tagIncest/TabooThe Unusual Berries Ch. 01

The Unusual Berries Ch. 01


Judith was always aware of her beauty. Ever since she first spoke, she had always understood this and believed it, mainly because she was always told so. She was one of those people that are very cute as a kid and grow up to be extremely beautiful as an adult. Though she did not really remember her mother very well, she was compared with her on a frequent basis with the few who knew both. Judith grew up and lived as a young adult on the frontier, when upstate New York was still considered the frontier.

Her father had built a cabin on a strange pile of rocks out in the middle of a large lake in the mountains that came to be known as the Castle. It had taken him years to drive the supports by hand down into the rocks and then to build the house, as all the materials had to be rowed out on primitive canoes. This was not done to find the most beautiful scenery, but for the protection it gave. The lake was in the wilderness, several miles from even the most primitive of outposts, and in the midst of territory frequented by Iroquois. After several raids by the Indians, all of which thankfully happened while the family was away, Judith's father decided to make the move, so as to protect his daughters from almost any possible attack.

Judith's father was a pretty boring person, as far as Judith was concerned, though he did bring the men that fed her vanity. Though she was also very smart, Judith loved getting attention for her looks, which she would flaunt when they were around, though very cautiously. Judith also had a sister named Hetty. If Judith had not been so extraordinarily beautiful, Hetty would certainly have been considered pretty, but since she was always compared, she didn't feel very pretty. Judith was a blonde while Hetty had dark brown hair; Judith was tall while Hetty was a little shorter.

Judith was well endowed while Hetty had a smaller chest; Judith had rather sharp features, with an almost pointy nose and chin, a longer face and thinner lips, while Hetty had a rounder nose, an elongated face and full, red lips. The only two things they really had in common as far as looks was their tan skin, which came from living mostly outdoors, and their dark brown eyes, which they both got from their father. Hetty was also not as smart and quick witted as her sister, whom when compared to made her seem slow.

Judith and Hetty's father was pretty protective considering their surroundings, but occasionally Judith could convince him to let them go out on a canoe for a while. On one such occasion, Judith and Hetty headed out to one of their favorite spots along the lake, a large berry patch right next to a spring, where they could eat the delicious fruit and drink the fresh water to their hearts content. It was a little bit of a row to get their, and on this day Hetty was pretty tired by the time they got there, and decided she was just going to relax by the spring. Judith wanted to see if she could find some raspberries, which were her favorite, so she headed out through the thicket to search for some. Judith had been looking around for a bit when she came across a clearing that she was quite familiar with. Moving to the edge of the clearing, she noticed there was a figure of something on the ground, not moving.

At first she expected it to be a deer resting, but as she drew close she realized with a chilling jolt that it was actually a person, and by the skin color it was definitely an Indian. She gazed with a frozen stare, expecting at any moment to suddenly be attacked from all directions. After a few seconds though, Judith realized that the figure was only breathing very gently, and then that it was not an Indian warrior, but a young woman probably close to her own age.

Despite her reserve, Judith crept closer to the young woman. She had dark red skin, long black hair, and a beautiful soft face that struck Judith as friendly. Moving past some tall grass, Judith looked down at her with an air of disgust. It never failed to astonish her how Indian women seemed to have no sense of propriety or decency. They young woman was completely naked except for a strip of fur a little less than a foot wide and a foot or two long which would have hung down between her legs in the front, held up by some string tied around her hips. The young woman had a fantastic figure to match her beautiful face, with toned arms and long legs, a thin waist and a flat stomach, and large breasts with pointy tan nipples. A whore would never be so exposed at anytime during her work, Judith thought judgingly.

Still, she felt some pity for the naked Indian maiden, and knelt down beside her to see if she could wake her. Putting her hand on the woman's shoulders, she shook her gently. The young woman stirred, and slowly opened her eyes. Judith couldn't help but smile at the friendly woman, who stared back at her with light brown eyes with a touch of green in them. She smiled back at Judith, and sat up, pulling her legs up towards her naked chest. Judith sat back with the same manner, and watched the young woman. In typical Indian style, the young woman seemed to have no concern for her extreme lack of clothing, but only looked about her happily.

