tagNovels and NovellasThe User Ch. 07

The User Ch. 07

byD.C. Roi©

Cynthia Dumas woke up and stretched delightfully. A shudder went through her lovely body as she recalled what happened when she went over to Mr. Sanders' apartment a week earlier.

She'd been waiting anxiously for Mr. Sanders to call her down to his office or invite her over to his place again, but she'd heard nothing from him since that night. She was afraid he was upset with her, that she'd done something to make him angry, and didn't know what to do about it.

She climbed out of bed, slipped a robe over her comely nude body, and headed for the bathroom to get ready for school. Since Mr. Sanders hadn't contacted her, Cynthia decided she'd stop by his office in school today and see if he'd tell her what she'd done to make him unhappy with her.

"Hi, Mom," Cynthia said to her mother, who was sitting at the kitchen table when she walked into the kitchen. The girl had on a loose sweatshirt and a snug denim skirt. The outfit wasn't particularly revealing, but so voluptuous was Cynthia's young body that even this plain outfit looked quite appealing on her.

"Good morning, Cynthia," her mother said.

Cynthia got herself a bowl of cereal and a glass of milk and sat down at the table to eat.

"You know, Cynthia," her mother said, "I've noticed that you seem to be in much better spirits than you were there for a while. I was really worried about you. I'm glad you've cheered up."

"I've been trying, and I talk with Mr. Sanders a lot. I guess it's helping, huh?" the girl replied.

"I don't know what had you do down in the dumps," her mother said. "but you do seem better now. Mr. Sanders must be very good at what he does, if he could make such a change in you in such a short time."

"Yeah, Mr. Sanders is a really neat guy," Cynthia said. "If you knew how good he really is, and at what, you'd have a bird!" she thought.

Cynthia didn't know it, but she wouldn't be seeing Mr. Sanders in school that day because he wasn't going to be in school. The school's new work-study program had begun, and Ben's job included making site visits to places the students were working and spending time tutoring those students who needed that.

After spending the morning visiting male students who were working in garages and factories, Ben ate lunch, then he drove to the Jamestown Mall, where his first afternoon appointment was. He took his briefcase, locked his car, and started into the mall. He was supposed to meet with Melanie Sparks, who was working at a shop that specialized in clothes for "queen-sized" women.

Ben walked down the corridor of the mall and into the shop. A plump but pretty woman sitting behind the counter looked at him when he walked in.

"Can I help you?" she asked.

"I'm Ben Sanders from the high school, I'm here to tutor Melanie," Ben said.

The woman smiled and nodded. "Melanie said you'd be by," she said. "She's in the office, it's through that door, there."

Ben walked to the door the woman had indicated and knocked on it.

"Come in," a feminine voice said.

Ben went in. Melanie Sparks was sitting at a desk in the office and, unlike her co-worker, she wasn't plump. The young woman was pleasant-looking and was wearing a very tight black mini-skirt, which exposed a pair of terrific legs encased in dark stockings. She also had on a blue satin blouse that was so sheer the scanty bra encasing her young breasts showed through it.

"Hi, Mr. Sanders," Melanie said, smiling at Ben. "I've been waiting for you."

"I'm sorry I was a bit late, traffic was terrible," Ben said.

Melanie looked at Mr. Sanders. Quite a few of her friends seemed to think he was pretty neat, although none of them would say why. She didn't think he was bad-looking, for an older guy. Juan Perez, the guy she was going out with, was better looking, but she heard Juan had been making moves on several other girls, and she was angry at him. It might be fun to come on to Mr. Sanders and tease him a little. Getting her tutor going would be a fun way to get some kicks.

"I've been sitting here, trying to figure out this assignment," Melanie said. "I just can't get it."

"What's the problem?" Ben asked. He couldn't keep from staring at the well-shaped legs displayed by the student's tight, meager skirt.

"Well..." Melanie said. She explained what she didn't understand about the problem. She saw Mr. Sanders staring at her legs and felt a tingle in her belly. It looked like it would be easy to get him hot and bothered.

"I see," Ben said, when she finished explaining. "It doesn't sound like an insurmountable problem. Can I see your textbook?"

"Yeah, sure," Melanie said. She got up, walked across the small room, and reached for the book, which she'd left on a high shelf.

Ben watched her, admiring the way her firm, rounded buttocks moved when she walked.

"Here," Melanie said. She walked back to where the guidance counselor was sitting and handed the book to him.

