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The Unicorn Cotillion


I would like to thank and acknowledge four young ladies that have helped me in writing for Literotica. Sugar and Salt, Andi Lembke, Sweet Nightingale and Kuroakiphoenyx. I thank you for your advice and friendship. There is a special place in my heart for all of you and there is a bit of each of you in this story.


We all remember that nasty bit of work called Katrina. I recall it well. I was down there just weeks after she hit land. I am a Sheet Metal worker by trade and there was much architectural work that had to be redone or repaired. The company I worked for was located over by the airport, but most of the jobs were down town, just off the French quarter.

One of the downtown jobs was to last for several weeks. At lunch my partner( a local hand named Chuck ) and I had a plethora of diners to chose from. We tried a few and found one in particular that we really liked. Josephine's was a small place, had a nice selection and some killer Po' Boy sandwiches. They were only open for lunch and it didn't hurt that the two women that ran it were really easy on the eyes. Josie, a young mixed race, lady with a Café au late complexion, was a real doll and a trained chef. Her light brown hair was buzz cut on one side and chin length on the other. Her eyes were smoking hot enough to keep me up late, thinking about her. She didn't talk a lot, but her smile made up for it. The other one was Randy. She was a short, cute, voluptuous brunette that waited on the few tables, and flirted with the customers. I found out later on that she was an English major in college.

One day Chuck and I took a late lunch. Randy had to leave early and Josey came out of the kitchen to wait on us. Chuck was in the can. "You hungry?" she asked.

"Matter of fact, I am Josie, and I'd like some food too." She looked up from her scratch pad, smiled and gave me one of those 'just who do you think your fooling' looks.

She laughed and shook her head. "What am I going to do with you Rick?"

"You want the short list or the long list?"

"Baby, you couldn't handle me."

"I wouldn't mind trying Josie." I noticed a locket around her neck. The cover was open and there was a little girls picture inside. "Who is that?" I asked.

She took the locket off and handed it to me. "This is my baby, Brianna." She was a real cutie.

"Bet you're proud."

"I am. She's my life Rick."

From that day on Josie would come out and talk, every time Chuck and I took lunch. I tried asking her out a few times. She told me that between the diner and her 4yr old; she didn't have much free time. Like I said before, I thought of her many a night after lights out.

One Friday, Chuck asked me if I wanted to party that night in the French Quarter. He had asked me for the last several weekends, but this time I gave in. He vowed he was going to get me laid this weekend. I would just be satisfied if I didn't get my pocket picked. I showered and changed into some decent jeans and a shirt. Chuck picked me up at the appropriate time and we headed down town. He said he was taking me to this hot place called the Silver Unicorn. He said that he got laid there every weekend. Chuck was definitely a wild child, so I had little doubt of it. We parked several block away and walked through the crowd to our destination.

For those of you that haven't been down on Bourbon Street during a wild party weekend, I tell you, it's something you'll never forget. People walk around with huge plastic tumblers filled with booze. A popular drink down there is the Hurricane. I think they call it that, because if you drink enough of them, you wind up naked and homeless. I really think being drunk in a situation like this is not just the norm, but a prerequisite. I have to admit, I have had one or two of these beverages and can attest to their potency.

The attractions are wild and wooly as well. You pass anything from Voodoo shops to strip clubs to jazz clubs. One sign advertised live sex acts. Call me chicken; but not only did I not go in; I crossed the street to avoid it entirely. Chuck just laughed at me. We walked into one Voodoo shop just so I could say I went. There were voodoo dolls, animal bones, books, candles and small alligator skulls. It was mostly tourist crap. My partner told me that if I were to buy anything here, that I might as well paint the word 'tourist' on my forehead. I really didn't see the harm until he told me that pickpockets loved tourists.

The shop reeked of incense and had a whole wall devoted just to hot sauce. Some of the names on the bottles were enough to ward me off. I saw 'Slap Your Momma', Dante's Inferno' and one that just had a skull and crossbones on it. That particular one had to have a waver signed off on before you could buy it. There were also strings of beads everywhere. All shapes, colors and sizes. After the third time I had seen a woman expose her tits for a string of plastic beads I got the strange feeling that alcohol was indeed a factor.

