tagGay MaleThe Vacation House Ch. 05

The Vacation House Ch. 05


I continue to slam my face down into his course hairs. The massive spear rams down my throat as far as I can make it go, then I pull my head back, allow my tongue to run the entire length of his throbbing dick.

The shear volume of spit that has escaped my lips drips down dad's pubes, it glistens on his large inflated ball sack. I ram my face down again, choke, gag and drool some more, loving every single spasm, contraction of my throat around his burning hot meat.

The crunch of loose gravel under the pick-up tires comes to an abrupt halt. The gear is forced into place by dad's huge paw. We're home, no longer a place to be considered a get away vacation spot but OUR home. I feel his over-sized hands placed on each side of my head, he gently lifts me away from the object that I've become so obsessed with. It slips from my open mouth, bangs good and hard against the steering wheel.


I could not have come up with anything other than this mindless response to the sudden loss of his dick from my mouth.

"Robbie, c'mon we have to get the truck unpacked, get things squared away. We have lot's of work to do to make this place inhabitable for the long haul. Gotta get down to brass tacks kiddo, figure out what we really need and what can wait since money is gonna be a little tricky from now on."

My breathing is labored. I look up into dad's dark eyes, they stare back at me, there is no way of hiding the little bit of a devilish smirk that creeps across his face.

"But, but, but what about this? Can't we finish up here before going in?"

I was on this path and not willing to get away from the excitement that we are sharing even now that we have arrived.

"I'll tell you what kiddo, you will keep that thing up your behind and we can call it a night for the rest of this stuff, OK?"

I'm shocked, I have so much pent up tension, sexual excitement in me that I am just about to go out of my mind.

"NO, it's not OK. I am gonna rupture something if we don't keep this up. It's not like I have had the chance to just get it out of my system dad, I have been thinking, dreaming and fantasizing about this for so long that it just has to happen. I think I will just die if it doesn't."

A loud smack and sudden shock of pain shoots through my body as dad's huge paw spanks my nylon shorts clad backside. It is surprising but so hot that it just makes things even worse for me.

"You can't just leave me hanging like this, you can't be some sort of tease, just walk away."

I'm talking nonsense, it is exactly how I feel, I'm angry at the same time as being turned on. I could hump a tree if I were not afraid of getting splinters.

"So Robbie, what do you propose we do about this? Don't pull punches, just spit it out. It's clear that you have put a lot of thought and effort into what you think should happen. Well, why don't you let me in on this little play you've created."

I sit up, a sudden double stab of delightful discomfort from the large welt created by dad's spank and the hard White Owl tube that is still up my butt.

"OK, you want to know dad? Well, I am just gonna put it out there, take it for what it's worth. These are the things that are building up in me. I have to get them out or something is gonna explode."

Dad's chuckle torments me, prods me into hitting him full force with the thoughts that are just coming up from my stomach and shooting out of my mouth.

"I want you to take me dad. Take me, use me like you would some little slut bitch. I want you to shove that monster dick of yours into me. I want it down my throat, rammed up my butt, I want to service you like no one has ever serviced you before... Dad, I want you to RAPE the hell out of me, a lot... I want you to stretch me out and whoop my ass, make it hurt as much as you can.. I want,,,,"

Stops for a second to take a breath, realizes the shocked look on his face. Holy shit, had I just said all of that OUT-LOUD? Oh my god, he is gonna think I am some sort of sex crazed sicko, hell, I am a sex crazed sicko! But he's my dad and the most beautiful, sexy thing that has ever walked the earth. I want him, he's right here next to me, I just have to figure out how to get him without getting myself thrown out on the streets, disowned for being some psychotic whackadoo.

Dad's right hand reaches to retrieve the keys from the ignition. I hear the cranking of the parking break as he pushes it into the lock position. His eyes burn into mine, what the hell is he thinking about? Is he going to kick the shit out of me and toss me out? Is he going to tell me that I can not stay with him here? WHAT?

"Common Robbie, let's take this inside and discuss this in private. You know, the squirrels and deer out here are not really able to keep a secret."

Pulls my head back, reaches for the cooler chest filled with the pony size beer, iced tea and sandwiches packed back in Rhode Island... God, Rhode Island, it seems a million miles away and years ago.

Dad opens the drivers door, grabs the old wrinkled paper bag containing our clean cloths. They're the only things to wear until we drive up to Brattleboro, do some shopping. The door closes without being slammed, OK, he is not mad, or is he just trying to keep his temper under control. Damn it, why couldn't I have waited a bit, with the whole divorce issue, moving, new job, my changing Universities, hell, he's had enough crap thrown at him to cause any lesser person to go off the deep end.