Ben paged through the book, then made some notes on a yellow pad lying on the desk. "Is that what you were supposed to do?" he asked.

Melanie had been watching over his shoulder and was surprised to see him solve the problem so easily. "How'd you do that?" she asked. "I've been trying to figure that out all morning."

"It's easy, if you use the right process," Ben explained. "Didn't your teacher explain the steps to this process?"

"Maybe she did," Melanie said. "I guess I wasn't paying attention."

"I'll show you what you have to do," Ben said. "First, you write down the information like so..." He wrote down the information the way it was suppose to be done.

"OK, I see what you're doing," Melanie commented. "No wonder I couldn't get it. I didn't realize I was supposed to do that."

"I thought so," Ben said. "After you do that, you do this next." He wrote out the first step in the computation. "Now, I assume this is the part you didn't have."

"Hey, yeah!" Melanie said. "What do you do next?" She moved closer, put her hand on his shoulder, and leaned down as if she were intent on what he was doing.

Ben was pleased when Melanie's hand fell on his shoulder. He felt her nearness, smelled the perfume she was wearing, and his body responded. "Ah...well, you do this..." Ben did the next step in the computation. "Um, then, ah, this..." He made several more notes on the paper. "And you should come up with this."

"Oh, wow!" Melanie exclaimed. "You mean that's all there is to it? I feel kinda dumb."

"You shouldn't," Ben said. He was very aware that Melanie still had her hand on him and was still bent over, presumably studying the paper lying in front of him. "Did your teacher mention you could look up things like this in the textbook?"

"Ah, I don't remember," Melanie said. "Can you show me?"

"Sure, gladly," Ben said. He laid the book on the desk and opened it to the page that outlined the procedure he'd just shown her. "See, right here..."

Melanie leaned forward, pressing one of her firm breasts against Mr. Sanders' shoulder. At the same time, her dangling hair teased the side of his face. She thought she felt him shudder, but wasn't sure.

Ben couldn't believe it. The girl was coming on to him! She was rubbing up against him like a bitch in heat. He hadn't considered adding Melanie to his stable, but if that's what she wanted... He let his hand drop and it brushed her stockinged leg.

"Yeah!" Melanie thought when Mr. Sanders' hand skimmed her knee. "He's taking the bait. This is gonna be fun." She shuddered when his hand slid between her knees and began stroking the inside of her thighs. Her breath caught in her throat and she felt warmth rising in her. "Ohhh!!! That feels pretty nice!" she thought.

At the same time, warning bells clanged in her head. What Mr. Sanders was doing felt kinda good, and she was sure she could stop him any time she wanted, but...

Ben continued stroking the girl's legs, letting his hand roam as high as her snug skirt would allow. He knew Melanie liked what he was doing; he could feel her nipple growing erect, pressing against his back through his shirt, and she was trembling softly. Her breathing sounded a little ragged, too.

Melanie couldn't focus on the textbook as Mr. Sanders paged through it with his free hand, calmly pointing out the problems and solutions outlined in it. His other hand was making her nuts! She hadn't planned on this! She wanted to tease him, sure, but this was going way beyond that! She was so turned on she wasn't sure she'd be able to stop him!

Ben finally stopped talking. The young woman whose quaking body was pressed against his was breathing hard. He had a feeling if he did just the right things, he could have her. He sat back and turned in the swivel chair so they were facing each other.

Melanie straightened up and stood in front of him, flushed, breathing hard, her erect nipples showing clearly through her sheer blouse and scanty bra.

"You know, Melanie, you're very attractive," Ben said softly.

"Ah..." Melanie didn't know what to say. She could hardly breathe. This wasn't the way she figured this would go. Things were way out of control!

"You also have a gorgeous ass," Ben said. He cupped her bottom in his hands and pulled her closer to him, until she was standing between his legs. "It feels wonderful," he said, squeezing the firm globes.

Melanie was starting to get a little worried. She thought about pulling away from him, except what his hands were doing to her ass felt so good! She wasn't sure what was going to happen next.

"You're getting turned on, aren't you, Melanie?" Ben asked softly, continuing to gently massage her bottom.

Melanie couldn't help herself, she nodded. "Uh-huh," she croaked. She sure was! She could hardly stand up, she was so turned on! What was he going to do next?

Ben took his hands from her bottom, wrapped them around her breasts, and rubbed his thumbs over the nipples, which were poking out against her blouse.

Melanie felt as if electric shocks were going through her. She couldn't get her breath and her legs were weak and unsteady. She put her hands on Mr. Sanders' shoulders so she wouldn't fall.

