tagIncest/TabooThe Unusual Berries Ch. 02

The Unusual Berries Ch. 02


Judith and Hetty reached the castle, both considerably confused at what had taken place in the hours before and happy to be back in their home. As it turned out, their father was now entertaining guests, which given their place was an extremely rare occurrence. Judith had no sooner than stepped onto shore than a young man, probably only a few years older than she, was coming out of the door way, along with her father and another young woman who had strikingly red hair. She was a rather skinny thing, Judith thought to herself at first glance, all except for her large bust. Judith smiled politely at the young woman, but thought to herself how improper it was of her to have such a revealing dress, which was not only tight on the young woman but left a considerable amount of cleavage exposed. The young woman smiled back at her politely, though Judith sensed that she knew Judith's thoughts. Judith didn't care, however, as she figured it was unlikely that she would ever see her again.

"Judith, Hetty," their father said. "These are your cousins, Henry and Mara. They are going to be staying with us for a few weeks. You need to treat them as family."

"Of course, Papa," Hetty said, who was much more friendly than Judith was, at least with her personal feelings. Hetty bid the two to follow, and they all went in to sit in the open room. Mara hung back though, waiting for the others to go in before turning to face Judith.

"I think, if I'm not mistaken, that there is some animosity towards me, cousin?" she said to Judith, looking up into the tall blonde's dark brown eyes. Judith looked at her silently.

"I hope you will not judge me by my outward appearances, my dear, but will wait to see how useful I can be..." Mara said mysteriously. She turned and went inside, leaving behind a mystified Judith. All went fine the rest of the afternoon, as many things were discussed ranging from how the home was constructed to the latest political happenings of the local civilized government. Judith tried as well as she could to learn about Henry, but she picked up very little. It was not until that evening that anything note worthy took place.

It was clear that the most proper way for accommodations was for Henry to stay in with the master of the house, while Mara stayed with Judith and Hetty. After many hours of discussion, Judith was feeling ashamed of her initial treatment of her cousin, her whorish dress not withstanding. Trying to make up for it, she offered for Mara to sleep with her in her bed.

"I hope you would stay with me in my bed, cousin. I do want to make you feel welcome."

"I would be honored to do so," Mara said happily, giving Judith a perky little smile. The three women then began to dress for bed.

As was their custom and being used to colder climates, Judith and Hetty put on heavier pajamas despite the fact that it was actually fairly warm that evening. Mara however was used to much warmer temperatures, and therefore changed into what seemed to the sisters as practically nothing. Wearing a slip that came just barely to her upper thighs and concealed little of her bulging breasts, she sat on the bed coming her long straight hair, not realizing the attention she was getting from the other two.

"You wear that to bed?" Hetty asked astonished in her own ignorant manner.

"Hetty!" Judith exclaimed, not wanting to offend Mara.

"Oh, I'm sorry, is this ok?" Mara asked, putting one hand on her chest innocently.

"That is just fine," Judith said. "You can wear what you want, whatever makes you feel comfortable."

"Oh, honey, I wish I could wear what I would feel comfortable in..." Mara said, trailing off.

"Well why don't you?" Hetty asked, perplexed by Mara's words.

"Well, I wouldn't want to offend you fine young ladies, now would I?" Mara said slyly.

"We are very open people," Judith said. "Really, if you are uncomfortable, please do what you like."

"Well you don't have to tell me twice," Mara said, and with out any hesitation she put down her brush and put her hands on her shoulders. Taking the strings that held on her slip, she pulled them off her shoulders, letting the whole thing fall down into her lap, revealing her quite large breasts. Both Hetty and Judith gasped audibly, not only at their cousins imposition but also at the size of them and her unusual nipples. They were quite large, at least an inch and a half in diameter.

"Your nipple!" Hetty said without thinking. Judith turned a bright shade of red, but Mara just laughed.

"Yes, I always thought they seemed a little large, though I don't exactly get to compare them to anyone else's very often."

"No, I suppose not," Judith said, just then pulling her eyes back up to Mara's face.

"So, you see, I typically sleep in the nude, when I am in my own home. As I am not in anything resembling my home, I realize that I ought to do differently." Judith was quiet for a moment before speaking, feeling the annoyance with her cousin peaking back and not wanting to be out done.