I step out of the passenger side, feel the loose gravel under my boots. Dad comes around the truck reaches out to gently close the door for me... My hands are pretty full so I am happy for his assistance, maybe he is OK with what I just blurted out. Who knows, maybe he will sleep on it, just forget about the whole thing in the morning. His strong arm wraps around my shoulder, huge rugged hand firmly grips my shoulder. He guides me to the front door of the vacation house.

My feet move instinctively until we come to the concrete pad below the door sill. Dad releases my shoulder, his arm moves down my back. The light brush of his calloused fingers over my back side reminds me of the tube that is still planted deeply in my rear. I feel my dick twitch, begin to swell, my knee's get a little weak.

The jingle of the keys, click and the entrance to the living room is opens before us. Dad does not say a word, not a sound. He brushes the back of my thinly clad backside again until his hand is firmly gripping my shoulder. He guides me into the living room, then into the dimly lit kitchen. I place the cooler chest and the radio on the counter, dad in turn places the bag of clean cloths along side them.

I feel pressure as his grip on my shoulder increases. He turns me so that I now face him. This weird feeling of his powerful control over me makes me acutely aware that I have popped one hell of a boner. It sticks straight out between the two of us. The very tip of the fabric covered dick in my shorts just brushes below Dad's belly button.

"You know what you are asking for kiddo? You know, what you said back in the truck? Do you actually realize what those words and actions really mean?" His voice is calm and deliberate, not angry or forced."

I hold my breath, let the words roll over in my mind, over and over again. Feel his grip on my shoulder release, slides his hand down my back. I arch, feel the pressure of the White Owl tube slip a little out of my hole, it presses against the inside of my under-wear.

"Yeah, I understand what I said dad, meant every single word of it and then some. I am burning up inside, I don't know what I will do if I can't get it out"

Dad's powerful hand grabs the underside of my butt cheeks, squeezes hard, releases and then smacks my ass with all of his might. My head drops back, mouth agape, I close my eyes, the fantastic sensation of electric pain and hot pressure in my bowels spread throughout my body.


I'm spun around, slammed chest down onto the long scrubbed wood dining table. Dad's hand pushes down on the area between my shoulder blades then and moves up and presses the right side of my face firmly against the table.


I dare not move. Left in this very prone position, I sense that sad has backed away from his hold over me. I barely breath for fear of disobeying his order. I hear the refrigerator door being opened, then closed. A small clunk of something being placed on the counter. The junk drawer pulls open with its very distinctive sound. There is no other sound like that junk drawer. All manners of odds and ends find their way into this catch all. I hear the rummaging of items, a loud clunk as something heavy is placed on the counter.

His hands are at the waist band of my nylon shorts, causes me to jump. His strong hand forces my face onto the surface of the table. I stare out the back window as I lay in this forced prone position. Outside the window is a fantastic view of the Connecticut River, the railroad tracks that runs along it's banks, the beautiful sloping landscape of farms that lay directly across the river, ideal looking New Hampshire farms.

The rush of cool air brushes along my naked backside, my shorts and boxer briefs are being roughly yanked down and off of me. A big old work boot presses against my foot tells me to step out of my clothing. A few well placed kicks to my instep, I spread my legs far apart, a good three feet between them, I feel my exposed ass to the air, inside pressure begins to slowly force the cigar tube a quick expulsion from my insides. Just as it's about to pop out, the very end of the hard plastic tube still spreading my ass hole, is pulled out followed by a sudden and embarrassing release of gas... I squint my eyes, holds my breath, die a thousand deaths in my head at this bodily function.

The sounds behind me are odd, I can not for the life of me figure out what it is. I strain my senses in an attempt to discern what was going on. I'm in such a prone, open position yet at the same time, I realize that my dick has grown to it's full size. It swings back and forth along with my nut sack. The cool, silky sensation that spreads up the crack of my ass is stimulating, very much appreciated. The lips of my ass-hole, a bit swollen and sensitive from the tube and finger invasion that had occurred back in the Pick-Up. It feels good, really good and the tingles runs from my hole, down my taint and causes my balls in my distended sack to pull up a bit toward my crotch.

The force of a couple big, calloused, greased fingers being shoved into my hole gets me all up on my tip toes.. This is wonderful, my dreams are coming to be reality. Shivers in anticipation as the fingers are withdrawn abruptly only to be more forcefully replaced by another finger and a large glob of the cool greasy substance.

The insertion, withdrawal, insertion, slamming, pulling, slamming abuse of my ass-hole continues in near silence for what seems an eternity. Another glob of cool smoothness is placed onto the lips of my hole, no fingers are inserted this time. I hear what ever heavy object is being dragged from the counter top.

Pressure against my waiting ass-hole, it's larger, harder than anything that I had imagined during my multiple jerk-off sessions. There were bunches of them over the past month as I found myself whacking myself off when ever I got the chance. I was walking around in a perpetual state of hard-on.