Ben tugged Melanie's blouse out of her skirt, then he slid his hands under it and cupped the glorious bulbs on her chest through her gossamer bra.

"Ahhhhhhh!!!!" Melanie groaned, her body quaking. She hadn't counted on him doing this! God, did it ever feel good!

Ben continued petting her breasts and discovered her bra clasp, located between the lovely mounds on her chest. He flicked it open, then moved his hands onto her bare flesh, letting her rock-hard nipples press against his palms.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm!!!!" Melanie moaned. Damn, Mr. Sanders was making her feel wild! She knew she ought to stop him, but she couldn't.

Ben slid one hand between her legs and started sliding it up, forcing the mini-skirt up as he did. He cupped her vagina and felt wetness and heat. Gently, he probed her sopping middle, seeking her clit through her panty-hose. She quaked and he felt her fingers tighten on his shoulders.

"Gahhhhhhh!!!!" Melanie mewled when the guidance counselor's hand touched her pussy. She couldn't believe he was doing this to her here, in the office. Mr. Sanders, the guidance counselor, was playing with her tits and pussy, and she couldn't stop him! Oh, God, was this ever wild! She no longer cared what he was doing to her, just as long as it kept feeling this good!

Ben worked his hand inside the girl's panty hose and down through her dampening pubic hair, onto her vagina. Her hips were squirming, seeking contact with him. He found her clit and began flicking his finger over it. Melanie reacted with soft moans and thrusts of her hips.

Sure the girl was now so aroused she'd let him do whatever he wanted, Ben took the hand that was caressing her breasts, pushed her blouse up, and bared her chest. Then he urged her closer and took one of her nipples into his mouth. She responded with heightened moaning.

Overwhelmed by passion, Melanie knew she was at Mr. Sanders' mercy. Her teasing game had gotten wonderfully out of control and she didn't care! Hell, if he wanted to fuck her on the desk, she wouldn't try to stop him! Damn, if he kept doing what he was doing, he was gonna make her come with his hands and mouth!

"Ohhhhhhh!!!! Ohhhhhhhh!!!" she groaned, writhing, shaking, clinging to Ben for support as his hands and lips sent wave after delicious wave of delight washing over her. Then... "Ahhhhhhh!!!! Oh!!! Oh!!! Oh!!!! Oh!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Gnahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!" she cried. Passion vibrated through the young woman's lovely physique as an orgasm exploded through her. "Ohhhhhhhhhh!!! Ohhhhhhhh!!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!"

Ben felt Melanie stiffen, then she began to shudder violently. Her hands clutched him desperately and her moans grew louder. He felt the juices of love flowing out of her as she came.

Even though Melanie's orgasm was waning, Ben continued to fondle her, sending small, but delightful jolts of pleasure through her. Then the intercom buzzed. Feebly, Melanie picked up the phone.

"Yeah?" she asked.

"Melanie, this is Toni, we've got a lot of people out here," her co-worker said. "If you're almost finished with your tutoring session, I could use some help."

"O...K, ahhhh, I'll be right out," Melanie replied weakly.

Ben took his hands from her and looked at her flushed face and disheveled appearance. He had a raging hard-on and wanted badly to fuck her.

"I...I gotta go out front and help Toni," Melanie said. "I...I'm sorry, I..."

"Would you like to continue what we started?" Ben asked.

"Uh...ah, yeah, I...yeah," she stammered in reply.

"Could you come over to my apartment after you get off work?" he asked.

"Uh...sure," Melanie said. She was supposed to meet Juan, but he'd been cheating on her and, even so, he'd never made her feel like Mr. Sanders just had. She shuddered again when she contemplated what might happen at Mr. Sanders' apartment.

"Great," Ben said. "I'll see you then."

He watched Melanie rearrange her clothing, then she went out to wait on customers. He packed up his things, went out to his car, and headed for his next appointment. He wished the day was over, so he wouldn't have to wait so long to see Melanie and relieve the tumult he'd built up playing with her.

Cynthia listened to Mr. Sanders' answering machine message for the fifteenth time, then she put down her phone, disappointed. He still wasn't home. Oh, well. She'd try later.

Ben got home about a half-hour before Melanie was due to arrive, he took the messages from his answering machine. "It sounds like I better give Cynthia a call," he told himself. "Maybe I'll call her down to my office first thing in the morning."