Watching her, Judith's judgment started to ease up, and it seemed to her that perhaps this naked maiden was not the wicked woman she at first had supposed. The two sat in silence for a few minutes before the young woman stood up and started to walk away. Judith was again disgusted, this time at finding that the woman had the fur strip only in the front and that she was now staring at her naked ass. Judith looked away, keeping the woman only in her peripheral view. After walking across the clearing, the woman turned and smiled back at Judith, and unmistakably motioned for her to follow. Judith immediately tensed up, a thousand scenarios of her capture and torture by a rouge Indian tribe streaming through her head. She shook her head no, which the young woman must have understood, because she turned and went into the thicket.

Judith sat for a little bit, trying to recover from all the thoughts of violent death. After a few minutes, terror again struck her as she realized the filthy woman could have been going to get her tribesmen! Judith got up in a hurry, but just then the nearly nude young maiden came back into the clearing, holding a branch of some bush. Unsure of what to do and taken back at the woman walking up to her pleasantly, Judith didn't move. The young woman held out the branch, which Judith realized had many strange looking berries. Judith instinctively took the branch, and immediately the young woman began motioning to it, acting as if she was taking the berries and eating them. Judith hesitated, but watching the young woman eat one herself, she decided it would be rude not to eat at least one.

Judith tool one at bit a small piece. It was the most wonderful tasting thing Judith had ever eaten, and she quickly ate the rest of the berry. The nude young woman nodded and smiled with satisfaction, and Judith happily ate a few more. The sweet taste seemed to have a strange energy to it, and Judith felt a wonderful bit of warmth spread over her body. Judith looked back at the Indian woman and smiled. She seemed now very nice, and Judith held out her hand to thank her for the berries. The young woman stepped forward and hugged Judith, slowly wrapping her arms around Judith's shoulders. Surprised by her lack of shocked and disgusted feeling, Judith put her free arm around the woman's naked waist, feeling the warmth of her smooth skin. Judith had not felt so comfortable in a very long time, and felt strangely unwilling to let go. After what she realized was an awkwardly long embrace, Judith pulled back, though her arm was still on the woman's waist, her fingers feeling the knot in the string that held up the young woman's only covering and she still rested her hands relaxingly on Judith's shoulders. Looking into the woman's eyes, Judith blushed deeply and giggled, and quickly looked down. This however made her only blush more, as she was staring straight at her naked breasts, which hung freely in the air, both nipples quite perky.

The young woman giggled herself, and then lifted her hands off Judith. Judith moved to do the same, but as she did the young woman was also turning, so Judith ended up sweeping her hand over the young woman's smooth naked ass. Pulling her hand back quickly and clutching it close to her chest, Judith watched as the young woman walked away silently. Something about the way her hair hung down her back, the string coming across just above her round, firm looking ass that didn't sag and moved intoxicatingly from side to side made Judith think of nothing else, and when the young maiden disappeared, Judith felt oddly saddened for a moment. Realizing then that it seemed like a long time since she had seen Hetty, she turned and went back toward the spring, berry branch in hand.

Coming up and around the corner, Judith was happily munching on the berries, the thoughts of the naked Indian maiden now gone from her mind, when she came to the spring.

"What do you have there sister?" she heard Hetty ask.

"Oh, the most wonderful tasting berries!" Judith exclaimed, and held the branch out for Hetty to take. Hetty slowly took a berry and ate one. Utterly convinced that the berries were indeed wonderful, Hetty began to eat also. Both smiled happily at each other, as they gorged themselves on the berries that had nearly covered the branch. Finally, they each had their last berry, and the branch was cast aside. The two sat for a few moments, enjoying their full stomach, the soft sand next to the spring, and the warmth that was emanating from inside. Judith began to feel very thirsty, so she turned and kneeled over the pool made from the spring, holding her hair back with one hand and lowering her face down to the water.

She began to drink, when suddenly her hand slipped in the sand and she fell face first into the pool. She tried frantically to regain her balance, but not without the front of her dress becoming completely soaked. She scooted back away from the spring, her dress dripping from the water. Without thinking she used her hand to brush a leaf off her chest, but only made things worse by rubbing in a bunch of sand.