"I should think you could feel as comfortable here as in your home, Mara, so if you want to sleep in the nude I shouldn't want to stop you."

"Judith, you are to kind," Mara said in a voice that seemed to contradict this opinion. "You are, after all, sharing your bed."

"Please, I insist," Judith said, growing more annoyed. With an impulse to be the most kind, Judith said before thinking, "In fact, I think I will join you." Mara raised her eyebrows, clearly not expecting this.

"Judith? You're going to sleep naked?"

"Of course Hetty, if one is to make someone feel at home, one should allow them to do what they naturally would do, and when in Rome, one must do as the Romans do," Judith said, trying to rationalize her impulse as much for herself as for Hetty.

"I say you're both crazy," Hetty said, climbing into her own bed, but watching the other two.

Judith turned and faced Mara, who was still topless and staring up at her with an air of fake ignorance. This only hardened Judith's resolve, and she started unbuttoning her top, revealing her own large creamy breasts for her watching cousin. After all the buttons were undone, Judith slid the shirt off, now standing topless in the room, Mara only a few feet away.

"I suppose you have what would be considered normal nipples," Mara said, trying to sound impressed but coming off as consolatory. Judith looked down and fingered one of her nipples, brooding.

"I like them," she said simply. Next Judith untied the string holding up her oversized pants up, which fell quickly to the floor, leaving her stark naked. Mara too pulled the rest of her slip over her hips and ass and down her smooth legs, tossing them aside on the floor, now looking back up at the naked Judith.

"It's funny how your hair is the same color all over your body," she said, spreading her knees apart and brushing her pubic hair with a few fingers.

"I never thought of that," Judith said, looking down at her own blonde patch.

"Well cousin, it is time to retire."

The two naked young women got into either side of the small bed. They both tossed and turned a bit, trying to get comfortable but in the meanwhile brushing each other breasts and asses against each other. Finally Judith rested with her back towards Mara, but the bed was so small that Mara's large breasts inevitably was pressed against Judith's back, her nipples poking constantly into her. And so passed the first night, though it would be the quietest night for a long time.

In the morning, Judith awoke forgetting the precarious situation she was in regarding her cousin next to her. She began to stretch, when her hand fell right on top of one of Mara's breasts. Judith gave a little yelp with surprise, and then remembered that she was naked too, and began to wonder why she had ever gave in to Mara's pressure. Mara got up without seeming to notice, and bent down to pick up her clothes quite purposefully, giving Judith an undesired view of her ass. The three women got ready without another word, and were soon on deck with the men.

Judith's father and her cousin Henry were in a deep discussion about the most tedious details of the frontier life, and Mara was in no way ready to settle for that.

"Please, must we talk about such boring things? We didn't travel all this way to sit around and talk."

"Judith, you are the eldest, so therefore it is your responsibility to entertain your cousin. Why don't you take her to that spring that you love so much?" Judith's father asked, almost pleading.

"Oh, a spring?" Mara said happily. "That does sound like fun. Please, you must take me." Judith hesitated, not knowing what to say. Certainly it had always been great, until yesterday, and the whole waking up naked incident... Still, she did not like to disobey her father, and perhaps they could find something to do. After a few seconds of deliberation, Judith finally responded.

"Oh, alright, we can go to the spring."

Everyone cheered, and the three women were soon on their way once again.

Upon beaching, Mara looked quite pleased at Judith's secret getaway.

"This is really beautiful you too, especially this sandy beach. It feels very nice to my feet," Mara said, having taken her sandals off. An image of Hetty's naked body, sand clinging to her breasts, stomach, ass and legs popped into Judith's mind. She was so caught off guard that it took a little effort to push it on out.

The three each got a share of water, and then began walking around the spring. Not a few minutes went by when Mara called for the other two. They went to her, and found the strangest looking berry any of them had ever seen.

"Do you suppose it is safe to eat?" Mara said.

"I don't know," Judith said, but Mara interrupted her.

"It'll be alright if I just take a nibble." No sooner had she done it than she cried out "This is the best thing I've ever tasted!" Mara picked the few berries still on the shrub, and split them up. Knowing that anything that was sweet was probably ok made all three eat their berries, to their great delight. They looked around for more, but couldn't find any, so they headed down to the spring again, and sat down, once again not knowing what to do.