Melanie had a hard time keeping her mind on work the rest of the afternoon. She still couldn't believe what happened between her and Mr. Sanders there in the store. And on top of that, she'd agreed to go to his apartment after work, too He was a teacher, sort of, she shouldn't be doing stuff like that with a teacher. Despite her misgivings, as she thought about what happened earlier, a soft shudder of delight went through her.

Melanie absent-mindedly messed up entering a sale in the cash register. She lost her temper and began yelling at the machine.

"You OK, Melanie?" Toni asked, looking concerned. "You seem real edgy this afternoon."

"I'm...I'm OK, Toni," Melanie said. She re-rang the sale, getting it right the second time. Time seemed to be dragging. She found herself growing more and more excited as the end of the day. Was she really looking forward to going to Mr. Sanders' place?

When the clerks who were working until the store closed arrived, Melanie got ready to leave. She walked out of the store and started down the mall's wide hallway and noticed that her heart was pounding, her chest felt tight, and she butterflies in her. "I don't believe, this! Why am I getting this wound up because I'm going to see Mr. Sanders? He's old enough to be my father!" she thought. She smiled. "Of course, my father never did things to me like Mr. Sanders did this afternoon, thank God!"

When Melanie walked out of the mall's main entrance, she stopped and frowned. Damn! Juan was leaning on the wall next to the doors. He had a wide, toothy grin on his dark-skinned face.

"Hey, baby, you ain't still mad at me, are you?" Juan asked. He pushed himself erect and sauntered in Melanie's direction.

"Juan, I don't want to see you today, or any other day," Melanie snapped. "Why don't you just fuck off?" She hated this. The last thing she wanted was to have to waste time talking with Juan. She wanted to get to Mr. Sanders' place.

"Come on, baby, you know you're my main lady," Juan said. "You always will be. I thought, maybe, we could go out and; you know, kiss and make up." He held up a small plastic bag. "I got some good shit. We can, you know, turn on, then get turned on."

Melanie shook her head. "No way, Juan," she said.

"Why not?" Juan asked. "You always liked doin' that before?"

"Juan, it's none of your fucking business!" Melanie snapped. She brushed by him and and started walking toward her car.

"You fucking bitch!" Juan yelled, as Melanie walked away from him. "Fuck you, you cunt! Don't think you're gonna treat me like this and I'll let you come crawlin' back!"

Melanie walked to her car, got in, and headed for the address Mr. Sanders had given her. Melanie was impressed. She'd gone by this apartment complex more than once and thought it looked pretty nice. Mr. Sanders lived pretty good, it looked like. She parked outside the guidance counselor's apartment building, then she walked to his door and rang the doorbell. Her chest felt tight and her heart was pounding.

Ben opened the door when the bell rang. He let Melanie in, locked the door, then he stood there and watched her examine his apartment. She was obviously impressed by what she saw. He was impressed by what he saw, too. As his eyes traveled over the girl's firm, rounded buttocks, he felt his cock twitch in his pants. Damn, Melanie did have a fine ass!

Ben put his arms around Melanie from behind, grasped her breasts and pulled her back against him.

Melanie felt herself getting turned on when Mr. Sanders clamped his hands on her breasts and pulled her against him. She felt his swollen cock nudging her bottom and realized he had a hard-on. She moaned softly when his hands began squeezing her breasts.

Ben pressed against Melanie. He really liked the way it felt to have her taut body pressed against his, but nice as it was, it wasn't enough. He turned her around and covered her lips with his. Her arms locked around him and her tongue sought his. Shock-waves of excitement rocked him when their lips joined. He cupped her bottom, lifted her off her feet, and began moving her toward his bedroom.

Melanie didn't care that Mr. Sanders was hustling her off to his bedroom without saying anything to her. All she wanted was to have the big cock that was pressing against her belly sliding into her!

Once he had Melanie in his bedroom, Ben began opening the buttons down the back of her blouse. When it was open, he slid it down her arms. Next, he opened the zipper down the back of her skirt and peeled that skin-tight garment down over her lean, lovely hips. He had her nude, save for her filmy bra and black panty hose. He made short work of the bra, then Melanie stripped her panty-hose off while he shed his clothes. Both naked, they fell onto the bed and rolled into each other's arms.

"Annnhhhhhhhh!!!" Melanie groaned. Mr. Sanders had one of her nipples between his lips and was sucking on it and lashing it with his tongue. She could feel his hands moving over her, too. It felt like he was touching her everywhere, all at once! His cock, which felt hard as steel, was poking her leg.

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