grinding its hips into her and then it erupted. Talia had never even imagined that much cum flooding into her. The hot semen oozed into her, then was pushed out as the beast continued to cum, its powerful hindquarters pushing against the altar squeezing her between the hard wood and harder flesh until her body submitted to his own. Talia was again aware of every single wrinkle of flesh inside her as her muscles clenched down, squeezing tight to hold onto the explosive experience for as long as she could manage.

Talia had forgotten all about the Prince by the time he and the other hunters crept from their hiding spots and fell upon the legendary beast. Several lassoes around its neck, a weighed net tossed over the pair of them and then there were men wrestling the beast as off her as they tried to subdue it. The Unicorn was too tired to truly fight back, it only took the men a few minutes to have it bridled with several ropes connected to it.

Prince Phillip walked over to Talia and cut her free and she immediately took the gag from her mouth. Then she slapped him across the face as hard as she could. The Prince's head snapped to one side, a bright red handprint forming quickly as a reminder of her wrath. "I deserved that. But you must understand that we had no choice. The Maelstrom is upon us and without the powerful magicks your child will possess we will all be lost."

Talia's hand slid down to her stomach where her eyes followed. "My child?" It was rhetorical. She knew it was true. She could feel the life inside her.

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