The street was packed and the crowd was crazy! We got bumped into a lot. It was like a movable mosh pit. Chuck had told me to put my wallet in my front pocket, to save the embarrassment of holding my hand on my ass. One, slightly drunk woman put her arms around my neck and told me that she needed to be fucked. Chuck looked at me and told me to go for it. When I declined her offer she said her girlfriend wanted to join us for a threesome. The other woman looked just as inebriated. The two of them were probably teachers from Kansas on vacation or something. It took some willpower, but I still had to decline her generous offer. Besides I not really keen on having sex with someone I didn't know.

We continued to plow a path through the mass of party goers. Chuck elbowed me and directed my attention at two women walking several feet in front of us. Did I say walking? It was more like strutting. I hadn't seen a backfield in motion like that since high school football. The two were wearing obscenely short skirts and halter tops, that plunged somewhere below the water table. One of them had to be at least 6ft 4in in heels. She had long, dark hair and should have worn the sign; 'Dangerous Curves Ahead'. The other was a shorter, buxom blonde and when she turned around and caught me ogling her, blew me a kiss that was hot enough to melt steel. We caught up and followed them into a club.

The Silver Unicorn was jumping. Soft jazz was filtering through the crowd as the tall woman turned and must have recognized Chuck. She put her arms around his neck and they kissed. Then the shorter blonde did the same. I'm going to admit I am a big geek here, because the tall brunette reminded me of Mr. Miracle's wife, Big Barda. She was gorgeous and built better than the Great Wall of China. The blonde was more remindful of the Black Canary, also a DC comics character, just as well built. He introduced me to the two and I got ardent hugs from each of them. We were directed to a table where the four of us set down.

The blonde was Andrea and the tall brunette was Jane, but she said that she was usually called Sugar. "I bet that is because you are so sweet." I guessed.

"That's right Baby." She affirmed. "Care to see my candy?"

"Whoa Sugar." Chuck intervened. "I'm not sure that Ricky is ready for that yet."

She pouted. "Maybe later handsome."

We had a drink and another woman joined us at the table and sat next to me. This was a beautiful redhead named Naomi. When they introduced us, she leaned over and stuck her tongue down my throat. Naomi must have been a dentist, 'cause I haven't had that thorough of an oral exam since my last check up. After a bit, Chuck and the first two women got up. He said he had some business they had to attend to and the three of them proceeded down a hallway. Naomi said that she would keep me company till they returned. The two of us broke into small talk. She asked me how I liked New Orleans and how long I was going to stay. That's when I heard somebody call my name. I looked up and saw Josie from the diner. She wore a low- cut emerald, dress which showed off the charms, her chef's uniform covered up.

"Rick, you don't know what you're getting into."

Naomi looked up. "Josie; I don't suppose this handsome boy belongs to you?" I must admit, I was a little confused.

"Rick is a friend of mine Naomi and off limits."

"You don't have to hog him all to yourself. We could share Sweetie." Now I was really muddled.

"Not that I am not glad to see you beautiful, but what's wrong?" I wondered.

Josie sat down next to me. "Did Chuck bring you here?"

"Yes he did. In fact he left about 20 minutes ago with Sugar and Andrea."

"They head for the back?"

"Be nice Josie." Naomi warned.

"Naomi. Rick has no idea what goes on here. Could you please troll somewhere else?"

"Oh, pooh." She turned toward me. "Ricky, if you want to have a wild time, give me a call." Naomi slipped me a scrap of paper with her cell number on it, kissed my cheek and left.

"Okay Josie. What's going on? What's happening that I don't know about?"

"Rick. This is a Tranny Bar."

"A tranny bar?"

Josie laughed. "Rick, you are so sweet, but for a construction worker, you are really naive. I guess I'll have to give you a crash course. Come on." She rose and pulled me along. We headed down the same hallway that Chuck and the two ladies disappeared down. Off the hallway were several numbered doors. We approached the first door. It was open and looked like a small office. Behind the desk was a rather large black woman. I couldn't put my finger on it but something was a bit off.

Josie greeted her. "Angel. Which room is Chuck in?"

"He, Sugar and Andi are in room 8, Josie. They're probably real busy by now." Angel's voice was surprisingly deep.

"Mind if I peak in?"

"Go ahead Baby. Who's you friend?" She eyed me and smiled.

"He's a Nube, Angel."

"Oh, a virg." Her brow wrinkled. "I thought you weren't in to that Josie? Oh well, have fun you guys. Six is open." We moved down the hallway to number 8. Josie opened the door a crack.

