tagGay MaleThe Unused Room Ch. 08

The Unused Room Ch. 08


Michel and Patria had hugged them when they'd emerged from Michel's room. If they smelled the scent of semen on the young men, they didn't comment. Caiden mentioned that he was going to take Tommy out to breakfast and asked the artist and his mother to come along and Patria wailed that she couldn't go unless she went home and changed clothes. The foursome agreed to meet back at Michel's in an hour and Caiden walked Tommy to the elevator, wondering why he suddenly felt like a shy schoolboy on a first date.

"So I'll see you in an hour?"

"Yes." Caiden moved in close, touching Tommy's cheek. "Tommy, I'm sorry about everything. I guess I was being selfish."

"It's okay, Caiden. You couldn't have known."

"Maybe not but I didn't treat you very nicely and it wasn't your fault."

Boldly, Tommy grabbed his hand and shoved it down the front of his pants. "You made up for it."

Caiden leaned down and kissed Tommy, his husky whisper bringing his cock throbbing back to life as well as the feel of Tommy's sticky, hard prick in his palm. "I'll make up more if you let me." He pulled back and searched his eyes again. "Why don't you just move back in?"

Tommy grinned. "I never really moved out. I just boxed up my clothes and put them in the basement storage. That's where I've been staying."

"Then let's go get them."

It took three trips on the elevator to bring all of Tommy's belongings up and they agreed to put them in the guest room until they returned from breakfast. A quick shower, change of clothes and two hours of laughing over coddled eggs, bacon and grits and Caiden and Tommy returned home, holding hands in the elevator and giggling like children.

"Caiden, we need to have a serious talk."

"About what?" Caiden pulled Tommy into his arms and started planting kisses along the smooth line of his throat, moving up to his earlobes.


"What about us?"

The words momentarily left Tommy's mind as Caiden's mouth worked magic on his skin, sending electrical ripples up and down his spine. "Please stop. I can't think when you do that to me."

"Then why think?"

"Because ... " It took all of Tommy's strength to push Caiden away, his face red with passionate heat. "I have to know what you want."

"What I want?" Caiden paused, his smile dropping into seriousness. "What do you mean, what I want?" He clutched his bulge. "What do you think this means?"

"I'm talking about what you want, other than sex."

"I want you."

"Yes, but for how long?"

All at once, Caiden understood the longing looks that Tommy had been giving him throughout breakfast. Tommy felt as if he belonged and had been more lively than Caiden had ever seen him. He was willing to be Caiden's fuck toy for the chance to be a part of their circle of friendship but he was trying to protect his heart. Tommy's sacrifices were over and Caiden was going to make sure of that. "For as long as you want me."

The words stunned Tommy and he reached out to lean on the couch, suddenly feeling light-headed. "What did you say?"

"You heard me." Caiden took Tommy's hand, pulling him into his embrace. "I want you for as long as you want me. How long is up to you to decide."

"Is forever long enough?"

Caiden's heart welled and he closed his eyes against the tears that pricked them, finding Tommy's soft, accepting mouth. They remained locked in a passionate kiss for several moments, reveling in their newfound feelings and basking in the knowledge that neither had to be alone again.


"Yes, Tommy?"

"Take me upstairs and make love to me."

Caiden thought he'd never heard sweeter words in his life. He slipped off his shoes, placing them next to Tommy's and let him lead him up the stairs. The honesty and trust in Tommy's eyes staggered him and he squeezed his hand, loving how his fingers naturally intertwined with his. Tommy slipped his shirt off, releasing his hand for a moment and slid his hands under Caiden's shirt, pausing at the top of the stairs.

"I want to strip here. I want us to go into that bedroom and make it ours." The words confused Caiden but somehow he understood the meaning. This place had been a site of pain for both of them and Tommy wanted to exorcise Hardy's ghost.

Neither of them knew just how correct those words would be.

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