"Oh shoot! My dress is ruined!" Judith said, frustrated. Hetty looked at her soaked sister, trying to think of a solution. After a moment she had an idea.

"You could wash it off in the spring!" Hetty said, proud that she had a solution.

"Hetty, I can't wash it while I'm wearing it!" Judith said condescendingly.

"Well, you could take it off." The words struck Judith strangely. It was so obvious, but there was a part of her that was almost embarrassed at this idea. Why should she care if she takes her dress off in front of Hetty? They shared a room, and had seen each other naked many times before. Still, she couldn't help feeling as if Hetty too had been almost reluctant to say it, as if there was something different about the idea.

"I suppose I could do that." Judith realized that there was no reason for her not to, nothing that would make any sense to her father at least. Taking a deep breath, she looked back at Hetty. Both saw in the other's eyes the sense that there was something strange about all this.

Judith decided to ignore this though, and pulled the knot loose that held her dress together in the back. She unlaced the strings several times, but remembered she was wearing the one that Hetty always had to help her untie. Hetty must have realized this fact at the same time, because she got up and went behind Judith, slowly unlacing the strings the rest of the way, which ended about a third of the way down her back. Hetty pulled back, and watched as Judith slid the now loose dress over her shoulders and arms, revealing her white naked back. Judith stood up, her blonde hair brushing Hetty's face as she did so, and allowed the dress to fall slowly to the ground. She was now wearing only some thin shorts, and as she turned to pick up her dress she instinctively covered her breasts with one arm. Hetty stared at Judith, something in her sparked by seeing her naked body. Judith felt the need to continue to cover her chest, but felt another tug to pull back and let herself go free. Looking once again at Hetty, she blushed and giggled.

"I don't suppose I need to cover myself in front of you, do I..." Judith said, part of her still reluctant. Hetty gulped.

"I suppose not," she said simply.

Judith let her arm down, her breasts no longer squeezed by her arm, and breathed deeply. She noticed that Hetty was seeming to half look at her, as if she wanted to but thought she shouldn't. Though there was a cool breeze, Judith continued to feel the strange warmth in her body, and suddenly felt compelled to take the few clothes she had on off. Trying to quickly think of a reason to do this, she suddenly came up with one.

"Hetty, would you mind if I go for a swim?" Judith didn't look at Hetty, but could feel her staring.

"Sure, that's fine." Hetty's eyes, despite Hetty's will, had been drawn to Judith's exposed breasts, especially her pink nipples in the middle. She now watched excitedly as Judith pulled down her shorts, revealing her beautiful hips, her long legs now completely exposed. Hetty's eyes riveted to Judith's exposed vagina, and something in her made her heart skip a beat. Judith felt a rush pass through her body, the same feeling she had when men would admire her figure, only this time much stronger. Giving in to her impulses, she put her hands on her thighs, slowly running them up and together, meeting at her vagina, running her fingers through the folds.

Continuing to tickle herself, she lightly ran her other hand up to her breast, squeezing one and pinching her own nipple, giving it a gentle pull. Hetty was riveted, quite shocked at what her sister was doing but also shocked that every move made her want to see it more and more. Judith did this for a few seconds before stopping, and slowly walked past Hetty, purposefully swaying her hips as she passed. Hetty was only a foot away from where she passed, and watched Judith's ass pass very close to her face. So soft, light and smooth looking, Hetty felt an intense desire to touch it...

Judith walked up to the edge of the lake, and bent down to feel the water's temperature. On the hot day the coolness felt very nice on her toes and fingers that she had dipped in. Cupping some water in her hands she stood up and turned back around to a watching Hetty, and poured the water onto herself right below her neck. Hetty watched unwaveringly as the little beads of water rolled down Judith's breasts, over her stomach and down her legs, a few of them getting caught in her hair down below.

"The water feels wonderful Hetty," Judith said suggestively.

"Perhaps I should come swimming too," Hetty said in response.

"Oh that would be fun," Judith said in a soft, excited voice. Hetty smiled embarrassingly.