They sat for a few minutes in silence, each wondering what they might do next. Finally, Hetty came up with something.

"We could go swimming," Hetty said in her usual unthinking manner.

"Why swimming does sound wonderful. Too bad we didn't bring anything to wear," Mara said sadly.

"You don't need to wear anything-" Hetty began, when Judith cut her off.

"Secrets, secrets, my my, what we are learning," Mara said playfully. "So, a couple of natural swimmers, huh? This shall be fun!" Before Judith or Hetty said another word, she had quickly slipped her dress off, which was no small feat, and was once again quite naked in front of her cousins.

"Who's next?" Mara said, putting her hands on her hips. She stood erect and proud, her breasts sticking out like two small melons.

"Mara, you have such large breasts!" Hetty said, lacking the usual reserve that even she shows.

"Let's see yours!" Mara said, jaunting back.

"No, no," Hetty said, embarrassed.

"Come on cousin! There's nothing to be ashamed of. If you can't have fun with family, who can you have fun with?" Mara asked.

"Oh alright," Hetty said, smiling and giving in. She pulled her arms up out of her sleeves and pealed the dress down to her hips, standing topless before the other two.

"See, they're not much."

"Oh Hetty, they're fine!" Judith said defensively. Mara said nothing, but walked over to Hetty. Without any apprehension, she took Hetty's breasts in her hands, giving them a soft squeeze and holding them up.

"Oh Mara, I uh... you're good at that!" Hetty said, as Mara had continued to massage her breasts.

"You want to feel mine?" Mara asked Hetty, putting her hands back on her hips.

"Are they heavy?" Hetty said, shocking Judith in that she didn't immediately decline.

"You're only going to find out if you try!" Mara said conclusively. Judith watched stunned as her sister slowly and hesitatingly reached over and gently put her hands on Mara's breasts. She gently felt the curves and ran her fingers around Mara's large nipples, and then felt around them and took them in her hands.

"That's kind of heavy!" Hetty said. "More than I'd expect."

"Well you can see why I show them off, huh? I mean, no reason to have them if you don't do anything with them. Judith, do you want to feel?" Judith nearly said yes, but caught herself and politely declined, saying her own breasts were large enough to know.

"Well cousins, is any one going to join me? Hetty, you might as well, you are half way naked anyhow." Hetty blushed and crossed her arms over her chest as if she had just remembered that she was still topless. "Come on, please?" Mara put on a fake puppy dog look, that, with her red hair and freckles and green eyes actually looked pretty cute. The fact that she was their guest and was already naked made Judith cave in.

"Alright, alright, let's just do this." Judith slowly untied her dress in the back and let it fall to the ground ceremoniously, almost starting to flaunt it after Mara cheered her on. Hetty at first wasn't going to, but Mara went over and threatened to pull the clothes off herself, and so she finally gave in.

All three were naked and full of exhilarating energy, having just given in to something that they usually would not have done, so of course they started pushing things farther. At first they all just enjoyed the swim and the wonderful feeling of the water against their naked skin. Then one time Judith came up from swimming underwater in fairly shallow water, standing up with the water a few inches below her belly button. When she whipped her hair back out of her face, Mara whistled and cheered, saying she should do that for a living.

"You just wish you had what I have," Judith said, smiling mischievously and giving her breasts a squeeze.

"Honey, I have what you have and room to spare," Mara said, cupping and squeezing her own breasts and even looking down and giving one a lick.

"You both wish you had this!" Hetty said, standing in a little shallower water and leaning way over, showing off her really incredible smooth and shapely ass.

Mara and Judith looked at each other playfully, then swam straight towards Hetty. Judith got there first and instinctively grabbed Hetty's arms, holding them behind her back. Mara came up and turned her back towards Hetty, then bent over and started rubbing her ass right on Hetty's stomach.