"Take a look." she whispered.

WTF! Chuck was buck naked and on his knees. Andrea was standing in front of him and just as revealed. I assumed he was eating her pie. A closer view showed that it was more like her sausage. Andrea had a dick? It was a real a cock, or shelong; emphasis on the long part. It was huge! With every slow thrust of her hips, it slid in and out of his mouth. It was mesmerizing! Both of Chuck's hands were on her ass as he actually helped her saw into his mouth. I heard a toilet flush and Sugar walked into view. She slid up behind Chuck, naked as a Jay bird. Sugar was sporting a cock as well. She stroked her own appendage as she pushed my partner forward. Her dick was just as big as Andrea's. It was like watching a traffic accident. I couldn't turn away. My head and limbs seemed leaden as I was rooted to the spot.

Andrea slid back on the bed, she was standing next to. She laid on her back. Chuck moved with her, and positioned himself between her legs and swallowed her pole again. His ass, pitched up in the air as Sugar guided herself between his legs. Her cock slid slowly into his ass as he wiggled it back and forth. Sugar was even hotter naked; the club between her legs not taken into account. Chuck must have been really enjoying himself, because he was moaning around Andrea's baton. The scene looked unreal as I watched the action unfold. The gap in the door increased and the hinge creaked. Sugar turned her head my way, never missing a stroke. When she recognized me she smiled and gave me an exaggerated wink. Andrea also spied me and beckoned me forward to join them.

I started. Chuck looked my way too and Andrea's cock plopped out of his mouth. He looked at me, shrugged and went back to his sausage dinner. Josie laid her hand on my shoulder and I jumped again. I had forgotten she was even there. She reached around and closed the door in front of me.

Out on the street Josie and I walked away from the club. I was silent and still in shock as we traveled away from the crowd. We were blocks away when she opened a side door with a key she produced. As soon as we were inside, the outside noise lowered to a dull roar. Josie broke out into the laughter she had been holding since we left the club.

"Oh yeah, go ahead and laugh." I must have been a sight.

"I am sorry Rick, but that was funny! You should have seen your face. The color drained out of it and you looked like a ghost."

"Am I the only one that didn't expect to see beautiful women with ---Cocks?"

"They're transsexuals, Baby. They use to be boys, but prefer to live as girls."

"They were screwing Chuck!"

She laughed again. "Nothing he didn't want Rick. Sugar and Andrea are non-op; deciding to not have SRS; Sexual Reassignment Surgery. The three of them go at it almost every week there. You were lucky, Naomi wanted to add your butt cherry to her collection."

"You mean--- that all those women in there---."

"All were boys at one time. Some like guys, some like girls and some like both. Some get the final surgery, some don't. Some are on a waiting list." She turned and walked down a hallway, past a bicycle and some trash cans. There was a door ahead and a stairwell to the left, that lead upstairs. She knocked on the door. Another woman answered. It was Randy.

"Hey Josie. I wasn't expecting you so soon." She recognize me. "Hey Rick."

I heard another voice. A little girl, 4 or 5 yrs old, in pajamas, ran up from behind Randy. "Momma!"

Josie picked her up and hugged her. "Hey Brianna. How's my favorite girl?"

"I'm glad you're home Momma." She looked at me. She was a beautiful little girl.

"This is Rick, Baby. He's a friend of mine." We said good night to Randy and headed up stairs. Another key opened the upstairs apartment. Once inside, Josie took Brianna into one of the rooms and slipped her into bed. I peeked in as the two were saying bedtime prayers.

When they finished. Brianna waved a sleepy hand at me. "Momma, is Rick going to spend the night?"

"We'll see. Now close you eyes before the Sandman comes." She kissed the little girl. "Night Baby."

We sat in the living room on the sofa which had seen better days. "Josie, If that was a tranny bar, then what were you doing there?" I had been wanting to ask that question since I found out.

Her beautiful eyes never faltered. "I'm a transsexual as well, Rick."


"Yes Rick. I still have a penis. I like boys, I just don't like fucking them. I consider myself female and I am waiting for my surgery."

I took this all in. "You are so beautiful. How the hell can you have been born a boy?"

"It happens sometime, Baby." She put her hand on my knee.

I thought I should have been revolted, but somehow I was only turned on. What the fuck was wrong with me? I placed my hand on hers and she pulled away. "Rick, I-- maybe that wouldn't be a good Idea."