Judith, still standing proud and nude before her sister, felt a boiling warmth build up in her as Hetty stood up. Hetty took the bottom of her dress, which ended around her shins, and slowly pulled it up, up and up, revealing more and more of her legs. Soon her under shorts were revealed and the dress kept coming up more and more, showing off her flat stomach and belly button. Judith's heart skipped a beat when two small breasts came into view, slightly askew from her center but charming nonetheless, and her darker nipples poked at the air. The nearly sleeveless dress came the rest of the way off, and Hetty's face showed again, though considerably redder, and she pulled her long black hair out and tossed the dress aside.

"Better take off your shorts if you're coming swimming," Judith said excitedly, hardly standing the wait.

"Good idea sister," Hetty said, who was equally eager to be rid of the last bit of clothing. She slid the shorts off, and was now completely naked, only five or six feet from her naked sister.

"You have certainly been blessed, Hetty. You should be thankful," Judith said, walking over to Hetty and eyeing her hungrily.

"Judith you tease me. You know you are much more beautiful than I," Hetty said, feeling a little intimidated by her incredibly beautiful naked sister.

"Come on Hetty, let's go swim!" Judith said, smiling meekly back. Judith took her sister's hand, and they waded out into the water.

When they had reached water that came up to about their waists, Judith turned and faced her sister, putting her hand on Hetty's face. Hetty looked down at the water, but Judith raised her chin up so they saw eye to eye. With her other hand Judith touched her sister's side and slid her hand around to the small of her back, extending her fingers to they came just at the top of Hetty's ass. Hetty looked longingly into her sister's eyes, and felt an urge to move closer, which she did. Not knowing what to do, Hetty lazily moved her hands around Judith and put them on her, but realized only after the fact that they were on the sides of Judith's ass. Judith smiled and pulled Hetty even closer, so their breasts brushed up against each other, and then even so that their stomachs were flat against one another. Hetty gripped Judith's ass, as they rested their foreheads on the others, their noses touching as they continued to look into each others eyes. Judith slowly opened her mouth and gently kissed Hetty's lips.

As she did so, she slowly slid her fingers down Hetty's ass, right between her cheeks, sending an exhilarating chill through Hetty. Hetty kissed back passionately, and moved her hands down Judith's ass, cupping and squeezing as she felt the wonderful soft curve. Judith's hand on Hetty's face moved to the back of Hetty's neck, supporting an even more intense kiss which she slipped her tongue into Hetty's mouth at the same time she had firmly planted her other hand in the middle of Hetty's ass, running her middle finger slowly over Hetty's hole. Hetty moaned eagerly as best she could while sucking on Judith's tongue. She continued her firm grip with one hand on her sisters ass while with the other she reached around, placing her and on Judith's finger still massaging in the middle of her ass. With a gentle press, she told Judith what she wanted, who only more eagerly slowly slid her finger into her sisters ass, moving it in an out only a fraction of an inch.

Hetty was now getting into a grind, loving both the feeling of her sister's finger and the rough feeling of their pubic hair moving back and forth in the water. Judith somehow could feel her sister's orgasm coming, and continued her efforts even more, occasionally stopping the kiss to lick her sister's face before rejoining with Hetty's tongue. Hetty felt her whole body start coursing with adrenaline and energy and heat, and soon an explosion inside her lit up, and she nearly screamed with delight as Judith's finger had finally pushed nearly it's full length up into Hetty's ass. Jolting with mad passion, Hetty humped her sister repeatedly, grabbing all over Judith's legs, back, and ass, even running her hands down Judith's ass over and over. After minutes of this intense rush, Hetty slowly regained a little bit of her composure, and in an act of thankfulness began to kiss all over Judith's face, neck and breasts, sucking gingerly on her nipples and giving them a playful nibble with her teeth.

Judith, feeling elated that she could so please her sister, began thinking of her own happiness. Taking one of Hetty's hands, she guided it around and between their bodies, planting it firmly on her vagina. Hetty knew immediately what to do, and started at first to simply fan her hand back and forth in the water, making little currents run right up between Judith's front and back. Judith loved the foreplay, and put her free hand on one of her breasts, squeezing it and pulling on her nipple. With the other hand Judith held the two together, still planting it happily right in the middle of Hetty's ass. Hetty kept one hand in the same position on Judith, and with the other now moved it up to her sister's vagina, gently running one of her fingers over her sister's lips.

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