The pressure begins in earnest, I feel the oddly shaped object press mightily against my inviting hole. It's very heavy and the end is flat. This does not make it easy going getting into my hole, everything else that had been pushed up me before has had a tapered end.. No, this is not tapered at all, it is flat, hard and really big.

Dad's hand presses firmly against the middle of my back. He is leans over me, bends even further over my back, feel his course whiskers rub along side of my face. His whiskers press hard into my jaw, cheek, see brilliant white light as the splitting pain in my ass rips through me like a knife.

The blunt ended object is pushed deep into my ass, rips its way past the tender walls of my hole. Farther, more painful, the object buries into me. It becomes less wide as it Seemingly, it tapers at length, the very thick blunt end continues it's pressure and pain filled route into my bowels. The feeling of having to shit becomes almost overwhelming, the onslaught of the very heavy object in my ass continues, it's relentless.

Dad's whiskers move across my jaw, I smell his cigar tinged breath burn into my senses. Lips touch the side of my mouth, so gentle, soft in comparison to the stubble. I kiss back, let out a little moan, a plea,, not a plea to stop, hell no, more a whimper for more, for this attack to continue. I can not control what is ultimately going to happen but I have feelings, desires to have this go on forever.

"PLEASE, please rape me."

The extreme jab of the invading object comes to a halt. I'm impaled but good, feel the blunt cold metal end of the objects sharp cold metal claw like protrusions as it is pressed into my muscular bubble butt.

A hammer, I am being plowed with the handle of dad's hammer. I see it in my mind's eye, the dimpled hard rubber covering over the wide tapered shaft of the handle. The worn dark grey cold steel head, nail claw ends, ripping into the taught flesh of my lightly fuzz covered exposed butt cheeks.

Dad slides his hand down from the small of my back, begins to massage my exposed cheeks. They are parted by his well worn expertly used building tool. His short nails scrape my flesh, light golden hairs that cover my ass cheeks.

He stands up behind me, hands leave my flesh. The hammer, firmly buried to the hilt in my hole, is going no where. It feels as if it is mounted in cement, pain caused by its ripping invasion and the pressure against my insides produces the overwhelming sensation of having to expel everything from inside of me. My balls to pull up even more, they feel like two avocado seeds inside a tight and non-inflated balloon.

The familiar sound of dad's belt buckle being undone, excitement runs to my brain. I feel tingly, finger tips, toes, right down to the downy hairs on the back of my neck. The leather is pulled quickly from the heavy work pants, rubs each loop as it is pulled free from around his hips. I hear a scary snap of leather, dad walks over to the side of the scrubbed wood table. Holds his old worn leather work belt, doubled up, the buckle end in his right hand, the curved end in his left. He pushes his hands toward each other, the belt makes an elliptical shape of leather.


He pulls his hand apart, causes the top and the bottom of the belt to snap together, a deafening sound of leather against leather. A smirk crosses dad's face, sends a chill up my spine. My sphincter tightens up hard against the hammer rammed up my ass. My legs shake, part from fear, part from extreme anticipation. He walks back out of sight. I gaze out over the picturesque vista outside, light becomes dim, the tension in the air more palpable.


Pain shoots through me, it's excruciating.


The cadence of blows, like a drum beats my ass it's a very painful assault, I fixate on the brutal beating being administered to my exposed butt. My ass-hole spasms against the shaft of the hammer as the beating becomes more violent. Heat builds up in my pulled up balls, then gushes out of the end of my rock hard dick... Shoots burst after splattering burst of fiery liquid upon the floor between my spread legs.

The belt hits my burning ass, one last time. The heavy hammer is pushed even deeper into my hole, the claw end rips into the severely beaten flesh of my backside. The ripping withdrawal of the hammer from my ass-hole leaves me with the overwhelming feeling of having to relieve my bowels and quickly. I stand up as fast, run down the hallway toward the guest bathroom knows that I may not make it in time. I hold myself tight, squeezes with all my might, my burning butt cheeks firmly plant on the cool seat of the toilet.

I drop my head, tears burn my eyes. I squint them closed, a tear is pushed out from between each of the lids. They trail down my cheeks, drips off my jaw, lands on my naked thighs. I quiver and shake as the release of tension washes over me, shivers like a child on a freezing cold day.

The sound of water from the shower head in the master bathroom gives me goose bumps up and down my legs and arms. I look up, the silhouette before me leans against the doorway. One hand on it's hip, the other holds what looks like a looped belt. Light from behind the figure makes it nearly impossible to see the strong features that I know are present. The large hair covered chest, massive muscular thighs straining beneath the tan fabric of the dirty work pants.

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