Hetty struggled a little bit, but Judith had a good hold on her. Had she left it at that, things probably would have gone different. However, Hetty didn't give up so easily, and she jumped up, wrapping her legs around Mara's waist and didn't let go. Mara struggled too at first, but then managed to turn herself around, so she was facing Hetty, who was strung between the two on the surface of the water. Mara reached down and started fondling Hetty's breasts, squeezing and pushing and pinching her nipples. Hety thrashed a little from Judith's grip, though not letting go of Mara's waist, to the point that Judith was holding Hetty up by the arms, her face now smashed right between Judith's breasts. Hetty began to lick Judith's breasts, and actually managed to wrap her arms around Judith's waist, sliding one hand down Judith's ass.

All three at this point were wanting to stop, but felt compelled to not let the other take advantage of them, so all three stepped things up. As Hetty's legs were still firmly wrapped around Mara's waist. and fondling her breasts wasn't working, Mara slid her hands around and grabbed Hetty's ass, tugging and running her hands between Hetty's cheeks. Hetty in turn loosened up on Mara, putting her feet back on the ground, but turning towards Judith, not wanting to ignore her. She bent over, grabbed Judith by the ass and started sucking on Judith's breasts and nipples. Mara now having Hetty's ass as an open target and not thinking about the fact that she could have just stopped went forward, putting her hand right in the middle of Hetty's ass and started rubbing back and forth. Judith was trying to get her balance, pulling the trio closer to shore and still caught up in what she could to, also did not think about stopping. Intoxicated by the mysterious berry and the wonderful sensation Hetty was producing from her breasts, Judith started reaching down to her own vagina and began to massage herself slowly.

As the water got shallower, Judith soon was unable to hold the other two, and tripped on the ground, turning as she did. Hetty fell too, but her face landed now right on Judith's vagina, which was now quite moist from it's own juices. Without a second's thought, Hetty went from sucking her sister's nipple to having Judith's wet pussy spread open before her, and just went in for it. Had she stopped the fall may have jarred Judith enough to regain some sense, but the feeling of her outer lips being caressed and brushed by Hetty's own lips, she was lost in the wondrous feeling. Hetty's awkward fall knocked Mara aside, though she was much to impassioned to let that stop her. She shoved her head between Hetty's legs, who was for the most part holding herself up on her knees, and just started making out with Hetty's body. She was right in between ass and vagina, and moved her head back and forth, smothering both with her kisses and mouth. Judith was at this point positively overtaken by what Hetty was doing, who had taken to pulling slightly on her pussy lips with her teeth. Looking over she simply saw spread legs and a vagina only a foot away from her, and wanted to do something. She grabbed Mara by her ass and turned her so she could reach, and turned herself a little in the process.

Hetty and Mara, both hard at work on a vagina, simply did what they needed to keep sucking and kissing. Judith now had Mara's pussy right in front of her and dove right in, giving Mara's lips a welcome lick and going at her full force. Mara was suddenly invigorated by this new intense sensation, and slowly began humping Judith's face, lowering herself onto Judith's mouth. With her own orgasm building, she too took to licking Hetty's vagina, going a little farther and pushing her tongue down to Hetty's clit. Hetty, who was completely gone before this fresh wave of passion and orgy happened, was only that more gone, and also began to assist Mara, swaying her hips up and down to bring fresh vigor to Mara's tongue. She followed suit, feeling her own orgasm building and wanting to reciprocate, though not knowing at this point who she was even with. She plunged her own tongue down into Judith as far as she could, undulating and pulling in and out as she did, and, though it was difficult, managed to force a few fingers up the middle of Judith's ass and to her hole, which she started to rub gingerly. Soon all three were pulsating in a rhythmic orgy, plunging their tongues down each other's pussy and pushing their fingers up their asses. Quicker and quicker, harder and harder they went, all three feeling the other two move and push as they did, rewarding their own work by feeling the orgasmic work of the others. The vibrating mass of the three naked women licking each others pussy and fingering each others asses felt wave after wave of heat and energy and passion flow through each other, until they were all three ready to scream had they not been occupied with drinking the orgasm juices of each other. Time stopped, and the three went into a passionate bliss that few every experience.

After eternity had passed, and the orgasm that never stopped coming finally passed, they all three collapsed, finding each other, became an intertwined mass of arms and legs and breasts and naked ass, back on the soft sand but soaked in water and sweat and the sweet juices of each others treasures. They fell asleep, all three lost in the incredible experience.

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