I was blown away by the events that were happening. I had already partially fallen for her and now I find out she used to be a guy. "Josie, I don't know what to say."

"Rick. I like you a lot. I really do. But you don't need this complication. It's late. You can have my bed." She rose from the sofa.

"Can I ask you? How can you be Brianna's Mom?"

Josie's face saddened. "Brianna is my sister's girl. Maggie was raped by our step dad. My mom didn't care. She could barely crawl out of her bottle. Maggie bailed and left Brianna with me right after she was born. A month later, Maggie turned up in a dumpster downtown.

My fists clenched. " Where is the bastard that did this?"

Josie shook her head. "He died last year."

"Brianna calls you Momma?"

Brianna thinks that I am her mother. Goodness knows, I have tried so hard to be." Tears trailed down her cheeks. "It's so hard to do it alone." She hesitated. "I'll make up your bed."

I followed her into her bedroom. I gently turned her to face me. "Why do you have to do this by yourself, Josie?"

Tears ran down her cheeks. "Look at me Rick. I'm a freak. What guy in his right mind, wants a woman like me?"

"But you're so beautiful Josie."

"I have a penis Rick. That's not exactly a drawing card for guys. The ones that do want it can be a little weird sometimes."

"You have more heart than anybody I know. You work so hard for the two of you. You deserve somebody nice."

"Nobody is lining up at my door, Baby. I don't have many options." Her chin dropped to her chest.

I gently raised it up so I could look in her brown eyes. I kissed her lips without thinking. Her head fell on my chest and she sobbed. I held her for the longest time. Finally she tried to pull away.

"Don't be nice to me Rick. I don't deserve it."

"Why can't someone be nice to you?"

"I'm not worth it."

"When was the last time?"

"The last time?"

"The last time somebody cared for you."

She looked at me, determination in her eyes." I haven't had sex in almost two years."

"Then it's about time Josie." I kissed her again.

She looked up at me with tears streaming down her beautiful face. "Don't say it if you don't mean it. I don't want to be screwed out of pity."

"Oh, I mean it Josie and pity has nothing to do with it." I kissed her again, but this time she kissed back. Her arms snaked around my neck as she drew me tight. Passion that had built up inside her exploded and her soft lips attempted to suck the life out of me. "Whoa girl. Slow down. I'm not going anywhere." Damn, she felt great in my arms. Her curves were perfect and made the experience even hotter.

She backed off. "I want to check to see if Brianna is asleep and I'll be right back." I barely had time to get my shirt off, when she returned, unzipping her dress. It fell to the floor and Josie tipped me over onto the bed. She popped her bra off and I finally saw what I had been imagining for weeks. Her breasts were perfect, they were full, the areolas were dark, in contrast to her light brown skin. Josie all but jumped on the bed beside me.

"I hope you know that I think----." Her kiss stopped me in my tracks. She was warm in my arms and the best kisser. Her body pressed tight and my hands slipped down to the perfect curve of her ass, which I cupped and stroked.

"I'll give you an hour to stop that." She purred.

I chuckled. "An hour wouldn't be enough Josie." She straddled me as her tongue sought places in my mouth that I didn't even know about. This woman was on fire and it was up to me to contain the flames. She worked her way up a bit and dragged her breasts across my face. I licked and sucked on her nipples. I could easily spend an hour, just doing that. Josie's skin was so soft and her scent balanced between flowers and musk. Sucking on her charcoal nipples produced moans that were almost illicit. When she slid back down her mouth sought mine again.

"I need to be fucked so bad, Baby."

"I think you've been reading my mail, gorgeous." She rolled off and I felt hands on my jeans. They were soon yanked off my body and my erection was at her fingertips. She stroked my length several times and I felt her wet tongue caressing me.

"I want your cock, Baby." As hard as she was making me, I didn't think that was going to be a problem. She rubbed me against her face and gently slapped herself with my erection. I had seen this in porn movies, but it is much more erotic in person. Her eyes closed as my cock slipped into her mouth. I have been with a few other women, but they paled at the raw sex, Josie exuded. Her tongue danced over me as her head rocked up and down. Her lips held on by suction on every upstroke. On every down stroke, her tongue continued to lavish me. I knew I couldn't take much more of this. I pulled her up so we were face to face.

"Didn't you like that, Baby?"

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